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Warning: Pein & Konan close friendship, protective friend Konan, burial of a kitty killed by an evil vamp, evil vamp stalking/watching Nagato.

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Sasuke - Appears 25, actually several centuries old
Nagato/Pein - 25
Konan - 25
Suigetsu - 21


Part One.

Sasuke stared at the sign of another blood club in the city, Midnight Secrets, that he'd been told the redhead frequented. It had taken a couple of nights to track down the information and now he wasn't sure if he wanted to use said information. His brother had mated but the human had run off like a frightened rabbit, leaving Itachi behind to brood and stop feeding. Sasuke wasn't sure he wanted to put himself in a similar position.

He sighed and shook his head. He might not like the risk but vampires got one shot at a mate, just one and if he blew it he could look forward to a long eternity alone. Sasuke wasn't about to accept that so he entered the club and began scanning the people. He spotted his destined mate easily, the man was smirking and chatting with the female were from before and another pair of humans. Sasuke made his way to the bar to sit, order a basic blood drink, and consider his plan of action.

Pein wrapped his arm around Konan's shoulders and snickered at something she said. He couldn't believe that she'd actually managed to get him to agree to come out when all he'd really wanted was to curl up at home and work on his next book. She could always make him feel better and he treasured her more than anything or anyone in his life. He stretched causing a sliver of pale skin to be visible before dragging his company out on the dance floor, he wanted to dance and just lose himself in the crowd.

Konan followed him with a fond smile when she caught sight of the vampire who had broken up the fight at Club Crimson. What was he doing here? Vamps usually stuck to the same clubs. This wasn't an ordinary vamp either, he was high rank...she could smell his power. Konan decided she would keep an eye on him then she looked away and started to move to the music. She would dance now, then she'd figure out what to do next.

Sasuke's eyes were riveted to the redhead as he danced. Sweet Hecate the man moved like a cat, all sinuous grace and sensuality. It was a miracle he hadn't been claimed by another vampire as of yet. The club's low, multi-colored lights caught on the piercings and one in particular had the vampire salivating. The redhead had a navel piercing that had a ruby set in the bottom bead of a banana bell navel ring. It was an insanely sexy piece of jewelry especially on that body. A tap on his shoulder had him glancing back at the bartender, who handed him his drink with amusement. "I'd abandon hope on that one luv. He hates our kind and what's more that little lady with him acts as guard dog."

The Uchiha took a sip of his drink and quirked a brow. "I'll take my chances."

"Your funeral luv."

Sasuke turned back to watching the redhead as the bartender took another vampire's order.

Sweat trickled down Nagato's back as he danced, grinding his lean body against Konan, making the were laugh in merriment. The reason he could be so free with her was that there existed no sexual attraction between them what so ever. Konan was his best friend, the only one he could be himself with.

Suddenly he felt a prickling sensation at the back of his head and he turned around just to be lost in dark eyes staring back at him. Nagato stumbled on the dance floor which caused Konan to giggle madly and tap him on the cheek. He hurriedly excused himself and walked to the bathroom to cool down. God dammit what was the vampire doing here? Nagato had had enough difficulty to put the other out of his mind without being treated to a repeat performance.

Konan watched Nagato go before striding over to the vampire. She actually growled at him as she sat down on an empty seat. "So what's your agenda? Give me a reason why I shouldn't rip your heart out."

Sasuke raised a brow at her. "Because killing the brother of the city's master vampire is a good way to paint a target on your back lady snow leopard."

She raised a thin blue eyebrow. "Oh you don't scare me fang boy...I don't care if your Elvis himself, hurt my boy and I hurt you." She grinned at him, more a showing of teeth than an actual smile. "I'm still waiting for a valid reason." Konan looked out over the floor, waiting for Nagato to reemerge.

Sasuke took another sip of his drink, more amused than anything else and murmured, "You don't consider self-preservation a valid reason?" before saying, a bit louder, "I have no intentions whatsoever of hurting your friend. I'd be quite a fool to do so."

"How come?" Konan asked but then her eyes widened in realization. "Oh fuck it...he's your mate!" She couldn't help herself she started chuckling madly. "I don't know if I should offer my condolences or congratulate you...You'll have your hands full with that one." She stood and turned to leave, to go wait for Nag by the bathrooms. "It's still true though...Hurt him and I swear I'll bury you."

Before she could disappear into the crowd, Sasuke asked a question. "Why will I have my hands full?"

Konan looked over her shoulder. "My boy's been hurt, really hurt and he doesn't do vamps, tread carefully fang boy...don't push him."

Nagato emerged from the bathroom and Konan walked over to him wrapping her arms around the redhead and pulling him back onto the dance floor.

Sasuke's brows knit as he watched the female were and his mate. He could read between the lines clearly and inferred that at some point in the past his mate had been hurt by another vampire. He felt his fangs pressing to slide out at the mere thought of that. It didn't matter if he hadn't been aware that his mate existed or not, someone had hurt him and Sasuke did not take well to others causing pain to what or who he considered his. He closed his eyes and concentrated on reining in his temper. It wouldn't do to let his predatory instincts take hold around his mate just yet; especially not now that he knew his mate had been hurt by a vampire.

Once he'd gotten himself under control, he watched and waited for an opportunity to present itself to speak with the redhead. It came when the female were went to the bathroom and his mate went to the end of the bar to get a drink. Sasuke slipped off his seat and walked over to the redhead, making sure that he saw him well before he got close. He stopped a full foot away and met the ice blue eyes. "You dance very well."

Nagato eyed him suspiciously as he curled his long fingers around his glass of scotch. The vampire was so beautiful it hurt to look at him but that only made Nagato all the more wary. "Thank you I suppose." He turned a bit in his seat, trying to ignore the other.

Sasuke fiddled with his drink. "We got off to a...bad start the other night. I didn't mean to insult you or run you out of the club. I just didn't want a frenzy to spark."

Nagato took a sip of his drink and stared at the amber liquid. "Don't worry about it. Not insulted," He turned to look at the vampire again. "And so not interested."

The Uchiha grunted. "So I've been warned, twice already."

"She works fast, typical curious kitty." Nagato said with a snort. "Well have a nice night, I'm gonna get going." He fished a few notes out of the pocket of his leather pants and left them on the counter and walked away.

Sasuke caught up quickly and barely tapped the redhead's shoulder to get his attention. "Don't. Stay and enjoy yourself. I'll leave so you can."

The reaction Nagato had to the vampire's simple touch was staggering. He turned towards the vampire with eyes wide in terror, his skin was paler than death and he was shaking. "Don't ever tough me again!" He hissed and hurried away.

Konan who had just stepped out of the bathroom gave the vampire an accusing glare and ran out after her friend.

Sasuke cursed softly. If just a tap on the shoulder frightened his mate to that degree he was screwed. A low growl rumbled in his throat that had the other vampires in the club backing away from him in wariness. He stalked over to the bartender and tossed a few hundred her way. "Find someone to relieve you; I want to ask some questions."

The bartender nodded, scooping up the bills and waving someone over. "Step into my parlor then luv. I'll answer what I can."

Outside of the club Konan was holding Nagato tight while calming him down. "It's okay; things like this happen...you just didn't see him."

"Gods I'm such a freak Ko...I'm broken beyond repair."

"No, no you're not; it was just a small setback. Let it go and look forward instead." She stroked his cheek gently. "He is gorgeous isn't he?"

"Yeah he is." Nagato replied softly. "Not that it matters. I'm going home, I'll call you tomorrow."

Konan watched him go with a heavy sigh and then she walked back into the club, she needed to have a few words with the vampire.

Sasuke eyed the bartender and refused the heavily intoxicating drink she offered. "What do you know about the redhead?"

The bartender shrugged and sat in a low chair, crossing her legs. "Not much luv. He comes in with the were every now and again, orders scotch neat, dances, and just seems to unwind."

"Any idea of a name?"

"I've heard the leopard call him Pein but that's about all I know there."

"First time you saw him here?"

"I really can't remember. He's been coming here sporadically for some time. Why so curious luv?"

"That's none of your business." He stood up. "If you learn anything more or hear about other places he might frequent call me." He handed her a business card. "But only if you have information on him understood?"

She saluted. "No problem luv."

Sasuke stalked out of the club's office and started for the exit. He was in a fairly foul mood after this fiasco and it would be best if he got home to take the aggression out in his dojo soon.

Konan caught him by the arm just as he was about to leave. She didn't really know why she was about to help a vampire but Nagato deserved to be happy and for some reason the fates had decided that this bloodsucker was the one to make that happen. "He's not uninterested you know, he's messed up and he freaked out on you but he feels it too...I just thought you should know."

Sasuke looked down at her hand then back at her face, nodding. "Doesn't change the fact that I scared him, however unintentional it was. Who hurt him?"

"It wasn't you, it could have been anyone. Pein can't handle not seeing the one who's touching him. That monster really did a number on his head...the gifts he continues to leave doesn't help." She spat the last words out, laced with venom. "How is Pein supposed to heal when that bastard refuses to let him go?"

Sasuke's eyes flashed dangerously red, his fangs coming out and his claws growing. "He's still being harassed?" His voice took on the growl of an angered predator. "Who is it? Who is threatening him?" It wasn't so much a question as a demand for information.

"I don't know, no matter how I ask Pein refuses to tell me. I found him dying, neck torn open and bled dry, when he finally got out of the hospital the first thing that greeted him at home was the corpse of his best friend...after that the gifts has just kept coming. No matter where he moves or how he hides this monster always finds him." Konan looked up at Sasuke. "Don't blame him for being scared."

Sasuke grit his teeth in impotent rage. "I'm not a heartless bastard. I don't blame him for being scared leopardess." Inside his instincts were snarling for him to go hunting and find whoever was threatening his mate. "Do you know anything about him? Anything that I can use to find the sick fucker?"

Konan cocked her hip and thought of what she knew. "Well vampire obviously, old...he's been around long enough to know what he's doing and cocky enough to think he can do anything. He likes young men; I don't think Pein was more than maybe fifteen when he sunk his fangs into him. He stays away from the blood clubs and vampire spots. I think he's more of a big fish in a little pond kind of guy." She sighed. "I'm sorry I can't help more but as I said, Pein is a fucking clam when it comes to this guy."

Sasuke lifted his lips in a parody of a smile that had every single vampire and were in the club flinching. "It's enough for me to start. If he's in the habit of killing humans and going after youths then he'll be known in the enforcer circles and I will find him."

"I can't believe I'm about to say this but be careful fang boy...Don't make him lose you before he even has you." Konan gave a wave over her shoulder and walked out, praying that she'd done the right thing by telling the vampire what she knew.

A dark brow lifted. He didn't need her warning. As the top enforcer in the city as well as the master's younger brother there were very few vampires who stood a chance at overpowering him. He'd have little problem dealing with the monster stalking his mate once he found the right one. With that thought in mind and his instincts demanding he hunt down the threat, he headed for the enforcement headquarters to find some leads.


Nagato's mouth was set in a grim line as he placed the cat gently in an empty shoebox. He stroked the gray fur, well what was left of it, before he closed the lid and tied string around the box. The cat was just a stray that Nagato used to feed on his window sill, the only reason Yahiko had killed it was to make a point. To make Nagato know that he hadn't forgotten, hadn't forgiven and that he had found him once again. It looked like it was time to move again, Nagato looked around his small apartment, he had really liked this one but he should have known better. He wasn't allowed to get attached to anything or anyone, Yahiko would only take it away.

He pushed a few strands of red hair behind his ear as he walked over to a closet and grabbed a shovel, Nagato then went back to grab the little shoebox. The last thing he could do was to give the poor creature a burial and make sure no wild animals could get to it.

Shrugging on a jacket Nagato walked out to the little yard that came with the apartment and went to work.

Sasuke was walking down the sidewalk of a apartment zoned area of the city. He'd just left the Onyx building after seeing his brother's mate rush up to see Itachi. The blonds' parting words before the elevator had closed made his lips quirk despite the reason he was in this area. He was tracking a rumor of one Yahiko Bloodrage, a rogue who fit all the criteria the were-leopard had given him of the one who was harassing his mate. It was actually rare to come across an older rogue who preferred youths over adults. Most rogues preferred the challenge of overpowering older, stronger humans and only one rogue in the enforcer division's files had fit. Reading over the crimes of Yahiko, Sasuke's hackles had risen again at the thought of his mate being stalked by such a sick bastard.

One of his informants had told him that Yahiko had been seen around this area a lot lately so he was here trying to find some clue as to why. Sasuke's eyes caught the movement of a man hunched over, digging in a yard. Raising an elegant black brow he went over to the fence and called out. "Excuse me. I was wondering if you could help me with something?"

Nagato stiffened and his hands tightened on the handle of the shovel. He would recognize that voice anywhere though he'd only heard less than a handful of times. What was he doing here? Nagato felt a sliver of panic run down his spine...he didn't have Pein to hide behind this time, he was just plain Nagato. No piercings, no contacts, no spiked hair or provocative clothing and most important no pill to change his scent.

Slowly he straightened up and turned towards the man who wouldn't leave his thoughts no matter how much he wanted him too. "And what exactly could I ever help you with?" He asked in a low voice and tried not to just drop the shovel and run away as far as he could.

Now Sasuke was no fool, he easily recognized his mate despite the lack of camouflage, but he acted like he didn't and pulled a police file photo from his inside jacket pocket. "I'm a detective in the KPD and I'm trying to find a suspect in several crimes. I was told he's been spotted around here lately and I was wondering if you'd perhaps seen him?" He held the photo out to the redhead.

Pfffft detective my ass! Nagato snorted inside his mind but his stance relaxed visibly, it seemed the vampire didn't recognize him. He looked down at the photo and felt his throat close up and he barely resisted the urge to bring his hand up and cover the large scar on his neck. Yeah he recognized the man, he played the starring role in every nightmare Nagato had after all...the worst thing was that the nightmares never ended when he woke up. "No sir, never seen him before." He said and tore his gaze away from the photo of a smirking Yahiko.

It was a good thing Sasuke had years of perfecting control over his expression otherwise the icy fury that coiled in his gut at the sight of his mate's face paling and the now gray eyes flashing in remembered terror would have scared the hell out of the man. 'Never seen him before? I call bullshit mate.' Sasuke put the photo away quietly and pulled out a business card. "If you do happen to see him, don't go near him, run away as fast as you can, and give me a call to report it. Every lead helps in apprehending him and bringing him to justice."

Nagato chuckled humorlessly. "Yeah I'll remember to run officer..." He looked at the business card. "Detective Uchiha, I wish you luck in getting your man." That part was true, Nagato really wanted for someone to get to Yahiko to stop him but he had given up years ago...no one really cared.

Sasuke allowed just the tiniest bit of fierce determination to show in his gaze. "Oh I'll get him, even if I have to shake the city to its foundations. I will bring him to justice."

Refusing to let hope flair to life at the vampire's words Nagato turned and started to shuffle dirt into the hole he had dug again. "As I said I wish you the best of luck."

The vampire took a moment to breathe in the scent of the other carried on the slight wind currant. Spring rain and ginger, Sasuke had a weakness for both. "Have a nice evening sir and please don't hesitate to call if you think you're in danger. It's my job to protect the people of the city from monsters like him." The brunette then left his card on the fence post and resumed moving down the sidewalk.

Nagato swallowed, annoyed with the sudden urge to call out for the other to stay, he couldn't understand why he felt this way, these drawn to someone of the same species that had just about destroyed him. Nagato nabbed the card from the fence post and stroked his finger over the name Sasuke Uchiha, barely repressing a shudder even though he was only caressing a piece of paper. He watched the other man disappear, being absorbed by the shadows of night and he cursed under his breath. 'Oh I'm so screwed!'

A pair of glowing amber eyes narrowed and jagged vampiric teeth bared at the display. Yahiko left the rooftop he was observing his prey from and headed for his hole to plan. Nagato was his property and he would let no one else, not even an Uchiha, have him. A feral, insane smile curved his mouth. In addition to proving that to Nagato he'd also claim a great deal of clout in the vampire underground by killing the brother of the city's master.


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