Lady Hawke
chapter 12- the bird's last flight, the wolf's last howling
By: belletiger Bt


Tyki couldn't believe what he was seeing. Allen, his beloved wife was before him, in human form. But how could that be possible? He noticed that her hair had grown longer, just like his. Tyki wasn't the only one who was surprised; except for the ancient swordsman, Sandra and little Eve, everyone present in the coliseum were totally surprised and shocked. Millennium Earl didn't expect this. He gritted his teeth as he looked at the sky; the sun was completely covered by the moon.

"I can't believe it! I heard from Sheryl and Jasdevi that woman had died from falling from a cliff. What's going on here?" thought Millennium Earl furious. He knew how to break the curse and he was careful to not be in the presence of both Tyki and Allen on the day of the solar eclipse. That's true he was in the presence of them a few times at dusk and dawn, but both Allen and Tyki were not completely man and woman at dawn and dusk because they had some animal features on them.

"A-Allen…" Tyki whispered as he slowly walked towards Allen, to see what he was seeing was not an illusion.

Before he could touch Allen's face, the Noah of Pleasure's face met Allen's fist, sending poor Tyki flying against the wall and flying past the group.

" YOUR SUCH AN IDIOT!" Allen roared as she stomped towards her husband, ignoring everyone in the arena.

Ok, the exorcists didn't expect this type of reaction when they finally met each other again. Everyone in the arena sweetdropped as Allen grabbed Tyki and then she slapped him like mad and socked him on the chin, effectively knocking Tyki out with swirly eyes.

"Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!" Allen roared as she grabbed and shocked poor Tyki like a rag doll even though he was already out cold.

"Er …..Earl? Shouldn't we stop her?" Road croaked as the Earl sweatdropped.

"Can anyone tell me what's going on in my arena?" Even if he lived as long 1000 years, the older swordsman couldn't understand what the heck was happening.

"Err…. It's a little complicate to explain." Lavi said as he looked completely clueless and embarrassed on what to say.

Eve couldn't understand what was happening either. One minute the air in the arena was very heavy when her uncle Adam had arrived with her cousin Road, and then the next minute a white haired lady came out of the blue and start beating the other noah like mad.

"I don't understand." Eve said with a confused look in her eyes. "Why is that lady beating that guy like that?"

"Er…. You see, that man over there is being an idiot." Lenalee said, as it was the only reasonable answer to give to a 4 years old child.

"Why?" she asked innocently

"You will learn when you grown up." Sandra answered to the little girl.

After Allen beat several more times, Allen looked at poor Tyki with tears in her eyes. She asked him why he wanted to kill himself. Tyki sighted as he avoided meeting Allen's silver eyes. He answered her, with that he couldn't live without her, which was the reason why he came to the coliseum in the first place. Needless to say she got mad at his answer.

"Idiot!" she yelled, beating him once more. "Don't you dare make the same mistake that I almost did years back. What about Eve? You really want to abandon her like that?"

Eve's eyes widen in pure surprise when Allen said her name. Allen's words finally made sense to the little girl. Tears rolled down her face as she looked at Cross, waiting for a confirmation. Cross smirked as he patted her head, saying the couple down there were her parents. Finally her dream come true, she finally got to see her parents. And they were just like how Sheryl described them every night, before the puppy girl fell asleep.

"Allen, please, forgive me." Tyki said as tears rolled down his face. "I really though I lost you for good when I saw you falling off that cliff."

"You're an idiot, Tyki. "Allen said as more tears came out from her eyes. "But you're the charming idiot I've fall in love."

Allen and Tyki's face got closer to each other after four long years of separation, Tyki and Allen's lips touched each other. Their bodies stared to glow as an aura in the shape of a bird and a canine came out from them. The wolf and the bird's auras floated up into the sky before disappearing. The same phenomenon happened to Eve. It was finally over. They finally broke their curse.

Allen helped Tyki to his feet as both of them glared at the Millennium Earl. They finally broke their curse and now they want what Earl had promised them; to have their child back.

"Earl- sama, we broke our curse. Now you have to do your part of the deal." Tyki said to Millennium Earl.

"Well, you heard TY-chan over there." Lavi said. "We know everything about the deal you made to them after you put that curse on them, now you have to give Eve-chan back to them."

"Ty-chan?" Tyki asked, quirking an eyebrow, looking at the red haired bookman jr.

"What? That's a good nickname." Lavi said as Kanda smacked Lavi's head.

"Baka usagi, this is not the time or place for that!" Kanda snapped at the bookman jr.

Allen just looked at Millennium Earl with sad eyes. After reading his journal, she sees her tormentor with different eyes. Millennium Earl had loved a human which he accidentally turned into a newborn Noah. Lilith never mentioned it, but she knew that deep the 14th Noah's heart that she still had feelings for him, but Lilith was afraid to lose her brother and humanity while the Earl was afraid of losing her to the 'sub-humans', they started a war between each other because of their fears. Allen and Tyki's tormented separation was over, but Lilith and Earl's wasn't. Then, the white haired girl looked at Tyki with an apology deep in her eyes.

"I am sorry Tyki." Allen whispered.

Before Tyki could ask what she was apologizing for, a gust of wind surrounded Allen. Everyone protected their eyes from the dirt. When the gusts of wind were gone, Millennium Earl's eyes widen in pure shock when he saw in the place of Allen was Lilith, his beloved musician girl and 14th Noah.

"Hallo, Adam." Lilith said in a cold voice.

"Lilith…"The Earl whispered as he returned to his true form.

The first and the 14th Noah didn't take their eyes of each other. They were only focusing on the other, ignoring everyone around them. Tyki was sweating. He was wondering why Allen let Lilith take over her body without fighting. What happened to Allen while they were separated? The ambient was heavy; it felt like a winter battle field in the arena, he could feel chills down to his spine.

"There's a large crowd here." Lilith said, still not taking her eyes off the Earl. "Lets go somewhere else,"

Suddenly a white gate appeared under them as a bright light blinded them all. When the light was gone, they noticed that Millennium Earl and Lilith were gone. The group couldn't understand what happened and where Lilith had taken Earl.

"Allen… " Tyki whispered his lover's name worried. He hopes nothing happened to his wife and either to the patriarch of Noah.


Millennium Earl and Lilith found themselves in the white ark. The patriarch of the Noah clan never thought the he would see the ark again, after Cross had stolen it, when the ark was going to be gone after being download to the New Ark. Lilith simplify smirked as she explained to him that she left a save program, a second piano room for Cross to use in the case of the Earl tried to do something to the Ark. With the program, the Ark would be hidden between time and space and that no one could find it, not even Road can reach it, unless herself open the gate to the ark.

"You're very smart my dear, that's one of your qualities I loved most. You can think things one or two steps further than me."

"I don't see myself as smart as you Adam." Lilith said as her eyes were hidden behind her locks of hair "I never expected you to send Bondomu to kill my family at the circus. None of them was a vessel for the innocence, no one needed to die."

Lilith still remembered it like it was yesterday, all the blood and the fallen bodies of her family at the circus. The Noah of Bonds would have kill Mana to if the 14th Noah hadn't stop them in time. After seeing all the members of the circus dead, Lilith flew into a rage, which lead her to kill all the members of the Noah clan and sealing the ark at Edo and then taking Road as a hostage to bring Earl to her, resulting in a deadly battle between them.

" If you hadn't decide to leave me like you did, I wouldn't have had to send Bondomu to kill the people at that circus."

"I had my reasons to go back."

Then a black star pentangle appeared under her feet . Suddenly, Allen found herself being separated from Lilith. Allen was shocked and surprised at the same time. Lilith explained that inside of the Ark Lilith could have a physical body and she wouldn't need Allen's body as a vessel. Suddenly Allen's body became once more a hawk.

"Don't worry Allen, unlike Adam's curse, my curse will wear off when the eclipse is over." Lilith said to her , "At the highest tower there's a mirror. With the mirror you can get out of here."

Allen looked at Lilith with a surprised look. After several fights to avoid Lilith taking over her body, the 14th Noah was now helping her? She couldn't understand why Lilith had this type of change of heart.

"One more thing, tell to Tyki and others we will return in the year 2000 , when the program on the Ark is over. And the mirror you will use only works once."

Allen blinked. Was Lilith smiling softly at her? She shooks her head as she flew off to the tower. Millennium Earl tried to stop the bird but Lilith blocked his way.

"You opponent is me, Adam." Lilith said as she summoned a blade made of dark energy.

"Really Lilith, do we need repeat this battle over again?" Earl asked as he summoned his own sword. "It was really painful for me to fight you 40 years ago. Don't make me have to kill you again."

Lilith only closed her eyes as she smirked.

"Well, Adam, I changed since the last time we saw each other. If you defeat me, I will tell you the reason why I really wanted to leave."

Millennium Earl blinked in surprise but then he smirked. He really wanted to know the reason why Lilith wanted to leave the clan and return to her family at the circus. He knew there was more to her reason for leaving other than her being afraid of loosing the bonds of her human family like she gave him years ago. There was a bigger reason that the patriarch of Noah clan wants to find out.


Allen was flying off when she heard an explosion. She turned her head and she saw a building being destroying. The fight had stared. When she entered though the window of the highest tower, she saw the mirror that Lilith mentioned. She flew towards it as she crossed through the mirror.


Back at the coliseum, everybody gasped in surprise as a portal opened and a hawk came out from it. Tyki soon recognized the hawk was Allen. When the eclipse was finally over, Allen returned to her human self, wearing a beautiful white dress as she fell into Tyki's arms.

"Tyki…" Allen sobbed as she finally got to hug her husband.

"Allen, what happened ? And Where's the Earl?" Tyki asked, worried.


Lilith was gasping as she and Earl fought each other with all their power. Millennium Earl does not want to admit, but Lilith had improved her abilities over the years. Blood was coming out from their wounds. From his point of view, Lilith was almost on his level when it came to power. The 14th Noah hissed as her wounds started to hurt her more. She started to run off, hopping Earl didn't recognize the path she was leading them. Once more their swords clashed as they landed in a field of flowers. The patriarch of Noah clan was totally shocked when he realized where Lilith had leaded them.

"Lilith…. You wouldn't….!" Muttered the Earl as he felt his body getting heaving as he falls to his knees.

"Yes…."Lilith also felt her body getting heavy as she used her energy sword for support to stay on her feet. "We're… on the garden…. Of sleeping flowers…"

The sleeping flowers were very special kind of flower, its pollen makes anyone who smells it go to a deep sleep. Even the Noah clan are affected by the followers. Lilith and Earl fall to the ground as the power of the flowers were already starting to effected them.

"Y-you… know …Adam." Muttered Lilith as she crawled towards Millennium Earl. "I never wanted to kill everyone 40 years ago. I never… meat …to kill… anyone…."

"What…. What…..are…. you ….talking about?" Earl asked as he was fighting to not lose conscious. He could feel Lilith's hand had reached out to his own hand.

"The reason ….why I wanted … leave …..because…..because …. I was pregnant with your child."

Millennium Earl's eye widen in pure shock. Lilith was pregnant? With his child? But how did this happen and why had Lilith never mentioned anything to him years ago? Tears were coming out from her eyes as she continuing explain to Earl about her pregnancy.

"When… I found out …I .. I didn't want my child …. Growing up in a world of violence …..and war….."she whispered, keeping her conscious was getting harder as her body was getting more and more sleepy. But she had to tell him. "That's….. why ….I wanted…. return….. to the circus…."

Millennium Earl could not believe what he was hearing. Did he have a child with Lilith? Now she mentioned this, he did remember Lilith was acting a little odd for a few days before she went into a rampage after he ordered the Clan to kill the people at the circus. Earl also realized in that fight, he wounded Lilith pretty badly. Lilith noticed that Millennium earl was tense. She knew what he was thinking,

"The child survived." Lilith said. Earl looked at her as she smiled softly. "After …that fight,…. I escaped …with one ….of the ark's…. doors,… but I accidentally …..ended up a few …. Years… in the…. future. I…..I found Mana ….and he helped me…. with the …birth. But the birth was too…. much and I… died. But not before ….I sealed a piece of my soul in her….."

"So, it…. Was… a girl…" muttered Earl. Lilith's voice was becoming more softly, soon she would be in a deep sleep. He knew she will not have much time before losing her conscious for good. The same goes to himself since the flowers also have the same effect on him.

"She grew…. and became a …..beautiful girl. She… is married to an idiot. But this ….idiot really…. cares….about … her and they have a child together." then, she smiled, "She… just broke…. her curse and now she …can be always…. together, eternally united …..with her …idiot husband and…. child, though her ….arm with innocence….. is a pain."

Millennium Earl's eye widen in pure shock when he heard the last sentence. No way, she couldn't be telling him that Allen, the girl with innocence in her arm was his daughter? Before Allen's brown hair became white after her encounter with him, Earl thought that little girl was somehow a little similar to himself in his white form. And he knows now why he was so attached to Eve.


Millennium Earl noticed that Lilith had lost her conscious; she was now in a deep sleep. The first Noah used a little bit of his last strength to embraced his beloved 14th. Imagines of the happy times with her came to his mind before that fateful day where they stared to fight each other.

"If…. I had known …about your pregnancy… things ….would be….. different…"Earl whispered as his eyes were closing. "I will….. see you ….in my dreams….. my beloved….. Neah Lilith Walker….."

With that, Lilith and the Millennium Earl sleep in a field of flowers, in the arms of each other until the year of 2000.


Back at the arena, Allen had explained everything that happed at the white Ark. The people present in the arena could not believe what they just heard. Road became worried that Lilith might try to kill Millennium Earl again. Allen just shocked her head, saying that Lilith mentioned 'they' would return, which means that Lilith wasn't planning on killing the Millennium Earl. And they would return only in the year of 2000. Tyki couldn't help but whistle. That means they would have to wait 110 years before seeing the first Noah again along with Lilith. Allen couldn't help but noticed that Tyki had let his hair grow longer, just like the way she did.

"I noticed your hair is longer." Allen commented to Tyki.

"I made a promise." Tyky mentioned as he took a knife from his pocket. He grabbed his ponytail as he cuts his hair with the small blade, then he smirked at Allen. "I would only cut it when our curse is broken. I've noticed your hair is longer as well. Did you make the same promise?"

Allen couldn't help but smiling back with a little blush on her checks.


Suddenly Road punched Tyki's face. Tyki was caught of the guard. How come a doll can punch someone this hard? Road roared as she asked how he could cut his hair since she liked Tyki having longer hair. The others sweetdropped as they watch Tyki having an argument with a cloth doll. Allen blinked when she noticed Cross, Lenalee and another woman coming closer to them. Cross smirked.

"There's someone who's eager to see you."

Cross moved aside as he showed a little girl to Allen. Allen gasped in surprise when she saw the little girl. The little girl blushed as she looked at Allen with a very shy eyes.


Allen smiled as tears rolled down her face. She moved forward and hugged her small daughter for the first time. Tyki smiled as he hugged Eve along with Allen.

"Sorry for taking so long to see you, Eve."

Now with their curse being broken and Millennium Earl and Lilith being away, nothing can separate them ever again. Allen and Tyki promised to themselves they would be always together and eternally united.



It has been almost 1 year since they broke the curse. For being the second child, Tryde was now leading the Noah clan until the Millennium Earl returns. For now both the sides are now in a truce, which made Tyki and Allen relieved because that meant they would not be involved in the war anymore.

Tyki, Allen and Eve are now living at Krory's castle, very happily. Though they broke the curse, Allen allowed Sheryl, Road, Jasdero and Devit to see Eve whenever they want since they're her in laws and also the people who took care of her daughter since she was an infant. But today was a very special day.

Beside of being the anniversary of their breaking the curse, it was also the day where Allen was giving birth to her and Tyki second child. They were visiting Sheryl and Road at the Camalot mansion when Allen went in labor. Needless to say Tyki and Sheryl were in a panic and it took Tricia slapping their heads to cool them off. Sheryl called the best midwife of the town to help Allen in her childbirth while Road , Jasdero and Devit were playing with Eve to distract her.

"Push!" Tyki urged Allen, taking the full strain of Allen's pain in the grip on his hands.

"I am pushing! You think this is easy?" Allen exclaimed in pain as her face was bright red. Her panting grunts were full of pain and elbow grease.

"One more Allen, I can see the baby's head." The elder midwife smiled.

"Tyki, its all your fault! Aggghhh." Allen bellowed as the last contraction come over her in waves of agony. She bore down till her breath snorted loudly from her mouth and opened into a wail of pain as the baby's ripped her walls.

"That's it. It's almost there!" The midwife checked the neck for any signs of the cord .

At the downstairs, after playing a lot with her older brothers, Eve was having a snack with Sheryl, Road and Tricia. Jasdero and Devit were resting in the couch after playing a lot with Eve in the backyard. Then, Eve looked at her uncle with innocent eyes.

"Uncle Sheryl, " Sheryl looked at Eve as he was drinking some tea "where the babies come from?"

Sheryl choked on his tea when Eve asked the question. He coughed a few times before looking at his niece very nervously.

"W-where the babies come from?" Sheryl was sweating. He was not ready for this type of question. Tricia and Road giggled. Sheryl being in an embarrassing situation was funny. "well, you see, Eve-chan… er… Tricia, some help?"

"Oh no, Sheryl-kun, I want to hear your answer to your niece question." Tricia said, smiling.

"yeah, daddy, you should answer the question." Road smirked.

"Well, you see Eve-chan, your daddy gave your mommy a very special seed that made the baby growing up inside of her until the he or she is ready to be born."

"Oh…." Eve's eyes were showing she had understood what Sheryl said. "And how does the seed get there?"

Sheryl blushed as Road and Tricia giggled. Sheryl just patted Eve's head, saying she would understand when she gets older. Eve whimpered a little, why do adults always say she will understand things when she gets older? Then, Tyki choose a good time to enter the room. There was a big grin on his face.

"Well Tyki, is it a boy or a girl." Road asked to Tyki.

"Both" he grinned. "Allen just gave birth to twins."

Reaching out Sheryl gripped Tyki by the shoulder, smiling at his brother. "Congratulations Tyki-pon."

"Thank you," Tyki said quietly. "Now little lady, how about you meeting your little brother and sister?"


Eve wrapped her arms around her father's neck and together the two of them made their way to Allen's room. When they were out of sight, Jasdero and Devit smirked as they opened their hands to Sheryl and Road.

"We win the bet." giggled Jasdero.

"Now pass the money." Smirked Devit.

Road and Sheryl growled as they passed their money to the twins. Tricia groaned. She can't believe her husband and daughter were betting on Tyki's baby!

When Tyki reached Allen's room, Eve could see her mother, somehow being more beautiful than the first time that she had seen her, as she saw her mama was holding two small bundles in her arms. Walking over to her bedside Tyki leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead as he straightened back up, Eve still supported by one arm.

"How are you feeling, darling?"

"Tired and a little sore, but very happy," Allen said, as she motioned for the two of them to sit down on the edge of the bed. She gently moved the blankets so that the tiny face of the infants were visible to their other child.

Eve's eyes shined when she saw her newborn siblings. She was now a big sister. She will protect and teach them everything she knew, just like how Devit and Jasdero had taught her. Allen smiled to Eve as Allen saw a transparent hand on her newborn son. She blinked when saw a transparent image of Earl and Lilith, both in human forms, smiled softly to her and to the new born twins before disappearing. Tyki looked at her confused.

"Something wrong?"

"Oh nothing, well Tyki, did you picked a name for the girl?"

When Allen found out she was pregnant again, they agreed if she had a girl, Tyki would pick a name for her, but if it was a boy, Allen would be the one to pick the name. Tyki grinned as he nodded to her.

"Of course, the girl will be Isabeau."

Allen wasn't surprised that Tyki picked this name. She nodded as she approved the name. Then she smiled back to Tyki.

"Well, the name I chose for the boy is Navarre."

"I like the names!" Eve said, smiling.

Allen kissed Tyki as she looked at him happily.

"I love you, my Lord Wolfen."

"I love you, my Lady Hawke."

Reaching out somewhat tentatively Eve touched one of the baby boy's tiny hands with one of her fingers. The family smiled in happiness.


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