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Jenny watched as her boyfriend laughed at some joke the bimbo he was talking to, said. Anger boiled up in her stomach when the woman brushed her fingertips along Jethro's arm. Unable to take it any more, Jenny stalked over to her lover, and excused them, ever so politely, tugging Jethro's hand.

"Hey Jen, what's up?"

She shot him a glare.

"What's up? You were just flirting with that bimbo over there! That's what's up!"

"Oh come on, you can hardly call that flirting!" He called, but she was already heading for the door. Other students had stopped dancing to see what was happening, and the ones who hadn't noticed, finally did when the band suddenly stopped.

Jethro jumped onto the stage, ignoring the protests of his fellow peers, when he grabbed the microphone, and held it to his lips.

He knew he had to do something to stop her from going, because if she walked out that door, he knew they would be over.

Every single day,
I walk down the street
I hear people say 'baby so sweet'

Jenny stopped when she heard her boyfriend's rough voice start to sing, but she didn't turn around.

"Ever since puberty
everybody stares at me
boy, girls I can't help it baby
so be kind and don't lose your mind
just remember that I'm your baby"

HE was desperate now. She had stopped, but Jethro knew that she was still unsure.

"Take me for what i am
who i was meant to be
and if you give a damn
take me baby
or leave me
take me baby or leave me"

She finally turned to look at him, and he could see her thinking over her choices.

It was now or never.

"A tiger in a cage
can never see the sun
this man needs his space
baby lets have fun
you are the one I choose
folks would kill to fill your shoes
you love the lime light to now baby
so be mine and don't waste my time
cryin' 'oh honey bear are you still my, my, my baby?"

"take me for what i am
who i was meant to be
and if you give a damn
take me baby or leave me"

The whole school had frozen into silence, waiting to see the outcome of the school's most loved couple. Everyone knew Jethro Gibbs was a player, but ever since Jenny Shepard came into the picture, she had been his only one.

"no way, can i be what i'm not
but hey, don't you want your man hot?
don't fight, don't loose your head
'cause every night who's in your bed?
who's in your bed?" Jethro kept singing, kept fighting for her.

Jenny had enough and stormed to the front, snatching a microphone off of the DJ.

"It won't work
I look before I leap
I love margins and discipline
I make lists in my sleep baby
what's my sin?
never quit
i follow through
i hate mess but i love you
what do with my impromptu baby?
so be wise 'cause this girl satisfies
you got a prize but don't compromise
you're one lucky baby"

Now, face to face, anger radiating off them both, the school populace alll held their breath. The teachers didn't' know what to do, and the students seemed to be amazed at the side of Jenny they had never seen before. She was always so calm and collected, but now she was what they always expected a red head to be like. Like an open flame that singed anyone who even thought of going near her.

Jenny: take me for what i am
Jethro: a control freak
Jenny: who i was meant to be
Jethro: a snob yet over attentive
Jenny: and if you give a damn
Jethro: a loveable droll geek
Jenny: take me baby or leave me
Jethro: a anal retentive

They both started singing at the same time, "thats it"
Jenny: the straw that breaks my back
both: i quit
Jenny: unless you take it back

Jethro: Women

Jenny: Men
both: what is it about them? Can't live with them or without them

both: take me for what i am
Jenny: who i was meant to be
Jethro: who i was meant to be
and if you give a damn

Joanne: and if you give a damn then
take me baby, or leave me
Jethro: take me baby, take me or la-la-la-la-la-leave me
both: take me baby or leave me

They stared at each other, no sounds except their breathing.

"That's it! I'm leaving!" Jenny and Jethro said harshly, turning, and stalking from the hall.

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