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Kari's POV

"What do you think it would taste like if I put ketchup on my pizza?" Davis asked eyeing his food intensely.

"I think you'll vomit and then I'll vomit from seeing your vomit." Yolie replied sarcastically rolling her eyes.

It has been two and a half years since I got sick, Mimi lost her eye sight, and every other type of drama you can think of occured. I can't say everything became perfect after that but it certainly did get better.

Matt dropped out of college after his band had a hit. Tk and his parents' were furious but so far everything has been going well for him. He's releasing his first cd at the end of the summer and performing a live concert in Tokyo and we all have backstage passes. Anyway him and Jill are still dating despite the more issues that arose when he dropped out of college...way to cause more problems Matt.

Davis is heading to some culinary school. Apparently he wants to sell noodles...of all the things in the world I never saw Davis as a noodle dude. But I guess it fits, mine as well study something your really good at...eating.

Yolie's in law school. She decided she wanted to be a lawyer and we decided that'd be perfect since she loves to yell and argue with people. Put it this way, she already has a summer internship and she's only going to be a sophmore in college. Her and Ken are doing great even though she had been far away in college when he was in his last year of highschool. Davis said that's what kept him sane...barely seeing her. Now Ken's going to some college to specialize in some science major that I can't for the life of me think of the name of.

Mimi spent the last of her senior year learning braille. The fact that she was blind shocked everyone but the whole incident brought her and Izzy back together so she says she doesn't regret it. Right now she's learning more about what she can study as a blind student in a special program at college. Izzy went to a close really close to Mimi's and is studying computer programing. On the side he's researching surgery's and cures for Mimi. His determination is really sweet and I think we all have alot of hope that he'll find something some day for her.

My brother is heading into his last year of college next semester along with Sora. They've been getting along better besides the fact that he ticks her off alot...it's a Tai thing though. Tai's trying to get into a pro soccer league. He's doing really well in his college league so things are looking up for him. Sora is in the communication field and wants to help people in some way. She's always been sweet like that.

As for Tk and I we've just graduated highschool and right now are celebrating getting out of that place with the others. Tk wants to write and I think I want to go into teaching but I'm not sure yet. Life has been easier on us the past couple of years and I'm just happy that I met him freshmen year. It's been years but I still love Tk. I guess your really never know what's going to happen in life.

I couldn't help but smile as I watched Davis and Yolie argue over the pizza and ketchup. We were on the same beach we had been all those years ago right before my sophomore year had started and now I'm ready to head of to college in a month. It's amazing how time flys and what a rollar coaster ride life is.

Even far apart we're all still good friends and I think it will last. We've all been through so much together. We may be going different ways in life but we always manage to make sure our paths will cross. But I think the most amazing thing is that I survived the last for years and high school did end.

End of Kari's POV

The End.


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