Written for the Valentine Happens Year Round Challenge

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"The heart has reasons that reason does not understand."

-Jacques Benigne Bossuel

Each girl, in her own way, was going through heartbreak. A heartbreak which was much, much harder to face, than words could ever tell.

Lily Luna Potter

She kept stealing glances at Rose and Scorpius, wishing, hoping, praying, that maybe one day, Scorpius would look at her the way he looked at Rose. Maybe one day, Scorpius would see her more than his crazy little best friend.

Rose Weasley

It was easy to pretend, pretend that everything was alright, than to face the bitter reality that Scorpius was never really hers. He had never been hers. His heart belonged to Lily Potter, her own little cousin, her own flesh and blood, who was so different than her, yet so same. So she pretended, pretended that everything was okay, pretended that she did not notice the way Scorpius looked at Lily, his eyes filled with pride and love, love for Lily.

Molly Audrey Weasley

She had always been overlooked. Her entire life, her cousins had overshadowed her, for they were much more beautiful (Victoire), smart (Dominique), intelligent (Rose), and outspoken (Lily) than her. So how could she expect Lysander Scamander to notice her, the ignored Weasley, about whom nothing was ever thought or written?

Dominique Weasley

Her whole life, she had tried to be perfect. She had the perfect face, perfect attitude, and perfect grades. She had made only one mistake - falling for the most notorious playboy of Hogwarts, Zalenous Zabini. And that one mistake shattered her entire world into pieces. It was hard to watch him flirting with every girl, but it was harder to resist him when he flirted with her.

Lucy Weasley

She had never believed in fairy tale romance, yet she yearned for one. But her boyfriend was far from being the perfect Prince Charming. Lorcan Scamander was nice, sweet and intelligent. Yet Lucy yearned for more. She wanted to be charmed and intoxicated. She wanted to float on the clouds, and dance on the moon. But those sensations - they never came with Lorcan.

Victoire Weasley

They were expected to be together since she was born, exactly 10 months after Teddy Lupin. She was pushed towards him, because he was the perfect guy - sweet, kind, and nice. But Victoire Weasley never wanted perfection in life. Because she herself was so imperfect. And she couldn't help but wish for someone as imperfect as her. Someone who was so wrong, but oh so right for her. Someone who was years older to her, who did not deserve her beauty, her affections yet he was the only one for whom she ever felt anything.

Roxanne Weasley

She was finally dating Lysander Scamander, the guy she liked since she was thirteen. The day she had always dreamt of finally came - but the sensation of unimaginable happiness never came. She tried to feel all giddy inside, tried to act super excited - but they were all that, failed attempts. Because the sad truth was, she wasn't happy or excited. Somewhere along the line, her attraction for Lysander Scamander had ended, and she had fallen for her partner-in-crime Jillian Jordan. But now it was too late, right?

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