When in Mystic Falls


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Bella's P.O.V

I hummed to myself as I sat on the front porch of the house. It was Christmas break, and school was out. I looked around, a small smile playing on my lips. The sky was gray, the ground was a deep brown color, which Edward often said was the color of my eyes, and the trees in the forest by my house were greener than ever. The fact that it wasn't raining, in Forks, Washington; one of the rainiest places on the earth, was a plus.

I looked down to the book I was reading: Wuthering Heights. I'd practically memorized it; I'd read it so many times before, yet I always felt comfort when I thought of Heathcliff and Catherine and their problems.

I didn't usually have a lot of time to read though. I usually hung out with my boyfriend, Edward Cullen, or my best friend, Jacob Black. Edward was out hunting now, with his family. He's not a regular human; he's a vampire, but a 'vegetarian'. And my best friend is a werewolf. Even though practically everyone I'm close to are mythical creatures, I get stuck with the role of the boring human. I want Edward to change me, but Edward has given me one condition: marriage and I'm not sure if it'll be such a good idea to get married at 18. Most people think one thing of those who marry young: Pregnancy.

I was just thinking of the fact that Edward and I weren't even sexually active, when I felt some cold arms around me. I put my book down and smiled at him, just as our lips met in the sweetest embrace. His eyes were the color of honey, which meant he wasn't relatively thirsty.

"Aren't you cold? It's pretty chilly out here," Edward commented, looking at my long sleeved cotton blouse, and my cargo pants.

I shook my head, my long brown wavy hair flying in my face. "No, I'm not really cold," I told him, but I shivered as I felt the cold winter breeze.

Edward rolled his eyes, a sign that he didn't actually believe me. He took off his beige jacket, and handed it to me. He was in short sleeves now, but he didn't feel the cold. I was mesmerized for a couple of seconds, staring at his cold white biceps and triceps. He was perfect, and I was, well, not.

Edward nudged me, sending me out of my reverie, and sending chills down my body. I quickly slipped my arms in through the jacket, not because I was cold, but because I wanted to feel his sweet scent on me. He smelt the best to me; so sweet in a heavenly way, like honey and milk.

After I put the jacket on, I smiled as the sweet smell enveloped me. Edward put his bare arm around me, and I hugged myself close to him. He kissed me on the cheek, and pulled me onto his lap, and for a few seconds I just basked in his wonderful presence.

"How was hunting?" I asked him, when sufficient silence had passed.

Edward grinned, my favorite crooked smile. The one that made all the girls go gaga over him. "It was great. Emmett tore all his clothes wrestling a mountain lion to the ground, and Rosalie had to help him," He explained.

I smiled, closing my eyes. I didn't say anything as I took in my boyfriend's sweet odor, and he wrapped his arms around me tighter. I looked up to the sound of the clearing of a throat. I saw my father, Charlie Swan, glaring at us. Or more like, glaring at Edward.

"Yes, dad?" I asked him, as innocently as I could. I offered him an open lipped smile, but Charlie didn't smile back.

Charlie sighed, "It's almost four. Aren't you going to prepare lunch?" He wanted to know, his hands on his hips. He was dressed in his favorite faded jeans and a 'Yankees' jersey, which meant there probably was a game on that he wanted to watch.

"Yeah, yeah. I'll be there in 10 minutes," I murmured, waving my father away. I heard Edward chuckle, and Charlie grunted. He didn't say anything. He merely looked at me for a second, before turning, folding his arms around his chest, and stomping back into the house. I giggled.

"You drive him crazy, you know," Edward informed me.

I smiled, "Well, I love you like crazy," I replied, touching his cheek.

Edward smiled back, pushing a strand of hair from in my eyes, and looking at me like I was the most amazing thing in the world. "I love you way more," He told me, the affectionate note which was always in his voice when he spoke to me, was dominant more than ever.

He kissed me on the cheek, lightly, and I felt sparks shoot through my body. I was about to kiss him properly when I found myself being pulled up.

I looked up, surprised, to see Edward's adopted sister, Alice, and one of my best friends, smiling at me. Her honey suckle colored eyes were smoldering, and her spiky black hair was as bouncy as ever. She had an excited look on her tiny features, and as usual was decked out from top to bottom in designer.

"Bella!" She exclaimed, leaning in for a hug. She smelt good too. Like Freesias' and other kinds of flowers.

Her mate, Jasper, stood by the yellow Porsche which had just appeared a few seconds ago. He offered me a smile, and I waved at him. Jasper was never one to say much, or communicate his feelings well with me, even though he was empathic.

Alice met my eyes, her own sparkling with excitement. "I saw where we are going for winter break," She burst out, her voice as sing song as it always was.

Edward stood up, putting his arm around my waist. "What? I'm not going anywhere," I told Alice, just as Edward whispered in my ear.

"Just pretend to know what she's saying, and then maybe she'll go away," He joked.

Alice looked annoyed, but only mock annoyed. Edward was Alice's favorite brother, and Edward's favorite sister was Alice too, not much choice though considering his other sister was Rosalie, who glared at me so much that if looks could kill, I'd so have died a million times. "I heard that! And guess where it is, Bella?" She asked, glaring at her brother before turning to me.

I sighed, "Alice, as much as in La La Aliceland you think I'm going somewhere, I'm really not," I told her.

"Yes you are," Alice insisted, rolling her butterscotch eyes at me in a 'get real' gesture. "Now guess! Where? Or should I tell you?" Her voice buzzed with so much energy I thought she would be able to put our electric cables into overload if she merely touched them.

I rolled my eyes, "Tell me," I muttered. Sometimes there was no point even trying to argue with Alice. She was just ,er, Alice.

"Mystic Falls, Virginia. It's in the south, so it'll be warmer this time of year. But there won't be any sunshine. We are in December," Alice trailed off, sounding as animated as she had started.

"Am I supposed to know where this Mystic whatever is?" I asked her, feeling confused.

"Not really. I have your tickets here. It's gonna be so much fun! We're all going; Edward, you, Jasper, me, Rosalie and Emmett," She told me, excitedly. She reached into her designer lime tote bag, and pulled out two envelopes.

"I don't think Charlie will let me," I told her, taking the tickets into my hands, and opening them.

Alice grinned, "He will," Her grin faltered for a second, "But you have to take Jacob. I saw it in a vision," She then turned her grin full wattage again.

Edward grumbled from beside me, "Why does mutt have to come?" He demanded, looking annoyed.

Alice ignored him, and I sighed, clutching the tickets. "When do we leave?" I asked her.

"Tomorrow night. You'll have just enough time to pack. Now, if you kids will excuse me, Jazz and I are going shopping for the trip. Expect loads of clothes, Bella. Loads," She giggled, hopping over to her husband, and taking his hand. Jasper didn't look nearly as enthusiastic as his wife.

"How long are we staying?" I asked her.

"The whole vacation duh. Christmas, New Year, maybe more," There was a twinkle in her topaz eyes.

I sighed, just as Charlie knocked on the window. He recognized Alice and waved at her. She waved back, eagerly. Charlie loved Alice. He always had, and looks like he always would.

"Well, the shops await. Toodles," Alice cried, waving at me, and slipping into her yellow Porsche.

"I'll come over tomorrow bright and early to help you pack," She called, and I groaned. I took Edwards hand, and led him into the house.

"Bye, Alice," I muttered.

Alice waved one more time before putting her car into reverse.

I rolled my eyes, "You have one crazy sister," I told my boyfriend.

Edward grinned, "And you have one crazy best friend," He replied.

"You mean Alice or Jake?" I teased.

"Both," Edward murmured, as I closed the front door behind us. Edward put his arm around my shoulder, and we headed into the kitchen, passing by Charlie in the living room. He was watching a game, just as I expected.

I went into the kitchen and started pulling out some things for dinner. Edward made a garden salad, and I quickly fried some chicken wings and French fries. I put some juice on the table, then called Charlie in for dinner.

Edward excused himself to the living room, saying that he'd already eaten at home, so I sat down with Charlie at the kitchen table to eat.

"Great salad, Bells," Charlie informed me, tucking in to his plate of food.

I smiled, "Edward made it," I replied. I could have sworn I'd thought Charlie would spit it out, but he didn't. Honestly, the salad tasted great.

Charlie nodded, and swallowed. I tried to contain my giggle as he pushed aside his salad, and instead took some fried chicken. I took a bite of my own chicken, remembering the whole Virginia trip.

"Dad?" I asked, feeling nervous in the pit of my stomach.

Charlie looked up, a suspicious look on his face.

I cleared my throat, putting my fork down. "Alice got us some tickets to go with them all, like a group trip, to some place in Virginia for a couple of weeks. We'll spend Christmas and New Year there." I explained, and Charlie didn't say anything for a few seconds. Instead, he shoved a couple of French fries into his mouth.

"Is Edward going?" He wanted to know, narrowing his dark brown eyes at me.

I sighed, "Yes," I told him honestly. "But Alice got me a ticket for Jacob too," I added.

Charlie's face suddenly lit up, as I knew it would. "Jake's going, huh?" He asked.

I nodded, "Yeah. So can I go?" I asked.

"If Jake's going, then why not," He muttered.

I smiled at him, "Thanks dad. We're leaving tomorrow night by the way. I'll go call Jake now," I replied, stuffing my last fries into my mouth and dumping the plate in the sink.

Charlie smiled, "I'm sure you'll all have fun," He told me, continuing his meal.

I rushed into the bathroom, and told Edward what Charlie had said. He didn't look pleased but he let me call Jacob. "Hey Jake," I muttered, as Jacob picked up on the other side.

"Oh hey, Bella. You haven't called in a long time," He reprimanded.

I sighed, "I was busy," I told him.

"Sure, sure," He replied, sarcastically.

"Erm, okay. Alice got tickets to go for the Christmas vacation in Virginia. She got you a ticket," I explained.

Jake paused, "A vacation with blood suckers?" He asked.

"And me, I'd love it if you could come. I love hanging out with you," I told him, smiling.

Jacob hesitated again. "Are you sure you want me there?" He asked.

"Positive," I told him, and it was partly the truth. I did want him to go, but it was Charlie who was insistent on it.

"Okay, I'll come. I'll have to tell Sam though. When are we leaving?" He asked.

"Tomorrow night, and we're staying for a couple of weeks," I explained to him.

"So which airport?" Jake asked.

"Erm, just come over to my house, tomorrow afternoon, and we'll all go together," I told him. Jake didn't sound very pleased but he told me he'd be there, before hanging up so he could go tell Billy and Sam.

I smiled, turning to Edward. "Looks like we're going to Mystic Falls," I told him.

Edward nodded, "With a dog," He muttered.

I laughed, "Oh come on, he's not so bad. Maybe you guys will become friends," I cried.

Edward snorted, "Yeah, maybe and never," He murmured, wrapping his arm around my waist. He kissed me on the cheek, and I suddenly realized I was excited to go to Mystic Falls. I could tell from even now, it was going to be one hell of a trip.

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