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One week later:

A week of being in this world...Daniel had finally made it to Belforest five days ago..what a long trip that was, traveling with his friend Marcus transporting stuff left and right made him almost forget what he was doing, but now working as a Mechanic for Axel Thurston, Daniel had gotten pretty good at it.

At first it was hell, but he got used to it. he carefully watched and listened to any news about his little 'Skydiving Stunt' as he called it. The Military still searched for him, they even came to the shop but because Daniel had changed alot in appearance they didnt notice, Axel told them that he hired Daniel at least three months ago so it couldnt be the guy who fell from the sky.

He knew that Axel might know who he is, cause that old fart who dropped him in this world came by for an hour a day, so it was a secret kept by the three of them.

Axle's Grandson Renton and his friend Eureka came by asking the same questions. Thank god that Renton hadnt visited the shop that often, or else that could have been bad since they were working with Holland -Who in fact visited earlier- and that the bounty for this person in question was doubled.

It made Daniel feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that his head was worth so much.

Sometimes Marcus would come by to hang around and have Daniel help with some deliveries, which were mostly to the people of Vodorak and LFO parts. He got to see up close the NirvashType Zero, eventually working on it. Eureka, the Corallian who can talk to the Nirvash said to Daniel that Nirvash liked him alot and thanks him for taking care of it while they were here.

He had managed to get out of having to explain where he came from and who he was, simply saying that he lived far away and moved out from his home.

"Don;t you ever miss your Home?" Eureka asked earlier. Daniel shook his head, "Well, they dont need me around anyway, they pretty much gave up on me."

Eureka was sad when she heard this telling him that one day he should let them see his hometown. To which he would say that it would be nice. But behind their backs he would always say think, As must as i would let you guys see my home, well...there wouldn't be much left if we went their now you know? cause I'm from earth 10,000 years ago. He kept silent when it came to anything really other than how he liked life in Belforest. besides, even if you wanted to come, i doubt that you would have been able to.. To which he said that it was alright..

Not only that but he didnt want to bring them to his time, tell everyone what will happen, and change the events. It would either make it worse and Eureka wouldnt even exist and all that has happened so far would be different, Lifting wouldnt be around either. After Renton and Eureka left Daniel went back into the Shop to think about this while working.

For some reason Daniel thought that would have been better, sure everything now was okay but wouldnt it have been better if they destroyed the Corallians before they even hit the earth?

Daniel then remembered something, those machines that were being built were going to be used to destroy Ailen matter and comets to nothing..That must be why, because they didnt think of the Corallians as a threat, they didnt use the machines...

"Are you thinking about that it would have been better without the existence of the Coralians?" a voice asked.

Daniel jumped and didnt recognize it, he turned to see a middle aged man in tuxedo-like clothing. "So? what of it?"

The man simply said, "Well, if your thinking is correct, then yes: This world would have been better if Coralians were destroyed all those years ago."

"So your saying that you plan to gte rid of them now?" asked Daniel. the man replied "Exactly, and to do that Me and my allies need the power of the NegativeNumbers."

Daniel's ears perked up at that, How does he know about those things? the Man continued, "Those machines are said to have amazing powers, and the rumor is that they are able to wide this earth clean of the Coralians."

Daniel stood from his spot, still holding a wrench, "And why are you here telling me this?" the Man smirked "Because your like me, someone who was dragged into this Timeline, a Time Traveler." Daniel didnt know what to say, sure he was surprised, sure he thought of it..but the fact that there was someone else in that same position as him...

"What timeline are you from?" he asked curious. "Five years after the corallians landed on earth, and I have been here for over twenty years." he answered

Daniel dropped the wrench, almost falling to his knees. "So..this was all a.."

"A Trap, you have been sent here, and now your never going back home."

"So in other words there is no way humanly possible for me to get home huh?"

The Man nodded, "Yes, and so..." he held his hand out, "Why dont you join us? we can find the NegativeNumbers and free this world."

Daniel was still taking it all in when the man said, "I will give you a few days to think about my offer. I look forward to your reply. Only tell those you trust, and maybe they will support you." As he walked out the door the Man shouted, "I will give you four days to think it all over, dont let me down Kid."

Daniel stood there for what seemed like an half hour before slowly picking up the tool and getting back to work. So..thats what it is huh?.. it was clear that Daniel had been acting, but he was still mad at the Old Man for not telling him.

Little did Daniel know that the Old Man he was thinking about was just outside the door, and he somehow wasnt there anymore..

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