The Birthday Present


There are a few different kinds of intimate relationships. The most common among humans is the one that takes place between a female and male. Anyplace you visit in the world with a large human population, you will see young, middle aged and elderly couples together.

If you were to sit on a park bench in a large city or on a college campus, in the middle of the day or evening, in, say, New York, Chicago, Miami, Paris, or any number of other cities, big or small, you would see many couples holding hands, embracing, kissing, smiling, talking and engaged in many other little acts that would tell you that theirs is a sexually intimate relationship, or soon to be.

When we see a male and female couple sharing little intimate moments, most of us probably do not look twice. Unless we find the couple to be extra attractive, or perhaps we find them to be very unattractive. Maybe we feel a twinge of jealously that they seem so happy and we are without our soul mate at the moment, or maybe we don't have a soul mate at the moment.

When a sexual connection is made between a woman and a man, a little piece of the heart is forever surrendered. Two hearts become one, two souls are entwined. Often an unspoken vow is made. Although in many cases the vow is actually made before hand.

The unspoken vow goes something like this…

I have opened up and given myself exclusively to you, in a way that I have with no other. Now that I am yours and you are mine, I will look at no other. I want only you.

Quite often the vow is made very plain. Marriage is such a promise. Bonding with the one you love publicly. Both man and woman promise to be exclusively faithful to one another until death, in the presence of God and many witnesses.

Some keep their vows until death. Some do not.

There are some who think exclusive sexual relationships are too restricting. To be perfectly honest the majority of these are male but there are quite a good number of women who fall into this group, much to the delight of the men.

There are even communities of people and some cultures where men will share their wives. This is referred to as wife swapping or swinging, although swinging can also include the sharing of the husband by the wife.

There are other cases where the man has more than one woman. Mormans are strong proponents of this practice, as are Muslims. Many rich Muslims have harems to this day and all are allowed up to four wives. This doesn't mean that they all have four wives but they are allowed to have them if they so desire.

Others don't bother trying to get any legal rights to such relationships. They simply have another girlfriend or girlfriends, on the side. Interestingly, it has been shown, that men who tend to have multiple wives, or harems, or women on the side, also tend to be more selfish and much less giving. Some believe that they have given away so many pieces of their heart to different people, that there isn't enough left to give and so they become callus to the feelings of the woman or women they are intimate with and take their pleasure from.

There is an even smaller population of individuals who live in a polyamorous relationship. The creator of Wonder Woman was such a man. William Moulton Marston was married to Elizabeth Holloway Marston and both lived with Olive Bryne, his girlfriend. It seems the three lived together in harmony and both ladies greatly influenced the creation of the character of Wonder Woman.

So, of those who do not have exclusive relationships with one man or one woman, there are three groups that I find of interest. The men that have several wives or concubines, generally the women have little say in these situations. The men who cheat on their wives or girlfriends, the women have little say in this since the man is cheating, but when he is found out, well that is a different story. And finally the men who have more than one willing partner. Yes. Us guys call them threesomes. This is part of an unattainable dream for most men. But it is still a dream.

The question is posed something like this.

"Hey baby, if I were to have another girlfriend, would it be cool if she had sex with us?'


"You know, I've been thinking. Maybe we should invite Tamara over for a sleepover. What do you think?"


"Baby! You seem exhausted! If you want, I'll give you a break. Yolanda has been offering to have sex with me whenever you aren't able. Is that cool?"

Clark Kent is none of these last examples. He is very much a "faithful until death do us part, one woman," kind of man.

Lois Lane-Kent is very much a, keep your hands and eyes off my man, sort of woman.

Diana would never in a thousand years dream of breaking up her best friends marriage.

Maxima would do anything to make Superman her mate.

Circe would do anything to hurt Wonder Woman.