Lady Hawke

By Belletiger Bt

A/n: Hi there, this is my very first DGM fic with Tyki/Allen pairing. I do not know DMG or the movie Lady Hawke . For the ones who don't know the movie "Lady Hawke", I suggest to you watch, it's a good fantasy movie from 80's. ^_^


Chapter 1- the bird and the wolf

Kanda was in a really bad mood. It was one of those mission where he and his comrades ( thought he prefers to work alone) had to retrieve a fragment of Innocence. But the main problem is the possible vessel of innocence was inside of a hawk.


"You want us to capture a bird?" Kanda muttered darkly at Kamui, ready to draw out his sword at his superior.

Lavi, Lenalee and Komui just sweet dropped. Of course they are used to Kanda's attitude, but sometimes his temper gets the best of him. Komui cleared his throat.

"Well, you see Kanda- Kun, it's not any ordinary bird; it's a hawk to be exact."

"But brother, why do we need capture a hawk?" Lenale asked. "It has something to do with innocence?"

"Yes." Komui nodded "You see, I heard rumors where people could see a hawk changing one of its wings and attacking the akuma."

"But can animals use innocence?" Lavi asked.

"It's possible an animal can use innocent. It's extremely rare, but they do exist and usually they have a tamer. General Klaud Nine has a little monkey named Lau-shimi and it's a parasitic-type. I have no doubts this hawk is a parasitic-type too." Komui explained to them. Then, he turned to his goofy mode. "And it would be cool if we have an exorcist falconer on our side? I always loved falconers; I think they are cool and fantastic. Ah Lenalee-chan! Maybe you can become this hawk's partner if this hawk does not have an owner."

*end of Flashback*

That's how it happened. They were after a hawk with innocence and with no idea if this bird has an owner or not. If it does, they would have to take the bird and the owner back to the headquarters, if the bird does not have an owner; it was most likely the higher ranks would look for a compatible exorcist to become the hawk's falconer.

"Weird. It's been a while since Lavi went to the toiled. Do you think something happened to him?" wondered Lenalee.

Kanda just scoffed in response "I bet that stupid usagi got himself in trouble again." Then he got up from his seat. "It's better to look for him before we have to clean up his trouble for him."

And Kanda wasn't wrong about Lavi. In the other wagon of the train Lavi was playing poke with a group of miners, and after losing all his cloths, he only had his underwear and eye-patch left.

"Ehehe, hi guys." Smiled Lavi as he scratched his back, embarrassed.

Kanda growled as Lenalee only palmed faced in shame. They were not really surprise Lavi was in this type of situation. They are lucky that Bookman was not around or else Lavi would be in deeper trouble.


With an angered Kanda, Lavi was now in a whole lot of trouble to deal with. The miners sweetdroped as the two exorcists formed a cloud of dirt as they started fighting. Lenalee nodded her head in shame. How come she gets into these types of situations with them? Then, Lenale blinked in surprise when she saw a little boy with a hawk resting on his arm.

"Excuse me…." stared Lenalee as she got the attention of the miners. "Is this hawk yours?"

The boy didn't respond, only moved the bird away from her in a very protective way. At this moment, Lavi and Kanda stopped fighting as they finally noticed the bird in the boy's arm. One of the miners just smiled at the female exorcist.

"This hawk belongs to Tyki here." the miner said appointing to a light-skinned man that looks like he is in his mid to late twenties. He was dressed casually and wore thick glasses and his hair was all messy.

"Her name is Lady Hawke, our official mascot." The second miner said to them.

"Lady Hawke?" the 3 exorcists said together as they looked at the hawk. The hawk was beautiful, having chocolate colored wings and strange, but beautiful silver eyes. Though they didn't feel anything abnormally strange in the bird, they could feel something just a little of with it. Could be the bird they are looking for?


At the station, the miners return Lavi's stuff as they continued on their journey. Eaze really like Tyki and Lady Hawke. He could feel something especial on them, especially in Lady Hawke. Unlike most of the birds of prey, Lady Hawke does not mind the child's company and it is very protecting towards him. Then the group stopped when a payphone stared to ring. The group of the miners knew what that means.

"Is it one of your odd jobs, Tyki?" asked the oldest of the group. Tyki only nodded to them.

"Sorry Eaze, but I have to take Lady Hawke with me."

The child looked sadly to the ground as the bird just nuzzled him before flying to Tyki's arm. Tyki petted the kid's head as he smiled.

"Don't worry Eaze. We will be back as soon as we finish our job."

The kid could only nod to him. He would wait patiently for their return. Tyki went to the payphone to find out what his next job would be.

"Hallo, this is Tyki."


Tyki knew he was being followed by those 3 exorcists from the train. He smirked. They were truly fools if they thought they could follow him unnoticed.

Kanda, Lavi and Lenalee were following him, being very careful to make sure he didn't noticed them. When they followed him into a dead end, the trio could not see Tyki or his hawk.

"How could we lose him? This is a dead end!" exclaimed Lavi, not believing he just lost a guy with a horrible pair of glasses, caring a hawk on his arm.

"We better separate and look for them." Suggested Lenalee as her male comrades nodded.

Tyki stood at the top of the tallest tower of the town. He could see the exorcists were separating from each other in order to find them. Tyki removed his glasses as his pale skin became a gray color. His clothes also changed; from old casual clothes to a tuxedo with a top-hat. Tyki was now in his Noah form.

"Allen, I know you don't like the work that I do for Earl-sama, but it's something I need to do." The Noah nobleman stroked the bird's head. "I will met you in the usual place." With that, the hawk flew away into the horizon.


Lavi, Lenale and Kada were in a café shop now very exhausted. They looked for the guy and his bird everywhere in the town but they just disappeared. And worse of all they didn't confirm if that hawk was the bird they were looking for.

"So, what are we going to do next?" Lenalee asked to her comrades.

Kanda was just quiet with his arms folded. A waitress come to their table and she offered tea to Kanda and two cups of coffee to Lavi and Lenalee. Lavi suggested they could ask those miners to see if they knew their friend's whereabouts. But Kanda argued about what they would do if that bird wasn't the one they are looking for. They were quiet, not really knowing how to look for a bird that was supposed to have innocence.

"er… excuse me."

The exorcists blinked as they saw a waitress calling for them. Lavi's eye become hearts when he saw the beautiful waitress.

"Yes, my dear, what can we do for you?" Lavi asked , holding the hands of the waitress. The waitress sweetdropped as Kanda hits Lavi's head with his sword's sheath.

"Control yourself, usagi." Muttered Kanda as Lavi was nursing his sore head.

"You wanted to ask us something?" Lenalee asked to the waitress.

"Uh yes, I couldn't help it, but I heard you were after a special hawk."

"You know something?"

The waitress nodded as she looked a little concerned "You see, the rumors about a special hawk being sited around here had attracted the attention from some illegal hunters. I heard they almost captured it but….. a man in black and top-hat killed those hunters, without showing any mercy, before they could touch the hawk." that got the exorcists attention as the waitress continued. " The mystery man left a message on the corpses; 'anyone who dares to capture my bird will have the same fate as them'." The waitress said in a very worried tone. "But there's more."

"More?" Lavi asked

"A few nights ago, I saw a girl in the forest, destroying some monsters. Her arm was weird when she was attacking the monster." The waitress said to them.

The exorcists thought about the possibility of this girl having a parasitic-type innocence. Though they came to look for a hawk with innocence, they thought they could investigate about this mysterious girl who fights with monsters in the forest.

"Do you know where we can find this girl?" Lenalee asked.

"Somewhere in the forest, but you have to wait until dusk."

"Why?" Lavi asked curiosity

"For some reason, you can only see this girl at night."


The sun was almost disappearing in the horizon as Tyki entered an abandoned cabin. The old cabin was small, very dusty and had broken windows. This was the place where he usually meets with his hawk when they are near this town. Tyki could see his hawk resting on the arm of an old chair. The Noah smiled as he stroked the bird's head.

"Sorry for coming late Allen, but I am here now."

Tyki puts his bag on the ground and opened it. The Noah took out from the bag a simple light blue dress. He smiled softly as he smelled the sweet aroma in the dress. As the darkness was coming, Tyki's body stared to glow, at the same time as his hawks. It will be one of those nights.


Approximately 2 miles, or so, from the town, the landscape was covered by a large forest. Tall trees stood upright over the horizon as a gorgeous mountain range sat peacefully in the background. But tonight the forest wasn't so peaceful.


Lavi , Lenalee and Kanda were fighting against an horde of akuma that were level 2. When the exorcists trio were looking for the mysterious girl the waitress mentioned, they had been attacked by akuma out of nowhere. The trio summoned their innocence power to fight against the akuma. Unknown to them, there was a hooded figure watching the fight from behind the trees.

"Hi Ban: Gouka Kaijin!" Lavi shouted. From the fire seal, Lavi summoned a torrent of flames in the form of a snake against the Akuma.

"Enbu: Kirikaze!" Lenalee shouted. Lenalee formed a tornado from her dark boots and used it against the akuma.

"Mugen! Kaichū: Ichigen !"Kada shouted.

Kanda swings his sword and releases a small swarm of supernatural insects at the Akuma.


Though they keep destroying akuma, more and more Akuma were showing up. They grouped together as they were now surrounded by a horde of Akuma. They still couldn't understand how the horde kept coming without any sign of an end.

Then, they felt a presence. A hooded figure was rushing forwards to a random Akuma.

"Crowned Clown!"

Then the hooded figure invoked a body-armored type Innocence, forming a white-hooded cowl and sleeve of Innocence energy which covers the figure's shoulders and right arm, while the left arm and hand become slender and black, clad in armor and razor sharp claws.

"Edge End!"

A swipe of raw destructive power was dealt with the figure's fully-invoked claw. With only one swig, the hooded figure destroyed the akuma as the rest of the horde became dust.

"W-What happened?" asked a confused Lavi.

When the battle was over, the figure deactivated its power as it turned around, facing the exorcists.

"You were fighting an akuma with the ability to clone itself." The figure explained to them. "I just finished off the original one."

The figure took the hood off and it revealed a very feminine face, her hair was short and white and a pair of unique silver eyes. But what gets more attention on her face was a red pentacle mark with a line that came down over her left eye. The white haired girl then turned around and started to walk away.

"Stop right there!"

Kanda tries to stop her, but his way was quickly blocked by a large wolf. The wolf was as large as a horse, with black and grayish fur and golden eyes that seems to glow in the dark. The wolf was growling dangerously at the Chinese exorcist. The girl smiled politely to the exorcists.

"Please, don't follow me." The girl said as the wolf was still growling at them. "Lord Wolfen does not take kindly to people who may be a threat to me. It's for your own safety, this wolf is more dangerous than Akuma and sometimes I can't control his temper."

With that, the girl and the wolf walked off, disappearing in the darkness of the forest, leaving a very confused Lavi, Lenalee and Kanda behind.

"What was that about?"

To be contined.

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Here is a little preview for the next chapter.


"Oh, I like stubborn women." Millennium Earl said to Allen who was still glaring at him "Now I can see why Tyki-pon married to you."

"We were very happy before you put this damaged curse on us." Hissed Allen as Earl just chucked, gripping her chin to make her stare at him.

"You two should have thought this before getting married in secret. You know I don't like when I am not invited to especial occasions." Commented Earl as he blinked. "Oh, by the way, did you bust grow bigger? They are bigger from the last time I saw you."

The Earl only got himself a headbut from a very angry Allen as Tyki, even in his wolf form was glaring at the Noah Patriarch. Even being the patriarch, Tyki does not take kindly anyone who makes a pervert comment to his lover.