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"So, will you talk to him?" Dean spoke into his cell phone. "Sam,
Bobby wants to talk to you."

"Hey, Bobby. Did Dean tell you what he wants me to do?" Sam explained the situation then listened intently for a moment. He grinned brightly. "Bobby said if it's so important to the case you should do it since it's your idea."

"Don't be ridiculous. No one would ever believe I'm gay. I'm a man's man baby."

Sam snickered. "Exactly. Now be a good sport and put on the dress."

"I'm not gonna be in a drag beauty contest. Besides the fact that I'm a flaming heterosexual, it wouldn't be fair to the other contestants."


"Because I'm so hot. Now get dressed. And don't forget to smile pretty up there."

"Fine," Sam sighed. "Um, Dean, the shoes are too small. I bet they'd fit you though."