Chapter 3

The first thing he could make out was a dim light. He didn't know where he was, the only thing he regonized was that he was that he was lying on a sofa like thing.

He could feel the pain in his right shoulder and the bandage around it. He thought that he would be at his mansion, because he remembered that he was lying behind a container and he didn't expect that somebody beside his friends would have found him.

He decided to open up his eyes and was confused as he didn't regonized the room he was in. He started to wonder where he is and how he got there. He tried to lean forward and it worked out.

Dino took notice that there were someone sitting on a chair, head on the table. He saw that it was the girl he met before.

" She must have come back, maybe to play again. But why did she help me since she is new here, I thought that she was just an tourist without a regular home. Why I am at such a living room that looks so old? Has she some relatives here?" he thought to himself.

Meanwhile the girl wakes up as pain grows at her neck, because of her unbearable sleeping position. Luna wondered how she could have fallen asleep eve if she was looking out for an injured person. As she was a child her mother often brought some ill animals home and she helped her take care of them sometimes. So she was used to stay awake but this time she really was sleepy and didn't really care about that, since this time it was an person, who could say something he was awake.

Dino notices that she was awake and remembered her name.

" You are Luna right? Where am I and Why am I here?" he asked.

Luna jumped up in surprise, haven't realized that Dino was awake.

" Äh, yes I am and your are at the home of Mario and Stella Lugia. I brought you here as I found you wounded at the place I was playing the day before yesterday. What happened?" answered Luna.

" Nothing really happened I was just falling down" he tries to cover his lie with an wide grin.

" I want to call my friends so that I can go home and didn't bother you any further." He said.

Luna didn't thought about searching for a phone, because it was still at night, but wondered if he needs anything other.

" I cant give you a phone, because I don't have any and I don't know where it is at this house, but I don't intend to believe your story so you prepare a better one and do you need something to drink ? I know where the kitchen is." Luna answered.

" How did it come you don't know where the phone is? Aren't you living here? But water would be good I haven't some since the day before this and I am hungry. If I am not able to leave this house I must bother your further." With that said he seems to be embarrassed to have his lie exposed so fast. He wished that somehow Romario would pop out and he can get away.

Luna didn't bother to answer him and left the room to go to the kitchen and get something to drink and eat. She was worried that she wasn't supposed to take something so she decided to take normal water and some bread with magarine and a salami.

After she got back she gave Dino these things and left the room, to get some sleep before the next day can arrive.

" I am sleeping next door if you need anything just call." With that said she disappeared into the hall and towards her room without locking the door.

The next morning arrived and Luna got up to check on Dino and to get her breakfast. As she got into the living room she found Dino searching his clothes for his cell phone, he seem desperate to find it. He was so lost in his thought that he didn't notices Luna entering the room.

As she spoke to him he jumped up in surprise and fall of the sofa. Now was Luna afraid of having hurt him even more. She controlled his bandages after got up again.

" Morning could you please get me a phone now? I want to hear if my friends are okay."

" Only when you tell me the truth. I am not some saint who helps people without knowing why they in this position. And I am your rescuer so I have the right to know what happened!"

Dino was still concerned about telling her the truth, but her serious expression made clear that she isn't willing to help him if she doesn't know anything more. So he decided to change the truth a little bit and spilling just some lie within it.

" Okay I was bullied that night I didn't got home early enough and some idiots started punching me and one of them had a knife. Satisfied?"

" That's not the whole story but for now its enough. I will search for a phone. Are you hungry again? I think its breakfast time." She thought about her brother, who was eating like he would starve at any moment.

" No just the phone please". Dino answered. So Luna brought him the phone and left for getting her breakfatst.

After the breakfast Luna was reminded that she was willing to try chopping the wood. The problem was she had never done something like that and it wasn as easy as she thought,

After trying to split one wood piece for a long time Mario came to help her. With other words he made it at the end. Luna was disappointed with incapability to chop some little woods into pieces but the made an compromise. Mario would chop it and Luna would get some other job to do.

Playing music as Mario does the work, because its quite boring standing there and chopping woods,

Authors note: normally this wouldnt be the end but i dont know how to go on T.T I am not really satisfied with chappter T.T Is Luna to much sue? I cant tell =.=.

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