WARNING: This is kind of a sequel to Reverberations. If you haven't read that one, certain aspects of this story won't make sense. I highly recommend you read that one first; it's only three chapters.

Also, please note that I made up these names. I have no idea what Claudia's parent's first names are.

Disclaimer: I don't own Warehouse 13 and make no money from this.

Chapter One

Not at Home

Claudia wakes up in a huge fluffy feather bed. "Where am I?" she whispers suspiciously. She gets out of bed and paces, examining the small room. Yellow wallpaper with paisleys on it. Dark mahogany furniture. And a calendar... with cats on it. Claudia hates cats. She goes to have a closer look, thinking maybe she is in a motel somewhere? But surely she would remember that; her first real assignment as a Warehouse agent, of course she'd remember it.

She peers at the calendar and gasps, very confused. The date is April 12, 2011. Just then the bedroom door opens and a woman with bright red hair enters.

"Honey! You've slept late this morning!" Claudia stares. This couldn't possibly be her mother. Her mother died when Claudia was five. But here she is, the same as Claudia remembers her, albeit a little older and heavier. She continues to beam at Claudia as she asks, "What would you like for breakfast, sweetie?"

Claudia backs away, keeping her eyes on the woman who isn't her mom. "W-who are you, what do you want?" she hisses. Miranda Donovan's eyes fill with tears.

"Oh dear. The doctors said you hadn't been taking your medication, but I didn't think... GARY!" A man who looked exactly like Claudia's father runs into the room and grabs Claudia's wrists. She struggles against his grip and screams.

"Who the hell are you people? Where am I? Where are Pete and Myka and why do you look like my parents?"

The woman starts to cry and tries to pat Claudia's hand reassuringly, but she jerks away. "You're home, you're safe." Claudia laughs hysterically. "This isn't home! Why am I not at Leena's?" Miranda Donovan shakes her head sympathetically and whispers soothingly, "It's going to be all right." Then she stabs Claudia with a needle and she loses consciousness.