"Will they let me in?" Sam asked.

"Why wouldn't they?" John asked. He was a little perplexed as to why Sam had been in Hell in the first place.

"I have demon blood in me," Sam said so softly the others had to strain to hear him.

"What are you talking about?" John asked.

"When I was a baby, the demon dripped demon blood into my mouth. That's what he was doing when Mom caught him. It's why I had visions," Sam explained.

"Doesn't matter. They'll let you in," John predicted.

"No, don't go," Dean said.

"Dean, you've done a really good job of protecting your brother all these years," John said. He hadn't praised Dean nearly enough in life. Only that one time right before he died, probably. That was the only time he remembered.

"Yeah, such a good job that he died," Dean said, disgusted with himself. He had let Sam and his dad down by letting that happen.

"That wasn't your fault," Sam said.

"I don't know what happened, but I know that you did everything you could to protect him. You always have," John said. "But it's time for him to move on. You wouldn't want him to become a vengeful spirit, have other hunters hunting him."

Dean thought of Gordon Walker and shuddered. "No, Sir."

"Then, we're going to go. But you'll see us again. After you've had a nice long life down here."

"Bye, Sammy," Dean said. He tried to hug him, but he ended up walking right through him. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"Bye, Dean. Bye, Bobby, Ellen." Sam stepped over to his father and together they walked into the light. They looked back one last time and smiled. Then they were gone.

Dean sank down to his knees and cried.


"John," Mary cried when she saw him. "I've been waiting for you."

"Mary," John said and hugged her.

"Who is this?" Mary asked, indicating Sam.

"This is Sam," John said, proudly.

"Our baby, Sammy?" Mary asked, astonished. "He's a lot bigger than I remember."

Sam laughed.

"Sam," he heard a cry of delight from his other side.

"Jessica," he yelled and hugged her. "I'm so sorry."

"For what?" she asked.

"Getting you killed."

"That wasn't your fault. That was a demon," Jessica said.

"You know about demons?" Sam asked.

"I do now. You find out about everything up here."

"How?" Sam asked.

"You just ask a question and you know the answer. "

"Why didn't the Colt kill me?" Sam asked. He was really curious about that.

"Well?" John asked, wondering if his son's girlfriend was right about the instant knowledge thing.

"There are five things the Colt can't kill. God, the devil, and archangels, because they're so powerful."

"OK, but you're none of those, what are the other two?" John asked.

"Ghosts because they have no actual form for the bullet to hit."

"Makes sense," Mary said, wondering when she should tell them that she had been a hunter in life.

"And the last?" Jessica asked.

"Leprechauns," Sam said.

"Leprechauns? Why leprechauns?" John asked perplexed.

"Because they have the "luck 'o' the Irish."

"Are you serious?" they all asked.

Sam shrugged. That was the answer that popped into his head.


Five Years Later

The world was in chaos. There was a whole army of demons on the prowl. They were led by Jake. The Yellow Eyed Demon had gotten his little sister to sell her soul for him. Stupid kid. The Yellow Eyed Demon's brother, Alistair, was downstairs, trying to find a righteous man to spill blood. The only problem was, there were not a lot of righteous men in Hell.

The yellow eyed demon, AKA Azazel, was getting impatient. They could not break the rest of the seals, until that first one was broken. But he had his army now. He was ready for the apocalypse. As ready as he would be without his first choice of Sam, that is.

He decided he was going to kill Dean Winchester and his friends. He had become a heaping pile of uselessness since Sam's death, but he should be killed anyway.


Dean was drinking as usual. He had been drunk for the past five years. Bobby had abandoned him a couple of years ago. He hadn't been able to take it anymore, and knew that Dean had hit rock bottom about two strata ago. If he didn't get help then, he never would. It was sad, but Bobby wasn't going to enable him anymore.

There was a knock at the door. "Yeah?" he burped as he opened it.

"Charming," the man said and his eyes glowed yellow.

Dean backed up and the demon followed him.

"Moron. Do you really think I wouldn't have a devil's trap right inside my door?" Dean asked.

The demon went to take another step and couldn't. He pulled out his cell phone. "Jake, help!" he yelled as Dean was reading the exorcism. He finished and the demon went hurtling off to Hell. Dean had no doubt he would be back. He forgot all about the demon's last minute phone call—until the next day.

"Hey!" he heard in his sleep. He woke to find Jake hovering above him. "You killed my boss. I'm going to kill you nice and slow."

"Why? If I killed your boss, shouldn't you be thanking me? That makes you the boss now, right?"

Jake realized that he was right. He hadn't thought about that. "But you didn't really kill him. He'll be back. And if I don't kill you, he'll be pissed."

"Dean, I've been thinking," Bobby said, as he came into the room. He had tracked Dean down because he had felt bad about abandoning him. He was also hoping that that abandonment would make Dean see that he needed help. But when he saw Jake, all other thoughts went out of his head and he shot and killed him.

"Both the leaders are in Hell. The war is over for now," Dean said. He let Bobby bring him to an alcohol rehabilitation in-patient program. He was there four months and came out sober. He never drank again.


"What do you mean once the gate has been opened once, it can never be reopened?" Azazel roared.

"Those are the rules," Alistair said patiently. "Once the doors to Hell have closed, everything and everybody that comes in here is stuck for good. There is no more escape." Alistair didn't mind. He liked Hell. It was too cold on earth. The hottest places only got to be 120 degrees. That was so chilly.


As the years went by, demon after demon were individually exorcised by priests and hunters. Soon, they were all in Hell with no way out.


50 years later

"Dean," Sam yelled excitedly when his brother entered Heaven for the first time.

"Sammy," Dean said. He had never stopped missing his brother.

"I heard you never got married?" Sam admonished.

"No. But I had a lot of fun," Dean grinned.

"I'll bet. Come say hi to Mom, Dad and Jessica. And you have to meet our grandparents. They're awesome. We were named after them, you know? And they were hunters!"

"Dad's parents were hunters?" Dean asked.

"No. Mom's," Sam corrected him.

"Really?" Dean asked and raised his eyebrows. He couldn't wait to meet them.

The End.