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Kate couldn't believe herself as she tossed and turn in her bed. Ari was probably on the couch, sleeping soundly. But she couldn't sleep, she just couldn't for the fact that he was actually in her house, after he had practically assaulted her in work. And she couldn't admit it to herself, but she was actually scared. Kate Todd, scared? It was weird, and for the whole night, she was up, thinking about him, pausing every so often to check if he was still breathing. Her bedroom door was slightly ajar, and since he was only outside maybe 50 yard away from the door, she could hear his even breathing, a sure sign that he was asleep, or he was good at pretending to be asleep. Either way, the thought of him, actually in her house, scared the shit out of her. What if he woke up when she was asleep and killed her? Gruesome images appeared in her mind, just what she needed in the middle of the night. At this rate, she knew she wouldn't be getting any sleep tonight. But it was what the human body needed, was having insomnia a good or bad thing at this time? If she was awake, Ari dare not try to harm her. If she was asleep, she wouldn't see an attack coming. Staying awake seemed to be the only solution as to staying uninjured, to staying alive.

She attempted to anyways, but every time she closed her eyes, all she saw was Ari. But why? She didn't expect him to haunt her so soon, but perhaps the impact of his visit this fateful day was screwing with her head. Her eyes swept every last inch of her room, out of boredom, and every so often they glanced back at her alarm clock. 10:30. 11:56. 12:43. 1:29. 2:34. 3:51. 4:32. 5:04. The minutes seemed like hours, and the hours dragged on and on. Kate couldn't wait until it was time for her to go to work. The even breathing of the man on her couch stopped, and Kate's ears pricked up, alert. Waiting for one wrong move so that she would have an excuse to kick him out of here. Her hand slipped underneath her pillows, but nothing. Had Ari snuck into her room too, she could've sworn she had a backup here. Her hand searched frantically, as if for the sake of her life, when it touched something hard. The gun! But it wasn't loaded. So, Ari did get to her bed. Kate had to laugh in her bed. The irony. DiNozzo couldn't get to her bed, but her number one worst enemy could. It only proved that he had been in the house longer than Kate had suspected. He was good, but not as good as Gibbs. And that made her feel just the slightest better.

Now she knew she had been infected by something that was causing her brain damage. Or maybe, just maybe, she was suffering from Stockholm's syndrome. Either way, she was surprised that she wasn't freaking out because the man that wouldn't hesitate to shoot her had gone through her bed. Kate knew he did it for he valued his life, while Kate herself sure didn't and would have liked to get rid of it from the world. He was wise, smart, and intelligent. Was Kate actually complimenting him, again? Yeah, she was. This time she wasn't in as much denial as the last time she had complimented him. It was less than 24 hours since the attack, and Kate was already warming up to him? What was wrong with her? She still had a burning hate for him, but it was easier to admit that he was handsome, charming, smart... The man was the total package; expect for the small little detail that he had actually held her hostage! She didn't want to face him with these thoughts in her head, and hopefully she would be in a half-dazed state long enough for her hatred to come back to a burning passion. Hopefully, she wouldn't ever think those thoughts again, as she felt the unmistakable despising of the man back in her heart.

And now that she had gathered her wits, she was just a bit worried about one thing. Work. Kate wasn't going to ditch work because of this stupid little thing. But could she handle working? Really, she needed to think about this, though she knew that if she kept up this serious thinking, she would go back to the debate, and therefore stay in this bed for hours and hours. And besides, if she didn't show up, DiNozzo would never let her forget it. And she knew that Gibbs and Abby would worry, and Kate really didn't want that. Ducky would definitely worry. Though, it was Gerald that needed all the medical attention he could get, and recovery time. Was the being the M.E.'s assistant worth it? Perhaps, but Kate wouldn't know, she wasn't a medical examiner like Ducky. And she doubt she would ever be. She wasn't one for medical stuff, never mind dead bodies. Besides, being an NCIS special agent didn't mean that it was her job, it was practically her life. Though if she did return to work, everything would be normal, a normal day. Hopefully no paperwork, but when she wished for none, she usually got piles upon piles of the horrid paperwork. Maybe she should take the day off... they would understand, right?

By the time she needed to get up, her eternal battle had ended, and the working side won. Because she didn't want to be humiliated by DiNozzo anymore. Well, she was always one way or the other, but still, she didn't want him to come up with an excuse as to do so without her around. She just hoped this would be a normal day, and if she was lucky there would be a case or something. That would be fun, wouldn't it be? Life threatening situations are exciting, weren't they? Maybe it'll take her mind off this shit, just maybe. Speaking of that, Kate leaned up on her bed. Ari was still here. Right? Unless he had the stealth to move without her being able to hear, which was more than unlikely. So, he had to be here. Kate was overtaken by fear again, it grasped her heart. She couldn't work in this condition; just the thought of him made her grip her chest in pure fear. But she fought the urge to crawl back in the safe covers of her bed and got up. She took her time in getting ready, showering twice as long as usual, slowly putting on her clothes, just to delay checking on the man. But, she couldn't avoid it for too long.

"Caitlin, is this how long it takes for you to get ready. Really, I think your reflexes have been dulling a bit." Kate had to let out a rather bitter laugh.

"How would you know, you've only known me for less than a day." Little thoughts appeared in her head. What was he doing in her room?

"I would be disappointed that someone at such a high rank in NCIS would be so slow." Ari seemed to be having fun taunting her like this. Kate glared at him, her face full of hatred. She made sure that she met his eyes, but within seconds her face broke. His eyes. His kind, kind eyes. How could someone like him have those eyes on his face?

"I see, my eyes are your weakness. That is quite useful information." Kate felt another pang of hatred. Now that he knew, what would she hide from him? He was a suspected terrorist, so Gibbs had informed her yesterday. But, but his eyes, Kate just couldn't help it. How could she hold his weakness inside her? Why is she so weak right now, in front of his man? What changed to suddenly? She just wanted to curl up and die, just because he knew. He could have all of the information he wanted from her, if he kept this going.

"You... you bastard!" Kate didn't know what else to say. "Bastard, bastard, bastard..." Kate crumbled to the floor, in a wave of emotion. Why did this have to happen to her? Abby was the only other girl on the team, and Kate knew she was strong as to Ari not manipulating her. But other than that, she was the only girl on the team, probably the most easily manipulative. Ari had probably seen that when she was in refusal to stab him with that dissecting tool. But as she was falling, Ari rushed over to her, holding her before she was completely on the ground.

"Shh, Caitlin, it's okay." Was he actually comforting her? It seemed like it. He was stroking her hair, trying to calm her down, even though she was his enemy. Why? Was this to get close to her and seek out information from NCIS? It might just be. But his kind eyes spoke to her. And his smell was intoxicating. And when he spoke, his voice transfixed her. "You have work, okay? Don't get too stressed. You have to show up or Gibbs will suspect something is up, like I have harmed you or something crazy like that."

To Kate, his words sounded so comforting. Tears sprang from her eyes, and she made an effort to keep them back. "Caitlin, go to work, okay? Go to work."

"O-okay. G-goodbye, A-Ari." Kate tried to say goodbye. But the words didn't want to come out. So forced out the shuttering goodbye, and went to work.

Just what she needed, maybe she could talk to Abby. Could it be, she was falling for this man? All through the way to the NCIS building, Kate was recovering from her breakdown. All through the way to the NCIS building, Kate was recovering from her breakdown. Why did she have to? In front of him? It was just so embarrassing. But what really confused her was that he had caught her before she could so much as sob onto the floor. The carpet would have been soft, but Ari's arms felt so much better. The smell, as she had sobbed onto him, had almost overwhelmed her, and Ari made no effort to take her out of his arms. What was this? Her thoughts were in a jumble, literally. How could she? How could he, for that matter? This wasn't right, he was her enemy, the one who held her hostage, the one that Gibbs would probably want to be hunting down right now. He was the one who had caused her pain when she was there. Not physical, but mental. Why did she feel so comforted, being in his arms, sobbing herself shitless? Why? That was the grand question. Why in the world did it have to be her? By the time she was halfway to headquarters, her cell phone started to vibrate. Great. And who would be calling her right now? Gibbs. Such a coincidence.


"Agent Todd, you are not coming to work today."

"But! I have to!"

"I don't remember this being a suggestion. That is a direct order."

"Gibbs, I'm already-" There was no use telling him, and Kate really didn't want to turn back. If she was going to disobey a direct order, fine. But there was no way she was taking the day off, not if Ari Haswari of all people was still in her house. She just wanted to get there as soon as she can. Kate smiled to herself. This wouldn't be the first time disobeying one, and she was let off with a warning that time. So, what was going to happen this time, Kate was just real curious now. She just willed herself to get to NCIS faster.

As soon as she was in the bullpen, she could feel Gibb's eyes on her. She walked to her desk, trying to avoid suspicion.

"Agent Todd, what did I tell you about coming here?"

"That is was a direct order to not come here?"

"Then tell me, Kate, what don't you understand about it. It was a direct order, Kate." Gibbs seemed mad. DiNozzo seemed to be backing away at his own desk. "W-" He was interrupted by a phone call. He mumbled some words into it and put it back down on the receiver.

"Just don't let me catch you doing it again." Gibbs took one last look at her before disappearing up the stairs and to MTAC. Kate could almost feel DiNozzo eyes fixed on her. "Enjoying the view, DiNozzo?"

"Ah, Kate, you managed to screw up again." Kate tried to channel her rage to Tony.

"You're one to speak. I don't recall Gibbs ever slapping the back of my head." That seemed to hit a soft spot of his. He moved his hand to the back of his head, and Kate just had to laugh.

"What? You're not the one Gibb's hurts at every waking moment! Hey, where are you going?"

"Isn't it obvious yet? I'm going to check on Ducky." It was more than obvious, Duck and Gerald were probably the most effected by this, though she doubt that Ari had shown up to their houses. Still, she did want to check on him. Gerald probably wouldn't be coming back to NCIS after yesterday, that much was obvious. But Kate still wanted to check on him, to see how he was coping without an assistant. He would probably get a new one soon, as Gibbs would probably order the director for one, so it was no big deal, but Gerald was his assistant or as long as Kate could remember. She was the newest one on the team, still, and it was making her rather irritated. She wondered when someone else would join the team, so that she wouldn't have to suffer being the newbie for all eternity. She approached the elevator, hitting the down button with as much force as she could without breaking it. It seemed to her that Tony was rather curious at it and was looking at her direction, but before she could retort a comment his direction, the elevator arrived and she stepped in, pressing the button for the morgue.

As soon as she got to the floor, she was hit by memories again. The sign wasn't flashing, but she could still replay the incidents in her head. It took her a while to get herself back together again, but by then Ducky had probably seen her outside. Then, why wasn't he taking her inside there? Did he think that she couldn't handle it after yesterday? Well, she would prove him wrong; she would prove them all wrong. So, she walked though the doors.

"Ah, Caitlin! You came. DiNozzo owes me $50 now." Kate couldn't help but want to kill DiNozzo now.

"You guys had a bet! DiNozzo again, I assume?" Ducky nodded, and continued to do paperwork. So, today was a paperwork day, was it? "How's Gerald doing now?"

"Last time I saw him was last night, right before he was taken to the hospital. He'll live, and he'll have his arm, I'm more than positive." But Kate wasn't paying the slightest attention. Though the lights were on, she still kept having flashbacks of yesterday. She ran her hands along the autopsy table that Ari had examined her on. Shivers ran through her body as she remembered. She ran her hand across the table Gerald was on, and another course of memories flooded through her again.

"Thank you Ducky, I'm going to go see Abby now."

"Goodbye Caitlin!"

"KATE!" Never had Kate been hugged to quickly and suddenly by Abby. "Oh my gosh, I feel so guilty. That should have been me there, Kate are you alright?" It was quite overwhelming, to be taken over to where Abby would almost knock you over and then you were bombarded with guilt.

"Abby, it's quite alright. I just came down to ask, do you have any background information on the man yet?" Kate already knew the man's name, and she could have easily told Abby, but she held back for some weird reason. She didn't know, she just needed to contain herself. Beside, if she told she'd be asked how she knew, and then they would find out all about how he was in her house that day. Or rather, it was more of an apartment, but same difference, right?

"Nothing yet, Kate. We have an image of him but I'm conducting a face scan so once we match his face with the terrorist list then we'll be able to get all the background information the government has of him. That's great right? Gibb's is crazy about this dude, says he could have shot him. He wants to kill him, you know?" Abby was quickly filling me in with details. If he was a terrorist, then why in the world would be he at her house? Her whole team hated Ari, and Kate had to quickly get away from Abby.

"Yeah, okay, that's good. I'm going up now, I'll see you at lunch, okay?" With that, Kate rushed to the elevator. There was no way that she could talk to Abby about this, not since she had said that. What was she to do; it wasn't like she was going to be able to keep this a secret for so long. Hopefully, this day would turn out to be better.

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