Hello everyone,

It is I! I have noticed a lot of people asking me to come back. And I appreciate every single one of you asking me to. It will be hard for me to come back to these stories. I will have to re-read each one. I know there are a lot that I would LOVE to restart. Perhaps on my new account I will.

Yes, you all heard correctly. I have started up with a new account. It is my goal to post one chapter a day or a new story a day. Over the weekends, perhaps even two or three. The other night I was on a roll and created 4 stories that I have been wanting to start.

With full time work, it has been hard for me to even sit down and actually look at a screen and start typing away. And I have been elsewhere, as a couple of you know, I have been on Twitter roleplaying. My main account is BossBitchMax. It is coming up to two years with that account. I have been roleplaying for three. Probably around the same time I disappeared.

You will notice with my new account that I use two characters, Maxine Collins and Alexandria Eidson. These are my accounts on twitter. Like I said in the last paragraph, BossBitchMax is my main but I also have another under CrossroadsSiren. These are the two characters I would be using throughout my stories.

I have just grown into these characters and have worked hard to make them as much as one of a kind as possible. And you all will see that I pair Maxine with Sam Winchester. Alexandria is paired up with an original character Trenton Cooper who is Crowley's son.

I hope you all will forgive me for not starting again with these stories just yet but I will transfer them over there. My favorite stories anyway.

In the meantime I hope you all enjoy my new stories. My account name is WitchesAuthor. Maybe April and I will even start writing again. We were a great team in the past. :)

If you have any comments or questions feel free to email me at RolePlayFFStories or even a private message here.