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Chapter 1


-Sunday, the day before 3rd year of Jr. High starts-

Eiji Kikumaru looked in the mirror and sighed. His older sister, Hikari, had used the last of his toothpaste. His toothpaste, the special kind that he'd spent a fortune on, not to mention the cashier who was an idiot and teased him because it was "kids' toothpaste." But he didn't care. He'd still have to take a walk to vent his anger, though.

Darting out of the bathroom, Eiji ran into his room and grabbed his jacket. He slid down the railing of the stairs and into the wall by the kitchen door. 'Crap, too much momentum,' Eiji thought. Feeling his face to see that it wasn't squashed like a pugs', he started out the front door.

"Eijiii!" Hikari shouted from her room upstairs. "Where are you going in such a hurry?"

"I'm taking a walk!" Eiji yelled back, and slammed the front door behind him. Eiji started walking, putting on his jacket and checking his phone. There was 1 message, from his best friend Oishi Shuichirou.

"Want to come over today? Haven't seen you in forever. My mom wants to have you over for dinner" it said.

"Sure, I'll be there" Eiji answered, and put his phone in his back pocket. That's when he saw her. Eiji stopped walking and stared.

The girl was crossing the street about 20 feet ahead of him to his side of the street. She was holding a bag, and in the other hand was a dog leash for the dog she was walking. A husky. She started walking towards Eiji. She had dark, wavy brown hair, and as she got closer, Eiji could see that she has purple eyes.

"Hi!" she said, looking up at him and smiling. She stopped walking.

"H-hi," replied Eiji. The girl looked about his age, and seemed nice.

Her dog, the husky, started licking his hang and rubbing it with his head.

"Mochi, stop!" said the girl, gently tugging on the leash. "Sorry, she just loves people."

"It's ok," said Eiji, laughing. "Mochi, nya?" He bent down and started to pet Mochi. As he pet the dog, he spotted a uniform similar to that of his school in the bag, along with books and other school supplies. Eiji wondered where she went to school…

"Uh oh!" exclaimed the girl worriedly, looking at her watch. "Um, excuse me, but I have to get home. I'm sorry! Bye!" And with that, she took off running down the street, Mochi at her side.

'Fast,' thought Eiji. 'Well, I guess there's nothing I can do.' Eiji looked down at his dark wash jeans, jacket, and tennis shoes, and couldn't help but feel slightly plain. But he kept walking, anyway.

He wondered what the new school year was going to bring.