Chapter twelve

Leo relaxed his body and opened his eyes.  Dying hadn't hurt as much as he thought it would.  He looked up to see Carrie holding a smoking gun.  Her hands started to shake; she dropped the gun and fell sobbing in a heap on the floor.  The thug was dead. The faint sound of sirens told Leo he should move.  He got up and pulled himself up on a fire escape ladder, swinging round he landed neatly on the platform.  He looked down at Carrie, who was now in a hysterical state.  A battle started to rage inside him.  He should leave her here; the cops would take care of her.  But she had saved him and her prints were all over the gun.  What if she talked or said too much?  Aaahhgg, This woman had caused him enough trouble!

Leo dropped back down to the ground and approached Carrie.  This was against his better judgment.  He bent down and helped Carrie to her feet.

"You're alive!"  Was all Carrie could manage to get out.

"Come on let's go."  Leo pulled Carrie to the fire escape and lifted her up.  "Quick, get up there!"  They just managed to reach the rooftop as several police officers piled into the alley.  Carrie sat down hugging her knees and rocking back and forth.

"I killed him.  I killed him."  She kept repeating.

Leo watched as the cops swarmed over the body.  It wouldn't be long before they started to search the area.  He walked back over to Carrie.  "Come on we've got to keep moving!"

Carrie looked at Leo.  "I killed him!"

This wasn't going to be easy.  He dragged Carrie to her feet and ran to the other side of the roof.  He looked over the top.  Damn, no way down!  Just then he spotted a dumpster full of cardboard boxes.  He lifted Carrie up and held her over the ledge.

"Think you can hit that dumpster down there?"  Carrie looked down and gasped, she hung on tighter to Leo.

"No, please don't!  I hate heights!  I'll find another way down!"  She stammered.

"There's no time!  Okay, we'll jump together."  Leo stepped up on to the ledge; at that moment Carrie executed and strangle hold on him.  "Loosen your grip I can't breath!  Ready?  On the count of three.  One, two."  With that Leo stepped off the ledge.

They landed right in the middle of the dumpster.  Carrie struggled out of Leo's arms.

"You said on the count of three!  What happened to three?"

"No time for that, come on!"  Leo helped Carrie down from the dumpster.  "Go, go!"  He said pushing Carrie down the street.

"Where to?"

"Just go already!"

Carrie started to lag behind, stopping every so often to catch her breath.  Leo ran back to her. 

"Come on, keep going!"

"I can't go on anymore."  Panted Carrie.

"It's not much further, I promise!"

Carrie started running again, she had a strange feeling of da je vu.  They came to an apartment complex.

"What are we doing here?"  Carrie asked.

"Dropping in on an old friend."  Said Leo as he took his wallet from his belt.

Once inside they made their way up the stairs, trying not to draw attention to themselves.  It was difficult; they were both dirty and soaked through.  Leo opened the door to April's apartment; Carrie sat down on the couch and put her head between her knees.

"I don't feel so good!"  She said sucking in deep breaths.

"Wait here."  Leo moved to the kitchen and started to look through cupboards.

Hearing the noise in the kitchen April emerged from the spare room brandishing a baseball bat.  She lifted the bat high and stepped into the kitchen; she was about to bring the bat down when she stopped herself.

"You!  You know Leo, a phone call would have been nice!" 

"Do you have a plastic washing up bowl?"  Leo asked shutting a cupboard.

"Yes, under the sink.  What do you want it for?"

"Trust me!"  Leo retrieved the bowl and took it to Carrie.  Carrie couldn't hold it back any longer; she vomited into the bowl.

"I'm sorry."  She spluttered.

"Shock!  Tends to happen the first time you kill."  Leo informed her.

"What's she doing here?  What are you talking about?"

"Long story, I got into a fight, they had guns.  Carrie shot one of them, she saved my life."  Leo rattled off as he looked out of the window.

"What?  Were you followed?"

"I don't think so, unless the dead walk!"

"What are you on about?"  April asked sounding slightly puzzled.

"Do you hear me when I talk, or do you hear blah, blah, blah?"  Leo retorted making talking movements with his hands.

"I was only asking!" April snapped.

"Sorry.  Look can we stay here until the police activity dies down?"

"Make yourself at home."  April set down the bat.  "I'm catching up on paperwork, so please be quiet."

Carrie lay back on the couch and closed her eyes.  Well, she had certainly found her fair share of adventure.  She sighed and gave into sleep.  When Carrie woke it was dark outside, she looked round not sure where she was at first.  There was alight coming from the spare room, Carrie looked over to the armchair.  Leo was sat sideways in it, his legs hanging over the arm.  He was watching the sports channel.  He looked at Carrie.  "Take a picture, it'll last longer."  He smiled.


Carrie lifted her bags into the taxi trunk.  She turned to look at the two people standing behind her.

"Well, it's been, well interesting!"  She said as she looked at them.

"Take care, I'm sorry we got off on the wrong foot."  April said hugging Carrie.  "Don't forget to write and if you're ever in the neighborhood, drop in."  Carrie turned to the second figure.

"I won't forget you."  She felt tears welling up in her eyes.

"Likewise.  Remember, take care of yourself!"

"Thank you, for everything!"  Carrie said flinging her arms round Leonardo.  She climbed into the taxi and waved before it pulled away.

"I'm going to miss her."  April announced as she waved goodbye.

"Mmmmm."  Leo replied as he watched the taxi disappear down the road.  Life was certainly interesting with Carrie Ryan around.  She had shown him a side of himself that was buried deep, he now had a new challenge.  Keeping that side of himself under control.  It wouldn't be easy.  Leo smiled, but then when had his life ever been easy.    Somehow he couldn't help thinking he hadn't seen the last of Carrie.