Shelter Me

AN:The first part is exactly what happened in Bete Noire, so for those of you who have seen it, you can skip to where it's 3/4 into the chapter.

It was only a matter of time. A matter of time before she knew she had fallen in love with her so-called enemy.

"See you in ten minutes, Abby."

"Wait, what are you-?" Special Agent Caitlin Todd said into the already hung up phone. "Ducky better have a good reason for this." Kate grabbed the evidence box, graciously provided by Abby from her phobia of autopsy. The girl who sleeps in a coffin Abby, has a fear of autopsy? That was nearly crazy, she was a forensic scientist, but she probably had her reasons. Kate took the box in her hands and pressed the down button on the elevator to autopsy.

As she stepped out of the elevator, Kate found that autopsy was in place. It was obvious from the 'No Entry' sign shining and blinking. Abby had said there was an infectious body in there. She didn't know how that could be, since Abby hadn't tested the evidence yet. Kate wasn't a forensic scientist though; it was not her place to question Ducky, as he was the medical expert in the building right now. From what she could see outside the doors, Ducky was wearing a mask, probably to avoid being infected by the body. Kate knocked and waved over at him, and he stepped toward her.

She didn't remember all the words exactly; they were talking about her 'phobia', as Kate was acting as Abby for the moment, for Ducky. Then there was some bickering about signing the evidence being passed on. She set down the evidence box, and as she turned to go to the elevator, the doors opened from the autopsy room.

"When did lab rats start carrying Sig Sauers?"

She couldn't believe this. That bastard was actually searching her body. Sure, Kate had been searched before, but not like this, hand on her head and stomach down on the autopsy table, his hands roaming all over her body. Ducky and Gerald were both leaning on the another autopsy table, hands on their heads. Kate couldn't admit this to herself, but his touch seemed like static, she fought back the urge to flinch when he had first placed his hands on her. He was gentle with her, something she hadn't expected from him.

"Special Agent Caitlin Todd." He had taken her ID, that much was obvious. But what was not, was how Kate liked the way he had said her full name. It was probably his accent playing with her brain. This would not be good, not if she was succumbing into the man's charm. She could not let him do this to her, could not let him and his sexy accent get to her. But it was so hard. Keeping on her job was a good enough motivation, and if Gibbs found out about how she was feeling...not good. "Are you any good with this gun, Caitlin?"

His voice pierced though the air, and Kate couldn't help but give an inward sigh of longing. Too bad her job meant that this wouldn't happen. In an alternate universe, maybe, just maybe, she would date this man. From the looks of it, he was charming. But he had to be older, like what, 3 something years? But when has that stopped her? But then the anger, the anger Kate had towards him for holding her and her friends hostage was strong enough not to forgive and forget. She let her anger boil down to him and only him.

"Give it back and I'll demonstrate."

"Ever fire it, in anger?"

"I would love to right now."

"Did you shoot Qassam?" Kate didn't answer. She didn't shoot him. But Gibbs did. What would this man do to him if he found out? After all, if he did have a gun, and did take Ducky and Gerald hostage on a navy base, who knew what he was capable of? Besides, why would anyone in their right minds do that? It was crazy and stupid. But there he was, continuing to question her, if you counted one extra question from his luxurious voice, until Ducky told him.

"Ducky! Don't answer this bastard!"

The man looked through the evidence box. What would he do with this stuff? Destroy it? Like that would do him any good. Besides, Qassam was already dead; there was no way anything was being changed. His blood and evidence and all that stuff would pretty much be useless to him. Kate couldn't figure what he needed it for! Of course, it might be to prevent NCIS to get evidence for his poor dead buddy. Though Kate couldn't see, she could hear that he was dumping some stuff through the ground, while telling Ducky to explain some 'rules' to her.

"I don't play by terrorist rules."

"Who says I'm a terrorist?" Kate didn't answer to that. Maybe because it was obvious he was a terrorist? He had a gun, and he was holding federal agents and an M.E. and his assistant hostage? How was that NOT terrorist like? Yeah, because they were sort of being held by gunpoint, and they totally weren't trapped. But Kate stayed silent, and once he was done with the evidence, he turned to ask Ducky if all the evidence was in the box. When he answered, the man turned to Gerald.

"It looks like all of it."

"Caitlin, you may roll over now, if you keep your hands where they are." Kate rolled over on the autopsy table. It might just be better to listen to the man now, for he did have her friends here with her. She could feel him staring at her, and to tell the truth, she didn't feel all that exposed or awkward. Actually, she felt quite safe and comfortable. And, well, happy to an extent. Well, as happy as she could be trapped in an autopsy room being held hostage with Ducky and Gerald.

"Did Special Agents search Qassam's room?" A moment of silence passed as Kate refused to answer. "Where is the evidence that was bagged and tagged?" His voice was strong and forceful, and it almost made Kate shiver in so called fear. But she was as stubborn as ever, and stayed silent. There was no need for this bastard to know this, he already had his evidence right here.

"Doctor, please explain the rules to stubborn little Caitlin." Stubborn little Caitlin? He had no right to call her that! Absolutely none! She didn't even know his name. Sure, if this were an alternate universe, Kate would have no problem with him. But he was a freaking terrorist of all sorts, and everything was just out of the ordinary.

"If we lie, or he thinks we're lying, he'll put a bullet in one of Gerald's joints."

"Be specific, ball and soccer joints. And you omitted one condition."

"I did?"

"Yes you did."

"Oh! And we mustn't try to trick him."

"Which you tried to do, Caitlin, by saying you beat your phobia." There was a bit of protesting, then a gunshot. Kate quickly got him and tried to help the struggling Gerald.

"You Bastard!"

"You seem like such a bright young woman and that's all you can say?"

"You ARE a bastard." Kate tried to help Ducky, but she was completely helpless with this situation. Instead, she was running around the room trying to get stuff. She passed the door a couple times, but she needed to help Gerald with his shoulder. Hopefully, he'd be alright. Hopefully, this sick bastard was going to walk sometime soon. And when she rushed to the other side of the room, the man caught her by the shoulder.

"I would dislike putting another slug into Gerald's knee." She was released, and ran around the room a couple of times to gather what Ducky had told her to get. And then the phone started ringing. Ducky went to answer the phone after the man did some threatening. Kate took over the process of stopping the bleeding. She really didn't know what to do. The blood started to seep through her fingers, and she pushed harder on the wound. That stupid bastard. If only his gunmanship wasn't so perfect and clean cut. Maybe Kate was just a teeny tiny bit jealous as to how perfect his aim was.

Kate was beginning to think that she was using the word too much, but it was comforting to say bad things about him, to keep him in a negative light. Besides, any girl would admit it, he had charm, and a sexy accent. But how could she, how could she of all people be thinking like this? It wasn't right. She was an NCIS special agent, who was supposed to NOT like her enemies, or have crazy thoughts about his accent and how hot he was... Did she just add another item to the charm list? That he was hot. Oh, now Kate had no idea what was going on in her head. Was this some kind of way that this man was tricking Kate into feeling sorry for him, despite the horrific things that he had just done? If only they had met at a bar and not here, maybe she would have taken him to bed with her. Maybe then things would have been less complicating.

Minutes passed. Gerald seemed to be doing okay, and then Kate spotted a tool. A knife-like tool on the counter. Ducky turned to her and whispered that he was anticipating it. But still, Kate wanted to confront him.

Kate took the knife, and held it behind her back. Then she approached the man with ease.

"Ducky says you were anticipating me stabbing you with this knife." Kate held up the tool accusingly.

"Dissecting tool, Caitlin."

"You just wanted another reason to shoot Gerald, bastard!"

Thank goodness this day was done! Gibbs had finally rescued Ducky, Gerald, and Caitlin, though the man had gone unscathed. She tried not to think of him, as she had an opportunity to stab him, and she didn't take it. Now Gibbs had a cast, which was so much unlike Gibbs, and it was all her fault. At least, according to her mind. Kate was in everlasting guilt, if only she had hurt him, if only... Kate didn't know what to think, what to do. Her cozy little apartment was an escape to her work life, but she wasn't feeling much comfort in it anymore. This surprised her, and she grunted as she landed in her favorite little armchair. Now, why did she have this bad feeling? She hated bad feelings, they were meaningless, but she had them regardless of what she thought of them.

She was thinking about this day. The day was absolutely a mess, a horror so to speak. This, this man seemed to think he had a right to barge into NCIS headquarters and just get away with it. There was no way that was happening, not in Kate's book. She would do anything to get back at that bastard, and that was a fucking promise. She had already taken a shower, and she was actually in her pajamas for once. It had been a long time since she had slipped them on, and when she did it was only to seek comfort. Already, she was feeling a little better. Recently, she had made herself a mug of hot cocoa, preventing from coffee because she knew that it would keep her up all night. She did have work tomorrow, though she was contemplating on whether or not to just ditch work. Gibbs would understand, wouldn't he? She was the one that was held hostage, but she had no doubt that Gibbs would be at work, and he was the one in the cast.

She was finally feeling relaxed, something she hadn't felt in so long. If one decided to exclude the days before this one. Bur she needed to just relax. But how was that possible. That horrible, horrible man was on the loose, he was out there, somewhere. Not in handcuffs. Not behind bars. Just out there. Probably doing the same thing he had done before. It worried her, and for the first time, she was absolutely sure she wouldn't be able to sleep. "Damn bastard..."

"You even use those words when you're not being held hostage. What a shame, and I thought we had a nice relationship building up here, Caitlin."

"I'd never have any kind of friendly relationship with a bastard like you." Kate fumbled around for her gun. It has to be around here somewhere...

"Really Caitlin, you think I would be stupid enough as to let you have a loaded gun which me in your house. You have surely underestimated me...again." He showed the bullets in his hand to Caitlin, but quickly withdrew his hand before Caitlin could reach for them. "I also thought that you were going to do that too."

"Why are you here? In my house? Get out of my house!" No avail came with her pleading demands. The man had chosen to stay.

"Why? Why do you turn me down when I am here, when I need someplace to stay, where I feel safe from my enemies?"

"How do you expect me to do that when I don't even know your fucking name?"

"That can be fixed. Haswari. Everyone calls me that, though you get the special privilege to call me Ari." Kate smirked.

"Why is that?" Kate had already made up her mind about this, that there was no way that he was staying at her place, not at all. This man, he was actually expecting to stay here, after what he did just this afternoon? Impossible. "I must say, the only reason I've come to you is because you had the decency to not stab me." He was right, but the reason she didn't, was because of his eyes, filled with kindness, of some sort. She didn't know why, she was usually immune to stuff like this. He wasn't innocent of anything.

"Come on, Caitlin. Give me a rest. Besides, I do have a gun, loaded too. I wouldn't want to have to shoot you, after what I did to Gerald, would you? "As if to prove a point, Ari took out his gun, the same one that he had had earlier today. "You, you wouldn't really shoot a Federal Agent, would you?" There was a slight waver in her tone, and Ari had heard it. And Kate knew that he did, and that he wouldn't hesitate to put a bullet through her brain.

"I think you should think twice about your decision. Go on, I can wait." The sly look on his face told Kate that he was thinking that he would be staying the night. And Kate had no doubt that he was going to, now that she knew about the gun, and her bullets. This was just great.

"Fine. But unload that gun, I'll get some blankets, and you can sleep on the floor."

"No, I think I'd like somewhere softer, because you don't have carpet here, how about a bed?" Ari smirked. Oh, how Kate really wanted to wipe that off his face. But he still hadn't unloaded his gun yet.

"The only bed I have is my own, and you won't be getting on that. Take the couch." Kate had gotten the blankets already and threw them to Ari. "Goodnight."

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