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The bell rang signally the end of the school day. Teenagers flooded the hallways with loud conversations as they poured out all the doors, escaping the school grounds as fast as they could.

Shadow Moon, a pretty young thirteen year old with lightly tanned skin and dark brunette hair, standing only five feet four inches tall and with amazing golden eyes, was talking with her friends, Sarah, Kimberly and Courtney as they walked down the hall and out the door heading toward home.

They were discussing the coming overnight stay at Shadow's house. She lived about ten miles from the school and they couldn't wait to get there and have some fun. The group began walking down the sidewalk and turned at the end to begin strolling side by side down the side of the street still on the wide sidewalk, toward Shadow's place.

Shadow loved to walk home, it allowed her to think and enjoy the peace she couldn't find at school. Courtney gave her shoulder a playful shove.

"Shadow, I'm talking to you."

"Huh? What?" Shadow asked, returning her wandering thoughts back to her friends.

"I said...the new boy kept looking at you," Courtney giggled.

"So?" Shadow asked, shrugging her shoulders. She could care less if a boy was looking at her.

"I think he likes you," Sarah added, grinning.

"He doesn't even know me. He hasn't said a word to me so how could he even like me?" Shadow snorted.

She really didn't care about all the teen drama with dating, not being interested in a boyfriend at this point in her life anyway. She had other more important things to worry about than all the emotional junk getting involved with boys would cause.

"Lighten up, you need to get a boyfriend," Courtney persisted, giving her friend a curious look, wondering why she wasn't interested, like all the girls were, in boys.

"Will you stop! I don't need anything...certainly not boys...any time soon!" Shadow said, flatly, staring down the road.

"Come on, there has to be at least one boy at school that you think is cute," Sarah and Courtney insisted, giggling.

A little disgusted by their persistence, Shadow pretended to step off the sidewalk and into the road, saying airily, "I'd rather get hit by a truck!"

Her friends eyes widened in alarm and started to rush toward her when she blithely stepped back on the sidewalk and said, cheekily, "...but I plan on living many more years."

"Oh you! I can't believe you did that," Courtney pouted.

Shadow just smirked then said, "race ya to my house." As expected, her friends faces showed little desire for running, something she loved to do.

"Come on guys, first one there gets a cookie! And, better yet, no one is home tonight!" She wheedled.

Her friends stared at her a long moment then at each other. Finally they sighed as one and nodded in agreement.

They lined up then Kimberly counted down, "okay...ready...set...go!" Then took off when she reached the last word, racing off ahead of the others.

She didn't slow down for about a block before slowing to a jog to see where the others were. That's when Shadow blasted past her at a full run. Picking up her pace again, Kimberly tried to catch up but it was a losing proposition. None of them knew why, but Shadow was so much faster than anyone they knew...she had more stamina...and was much stronger than most of the boys they knew. She even looked more muscular than any of them.

Shadow loved the fact she could out run everyone, had a more powerful body and was more limber. Her senses were apparently better than a normal human too. She often wondered about that and had once asked her mom.

Her mother simply told her she was special and most of it was due to her father, whom she'd never met. All her mother would tell her about him was his full name and that he was from some place called Megakat City. When she got older, she tried to look up the city but could find no listing of it anywhere. Her mother insisted it was a secret place and no one must know about it.

"What kind of secret," she'd asked.

"A military kind of one. Now don't mention this to anyone," her mother insisted, making her promise.


Her mother shook her head as her daughter went to her room. It wasn't that she wanted to keep her daughter's father a secret, it was more like she couldn't tell anyone since no one would believe her and if they did, her daughter could be locked up in some lab some where as well as herself, so no one could know about what her daughter's parentage was.

Shadow always felt there was much more her mother wasn't telling her but she could also tell, she would never get her curiosity satisfied and had to live with that. Though at times, she did wonder why her mother called her one of a kind...weren't all humans different from each other? But the way she'd said it suggested something more.

She sighed and let the old subject go as she had already reached her home way ahead of her surprise there. Her friends would arrive in about ten minutes so she went to the fridge to see what there was to eat. She was pleased to find a container of her favorite food...beef stew.

She pulled it out and placed it in the microwave, setting it for three minutes. While she waited, she emptied her pockets laying her wallet, MP3 player, stick of gum, and a folded up piece of paper that told her she had science and math tests tomorrow.

Grimacing, she wished she could skip the math test. She was never very good at it but did fairly well at science. Peering out her kitchen window, she saw her friends huffing and puffing up her driveway, holding each other up so they wouldn't fall over.

Smiling, she looked forward to partying and having them over for the night. She went to the front door to meet them. She grinned as she waited for them to reach her. They were breathing heavily and their faces were flushed.

Kimberly was the first to reach the door. Shadow gave her a hug and walked with her into the house while leaving the door open for the other two to get there at their own pace.

Keeping her arm around Kimberly, she led her into the kitchen and had her sit. She went to the cupboard and got some glasses out and poured her friends some juice and pulled out a packet of cookies then went and got her dinner from the microwave.

"I want some stew," Kimberly whined, pouting.

"What's the magic word?" Shadow asked, giving Kimberly a smirk.


"Pwease? What kind of talk is that?" Shadow snorted.

"Please!" Kimberly spat out in pretend anger which was ruined when she broke down laughing, Shadow joining her.

Shadow got out two bowls and forks then served half the contents of the stew into each bowl. Kimberly smiled widely and began to eat her share. Shadow smiled back and began to eat her meal.

The only thing that could ruin her fun right now was the nagging feeling that something bad was going to happen tonight. No matter how hard she tried to push it away, the feeling wouldn't leave, making her nervous. Of all her special abilities, this sixth sense was the one she wished she didn't have. It usually warned her of danger and was always right but that didn't make her happy having it.

Her troubled thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of their other friends. She got up, put her empty bowl in the sink, put away the left overs then gave her friends some cookies and their glasses of juice. They gave her grateful looks then headed back out to the living room with their drinks and treats then sat down on the couch.

Kimberly quickly finished her stew then got up and put her own dish in the sink, grabbed her drink and cookies then followed the rest to the living room. Shadow moved over to make room for her on the couch, accidentally crowding Sarah, who complained.

"Sorry!"She shifted again. "Better?"


"Good, then let's see what's on the SyFy channel," Shadow said, reaching for the remote Sarah had in her hand. But Sarah held it out of reach causing Shadow to fall across the others laps.

Courtney laughed as Shadow rolled off to the floor giggling. Then Shadow got up and snatched the remote from Sarah who began to pout. Shadow ignored her and turned on the TV.

As they settled down, she frowned as she realized it was getting rather dark for it being only four in the afternoon. Just as she was going to look out the window, the TV suddenly winked out. She reached for a nearby lamp and nothing happened.

"Crap! The power's out," she sighed in annoyance. Reaching for her Mag Flashlight sitting on the end table beside her, she flicked it on making the whole room light up.

They all looked toward the window and saw a storm had blown up while they were occupied. Suddenly, a loud boom and a flash lit the sky. The girls, except Shadow, screamed in fear. At that moment, Shadow remembered her Doberman, Alexander, was out in the field behind her house where he liked to hang out and hadn't come in when the storm began.

Sighing in annoyance, she took the flashlight and headed to the back door, shouting over her shoulder, "I gotta find Alex," before dashing out into the rising storm. No rain was falling yet but it was very windy.

She ran out into the field and shouted as she went, "Alex! Alex Come!" Moments later, a big dog came bounding across the field toward her. Sighing in relief, she turned and ran back to the house with the dog close on her heels.

About halfway back, the sky turned red and opened up," Oh snap!" She exclaimed, getting soaked, her words lost in the whistling wind. Unknown to her, her friends had their faces glued to the window, watching her every move.

She continued trying to run home but the wind was strong and was holding her back. Soon she was reduced to walking speed and was breathing hard then suddenly, she found her feet leaving the ground. The wind seemed to pick her up and fling her skyward.

In those terrifying moments, the only thing that came to her mind was that she was so screwed then in the next second, she lost consciousness when something struck her head.


The wind was whirling madly around the Turbokat in the aftermath of one of the Pastmaster's time portals.

The SWAT Kats had arrived on the scene ready to find out what had brought the dead sorcerer back again to their world. Over their radio they heard the enforcers tell one another that the Pastmaster was looking for some old book at the museum (what again?).

"Geez! Doesn't that guy have a library of his own!" T-Bone snorted in annoyance.

"Hahhah funny, just watch those creatures don't put holes in us while I try to take them out, buddy," Razor said, not really amused by his friend's lame attempt at humor.

"I'm watching," the tabby said as he brought the Turbokat around to make the shot easier for his partner. "Okay, Sure shot...take'em out."

Razor fired at the ugly looking flying gargoyles that were protecting the Pastmaster and preventing them getting down on the ground and searching for the ugly troll. He managed to take out a few of them when the enforcers arrived on the scene.

"Here comes the cavalry...late as usual," T-Bone said drolly.

"SWAT Kats! Back off, the enforcers will handle this!" Feral barked over the radio.

"Yeah right," T-Bone muttered to himself, rolling his eyes and steering the jet toward another group of gargoyles. Razor managed to take those out with the help of the enforcers firing at the same time.

The sky was clear, the sudden storm gone, and there was no sign of the Pastmaster.

"Now where the heck did he go?" Razor asked no one in particular.

"Commander Feral! The Pastmaster is gone taking the book he was looking for with him," came the voice of one of Feral's enforcers in the museum.

"Oh great! That's all we need!" Feral's angry mutter came over the radio.

"Aw heck, Razor! There's no telling what that creep plans to do now that he has that book, whatever it was," T-Bone growled.

"Yeah, well there's nothing we can do about that, buddy. Guess we better scat before Feral tries to take us out," Razor said.

"Sure...wait...what is that?" T-Bone yelled, seeing something falling from the sky.


Shadow woke up to find herself plummeting towards the ground far below. She let out a scream then remembered... "Um sky diving lessons...chin up...legs bent...arms stretched out at the sides"

Still gripping her flashlight in a death grip, she followed her own instructions. At first, it seemed to be working although she was still falling, at least it was a bit slower but not by much. Before she could panic, a net caught her and jerked to a painful stop.

Heaving for breath, her heart still hammering in her chest, she looked around her cautiously. Relief washed over her to find she wasn't going to go splat on the ground but that relief was short lived as the net lowered to the ground fairly gently then the jet that had been carrying it landed nearby.

Two colorfully dressed figures leaped from the cockpit of the jet and landed lightly on the ground.

'Gee, wouldn't that have hurt?' She wondered, a bit addled.

The two figures ran up to her and helped remove the net from around her then they just stared. She gaped at them in turn as she got to her feet. Her heart quickened and her face paled as she stared at the two strange 'men'?.

T-Bone gaped at the odd creature then glanced over at Razor questioningly. Razor frowned then slowly moved closer to the 'person'.

Shadow was frozen in place...her fight or flight instincts unable to decide what to do.

Thinking to ease the creatures mind, T-Bone held his paws outward and spread them showing he wouldn't hurt it.

Shadow could only stare helplessly at this thing before her, trying to decide if it really meant it was friendly or not by its oddly familiar gesture of peace.

"What is it?" T-Bone asked softly of his friend.

"I don't know buddy but it doesn't look dangerous. It doesn't even have claws or fangs," Razor observed, cautiously.

Thinking she should say something at least, Shadow said, hesitantly, "um, hi.."

"Hi, yourself..." T-Bone responded automatically.

They continued to stare at each other. It was then Shadow noticed the tails swishing behind both males. She gulped as she tried to think what that could mean. Maybe some kind of elaborate costume perhaps? She reached out cautiously with her flashlight and poked T-Bone in the chest.

"Nice costumes you guys are wearing. Oh, and thanks for saving my life," she said, smiling tentatively.

"Th-thanks," T-Bone stuttered, transfixed by Shadow's odd appearance.

"Yeah, so where did you get the fur?" She asked, a little braver now that it seemed they weren't going to hurt her.

"Um, I grew it?" T-Bone answered, a bit puzzled and unable to think what else to say to this creature without upsetting it.

"Seriously?" Shadow asked, disbelief in her voice.

"Um, can I ask you something?" Razor asked, cautiously. She startled, this being the first time this other guy addressed her.

"Sure," Shadow said, a little uneasily.

"Why don't you have any fur?" He asked, looking her up and down, trying to figure out what she was exactly.

Shadow didn't like the way he kept looking her up and down but answered since she didn't know what he meant by that statement. "Huh? Are you saying that you two aren't wearing costumes? That is real fur on your bodies?" They both nodded, solemnly.

She felt her heart leap in fear but kept control of herself. She really wanted to get out of here but didn't know where here was. "Okay, so I'm thinking those tails are real too?" She said, her voice getting rather shaky.

"Yeah, they are. What's up with your odd nose and ears? Why don't you have whiskers?" T-Bone pressed her further.

That was it for Shadow as she shouted, "where the hell am I?"

Still trying to be of some help and seeing how upset the strange creature was getting, Razor backed up a bit and said lightly, "you're in Megakat City."

"What?" Shadow wasn't sure she'd heard that right.

"He said this is Megakat City," T-Bone repeated gently.

"Noooo..." Shadow began backing up, terror creeping up her spine.

"Easy...we're sorry we upset you. Let us help you..." Razor started to say, attempting to soothe the creature.

"No, this can't be...that was a military place my mother told me about..she said it was a secret so how the hell did I get here?" She demanded, angry and afraid.

"Uh, no this isn't a military place, it's a large city. Who is your mother?" Razor asked, carefully. The more information he could get the possibility they could help it.

She could only stare at Razor in shock, unable to process what he was saying nor what she was being forced to believe.

"What are you?" T-Bone asked after a long moment of silence had passed.

"I'm a human. Why? Are you two part of some kind of experiment or something?" She asked shakily, wanting to run away desperately, but her legs weren't responding.

"Human? What's that? And no I'm not an experiment, I'm a Kat." T-Bone said, surprised and really confused by its answers.

"Cat?" Shadow stared at the two. Well they did look like cats, come to think of it but that still didn't explain how they existed nor where she really was.

The pair moved backward from her then halted a few feet away so they could talk privately. She heard sirens heading her way and really didn't want to wait until they arrived but suddenly, a helicopter landed beside the jet and out of it came a really big cat. It strode briskly over to them. The sirens arrived and out of, what looked like ordinary cars, came more cats dressed in some kind of uniforms.

One of them started running toward her, yelling 'freeze, you're under arrest,' and pointing a weapon at her. That managed to unfreeze her legs and she didn't hesitate to take off running. The museum had carefully tended grounds so she ran across what she realized was a parking lot, then onto a carefully tended lawn as she raced to the rear of the huge building.

The cat that had yelled at her kept coming and managed to catch up and grab her by the arm. Shadow didn't hesitate to slam her elbow into the creature's side which caused it to let her go so she could escape.

Racing across the huge lawn at the rear of the building, she kept going until she reached a fence. Putting on a burst of speed, she leaped in the air and climbed the fence, dropping lightly on the other side. There was a street and more buildings back here. It was indeed a city of some kind. She didn't take the time to study where she was further. All she wanted was to get away and find some place where she could rest and think.

Coming upon an alley, she turned down it. So far there was no one around as she pounded frantically down the alleyway. Suddenly, toward the end she was racing for, more of those uniformed cats waited for her.

Halting abruptly, she frantically looked around for a different escape route. The buildings had no doors leading outside. She was trapped.

Suddenly a powerful arm wrapped itself around her chest, pinning her arms. Her body was pulled tightly against a huge chest. She screamed shrilly and struggled to get free, panic now having free rein over her. But, no matter how much she screamed and struggled to get away, the one holding her continued to keep a tight hold on her body without any apparent effort. Finally, her panic ran out of steam and she ceased to fight.

A voice spoke above her head. It held shock and surprise in it as it asked, "Lauren?"

Shocked, Shadow froze and turned her head to stare upward at a male's face, he had black hair and golden eyes like herself. She gaped at him but answered his question as she stared, "that's not my name, that's my mother's."

"Your mother?

"Yes, now let me go!" She pleaded.

The huge male ignored her demand and asked another question, "what was her last name?"

Shadow was puzzled at why he wanted to know and wondered if she should tell him or not, but what was the point in lying now anyway.

"Sky." She said, still eyeing him worriedly.

"Lauren Sky?" He repeated, in a strangely hushed tone.

"Yeah, so what? Let go, you're hurting me!" She whined, it did feel like he was cutting off her circulation.

"She's your mother?" He asked, needing to be sure he'd heard her correctly.

"That's what I said!" Shadow kicked his shin, but it hardly made him blink. Just how strong was he? And why did he act so strange about her mother's name? It almost seemed he knew it somehow but how could that be? Things were just getting more complicated.

"Who's your father?"

Shadow blinked in surprise. 'Okay, first he wants to know who my mother is now my father...what's up with this guy?' Aloud she demanded, "Why?"

"Who is he?" The male demanded more strongly, impatience in his voice. His whole focus was on this strange creature and he wanted answers.

"My mother told me his name was Ulysses Feral. She said he was a military commander of some kind," Shadow responded, uneasily.

The male was so stunned by the answer, he loosened his grip, that was all she needed to break free and try to run again but froze instantly when she saw she was trapped by those same uniform dressed cats at either end of the alley.

Her shoulders slumped as she stood there in defeat. "Crap!" She muttered, unhappily.

The male didn't try to grab her again as he asked softly, "how old are you?"

"Thirteen," she said, heavily then blinked as she realized something. She turned back to look at the tom that had held her.

He was the huge cat she'd seen getting out of that helicopter. Who was he? "Who are you?" She asked carefully.

She was almost afraid to know the answer. Since this whole thing started everything she was learning lead to even more confusion. Maybe it was better not to know.

He gave her a sad, lost look as he said, "I'm Commander Ulysses Feral"

She almost fainted. "That's impossible! This is all a weird dream of some people don't exist! You can't be my father...we're not even the same species...Oh man, I've just got to stop watching the SyFy channel...I just gotta wake up!" She babbled, hysterically, taking her fingers and pinching her arm...hard. The only thing that happened was it hurt and her arm now had an ugly red mark on it along with the ones made by this guy when he held her so hard.

Before either could say anything else, a blond haired cat in a uniform, pushed through the wall of others cats and ran up to them.

"This has gotta be a dream!" She repeated to herself as she wrapped her arms around herself. Then yelped as a net fell over her yet again. "What the hell?"

"I caught the alien sir," the blond cat said, saluting the one who had called himself Commander Feral.

She could see Feral was nearly turning red under that dark fur as he glared in fury at the blond. The cat seemed to miss his superior's anger as he turned and stared at Shadow as if she was a bug.

He grinned smugly at her and said, "it's certainly an ugly one."

"Look whose talking," she snarled at him, sarcastically.

He blinked at her in surprise, "hey! It speaks our language!"

Shadow rolled her eyes. "What other language would I be speaking?" She thought him a moron.

"Alien?" He said, staring at her.

"The only aliens around here is your kind," she snapped. All she wanted was to go home and forget this crazy place even existed..

"You're the alien," the idiot pointed out.

"So were both aliens big deal," Shadow said, tired of arguing with him. She tugged ineffectually at the net still surrounding her.

Feral suddenly came forward and pulled the net off.

She sighed in relief. "Thank you. Look, this has been a really lovely chat but E.T. needs to go any ideas how I might be able to do that?" She asked the big cat.

"Turn around," Feral said gruffly.

Frowning, she complied...what else could she do. Then she felt something metallic went around each of her wrists. She realized in shock, that he'd put handcuffs on her.

Giving him a hurt look when she was turned back around to face him, she was met with a grim face. Looking down at her feet she muttered, "I hope I wake up soon!" Then he was tugging on her arm and leading her down the alley.

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