Car pulling to a stop outside my house.

Seb gets out on the drivers side, walks around the car. I get there first, tapping his legs playfully with the door as I step out of the car.

He takes my hand. Reaches behind me to shut the door.

"So, Lyd." He says, tilting his head slightly. I notice a fleck of magnum chocolate above his lip and reach up to brush it away.

I think I know what he's going to say. What I want to say back. But the truth doesn't need to be said, it lies in the air between us.

Sometimes you need a fresh start.

I stand up on my toes and press my lips against his, the taste of ice cream still lingering on our tongues.

"Want to come inside?" I ask as I pull away. I start towards the house without waiting for an answer.

And just like that - without anything being said - the eclipse is over.