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Echoed infant Sasuke's crying suddenly in the entire house and woke the other three. Mikoto jumped out of bed and rushed with her ninja-speed to Sasuke's room to get him back to sleep.
When Mikoto didn't come back right away and the crying didn't stop, Fugaku decided to help his beautiful wife. He, however, never expected to witness the scene in front of him. His always cheerful wife had a frustrated look on her face, which he admitted was terrifying in his own mind, and his youngest son crying his heart out in her arms.

"He just won't stop crying no matter what I do and say"

He could tell that Mikoto was giving up and he, himself, never really was one to be soft and sensitive. Slowly in his mind he tried to make a solution to this.

"Why not put a genjutsu on him?"

"WHAT!" shouted Mikoto. She couldn't believe her own ears.

"What? It worked on my little brother" It sounded too serious to be a joke, but made sense since her brother-in-law has been scared of her husband since they were four.

"He is only an infant! Besides it won't help him" Said Mikoto to her husband while reminding herself never to leave the children in his hands while they can't speak.

"Hn.." In his mind he tried to make a solution to this but his trains of thoughts was disturbed by the crying.

"Mom? Dad ? What are you doing?"

The parents turned around to see their eldest son with his pillow by the door.

""We are trying to make Sasuke fall asleep obviously" said Fugaku frustrated and added "and go back to sleep now, you have school tomorrow!"

"Let me try" Was all Itachi said before lifting Sasuke in his small arms.

"Don't cry, Sasuke. Your big brother is here to protect you, no matter what happens" to both Mikoto and Fugaku's big surprise Sasuke's crying stopped at the sound of his older brother's voice. Itachi laid Sasuke back to his cot and kissed him on the forehead before he began to go back to his room, but his mother's word stopped him in his tracks:

"Itachi, you are really a genius in everything you do" Mikoto was both relieved and proud.

'He is going to be a great mo- DAD someday' Said Inner-Fugaku and scolded himself for make such a mistake in his own mind.

"I'm after all his big brother and not only that.. I'm one hell of a brother*!"

*Kuroshitsuji, anyone? XD