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Sasuke watched with amusement as his brother and the blond left the club. It was nice to see his brother so pleasantly distracted by another person. It would be good for Itachi not to be so rigid all the time.

He leaned on the balcony of the second level and scanned the crowd below to see if anyone caught his eye. He was essentially a switch hitter, didn't matter what breed or sexual parts someone sported if they were attractive enough and caught his attention he'd fuck anyone. Though he did have an extra fondness for men in the bedroom.

A small commotion caught his eye on the lower level. Some pale blue-haired man was arguing with a redhead and it looked as if it might come to blows soon. That wouldn't be good. Fresh blood spilled in the club could excite the younger vampires into a frenzy and that would spell disaster and vampire hunters, something the coven didn't need.

He made his way down to the disturbance quickly. Part of his job as one of the coven's enforcers was to deal with potentially explosive situations like this before they could blow up. His sensitive hearing picked up the gist of the argument. Apparently the silver-blue haired human had been persistently hitting on the redhead's friend despite her rejections and the redhead had stepped in to chase the other man away.

Sasuke's brows drew down in a scowl. If there was one thing he hated it was impertinent bugs like the silver-bluenette who wouldn't take no for an answer. He stepped up silently behind the little bastard just as he drew a fist back. "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

Suigetsu froze and dropped his hand, turning to glare at the asshole interrupting him, aware that the redheaded jerk was doing the same.

Pein worried one of his snakebite piercings between his teeth as he clenched his fists so tightly he could feel his nails dig in to the soft skin of his palms. He narrowed cold, ice blue eyes at the man who would just not take a hint. Konan was clearly not interested but still this jerk kept pushing and pushing. Pein was well aware that Konan could handle herself but that wasn't the point. She was his lifeline, the reason he was here in the first place and he would not just stand by and let her be bothered by some freak who really, really should take a trip to the dentist office. The silvery-blue haired man had some seriously freaky teeth, and in a place like this that was saying something.

"Back off!" Pain pushed the other's shoulder, making the man take a step forward. He could feel Konan's hand against his chest telling him to cool off but he didn't care. He hated it when people couldn't take no for an answer and kept pushing. It brought up memories and emotions that he struggled so hard to keep locked up.

He was a bit scared to find out that he really wanted to plant his fist in the other man's face, he wanted to hurt him. He was secretly pleased when teeth dude reared his fist back for a punch, it seemed like he just got his reason.

The smooth voice calling for fish-man to stop caused him to freeze. The velvety voice was low, melodic and alluring. Pein knew what kind of creature it belonged to but he couldn't move. The voice had bound him to the ground and he slowly raised his eyes to look at the newcomer.

The redhead's ice blue eyes sent an odd thrill through Sasuke, a slight visceral tingle that he shrugged off as chemistry and easily dealt with once he'd gotten rid of the snaggle-toothed idiot. He turned his now arctic cold gaze on the persistent bugger. "This club has a reputation for being a pleasant atmosphere for meeting people Mr..."

"Hozuki. Suigetsu Hozuki."

"Ah. Mr. Hozuki you are ruining that reputation by refusing to leave the lady alone when asked. I suggest you take yourself off."

Sui cocked his hip and crossed his arms over his chest. "And if I don't feel like it, pretty boy?"

Sasuke's cordial smile took on a razor sharp edge that had nothing to do with fangs and everything to do with attitude. He put a gentle thrall into his voice. "Oh I'm sure you're just tired. Why don't you go home and rest."

Sui's eyes clouded over and he took a step back. "Yeah, why don't I?"

Sasuke watched as the prick made his way out of the club then turned to the redhead and his friend. A black brow quirked slightly as he registered the female's scent being wilder than any human's. She was a were. Odd that a human felt the need to defend a were when they weren't lovers and Sasuke knew they weren't lovers, their scents weren't mingled in the way of lovers. As a matter of fact the human had a strangely empty scent, like he didn't really exist. He met the ice blue eyes of the redhead. "Please don't take this the wrong way but should another idiot try and bother your friend or you and refuse to stop, get one of the club bouncers. They're trained to deal with such nuisances without spilling blood."

Pein's hackles rose instantly as he eyed the vampire, taking in pale almost illuminate pale skin and dark eyes. His kind were all the same high and mighty and up above anyone else. It made Pein's stomach turn. The agitation and aggravation he had felt with fish-boy flared up again and he resented the dark haired man before him, resented everything he was and everything he stood for. Most of all he hated the sliver of attraction that ran down his spine at the sight of the vampire.

Konan pulled on his hand, recognizing the look in his eyes and wanting them to go before he really did something stupid.

"You weren't needed here." Pein hissed with tense lips, his whole posture ramrod straight. "We could have handled things just fine on our own...I have no need to be governed by the likes of you."

The vampire's brows rose in slight surprise at the venom in the redhead's voice and lifted his hands in a placating gesture. "I wasn't trying to govern you. If I hadn't stepped in there would have been blows and anywhere else that wouldn't matter but here spilling blood has unpleasant consequences. I simply wished to avoid that and warn you about it in case of future incident."

"Well thank you for your kind warning." The redhead spat the words out. Deep down he knew he was being unfair but he couldn't help it, he hated vampires so much and he knew firsthand experience that they could never be trusted. "I'm fairly certain though that you won't have to worry about me here, it's doubtful I'll return." Pein grabbed Konan's hand and pushed his way past the vampire to get to the exit.

The slight shove had a completely disproportionate impact on Sasuke. It felt like someone had gut punched him with a spiked, electrified glove. His eyes widened and he turned to stare in shock at the human making his way out of the club.

Pein straightened even more and hurried his steps, touching the vampire had been like licking an electrical socket, every hair on his body stood on end. He pulled Konan along, hearing her grumbling at him under her breath as he resisted the urge to turn around and look at the dark haired man. Oh he would never, ever set his foot in this club again...It was way too dangerous.

As the redhead exited the club, Sasuke's system calmed enough for him to find a seat and flop down in it. He'd heard legends on the so called 'lucky' vampires who found their mates before making love to and biting them and they all said the same thing about the first touch feeling like holding a lightning bolt. He ordered a stiff drink and rubbed a hand over his face. Wonderful. It looks like he found his mate...and the man hated his guts already. This was not going to be easy. After getting his feet back under him, he'd ask around at the club about the redhead and see if he could get any information on him. Then he'd do what came naturally to him, hunt down his prey.

He chuckled humorlessly. Itachi was going to get far too much sadistic amusement out of this turn of events when Sasuke saw him tomorrow evening.

After apologizing profusely to Konan and swearing that he would make it up to her next weekend the redhead made his way home, looking over his shoulder several times. He hated this, hated never feeling safe and always having to move just when he'd settled somewhat. He made it to the stairs of his apartment building and thankfully there didn't seem to be a present waiting for him tonight.

Pein unlocked his door and slipped inside, locking and bolting it securely behind him. He leaned against the heavy door to catch his breath before kneeling down to unbuckle his heavy leather boots. He walked across his apartment and into his bathroom. Pein looked at himself in the mirror for a moment before he carefully undid and removed all his piercings. The ice blue contacts were the next to go and when he looked back into the mirror he was met with silvery gray eyes looking back at him instead. With a sigh he removed all traces of Pein, leaving just plain old Nagato. He undressed and showered, washing the gelled spikes out of his red hair, letting it fall down to his neck.

The vampire from the club was stuck in his head and Nagato didn't like it one bit. He hadn't gotten out of hell just to fall back into the fire.

Nagato dried himself off and crawled naked under his covers to settle for another night filled with haunting dreams and even worse memories.



Sasuke - Appears 25, actually several centuries old
Nagato/Pein - 25
Konan - 25
Suigetsu – 21

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