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Chapter 6

Real Family

Claudia goes back to her own time, her own reality, and immediately puts the noose back in a box on a shelf deep in the Warehouse. Then as she is leaving she spots Artie, who is working in his office. She looks at him fondly, glad that he's not dead anymore. He notices.

"Claudia? Is there something you wanted, or did you just space out for a minute?" he says lightly, not really expecting an answer.

"You're important to me, you know that right?"

He blinks at her for a minute, wondering where THAT came from. "Yeah, I know. Listen, Claudia, are you feeling alright?"

Claudia snorts. "Yeah, I'm good. Better, actually. Look, I'm going home. See ya later."

Artie shakes his head as he watches her leave.

That night Claudia calls Joshua and they chat for a while. Then she spends the rest of the evening watching a movie with Pete and Myka. Eventually Artie shows up. Leena brings in some popcorn. Claudia looks from her to Artie and back again, wondering how she could have missed their resemblance before.

Claudia snuggles up between Pete and Leena on the couch. Just before she drifts off to sleep, she wonders,Why did I risk losing this for people I never even really knew? THIS is my real family.

The End