Beck/Jade ~ One Shot ~ Takes place after the kiss in the Pilot Episode

"Little weird, let's do it." Beck leaned in, cupping Tori's face as he gave her a kiss.

"Man, I love this school!" Tori shouted proud of herself.

I, on the other hand, was furious. How could Beck treat me like this? It's that Vega girl's second day of school and he's already kissing her!

I jumped up out of my chair, grabbing my bag, and running out of the room before any tears could fall.

"Jade, wait," I heard Beck shouting after me, but I didn't stop. I kept running until I reached the parking lot. But then I remembered…Beck drove me to school today.

The tears were coming hard and fast now. I had to find somewhere to cry in private or else I'd blow my tough-girl cover. I decided I would lock myself in the closest supply closet.

Once safely inside, I let myself unravel.

I could hear Beck yelling outside the door and knocking on it. I guess he'd seen me hide in here.

"Go away." I muttered softly.

His response was quiet, but I still heard it: "Never."

I gave in and unlocked the door. He opened it and sat on the floor next to me, opening his arms as in invitation to sit with him.

I turned away, wrapping my arms around my legs and crying worse. "I guess I understand why you don't want me to hold you. I was behaving pretty like a jerk back there." Beck whispered.

I looked up through blurry, wet eyes and told him: "Yeah, you were behaving like a jerk. You are the worst excuse for a boyfriend I've ever seen. How could you kiss her, Beck?"

"Jadie, you know it was a stage kiss. We were acting for the scene. It wasn't real. I would never really kiss anyone except you. You know that."

Grr, I hate it when he uses that horrid nickname.

I looked up at his beautiful face, still a little mad at him, but smiling. "I thought I told you never to call me Jadie." Beck smiled and pulled me into his arms.

I gave in and snuggled into his side. "I love you, Jade. Only you. It's always only been you. It will only ever be you." He told me, pouring his heart out into his words.

Most teenage girls aren't too insecure that they need their boyfriend to constantly remind them that he's theirs; but I do. "I love you too, Beck…so much."

He pulled me in for a kiss, softly and sweetly moving his lips with mine. "Jade," he whimpered against my mouth while be both stopped for air.

I pulled his mouth back to mine, putting all my passion and love into the kiss. We were both panting by the time it was over and then we decided to return back to school.

"Hey, you're coming over later tonight, right?" Beck asked me.

"Of course, babe, why wouldn't I?" I smiled, and then said. "Tell me you love me again."

Beck rolled his eyes, but pulled me closer and said: "I love you."

AN: So I realize this is a tiny bit OOC for Jade. Usually, she is not so lovey-dovey; but I feel like if she was sad and alone with Beck, then she would be. This is just a one shot, so I won't be continuing it. Though, I do have some other Victorious stories in the works! Review if you can!