The Great Deities

Within this world there are many legends


These legends have been proclaimed nothing more than Myths.

And yet,

People still strive to prove them truth.

Legend has for told that the world was created by one great being.

This being is known as Arceus.

A being that has been seen as a god, and the creator of this worlds many life.



And Pokémon

While legends have told of this Pokémon's greatness

Others tell tale of two special Pokémon that rule time and space

The great deity of Time


And the great deity of Space


These two are said to have assisted in the creation of the our great world


These tales are not completely true.

For others are rumored to have sculpted this world's form.

The great beings that are known as the deities of Land and Sea have played their own part in this world.

The being known as Groudon is rumored to have forged the lands


The being known as Kyogre is said to have created the mighty Seas

And as these two great beings have forged the world's great form

A being know as Regigigas is said to have moved the very lands that Groudon has shaped.

These great beings are the creators of this great world,

But over the many years that this world has lived

Many guardians have risen to protect the beliefs of the world's inhabitants

These great guardians are all symbols of legend.


Many believe them to be true.

One great being is the guardian of the skies above.

For years the mighty Rayquaza has protected the skies of this world

But this mighty being has done it out of reach from everyone

But the mysterious beings of space themselves.

While this one guardian is out of reach,

Others have been rumored to be within grasp but still out of sight

For the twins Latias and Latios guards the people of their home.

And the being known to the people who follow him as the Prince of the Sea

Or rather the Pokémon Manaphy

Who watches over the waters and protects one of the world's great treasures

Each of these great Pokémon Guard a different portion of the world,

But the world is still guarded by many others

For this world is also guarded by seven other beings

Three of these beings are legendary birds that while have had disputes between each other

Use their mighty powers to protect others

For the being of Fire known as Moltres

The being of Ice known as Articuno

And the being of Lightning known as Zapdos

Each protects their own portion of the region that they reside within.

One being is known as the great Guardian Lugia

Who watches over the world from the depths of the Seas.

Three other beings were once simple Pokémon

Who had nearly lost their lives in a fire that destroyed a now symbolic tower

Were given new life by a great Pokémon known as Ho-Oh.

This Pokémon granted the Pokémon new life and forms,

For from the fire a being of Fire known as Entei

A being of Lightning known as Raikou

And a being of water known as Suicune were born into this world.

Little is known about these great beings,

But legends still rise up about the power that they are rumored to have.

These great Deities have many rumors behind them

And while many are nothing more than legends

People still believe in them and strive to prove

Or disprove them

To the world that they have created and strived to protect.

But one thing is certain…

These great legends are what make up the fabric of the worlds wonder

And as time flows new legends and wonders will rise up and take form.