Disclaimer:  Sadly I do not own any rights to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mirage does.  But I like to borrow them every now and then.

Chapter one

Carrie absentmindedly checked her make up in the rear view mirror.  She had been driving for well over five hours.  New York had better be worth it.  She thought.  When Carrie got an idea into her head she had to follow it through, no matter how daft it seemed.  "Let's face it, some of my ideas are pretty daft at times."  She breathed to herself.  "I mean like, just upping sticks and moving to New York."  'In search of myself and adventure.'  She had told her friends and family, she forgot to mention trouble!  That's why she was always on the road, running from trouble.  It seemed to follow her wherever she ran to.  Trouble had a way of finding Carrie and Carrie had a way of finding trouble.  New York would be no different.

All Star by Smash Mouth was playing on the radio.  The song seemed to sum up her life perfectly.  Maybe things would be different this time.  New York, she thought That's where people go to disappear, isn't it?  After all you can reinvent yourself here, become someone else, someone new.  Carrie blinked; her eyes felt heavy, she wouldn't be surprised if the dropped out at any moment and rolled away.  The road ahead blurred and cleared after another blink.  I must find somewhere to pull over and snatch a few minutes sleep. She continued down the road edged by tall buildings and dark alleys, but strangely enough not a single tree, not even a shrub.  Carries eyes returned to the road just in time to see a figure shoot across the road just yards in front of her car.  Death wish?  She wondered as she watched who ever it was disappear from view.

Carrie didn't see the second figure until it was too late.  She slammed on the brakes, the wheels locked and the tyres screamed.  She squeezed her eyes shut and prayed hard.

Leonardo had very little time to react.  He turned, hoping his shell would take most of the impact, then he could simply roll over the top of the car like he had done may times before.  Only, things didn't go according to the plan.  Leo lost his footing at the crucial moment; he felt the full force take his body and throw it in the air.  Stay loose, stay loose.  His subconscious reminded.  It was surprisingly difficult.  Leo's right side hit the asphalt so hard he thought his bones would break, his body skidded for quite a distance, tearing his skin as it went.  He rolled several times before stopping, suddenly blackness swallowed him, his breathing slowed and his body cooled.

The car came to a halt and hissed like an angry cat; Carrie caught the smell of burnt rubber in the air.  Slowly she opened one eye and then the other.  She looked out into the road, not really wanting to see.  "Oh my God," she whispered, "I've killed someone!"  Out in the road, just beyond the reach of the car's headlights was the unmistakeable shape of a body.   "Oh my God, oh Jesus!"  Carrie was frozen in place.  She breathed deeply a couple of times and prepared herself for the longest journey she would ever have to make.  Carefully she stepped out of the vehicle and moved round to the front.  She gasped at the damage caused by the collision, the hood had completely caved in and the windshield was shattered.  They have to be dead!  As Carrie drew closer to the body she felt her unease growing, she could make out that the person was around 5ft and wearing an overly large coat.  She took her time in reaching the figure, silently hoping it was all a bad dream.  Carrie bent down slightly and looked for any signs of life, a movement, anything.  It was so still.  Then reality and panic hit her in one fail swoop, she ran back to the car and rummaged through her bag.  Her fingers had gone numb with the panic that was now crawling down her legs to her feet.  After what seem like forever she managed to find her cell phone.  She turned it on and it beeped into life.  "Come on, come on!"  She growled as her fingers refused to act out simple commands.  Eventually she dialled 911.

"911.  What is your emergency?"  A voice cracked into life.

"Oh my God, urm, I've urm    I think I've killed someone!"  Carrie stuttered.

"Can you tell me what happened?"

"They came out of nowhere, I hit them with my car.  Oh god help me!"

"Calm down.  Can I have your name miss?"

"Ryan, Carrie Ryan."


"Oh God I'm not sure.  I'm new to the area.  Somewhere in Manhattan, close to Central Park, I think.

"Okay Miss Ryan, the police and paramedics are on their way.  Now, I need you to check if the person is breathing.  Are you able to do that?"

"I'll try."

Carrie removed the phone from her ear and walked back to the figure in the road.  She bent down and placed her free hand on the person's back.  It felt a little strange.  Must be the shock.  Carrie closed her eyes and rolled the figure on to it's back.  She opened her eyes, expecting to see something from out of a horror movie.  She shrieked and fell back on to her bottom, breaking her cell phone in the process.  She looked again; this thing wasn't human.  I must be dreaming, she thought, no this was too real.  I have to be in shock.  Carrie rose to a squatting position nervously extending a hand to touch the creatures face.  Is it an escaped experiment from the Government?   Just as her hand was close enough the creature coughed and groaned.  She watched as a small amount of bright red blood trickled down it's mouth.  She quickly withdrew her hand.  "It's alive!" she breathed.  As if on que the creature slowly opened it's eyes.  Carrie stiffened, all her instincts screamed run, but fascination kept her rooted to the spot.  The creature rolled on to it's side and let out a long, painful breath.