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"Davis please just serve the ball!" Tk yelled impatiently from the other side of the volleyball net. The group had taken a day to have a beach outing to celebrate Tai, Sora, and Matt's last week in Odaiba before they had to set off to college.

"Wait! I'm waiting until the wind is just right." Davis yelled back.

Mimi and Sora were tanning in the sand while most the boys and Kari and Yolie were playing volleyball. Tai, Davis, and Matt were on one team and Kari, Tk, and Yolie were on another. Izzy was on his computer much to Mimi's dismay.

"Davis look we don't care if you don't get it over the net, just please hit the damn volleyball!" Tai said clearly annoyed. Davis may have been a great soccer player but volleyball was definetly not his art.

"Fine." The younger Tai look alike said hitting the ball. It didn't go over the net. Instead it went to the right over by a group of people.

Matt threw his arms up in the air and declared he gave up.

"I'll go get it." Yolie said giving Davis a death glare.

"It's not my fault!" Davis said like it was their fault for making him hit it.

"Yeah right." Yolie muttered as she walked towards the group of people. "I'm really sorry." She said as she walked up to a boy with dark blue hair. He and his friends were standing around playing soccer.

The boy turned and picked up the ball handing it to her. "It's okay, that was some serve." He said amused seeing how far off the ball went from the actual net.

"Oh I didn't hit it!" Yolie said quickly. "The boy with the funny looking goggles did...well the younger looking one, oddly enough two of them are wearing goggles."

The boy just smirked and shook his head.

"Okay well I should be going thanks and sorry again." Yolie said turning quickly. For some reason the boy was making her feel flustered.

"Wait." He said and Yolie's heart started pounding and her face turned a light shade of pink when she turned around.

"Yes?" She asked trying to sound smooth.

The boy smirked. "You forgot your volleyball."

Yolie felt herself turning redder now as she walked over and took the volleyball from the boy handing it to her. "Thanks" she muttered turning quickly and running back towards her friends. As the boy smiled watching her.

"Ken come on we're playing a game." The boy turned and walked back over to his friends.


"What's wrong with your face?" Davis asked a soon as Yolie walked back.

"What do you mean what's wrong with my face?" Yolie yelled.

"It's all red. You burn fast." The boy said with his hands up.

"Oh that." Yolie said quickly. "It's nothing."

"Well Tai's starting up the grill what do you want to eat?" Kari asked changing the subject for Yolie's sake seeing the whole interaction she had just had with the boy.

Yolie smiled gratefully at her. "Uh I'll just have a burger."

"Okay I'll let Tai know." She said skipping off towards her brother. "Yolie wants a burger." She told him.

"Great" Tai said then turned to Izzy. "Hey Izzy will you cook I'm going to go run up and get us some soda's."

"Sure" Izzy said as he closed his computer and headed towards the grill. "Meems want to help me out? You're the best a cooking."

Mimi looked up from her spot where she was tanning. "Sure" She headed over to Izzy. "Flip them every two minutes to keep the sides from burning too much." She told him while opening up a seasoning package. "This is to spice up the steak." She poured it over the steak evenly.

After dinner they sat around a bonfire while Matt played his guitar.

"He should write a song for Kari's friend Jill." Sora said smirking towards Tai.

"Oh yeah a loovvvee song." Tai said smirking towards his girlfriend.

Matt stopped playing. "Both of you shut up. I'm not into Kari's friend."

"She's into you." Kari said shrugging.

Matt's red face was visible in the fire's light. "She is?"

Kari smirked. "I thought you didn't care?"

"He's such a bad liar." Tk said shaking his head pretending to be disappointed in him.

"Whatever you guys just believe what you want to." Matt said acting like he didn't care.

"We will." Tk said smiling as he took a marshmellow off a stick and made it into a smore giving it now Kari. "For you my lady." He said like he was back in the 1500's.

Kari smiled and took it from him. "Thank you."

"We better get going." Tai said standing up and brushing himself off. "I have to finish packing for University before I leave Saturday."

"You haven't started have you?" Sora asked looking up at him.

Tai looked at her for a minute and then spoke. "No" He said honestly. "Ready to go Kari?"

Kari pecked Tk on the cheek before getting up. "Yeah let's go."

"Less than a week until college." Sora said sadly to Tai as he packed up.

"Yup the beginning to the rest of our lives." He said smiling at her.


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