LES: Three years later…

Chapter VI: Epilogue

This was a sight that no one had seen in over many years. Everyone watched with trepidation as a wide variety of warriors and Benders faced off against the lone Avatar… the blind Avatar.

Some of the most powerful Benders in the world were represented, except from the Air Nomads. Toph represented the Earthbenders, Firelord Zuko represented the Firebenders, and Katara represented the Waterbenders. But there were not just Benders there. Sokka faced off against Aang as well, using a blunted training sword. Suki and Ty Lee were also there, representing the Kyoshi Warriors. Suki was an awesome fighter, but Ty Lee was especially dangerous because of her chi-blocking technique. Rounding off the group was Mai. Her long-distance attacks were vital in this fight. After all, Aang was most vulnerable from airborne attacks.

For several moments, Aang didn't move at all. He was in a seemingly meditative trance. And then it began.

Toph attacked first, sending a heavy bolder right at the Avatar. But Aang sensed it coming and was able to redirect the rock safely aside. That was the cue for everyone to attack.

Chaos erupted for those who were watching. They were hardly able to keep track of everything, let alone feel like they could keep up with the fighting. But, to everyone's amazement, even when he was fighting half a dozen people at the same time, Aang was able to not only keep up with all their attacks, but he actually looked like he had the upper hand in this fight! No one could lay a hand on him. He seemed to be more sure of his movements and agile than ever before, even before he lost his eyesight to the former Firelord.

Aang's secret was the vision technique that had taken him seven years to perfect. The others called it Avatar Vision, because it used the information provided by all four elements to allow Aang to see his surroundings with a clarity that one could not achieve with a single element. Nothing escaped his notice: from the tiniest pebble sent his way by Toph, to the small airborne darts that Mai shot at him.

All their fighting skills were useless before the Avatar's great perceptive ability.

The great fight only lasted a few minutes, but Aang emerged completely victorious.

Aang centered himself and grinned at his opposition. They were pretty much all in the same state, lying on the ground and groaning. Even though Aang couldn't 'see' them, he could tell them apart by the nuances of their bodies.

"Oh… wipe that grin off your face!" Katara growled at him, pushing herself up off the ground.

"Remember, Katara, this was your idea." Aang said.

"Yeah. And I'm starting to regret it." Katara said.

"I agree… getting beaten is one thing." Sokka said, still lying on the ground. "But this… this is just humiliating!"

"Why? Because you all got thoroughly beaten by a blind man?" Aang laughed.

"Yes, that would be it." Zuko agreed, brushing dirt off his clothes.

"Hey, don't worry guys." Aang said, shrugging. "I may be blind, but I'm also the Avatar. You can't compete with that."

"Ugh." Katara groaned. "Remind me again why I love you."

"Well, for starters…" Aang said, turning around as his biggest fan ran towards him across the field. "Here comes the first reason right now."

"Daddy!" A young three year old boy yelled, rushing towards the Avatar. The boy attached himself to Aang's leg in a firm embrace. "Daddy, you were awesome! You were all whoosh!" The young boy said, imitating Airbending. "You are the best ever!"

"Yes, I am, aren't I?" Aang said smugly. But he trailed off when she caught a look from his wife. "Err… but your Mommy's really good too. She lasted against Daddy longer than anyone."

Katara sighed. "Okay, you've convinced me." She walked over and picked up her son. "Though I have to say, Rohan does have a point. His Daddy is pretty awesome." Katara said, giving her husband a brief kiss.

For Aang's part, the boy was not aware that his father suffered any handicap. The scars and the vacant look in Aang's eyes had been there as long as the boy could remember, so he did not question it.

"So, now that we've proven that you're not any weaker because of your accident, are you ready to once again take your place as the Avatar?" Katara asked when she pulled away from her husband.

Aang smiled at her. "Yes. Yes, I am."

LES: Well, that's the end of the Author's Cut! I hope you enjoyed it! (And maybe this sounds bad, but I hope you enjoyed it more than the one-shot version!)