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Sasuke - Appears 25, actually several centuries old
Nagato/Pein - 25


sød en - sweet one
lille røde - little red
kaereste - according to Ash this translates roughly into darling
Min dyrebare makker. Jeg takker Hecate for deg - My precious mate. I thank Hecate for you.
elskede - beloved

If you want a mental image of the outside of Sasuke's house, look up Shigure's house from Fruits Basket



Nagato dropped his towel in the laundry basket after he had finished drying himself off after his shower. He stood in front of the mirror and fixed his piercings. Pein wasn't needed anymore but Nagato sort of liked the clothes and the piercings. He opened a tiny box and lifted out his newest addition. It was a naval piercing, pretty similar to his ruby one but in this one the stone was an onyx. He had seen it and it had reminded him of Sasuke. Nagato smiled as he thought of the vampire. They had been dating for almost half a year now and Nagato couldn't imagine his days without the other.

The redhead replaced the naval piercing with his new one before pulling on his bondage leather pants. They were going out tonight and Nagato wanted to blow Sasuke's mind. They had been taking things really slow but Nagato thought that he was finally ready. He pulled on a dark green tank top followed by a black fishnet shirt. His snake bite was in place as his eyebrow piercings but he'd left out the ones in his nose today. His hair had grown a bit and he left it down and un-gelled. One look at the clock on his wall had him hurrying to get done; Sasuke would be here soon to pick him up.

Sasuke turned the corner to go to Nagato's home, a small content smile on his face. Since they'd been dating his mate had gradually been coming out of the shell he'd been forced into because of Yahiko and Sasuke quite liked the blooming personality the redhead showed. Every now and again, most usually when Itachi and Naruto were with them, Nagato got a slight regretful look on his face and Sasuke knew his mate was feeling guilty that he was still shy of the mating bond, especially the bite. When the redhead started looking guilty, the vampire was always quick to assure him that he was fine with waiting for Nagato to be ready. Living for centuries and hunting other vampires had gifted Sasuke with more patience than Job when the reward was worth it and he could think of no greater reward than being bound to his mate.

Tonight he was taking Nagato to a new restaurant that Itachi had invested in that catered to both vampiric tastes and human as a bit of celebration for their half-year anniversary. He pulled up to the curb and slid out of his dark blue Maserati Spyder. He tugged his maroon silk shirt back into place, ran his hands down the black slacks and walked up to his mate's door, knocking lightly.

Nagato tugged the door open and ran his eyes over Sasuke greedily. Damn but the vampire looked fine. He worried his lip piercing thinking that maybe he had dressed wrong for the occasion, that he had gone a bit overboard. Ah well it was too late to change now.

"Hi." Nagato smiled at Sasuke and stepped closer to press a kiss against his lips. "You're right on time."

The outfit the redhead had on sent a hard gut punch of lust into the vampire but he shook it off just in time to return the kiss. "Mmm you look amazing."

A red brow rose playfully. "Thank you, you look rather delicious yourself." He grabbed his keys and phone and shut the door behind him. "Oh fuck, you had to take this car didn't you? You know that it practically gives me a boner just riding in it...this machine is a piece of art." Nagato grinned at Sasuke. "Where are we going anyway?"

Sasuke opened the door for Nagato with a wicked smirk. "That's a big part of the reason why I chose this car." He went to the driver's side and slid into the seat, starting the car. "Itachi invested in a new restaurant called Indulgence that caters to vampires as well as humans and I thought you'd enjoy going there."

Nagato slid in next to Sasuke, moaning softly at the at the way the seat molded to his body perfectly. "Sounds perfect. How are Itachi and Naruto by the way? Haven't seen them in a while." He agreed, looking at Sasuke's profile. "Hey my book is finished; I managed to crank out the last pages this morning." His muse had returned to him full force as Sasuke had entered his life.

"My brother and his mate are fine. I believe Naruto has somehow managed to con Itachi into taking a vacation. That's excellent about your book; I know you were working hard on it. I'm certain your editor's fairly relieved too. Tell me has that man ever considered sedatives?" Sasuke's voice held an edge of humor as he thought of the nervous Energizer Bunny of an editor that the publishing company had sent to Nagato.

Nagato tossed his head back and laughed loudly. "I don't know but he certainly could need them. But don't judge him too hard, he gets twice as nervous when you're there...I think he has a crush on you. He doesn't stutter and blush as much when we're alone." Nagato enjoyed the smooth car ride and just being close to Sasuke. His mind was whirling with thoughts about how he could seduce Sasuke and tell him he was ready but he figured they'd eat and talk a bit first.

"Hmm I'll just have to make sure he knows I'm very much a taken man." Sasuke pulled the car up to a building modeled after Greek architecture with a valet waiting out front. "We're here."

Getting out of the car Nagato stroked the gleaming paint of it with loving fingers before he followed Sasuke inside the restaurant. They were lead to a private table and the atmosphere was just perfect. Homey and luxurious at the same time. "This is a really nice place; your brother has made a good investment."

The vampire's lips twitched. "Don't say that around Naruto. He's the one who 'suggested' Itachi put money into it. I don't want the usuratonkachi getting a big head."

"You mean that his ego can expand more without exploding?" Nagato asked with a chuckle. He really liked the blond man but he really had self assurance to spare. "So stupid question but do you have any recommendations for what to order here?" Nagato ran his fingers through his hair and leaned in closer to the vampire sitting opposite from him.

"According to Mr. Ego just about everything is delicious. Though I'll admit I couldn't tell you from personal experience." The brunette reached out and traced a finger along the back of his mate's hand. "They serve authentic Greek cuisine with some Italian added in for spice so I'd go for whatever Greek dish you like."

"Okay." Nagato flipped open the menu and scanned the dishes. He was nervous about the evening and his plans but he was hungry too, besides Sasuke would be suspicious if he didn't eat at all. "I think I'll have the Kleftiko then along with a glass of the house wine." He turned his hand so that it was palm up on the table and laced their fingers together.

A waiter seemed to appear as if by magic, a pad in hand. "Very good sir. And for you Uchiha-sama?"

Sasuke quirked a brow and ordered a specialty blood meal. Once the waiter had faded away again he took a moment to study Nagato's face, indulging in a habit he'd developed of just taking in his mate's features. He always seemed to find something newly remarkable about them. "So do you have a plot idea for your next book or are you letting the muse rest for a while?"

"I have a few ideas floating around but nothing solid yet." Nagato said with a smile and mentally cursed himself for having jumped when the waiter came out of nowhere. There was still fear lurking at the back of his head and he hated it. "For now I think I just want to enjoy my free time for a while. How are you, I suppose you're having a full plate if Naruto's managed to drag Itachi on vacation."

Sasuke shook his head. "Not really actually. I'm his brother and should Itachi ever die of natural causes then I inherit by default but his second in command is a vampire named Gaara and personally I'm more than glad for it. I'm not meant to run the city's vampire business. I truly don't have the icy iron patience and diplomacy needed to do so."

Nagato chuckled warmly. "I can imagine you getting a little...impatient yeah. I think I've seen Gaara at Club Crimson at times. Red hair, uses more eyeliner that a fourteen year girl...scary as fuck?" Nagato startled again as the waiter showed with their food but he thought that he managed to hide it somewhat well. The food smelled heavenly and Nagato felt his mouth water.

Sasuke chuckled. "It's more that I just don't have the ability to tolerate the diplomatic bullshit my brother has to deal with and yes, that would be Gaara, though it's not eyeliner. He's originally from a desert tribe that has a manhood ceremony involving tattoos. He's also...mellowed since he and Naruto got into a fight." The vampire shuddered as he recalled that coven meeting. After about three months training with Itachi, Naruto had been skilled enough to take down any neophyte to adept level vampire though no one would ever think he could take on a death bringer like Gaara but when Gaara had insulted Itachi and questioned a major decision over the course of that meeting Naruto had challenged the death bringer. And much to everyone's shock he'd won though Itachi had been absolutely livid that Gaara would accept Naruto's challenge knowing that the blond had only been training for three months. "Itachi's had Gaara on assignments from hell ever since too. Not that I blame my brother, I'd be plenty pissed in his shoes."

"Naruto is a force of nature; he faces everything head on and conquers his obstacles." Nagato said with just a hint of envy, he would like that level of confidence and belief in himself too. "I almost feel sorry for Gaara though, Itachi can hold a grudge." Nagato reached for his glass and took a sip of the earthy, spicy wine, closing his eyes as the flavor washed over his palate. "Mmmm, this is amazing wine." He purred as he took another little sip hoping it would help him relax even more. He didn't want to get drunk though, he wanted to be lucid and remember every moment of this night.

Sasuke nodded. "Yes he can. I think though, that after oh a century or two Naruto will manage to mediate a more peaceful co-existence between them." He partook of his blood meal and watched his mate's sensual enjoyment of the food and wine, a fond half smile on his lips.

Nagato laughed again. "If all else fails he can annoy them to friendship." Nagato finished his food and leaned back in his chair. "Gods, I think that was the best meal I've ever had." He stroked his flat stomach. "There must be magic in this kitchen." He licked his lips to savor the last of the taste


Onyx eyes followed the hand even as Sasuke chuckled a bit. "It wouldn't surprise me. Some of the best chefs in this city are literally wizards of food preparation."

Nagato stood from his seat in a fluid motion and walked over to Sasuke across the table, putting his hands on the vampire's shoulders and straddled his lap. "Thank you for the delicious meal." He whispered and leaned in for a kiss.

Sasuke's eyes widened in surprise at the bold move but he was far from stupid. His hands rested at Nagato's hips and he met the man's lips with his in a nibbling, playful, adoring kiss. He didn't know what had gotten into his mate but he certainly wasn't about to complain.

"Mmmm, tastes even better than the food." Nagato smiled against Sasuke's lips before flicking his tongue over them, darting it inside for a second and pulling back out again. He sat down more firmly on Sasuke's lap and wound his arms around his neck. "I am done waiting Sasuke, I want you...all of you."

The vampire pulled back from the kiss in surprise and searched the gray eyes. "Kæreste? What are you saying?"

Holding Sasuke's gaze steadily Nagato brought his hands up and cupped Sasuke's cheeks. "I'm saying that I want us, and all that comes with it...forever. I'm ready and before you ask yes I have thought it through and yes I know what it means. I want it."

Sasuke's hands rose to clasp lightly around Nagato's wrists as a wave of joy swept through him. He was happy, grateful, and humbled that the incredible man in his lap was willing to trust him enough to be bound to him. He turned his head and pressed a kiss to Nagato's wrist. "Min dyrebare makker. Jeg takker Hecate for deg. I won't hurt you kæreste."

"Someday you really have to teach me that language." Nagato pressed soft kisses behind Sasuke's ear. "I know you won't hurt me, I trust you." He moved the kisses to the jaw line. "I want you to make love to me, fill me and bind us together."

No other words could possibly get Sasuke harder, faster than those. He closed his eyes and had to place a choke chain on his control to remember that they weren't in the right place to do this. He nuzzled Nagato's ear. "Do you want to go to your apartment or my home?"

Nagato rocked gently against him on his lap, letting Sasuke know that he wasn't the only one aroused and threaded his fingers through soft black hair. "Well we've already tried my bed; I think it's time for yours don't you?"

The vampire shivered and nodded before nudging Nagato off his lap. He tossed a few bills on the table, slipped an arm around his mate's waist, and headed for the exit. A brief glare had the valet practically breaking laws to get the Maserati there as fast as humanly possible. Once again Sasuke opened the door for Nagato and moved around to get in the driver's seat. He started the car and began navigating through the evening traffic and streets a bit like a barracuda navigates through a school of fish. Unlike Itachi, Sasuke didn't live in a penthouse, family owned building or otherwise, he'd bought land and built a house a few centuries ago, occasionally adding on or updating the house as new technology surfaced. He preferred having a house, the solidity and permanence of it.

His home wasn't huge or gaudy. It was a simple two-story Japanese style house in a wooded area. He kept his bedroom, home office, guest bedroom, and a meditation room on the top floor. On the bottom, in addition to the usual kitchen, living room, and dining room, he'd converted a large space into a dojo to keep himself in shape. It was a house that suited him to the ground and he hoped Nagato would like it as well.

Nagato's eyes widened as Sasuke turned into a graveled driveway and slowly came to a stop in a secluded wooden area. The house nestled there fitted perfectly with its surroundings and it was like a hidden little paradise. Nagato hadn't had a clue that something like this existed so close to the city. "This is your house?" He turned gray eyes on the vampire. "It's beautiful." He opened the car door and got out of the Maserati.

Nagato hadn't known what to expect for Sasuke's house but it wasn't this. Now that he saw it though he thought it fit his beloved perfectly. Sasuke was a very private and sensitive person and Nagato could see this to be a haven for him, a place to be himself completely. "Will you show me around?"

Sasuke slipped up behind his mate and wrapped his arms around the redhead. "Of course. I'm glad you like it." The vampire moved so that he had Nagato by the hand and led the human into the house.

He flicked on the lights and toed off his shoes by the door. "It's a fairly basic floor plan, four and a half rooms on each floor and the shower and bath are in an annex." The living room was minimalisticly furnished yet still projected comfort in shades of gold and a rich russet. The couch could obviously double as a futon and the coffee table had storage beneath it, making the most out of the space without taking up too much room. Sasuke lead his mate through the similarly colored dining room into the kitchen which, as a room that was rarely used, didn't have much in the way of appliances and cooking utensils. It had an obviously high tech refrigerator, sand colored granite countertops, pinewood cabinets, yellow walls, and terra cotta tile, giving it a light and airy feel. "The annex is just off the next room, a dojo I use to keep myself honed." He went through the dojo which was typical in its arrangement for its purpose and into the annexed bathing area. It was done in shades of maroon and forest green with a whirlpool tub large enough to fit three people and a large shower set a few feet away from said tub as well as lots of counter space with a few cluttered hygiene products.

He walked back into the main part of the house, his thumb making circles on the inside of Nagato's wrist. "Upstairs is my home office for when I occasionally take a case home, a guest bedroom, the meditation room, and of course," his voice lowered just a bit in a purr, "the main bedroom." The doors to both the meditation room and the office were open so one could see that they were quite different in decor. The meditation room was done in soothing shades of light blue and green with exceptionally comfortable seating whereas the office was stark black and white and the furniture purely functional.

Sasuke edged towards one of the closed doors and paused in front of it, his hand dropping Nagato's to cup the human's face. His eyes were deep and intense with emotion as his thumb stroked the ridge on one cheekbone. He could hardly believe that he was finally about to bind himself to his mate. Once they entered the bedroom tonight there was no turning back. "Nervous?"

Sasuke's voice made Nagato week in the knees, he could spend hours just listening to the other speak in that low rumble of his. "A little bit...more excited and full of anticipation though." He smiled at his love. "If I wasn't crazy about you already I might have taken you for your house, it's amazing." Nagato leaned in closer. "We really have to try out that bath tub sometime too." He teased and leaned in to Sasuke's touch.

The dark eyes lit with combined humor and lust and Sasuke leaned in to cover Nagato's mouth with his. He reached back and opened the pocket door to his bedroom as he tasted and teased his mate's mouth with gentle nibbles and flicks of the tongue. He tugged the redhead into the room. Sasuke's bedroom was decorated in sapphire blue and silver with an occasional flash of crimson or emerald for a bit of visual interest. The king-sized bed was a lake of sapphire silk sheets, a silver comforter folded at the end of it looking a bit like a wave break, a sturdy ebony wood box frame and no headboard gave it a look of functional luxury.

Nagato kissed back with enthusiasm as he lifted Sasuke's silk shirt so that he could run his hands underneath it, caressing the vampire's back and sides. The bedroom was gorgeous, the colors soothing and the bed...the bed was sin itself and Nagato couldn't wait to see if it was as soft as it looked. He walked further into the room still attached to Sasuke's lips, until his knees hit the bed. Nagato let himself fall backwards onto the sea of silk and he pulled Sasuke along with him, still kissing and touching him where ever he could reach. "You taste so good, I'm addicted to you." He whispered as he licked down Sasuke's jaw and spread his legs to make more room for Sasuke.

Sasuke purred and let himself be pulled down. He settled in between his mate's legs and his hands slipped up under the redhead's shirt, smoothing over the skin he'd been wanting to get his hands on all evening. He nuzzled his lover's ear. "It's a mutual addiction then kæreste and I have no desire to be rehabilitated."

"Good, 'cause neither do I." Nagato arched his back, pressing closer to Sasuke's magical touch. He fiddled with the buttons on Sasuke's shirt until he gave up with a frustrated growl and pulled it over the vampire's head instead. Nagato raked his fingers down Sasuke's back until he reached the swell of the other's buttocks. He squeezed the firm globes and pulled Sasuke down against his own aching groin.

A soft growl of lust rumbled in the vampire's throat and he moved his hands up to tweak Nagato's nipples, tugging lightly on the hoops through the little nubs. He nibbled along the edge of Nagato's jaw and ground his hips against his mate's. "You're intoxicating Nagato. The purest, headiest, finest wine to my senses."

Nagato hissed with pleasure as his nipples were played with, they were so sensitive and it never failed to drive him crazy. The fact that it was Sasuke touching him now made it all the better. He tossed his head back and tightened his thighs around Sasuke's slender hips. "Gods you make me crazy...I want you to taste me all over, to get as drunk off me as I am off you." Nagato's arms wandered back up against Sasuke's back until he could cup the vampire's face and pull him down for another kiss, this time pouring all the love he felt into it.

Sasuke groaned as the words just made him harder. He pulled the redhead's shirt off and leaned down to press a kiss to the center of his mate's chest. He dragged his tongue up, over Nagato's collarbone, and down to a pierced nipple. He flicked the piercing with his tongue, tugged on it with his teeth, then began to suck lightly on the nipple. One hand played a complementary rhythm with the opposite nipple while the other worked on unfastening Nagato's pants.

"Nnnnnghh..." Nagato was a moaning, writhing mass of pleasure beneath Sasuke's hands and mouth. Every touch was electricity and every lick was a lightning bolt. His cock was hard as stone and he couldn't help but press up against Sasuke's hand as the vampire undid his pants; he needed the friction, needed Sasuke to touch him. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuuuuuck! I want you so much Sasuke!" Nagato bucked up against Sasuke and clawed at his shoulders with needy hands, completely consumed with lust.

"Shh kæreste you have me, I'm right here," Sasuke purred as he finally managed to undo Nagato's pants. A bolt of heat went right to his cock when his hand met only naked skin, discovering that his mate had gone commando. "I'm right here. Touching you," he took the shaft of his lover's cock in hand, "tasting you," he lapped his way down Nagato's chest to let his tongue and teeth play with the navel piercing, "loving you."

"I love you too." Nagato panted and tossed his head back and forward, feeling the smooth silk caress his cheek as he writhed against it. Every part of his body screamed for Sasuke, he could feel his own precum run over Sasuke's hand, slicking the way as the vampire pumped his flushed erection. His body shivered with need. Nagato's hands scrambled for something to hold on to, something to keep him grounded, his fingers thread themselves in silky soft black hair and tugged on it harshly.

The vampire carefully pushed Nagato's pants the rest of the way off with his free hand as he stroked the redhead's erection. He hardly noticed the hands pulling on his hair as he pressed his thumb gently into the leaking slit and rubbed the precum over and around the mushroomed head. He rubbed his cheek affectionately on his mate's flat belly before nibbling and licking his way farther down. His breath washed over Nagato's cock as his mouth hovered over it. He rubbed his lips over the flushed head and flicked his tongue out for a taste.

Nagato almost jumped off the bed at the feeling of Sasuke's tongue on his cock. His hands tightened in Sasuke's hair even more and he trembled with the effort not to shove himself deep inside Sasuke's mouth. "It feels so good love." Nagato spread his legs almost obscenely wide, baring all for his love, trusting him with his very being. "Please, please Sasuke...suck me." He was begging now but he couldn't care less. All that mattered was Sasuke and the incredible sensations the vampire made him feel.

The Uchiha had no problem complying with the request. He parted his lips and took the redhead's erection into his mouth. He began to bob his head, taking a little more of the shaft in each time until he was deep-throating his lover. He reached up under his mattress and drew out the bottle of lubricant that he, like most sexual men, had stashed for easy access. As he continued to move his mouth up and down Nagato's cock, occasionally pausing with his nose nudging the human's pubic hair to work his throat around the hard flesh, he popped open the cap, poured some of the slippery liquid over his fingers, and brought them to the small pucker of his mate's anus. He massaged the tight rosebud, spreading the lube around, then eased one finger inside slowly.

Nagato couldn't have stopped the high pitched whine that escaped his throat if his life had depended on it. Sasuke's mouth was like a vacuum and the way the other swallowed around and massaged his cock with his throat was enough to drive even the calmest person crazy. There was a slight sting as Sasuke's finger entered him but it still felt so incredibly good. It felt right and Nagato wanted more. He was almost sobbing with need now, pressing back against Sasuke's finger wanting it deeper inside him. "More Sasuke, hurry! I want you to fuck me."

Sasuke pulled his mouth off the redhead's cock. "Shhh. I intend to kæreste." He placed a string of kisses along Nagato's inner thigh until he reached the perfect spot. He could hear the blood pounding through the vein, could smell it, sweet under the skin. He lapped at the area and let his fangs extend. He pressed a second finger into his mate as he gently sank his fangs into the thigh. He moaned at the taste of his lover thick, heavy, and spicy on his tongue.

Nagato felt Sasuke's fangs penetrate his skin and he almost came at the sensation, there was no pain what so ever, only a blinding all consuming pleasure that had Nagato screaming Sasuke's name at the top of his lungs. If Sasuke hadn't kept him still he would have tried to fuck himself on the fingers stretching him open. His heart was racing and his breath coming out in short gasps. Nagato's blood was burning, he felt as if he was on fire and the only thing that possibly could make it better was Sasuke. "I love you..."

The vampire took his teeth from Nagato's thigh after only a couple swallows of the redhead's blood and carefully laved the punctures with his tongue, closing them without a trace left behind. He kissed the spot adoringly. "And I you kæreste. I love you more than words can express." He unfastened his own pants finally, having kept them on to exert some measure of control over himself, and shoved them and his underwear off as he kissed his way up his mate's body. He slipped a third finger into Nagato as he caught the human's mouth in a searing kiss. He reached down for the bottle of lube and poured some more over his painfully hard cock. He broke the kiss and nibbled at Nagato's ear. "Are you ready for me kæreste?"

Managing a breathless chuckle Nagato wrapped his arms around Sasuke's shoulders and nuzzled his neck. "Does it look like I'm not ready? I want you so much I hurt." Nagato licked the hollow of Sasuke's throat. "What I really want to do is flip you over, sink down on that beautiful cock and ride you until your eyes roll back in your head and you can't feel anything but me."

Sasuke purred. "Well far be it from me to deny you." He slid his fingers out of his mate, gripped Nagato's hips, and rolled them over until he was underneath his lover and the redhead was straddling his hips. The vampire spread the lube on his cock around and positioned so that he was nudging the entrance to his lover's body. "I'm all yours sød en. You are in the driver's seat."

"Mmm...Mine, I like the sound of that." Nagato shifted as he leaned back at grabbed the base of Sasuke's cock, helping to steady it as he slowly sank down on it. He removed his hand and continued until he could feel Sasuke's balls snuggly against his ass cheeks. His own deep red cock bobbed and leaked precum onto Sasuke's flat abdomen. Nagato moaned low in his throat as he slowly rose up only slam back down, repeating the movement over and over again. His hands came up to play with the rings in his nipples, pulling and twisting them as he rode Sasuke at a steady pace. "Gods you feel amazing inside me, you fill me so well." Nagato struggled to keep his eyes open and locked on Sasuke.

A heartfelt pleasured groan came from Sasuke's throat as he lifted his hips to meet his mate's downward thrusts. His hands slid up the redhead's sides and joined Nagato's in playing with the piercings. Being inside the hot glove of his beloved's body was heaven. The grip of the tight passage around his cock sent spears of lightening ecstasy through him as they moved together in the eternal instinctive dance. He met the darkened gray eyes and leaned up, his knees lifting behind the redhead, to capture his mate's lips with his own.

Nagato opened his mouth, letting Sasuke in and tangled his tongue with the other's. He kept riding Sasuke, moaning in pleasure as the vampire's cock rubbed against his prostate with every stroke. Nagato grabbed Sasuke's hands and placed them on his hips, motioning for Sasuke to help him move as he picked up the pace. His muscles were trembling with the effort but Nagato was so close to coming. He clenched around Sasuke's cock and continued to kiss him deeply, nipping at Sasuke's lips and running his pierced tongue along the roof of the other's mouth. "I'm so close Sasuke; you're so big, feel so good." Nagato grabbed his own cock and jerked it with rapid movements as pleasure pooled deep in his stomach. "I'm gonna cum."

Sasuke hissed as the friction and heat brought him close to his own release. He could feel it building in his balls, a pressure that was simmering to be freed. "Gods sød en, you're so hot and tight it's driving me crazy." He thrust harder up into his mate, seeking his own release as well as trying to tip the redhead over the edge. He panted and groaned with effort and pleasure. "Ah oh gods. Fuck! Nagato I can't hold it. I'm cu-" he broke off as his orgasm ripped through him with the force of a tsunami, wrenching a loud cry from his throat as he spilled himself deep inside his mate.

"Yes, oh yes...that's it baby. Cum for me!" Nagato tossed his head back as he felt Sasuke's release flood his insides. Nagato followed Sasuke over the edge with a choked sob of please and came all over Sasuke's stomach and chest. His passage rippled and clenched around the cock that was still inside him. Nagato leaned forward, collapsing on top of Sasuke's chest, not having the energy to care that he was lying in his own cum. He wanted to tell Sasuke how amazing it had felt and how much he loved him but at the moment he couldn't get a sound out. It seemed as if the vampire had fucked the voice right out of him.

Sasuke let out a lazily satisfied purr and ran his hands up and down his mate's back in long slow strokes. He nuzzled the top of Nagato's head, eyes closed in contentment. He felt whole in a way he never had in his many centuries of existence and he had the adored being in his arms to thank for it. "Thank you elskede."

Nagato placed soft tender kisses along Sasuke's collarbone, enjoying the afterglow and just being close to Sasuke. "Thank you, thank you for finding me when I was lost." Nagato raised his head and looked down at Sasuke, still marveling at the vampire's beauty. "This is forever; I'll never let you go." He leaned down and kissed Sasuke tenderly, just a light pressing of lips against lips before resting his head on Sasuke's shoulder again. Nagato felt safe and loved...feelings he'd thought he'd never have again and he couldn't be more grateful to have them back. He only hoped that he made Sasuke feel the same way.

The vampire's arms wrapped around his mate. "I love you Nagato and I promise you'll never have to let me go." His nose twitched as a tingle spread across his face. He knew what it was; his facial mating mark was making its appearance. "I'm so grateful I found you kæreste."

Feeling Sasuke's arms tighten minutely around him Nagato looked up just in time to see beautiful scrolling markings appear. He rolled off Sasuke and lay down beside him, steadying himself on an elbow. Nagato reached out and traced the black and red markings with the tip of his index finger, feeling as if a spark transferred from them into his own body. "I've only seen something like this from a distance before...they're beautiful. Even more so because they let everyone know you're taken...that you're mine."

Sasuke's lips curved up and his eyes closed as he savored the gentle strokes across his marks. The slight tingle they left in their wake would normally be arousing but they were both still a bit spent from their lovemaking so it was instead a pleasant addition to the afterglow. He opened his eyes, caught Nagato's hand with his, and kissed the tip of the index finger. "I am yours and I'm proud to wear proof of that." He released his mate's hand and cupped the redhead's cheek, a bit concerned about how Nagato would feel about his own mark denoting the mate bond. "You've a mark as well elskede."

"I kind of guessed so." Nagato brought his fingertips and ran them over the scarred tissue of his neck. "I felt it tingle at the same time your markings appeared." He leaned forward and kissed the corner of Sasuke's mouth. "I'm glad, it shows be belong to each other. Plus with this mark you have taken something horrible and made it precious." Nagato took one of Sasuke's hands in his own and placed the vampire's fingers on the mark on his neck, shivering at the pleasurable sensations that brought. "See?"

The vampire smiled gently, the humbling sensation that went through him seeing the proof that his mate was happy to bear his mark would have sent him to his knees had he been on his feet. He pressed a tender kiss to Nagato's lips and ran his thumb over the mark that concealed part of the hurtful marks of the past. "I don't know what I did to please the fates but I'm so fucking lucky they chose me to be your mate."

"We're both lucky." Nagato agreed and kissed Sasuke again. "The fates may have brought us together but as I see it we chose each other." He rose up on his knees and looked down at Sasuke with an impish smile. "Now I don't know about you but I'm feeling awfully sticky." Nagato ran a hand down his chest. "And you have this huge tub just begging to be used..." He grinned at his mate.

Sasuke laughed and reared up to catch Nagato's face in his hands for a short, hard kiss. "Then by all means let's use it kæreste." He rolled off the bed with Nagato and started for the door, pausing to let his mate go first. Suddenly he felt full of energy and not just at the prospect of a round of water play. He was finally, happily bound to his mate and the years ahead looked bright and joyful. Life couldn't get any better at this point and Hecate willing things would remain this way for centuries to come.


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