A Twist of Fate

Summary: Alviss hated Phantom with a passion. It was a given, like how the sun always rises in the east. Things change though, and it had started with an extraordinarily stupid bishop. Some call it bad luck, but maybe – just maybe – it was fate. Phantom x Alviss

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Chapter Two

Pain shot through his body from the top of his head to the tip of his toes. It felt as though every one of his molecule was screaming as they rearranged themselves into tiny neat packages; heck, even his pores seemed to hurt. He hit the ground with a audible 'thwack'; the ground cracking beneath the force. It was probably not the only thing cracking.

He lay there, unmoving as his body flared up with the feeling of a thousand white hot searing knives tore through his very being. As quickly as the pain came, it faded away until all that was left was a strange tingly feeling.

Phantom groaned as he blinked rapidly, trying to remove the white dots in his vision. He must have hit his head pretty hard. You would think that being immortal, you wouldn't be prone to splitting headaches, but alas, this wasn't the case. It came as sharp painful throbs, and Phantom hissed clutching his head in a vain attempt to quell the pain.

What had happened anyway? Last thing he remembered, he was sitting on his throne, listening to Rolan and trying to appear interested. The air was cool, fresh. So much different from the damp, stale scent of the castle. Was he outside? No, that didn't make sense, he didn't remember going outside. The white haired man racked his memory. Above his line of sight were treetops and a slight gap in the leaves revealed a hint of blue sky. He could have sworn that it was night the last time he checked.

"Intruder, Phantom-sama! Intruder!"

Ah, that's right. Against all odds, Alviss had approached him… Phantom frowned. Why? Was there any specific reason? Honestly, he forgot to ask. Maybe he wanted to confess his undying love to him and decided to live with him for all eternity.

Phantom snorted. He was crazy, not deluded.

He felt as though something else was still missing; him being outside couldn't possibly be the work of Alviss. Though he was feeling a tad numb, he was still very much alive. No, not Alviss… then maybe… someone else?

The memory hit him, and if his body was a bit more agreeable, he would have snapped up.

"But don't worry Phantom-sama!" Roofey squealed, "I'll save you!"

The tiny little bishop reached into his back pocket and struggled to pull out an ÄRM. Phantom recognized the weapon as soon as he saw it and his jaw uncharacteristically dropped in shock. After all, there's not much that shocks the undead. How the mere insignificant little bishop got a hold of it was beyond him though as far as he was concerned, it wasn't like the weakling had enough magical power to actually activate the weapon.

The ÄRM began to glow a dark red hue.

But then again, he could be wrong.

A look that could only be horror flashed across Phantom's face while Alviss tensed, not quite sure what the ÄRM was, but expecting it wasn't good.

"Don't, you imbecile!" Phantom hissed, but it was already too late. Or rather, it seemed as though Robby didn't hear the warning – too intent on "saving" his leader. Not really saving because Phantom was also in the line of fire as well.

The ÄRM pulsed once, the red hue shimmering in the dim lights of the castle, before it pulsed again. Phantom just managed to let out an agitated sigh before a red ball of light shot out and slammed into him, engulfing him completely. As for Alviss? Well, he just didn't know what hit him.

Phantom slowly sat up, wincing as he felt a sharp pain in his spine. It was abrupt, but at least it vanished as fast as it appeared. The man blinked at his surroundings. Nothing looked remotely even familiar, not that he was really expecting to. Just where was he transported?

A loud hacking cough cut through the silence, gaining the attention of the white Knight. Phantom angled his head in the direction of the sound and easily spotted the figure struggling to sit up a few metres away.

Alviss winced. Every breath he took was difficult, like he was constantly out of breath. He was outside… in some sort of forest, he believed. Whatever it was, it seems as if the bishop's ÄRM is some sort of teleporter. The young man cursed to himself. Now everyone will notice he was missing! Great. And he had a match tomorrow too – against Rolan he believed… or at least he hoped so.

Alviss sighed in disappointment, before he broke out in a coughing fit. As soon as he thought that he was done coughing, he merely started all over again until his throat felt raw and somewhat itchy, like there were red ants crawling up his throat. Not the most pleasant of feelings.

Of course, if his luck wasn't bad enough, it seemed as though it just got a whole lot worse when the teen realized that he was not alone.

"You!" Alviss hissed, resembling very much like an agitated kitten as he spun himself around, drawing his lips back in a snarl. Phantom didn't seemed all that fazed by the hostility emitting from the black haired youth. As a matter of fact, his lips quirked up at the corners looking terribly amused. "What. Did. You. Do?" The accusation was slowly bitten out, emphasizing word by word.

Phantom mustered his most innocent look – which probably looked just as suspicious, if not more, than the rest. "Who? Me? Why I'd never!" Well, it was partially the truth; while it was something that he had entertained before, it wasn't his fault this time (surprisingly). Alviss snorted, crossing his arms. Well, it was obvious that he didn't believe Phantom. He thinks that the Knight is the epitome of Evil, remember?

"It's true!" Phantom defended. He didn't care if people didn't believe him while he was telling a lie, but if he's telling the truth, well, he gets more than a bit miffed. "Gloopy just acted on his own accord. If you haven't noticed, he caught me in his ÄRM as well."

Alviss raised his brows. "Gloopy?" Who in the world would name their child that?

"The bishop." Phantom explained, rolling his eyes. Sheesh, he thought it was obvious that he was talking about the idiot. "Anyway, Foogy activated his ÄRM and sent us to this place. I told him to stop… but he didn't, the idiot, and now we're both stuck here."

It was a nightmare, honestly. Stuck, stranded in the middle of gods knows where with only Phantom as company. Alviss eyed the Knight critically. "And just where is 'here'?... and I thought you said the bishop's name was Gloopy!"

Phantom scoffed. "Obviously your hearing is awful. I already told you the bishop's name is Hoogy."

Alviss definitely knew he heard it right the first time and even the second time. It was obvious that Phantom couldn't remember the bishop's name that well either. The youth sighed in exasperation. He was going to die. If not by the wilderness, than at least by his own hand.

The Knight muttered something under his breath that sounded suspiciously like 'drama queen'. Alviss clenched his teeth and bristled, trying to quell the urge to murder… no, annihilate the other man into oblivion. It wasn't like it was impossible. He still had the key.

… Wait.

The key no longer was squeezed in his hand. The young man frantically patted his pockets, before crawling on his hands and knees around, trying to find a hint of silver.

Phantom didn't like being ignored. Especially by Alviss. The poor boy must have hit his head too hard – he thinks he's a horse. Hmm, not that Phantom was complaining. On his knees… it was a good look for him. Though insanity wasn't a good thing, there was only enough room in the world for one crazy immortal.

While Alviss was galloping around in his own fantasy world, Denialland, Phantom straightened his back, taking a fugitive glance at his surroundings. He was sure that there won't be anyone around to ask for directions or for help. The ÄRM Flothy used was special and of course, rare. It was a famous ÄRM used by the Captain of the Guards of Caldea, used to imprison rebels who fought against the King's reign. It sent its victims to various other pocket dimensions that it created, sealing them for all eternity.

In other words, it was a prison.

Of the number of people that fell to the power of the ÄRM, none had ever gotten out alive. Mainly because only the ÄRM can create an exit from the outside world, so there is no known escape in the dimensions. However, even if an exit was created – notice that the exit is singular – there were hundreds, thousands of separate dimensions so the chances of the exit opening even in your dimension alone were slim to none. In fact, the only way to possibly "escape" from this world was, of course, to die.

In other words, Phantom was screwed.

He frowned, for the first time; immortality didn't seem to be a good thing. Imprisoned, again? He takes back everything he said before; about Lady Luck finally giving him a break. Every bit of it. Lady Luck and Fate were probably looking down on him, laughing their asses off as they compete with each other to see who can make him more miserable. They absolutely despised him!

Well, Phantom thought to himself, reasonable enough. I am evil after all.

The word 'evil' made the Knight shudder, no doubt bringing back unpleasant memories… not that it matters though. Nothing matters. As mentioned, he is evil.

Alviss sighed, rising to his feet and wiping the dirt off his hands onto his pants. He had lost it. He had lost the one thing that could have saved him from his curse.

"Stupid!" Alviss scolded himself with a hissed whisper, mentally smacking himself.

Phantom stole a glance at the blunette before returning to his analysis of their surroundings. Trees, rocks, dirt and sky… It didn't feel like they were in a pocket dimension. He wondered slowly around the tree lines, slowly checking things off on his mental checklist.

There are no markets or stores, so we have to collect our own food. Hmm, check for game and pineapples.

No people, which means no houses, so we have to build our own shelter.

We have to find a river for water…

He was sure that there were other things he needed, but he would do it as the need arises. Hmm, there was Alviss too. He needed a spear then, or at least something to keep in close range when he slept.

… You know, just in case.

He wouldn't put it past Alviss to attack him while he was vulnerable… well, as vulnerable as an immortal could be. Just because he couldn't die didn't mean that getting stabbed is any more pleasant. As a matter of fact, being immortal just means that there's no escape from the pain.

Shaking his head, Phantom hid all his thoughts behind a large smile and returned back to his soon-to-be fellow immortal.

Alviss glanced at the Knight suspiciously out of the corner of his eye. The ten metre gap between them was absolutely glorious before the other ruined it. The fake smile was back on as well – the white haired man was surely plotting something dastardly nasty, waiting until Alviss had his guard down before he struck. Well, Alviss thought with a huff, he would surely be disappointed.

"What do you want?" The younger man snarled, clenching his fists unconsciously; digging his nails into his palms. Phantom merely smiled blissfully, tilting his head to the side in an 'innocent' way that never failed to aggravate Alviss.

"Just admiring the view."

Alviss visibly staggered and fell flat on his ass. Not that he would ever admit it of course, but the words uttered from Phantom's lips were astounding – no, it was absolutely horrific.

"WHAT?" Alviss shrieked, feeling alarm shoot through his body. He was sure his eyes have gone wide, and if it wasn't so serious, Alviss would have scolded himself for letting his jaw drop as well.

"Alviss, Alviss." Phantom tsked, shaking his head as if telling someone their family had been murdered. "Do you have problems hearing? I said: What are we going to do?"

Phantom was messing with him, Alviss just knew it. The smile on the man's face widened and turned positively wicked. Alviss definitely heard it the first time – the freak was trying to drive him mad.

Simple as that.

However, even if Phantom was trying to make him paranoid, that was still one sentence that Alviss never wanted to hear. Admiring the view? Pah!

He pinched the bridge of his nose. He must have heard it wrong. He nodded to himself. Yep, as a matter of fact, Phantom didn't say anything because he's not even here. He wasn't in denial, of course not – because there's absolutely nothing to be in denial over.

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