Leah opened the door to the mansion as the other three followed behind her. "Whoa," said Max, her eyes were just as wide as Sam and Dean's. They continued staring at the place with wide round eyes and their mouths open in shock.

"Dude, you're loaded," said Max finally looking at Leah.

Leah shrugged with no expression, "Yeah."

"Turtle dove!" yelled Leah's mother walking in from the study.

The three finally were able to get their eyes off the sight of the mansion and looked at Leah's mother. Dean snickered at the nickname, "Turtle dove."

Leah glared over her shoulder at him before she hugged her mother, "Hey mom."

"It's so good to see you baby," her mother, Denise, held her tight. She pulled back and looked at her and made a face, "Hm, you seem different."

"Different? No, not different. Just…older and home!" She grinned throwing her arms up in the air slightly. "Um, mom I want to introduce you to my friends." She turned to the three. "This is Maxine, Dean and Sam Winchester. Maxine and Dean are newlyweds," Dean gave a nod and held Max's hand while she smiled, "And Sam is my boyfriend."

"Boyfriend? Well you never told us about him," said Denise with a smile, "It is a pleasure to meet you all. Winchester…hmm, that sounds interesting. And congratulations on being married but if I do say, Maxine seems a little young for you Dean."

Dean cleared his throat as all eyes went on him and Max smirked, "Well, you know what they say, when you know you know and," he skillfully slapped Max's ass before sliding it around to her waist with a grin, "And I knew I had this little vixen."

Leah rolled her eyes and gave him a look. Max held back her laughter and looked at Sam who looked a little nervous. Leah walked over to him and held his hand, "We were hoping to stay for three day weekend mommy. I wanted them to know who my parents were and what we did. I already got to know the Winchester family along with the Singer family so much. I thought it was my turn to return the favor." Leah smiled at her mother with her head resting on Sam's shoulder.

Max and Dean both looked at Leah before turning their attention to Denise whose smile hasn't left her face once, "That sounds super baby. Your father will be home in an hour. I will get Stuart to show them to their rooms and you can stay in your room. It's still set up the same way from when you left it baby." She kissed Leah's head and smiled at Sam, "Welcome to the family Samuel." She kissed Sam's head as well before walking off.

Dean and Max made sure the cost was clear before they were finally able to laugh, "What was that?"

Max hit Dean in the chest, "It was her mother dumb ass," she rolled her eyes, "But a very happy mother and happy older version of Leah."

"Shut up," said Leah rolling her eyes. "I know my family is…"

"Perky," said Dean with a smirk as Stuart walked in.

"Dean, stop being a jerk and Max shut up," said Sam.

"Ms. Leah, it has been so long since you came home," said Stuart. "I will show your guest to their rooms if that is alright with you?"

"Yes, of course Stuart," Leah smiled as they followed Stuart up to the staircase.

Dean whistled looking down as they continued walking up, "Picture falling down these stairs, hell you will break your neck on the first fall."

Max looked at him and shook her head smiling. He grinned keeping his arm around her waist. The four of them stopped in front of the door just as Stuart opened it for them, "This is for Mr. Dean and young Mrs. Maxine Winchester," Stuart stood aside letting the two walk in.

"Holy shit," said Max with a grin, "I love it here. Leah can your parents adopt me?"

"I will bring up your bags momentarily," said Stuart closing the door behind them.

Dean grinned at Max as he wrapped his arms around her, "Look at that nice size bed baby," Dean began kissing her neck. Max smile biting her bottom lip.

"I say we never leave this room," said Max looking around, "Ooh, mini bar."

Dean raised an eyebrow and headed straight for it. Max rolled her eyes and walked into the bathroom. "Jacuzzi!" She ran in and got into the tub and laid her head back against it. She smiled as Dean walked in with a small bottle of Jack Daniels. He leaned on the wall with a smirk. "You do know you are supposed to take your clothes off before getting in that?"

Max grinned, "Maybe you and me can get in here later on." She winked, "Though we are here for your brother."

"Not in this room we aren't," said Dean taking off his shirt and finishing the small bottle. Max grinned watching Dean take off his clothes. He winked at her as he unbuckled his belt and snapped open his jeans. "Lucky for you I'm going commando today." His pants fell to the floor by his feet and stepped out of them.

Max continued grinning as she licked her lips standing up in the Jacuzzi. She took off her shirt and pulled her skirt down, "Great minds think alike baby."

A small grunt escaped Dean staring at his wife's naked bodice. He walked over to her and picked her up from the Jacuzzi. "Play time…NOW!"

Max giggled as Dean carried her all the way to the bed. He laid her down and grinned down at her before kissing her lips softly. She moaned quietly as he kissed his way down her body slowly. Leaving a hot opened mouth kiss on every part of her body. She bit her bottom lip and let a small sigh escape them. His hands cupped her breast as he nipped at her navel and pulled. He licked his way all the way down to her womanhood. He left a small kiss on her clit as he pulled her legs up and over his shoulders. He groaned at the sight of his wife's pussy. He saw how wet her folds were and he wanted her wetter.

Dean slowly licked her pussy from her entrance to her clit savoring each taste of her. He felt Max tense and knew she was enjoying it. He heard her sighs of pleasure which turned into moans as he took her clit into his mouth humming around it.

Max fisted the covers with her hands squeezing Dean's head between her thighs, "Oh God baby right there…you know just what I like." She licked her lips panting. She felt his left hand creep up the side of her body and cup her breast. His thumb teased her nipple, making small circles around it. He pinched it the same time he nipped at her clit causing an electric feeling run through her body, "Oh God!"

Dean's fingers teased her entrance before pushing two inside her. He groaned feeling how wet and tight she was. He wanted her to orgasm. It was his mission in life to please his wife, satisfy the woman beneath him, fulfill that one small desire she wanted from him and only him. She was his forever, no demon or deal could take that away.

He felt her tense one more time before letting go. Her body trembled and she gripped the sheets tight with her fist, squeezing Dean's head with her thighs. A long hard moan escaped her.

Dean wasted no time crawling up between her legs kissing her entire body before he reached her mouth. He kissed her hard feeling her still trembling and shivering from her orgasm. He gripped his cock rubbing the tip against her pussy soaking the tip with her cum. He felt her shiver again at the feel.

"Fuck Dean I want you baby," she gripped at his shoulders and moved her hips against him.

Dean grinned down and kissed her again, "I'm all yours." He took her hips in his hands and rolled them over.

She smiled down at him before sliding down on his cock. Dean sucked on his bottom lip and groaned running his hands down her back. Maxine rocked against Dean keeping her hands on his chest as he thrusted up into her. She moaned as she slid down as he thrusted up, their rhythm one of a kind, no one's ever matched, ever compared to their love making.

"Oh, Dean," she moaned sliding her hands over his chest as she leaned forward and kissed him.

Dean gladly kissed her back holding her against him as they moved with each other. Maxine gripped the sheets moaning continuously against his lips. A sudden orgasm hitting her, she sat up throwing her head back moaning. Dean licked his lips watching, her body trembling against his, her pussy pulsing around his cock. He closed his eyes feeling her.

Dean rolled them and flipped her onto her stomach. He kissed down her back and bit her sides gently, playfully taking her hips in his hands and lifting her lower body up aligning his cock with her pussy once again.

Max went on all fours and looked over her shoulder at him. Their eyes catching each other's and he winked at her before thrusting inside her.

Max's mouth opened wide a loud, "Uh!" coming from her. She pushed back against him gripping the sheets. "Oh God Dean."

Dean slid his hand up to her ass and slapped it, "Fucking love you."

"God….love you baby. Don't stop."

Dean continued to fuck her from behind his right hand moving down to her clit rubbing it, circling his fingers around it, pinching it. He could feel her pussy contracting from it. Their breathing loud, slapping of their bodies echoing through the room.

Maxine's pussy clamped down on Dean's cock one more time screaming out his name. Dean thrusted a few more times into Maxine before cumming deep inside her holding onto her hips tight groaning out her name.

Dean pulled out of her as Maxine collapsed on the bed. He rolled next to her and wrapped his arms around her holding her tight against him. The two laid in silence only hearing their own heavy breathing. Dean kissed her head tangling his finger in her hair.

"I love you baby," he whispered against her forehead, "I'm not letting anything happen to you."

Maxine closed her eyes and kept her arms wrapped around him only one tear sneaking its way out. She didn't want to die. She just wanted to lay here with Dean for the rest of her life. What was she to do?

A Chase Begins With A No

Sam and Leah looked up at the ceiling after hearing Maxine and Dean go at it. Sam was annoyed and Leah could sense it.

"You should have known that no matter where they go the two will be screwing like animals," she said with a small laugh rubbing his back. "It's ok Sam. Just be glad that it's not me and you up there then there will be a problem."

"I guess that is why they put us in separate rooms?" he asked with a smile.


"So, how exactly then are we going to tell them that you are pregnant?"

Leah bit the corner of her mouth, "I really have no clue. Maybe we can ask Maxine to make up a story about us. She's good at that stuff."

"Many reasons why Dean loves her. She's a con artist." He laughs.

"You think we can get her out of the deal?"

Sam stopped laughing and looked back at Leah, "I have to be honest Leah, and I am having my doubts."

Leah nodded and heard her father walk through the door. She smiled and got up from the chair walking into the main hall. "Hi daddy!"

"Kiddo, when did you get home?"

"Oh just a couple hours ago. I want you to meet someone." She drug her father into the living room as Sam stood up. "Daddy this is Sam Winchester, Sam this is my father, Daniel."

"Nice to finally meet you sir," said Sam putting his hand out.

Daniel looked Sam over for a brief second before taking his hand, "Nice to meet you too Samuel."

"Daddy, Sam and I are dating."

Maxine and Dean walked down the stairs hand in hand. When they heard Sam's voice they walked closer to the room and stopped eyeing Daniel up. Maxine looked at Dean and he nodded walking in.

"Hey ya Sammy," said Dean walking in with a smile.

Sam gave Dean an odd look, "Uh, hey Dean."

"Daddy this is Dean and Maxine Winchester. Dean is Sam's older brother and Max is Dean's new wife," Leah smiled showing her father that they were all normal.

"Winchester, I have to say I never heard of that name before."

"Well, we're just one of a kind, Dan," said Dean with a smile keeping his hand in Maxine's.

"Well then," Daniel smiled and kissed Leah's forehead, "Behave, dinner is at 5." He walked out of the living room with everyone watching him.

"Wow, he's definitely got a stick up his ass," said Dean.

"And I don't think he likes me at all," said Sam.

"What? Of course he does. Everyone loves you Sammy." Dean grinned and patted him on the back.

Maxine rolled her eyes and looked at Leah, "This is going to be a long weekend."