Chapter 4- Monday morning

James leapt from the car eagerly, his brother right behind him, both their backpacks in hand.

"James," Jimmy complained, "Why do I have to carry your bag as well as mine?"

James ignored his brother, watching as their father, Donald 'Ducky' Mallard, rounded the vehicle, quickly fixing his tie; His bow tie to be exact.

It was the Mallard's first day at the new school, having moved from Scotland after Ducky's mother died. He had been suffering from Dementia for some years now, and it finally caught up to her. Ducky had quickly applied for a job as an English teacher at the high school and was accepted with flying colours. He and his sons, James Mallard and Jimmy mallard

"Jimmy, James, will you two be able to get yourselves off to class? I have a staff meeting to get to." Ducky asked his sons, already half way to the staff room.

"Yeah, sure dad. No worries!" James waved, snatching his bag from his younger brother who stumbled after him.


Nicky and Abby bounded from the car, Jethro trailing behind with a sour look on his face. He hated sharing the car with his sisters, but since his father had to go to the school hall, and have someone tow his truck, he said that he HAD to drive his sisters to school.

They still hadn't forgiven him for what he had done to Jenny, and so the whole way there, Nicky and Abby were singing 'The Song That'll Get on Your Nerves', nonstop.

At the steps of the school, the two girls met up with the rest of their group and surveyed each other's choice of clothing. Crystal was wearing a green halter neck shirt, with black skinny jeans. Ziva was wearing a black jacket over a blue t-shirt and cargo pants. Kate had on a black tank top and a knee length skirt. Abby was in her usual attire of a pleated red and black skirt, studded collar and a black t-shirt. But Jenny was the one to make everyone gasp.

She sported a black Mini skirt that barely covered her ass, a low cut v-neck sweater with a red lacey pushup bra just showing. The guys around them were ogling her so bad, the group could have sworn that they saw drool.

There was a chorus of "What the…?" and "Damn Jen!" that caused the girl in question to laugh. She had hoped it would get this reaction. She wanted Jethro to be jealous, to wish that he hadn't been such a pig. And by the looks of things, it was going to succeed.

After some more chatter amongst the girls, they decided to split for their lockers.

Nicky and Crystal's lockers were right beside each other's so the two made their way down the hall towards theirs. At first it didn't register- they were too caught up laughing and talking to notice- but it wasn't long before Crystal spotted two boys about their age leaning against her locker.

"Um, Excuse me? What are you doing on my locker?" She said, approaching them. One of the boys looked at her through glasses, his brown scruffy hair framing his boyish face. The other boy turned to her, his guitar slung over his shoulder.

"Oh were you talking to us?" He asked. He had dark brown hair that hung to his ears and his Scottish accent was thick.

"Yeah, she was. You must be new, right?" Nicky cut in.

Both boys nodded, and the one with glasses held out his hand.

"I am Jimmy Mallard and this is my brother James."

Nicky and Crystal smiled, taking turns to shake his hand.

"I am Nicky Gibbs, and this is Crystal Shepard. Nice to meet you."

"It's a pleasure ladies." James replied smoothly. "I was wondering if you two might be able to tell us where our classes are?"

"Of course. May I have a look at your timetable?" Crystal asked, unlocking her locker and throwing her bag inside.

The brothers produced their timetables and handed them over to Nicky and Crystal.

"Jimmy, you and I have Chemistry together along with Maths and Form." Nicky informed the boy.

"Yep, and James, you and I have English and Music together. We can introduce you to the rest of the group at lunch." Crystal said.

"Thank you greatly. Both of you." Jimmy said sincerely.

The bell suddenly rang, and the girls quickly retrieved their things. With a smile, Nicky gestured at Jimmy to follow her as she ran off to class.

Jimmy had to hurry to catch up with her.

"Hey wait up!" He called.

"Oh I'm sorry." Nicky smiled.

Jimmy pushed his glasses onto the bridge of his nose.

"So tell me about yourself, Jimmy Mallard." Nicky flirted.

She couldn't help but be attracted to this cute, geeky-looking boy from Scotland.

"Well, I am 16 years old and I was born in Scotland where I lived until a couple of weeks ago."

"Why'd you move?"

"My grandmother died of dementia, and so my family decided to move here, closer to my mother who is a medical examiner for a hospital in Norfolk."

"Oh. I am sorry to hear that."

"That's okay. We kind of knew that it was coming."

Nicky was about to say something but she quickly found herself at their form room.

"Well, here we are."

"So you play?" Crystal asked James, breaking the silence that had come over them.

They currently sat in their English room, their new teacher having yet to enter, and Crystal and James sat at desks beside each other, the class running a muck around them.

"Excuse me?" James asked confused, having zoned out.

"Do you play guitar?"

"Oh. Yes, I learnt when I was very young and I have played ever since."

"Cool. I like to play the Keyboard but I'm not very good. Also I like to sing."

"Interesting. You and I should um play together some time."

"Oh, looks like someone has a boyfriend!" A voice called across the room, and Crystal felt hostility boil up in her stomach.

Jeanne Beniot appeared in front of her desk, a smirk on her face.

"Seriously, new guy, why are you hanging around with this nerd! Next you will know you're hanging out with the rest of that group. The only decent ones there are Jethro and Tony, but a little birdie told me that Jethro wont be hanging around much longer." She said meanly.

"That would be none of your business now would it, Jeanne?" Jenny said as she strolled into the room, her voice like icicles.

Crystal noticed the bewildered expression on James' face as he saw Jenny and she laughed.

"We are twins James. Not identical but close to it." She whispered to him and he nodded.

"Oh, well if it isn't little miss anal retentive Jenny." Jean sneered.

"Sorry I am late everyone!" a new voice called, and with one last glare, Jeanne retreated to her seat.

"My name is Mr. Mallard and I am your new English teacher since Mrs. Wilson is on maternity leave." Ducky stepped in front of the class, placing his books on his desk.

"Mallard as in…?" Crystal leant over to James.

"Yes. That is my father." He answered.

And now that Crystal looked, she could see the resemblance. Mr. Mallard had the same crop of brown hair, though slightly receding and he had the same kind eyes.

"Okay. First I'll mark the roll." He pulled out a folder and began calling out names.

After the roll was called, Mr. Mallard got up from his seat at his desk, reached into a large bag that sat beside him and retrieved several roles of neatly wrapped toilet paper.

"I am going to pass these rolls of toilet paper around and I would like everyone to tear of some. Take as many peices as you like and I will tell you what they're for in a moment." He said, a slight smile on his face.

Curious, and just a tad reluctantly, the students did as instructed, taking up to 10 or 11 pieces at a time. When it reached Nicky who sat up the back, she took 3 pieces and handed to Ziva who then tore of 1 piece, having heard of this game when she had lived in Israel before her sister Tali was killed. Soon after her sister had died, her brother and she had come to America to escape the violence and war, but ZIva had still not forgotten this game that Tali had taught her.

After everyone had taken some, the rolls were passed back to Mr. Mallard who then grinned at the class and told them to tell him as many facts about themselves as they had toilet paper.

Ducky was liking his new class already.

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