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Chapter 1: Playoffs

I, Edward Cullen, am not egotistical.

It's not my fault I was one of the best and most sought after quarterbacks in the NFL. I was so fucking good, that four teams were looking to draft me by my third year of college, because I took my team to state two years in a row. I had my pick of virtually any team in the league. I chose to go with the one team I knew I could take all the way to the Super Bowl, The Dallas Cowboys.

Not only was my big brother Emmett the right tackle on the team, but my best friend Jasper was the best wide receiver in the league. I had become close friends with Mike, my center, over the past six months and he was a damn good player. My best tight end, Ben and Eric, my kicker were also the best in the league. That is why we were so damn unbeatable…well that and with my skill and leadership we were finally playing really well together.

I had brought the team to the playoffs and if we didn't win this game we were out until next season. It had been a rough fucking game and we were up against the one team we had lost to in the pre-season. I was fucking getting creamed by Green Bay's defensive line and they wouldn't let up. I might as well have been on the damn field by myself with how much protection I was getting. I had already been sacked three fucking times, three fucking times, in ten minutes. I had never been sacked in the history of my career and it was royally pissing me off.

Number sixty-two hated me, and I couldn't give a fuck one way or the other, because I hated his ass too. James was a huge ass mother and hit really fucking hard and I would swear by the look on his face that I had a huge bull's eye on my chest. I knew that asshole was going to charge right at me as soon as Mike snapped the ball and if it wasn't unnecessary roughness, I'd curb check the fucker for ruining my record.

We were down by three and I only had two god damn minutes to go in the fourth. We had been down by seven but because I was so hungry for this shit I had been pushing the team hard and now we've got a shot. We could win this fucking game easily, but coach wanted to tie and go into overtime.

Please… not gonna happen …not this game.

It was first and two and I had pushed these lazy asses forty yards in under a minute and only had one more shot to get into field goal range.

Eric had made thirty yards in practice but to trust he could pull that off in such a critical time frame would be fucking moronic, which I was not. Getting those fucking fifteen yards, so Eric could tie the game, would be like taking candy from a snot nose kid.

There's no way in hell I am taking this game into overtime with a pansy assed tie.

The snap came and before I could even get out of the pocket fucking sixty-two nearly knocked my head off. The last two plays had been a struggle to get the first down and Green Bay was making damn sure to keep it that way. I needed some coverage damn it and just wasn't getting it. I got the play from coach to get within range…


I left coach and ran into the huddle



"Coach wants us to get into range so Eric can kick this shit into overtime. I want to win this fucking game now ladies!"

"Fuck yeah!" was unanimous.

"Jazz go long…I'm gonna get this shit to you!...Emmett fucking block hard!...Ben, you and Mike keep that fucker James off my ass!...The rest of you fucking keep the line of scrimmage clear!"

"BREAK!" The huddle yelled and got to their positions.

I took a look at the clock and it was down to one minute and thirty-two seconds which was plenty of time to win this shit.

I lined up behind Mike, made sure that not one of my teammates was over the fucking line and licked my hand. I guess coach realized by the formation what I was going to do and he started yelling in the back ground

"Don't do it Cullen…Don't you Fucking do it!"

He always said I was a loose cannon and he should know better than to think I was going to try and tie a fucking game when we can spank these mother fuckers.

"Blue thirty-two….Blue thirty-two…hut…hut."

Mike, thank fuck, was a damn good center because he nearly fumbled the ball as he snapped it. He was able to recover the ball and toss it to me before it hit the ground. Emmett was blocking his mother fucking ass off and holding strong. I dropped back and zeroed in on Jazz who was in the end zone and was as wide open as a thirty dollar whore who had been paid fifty.

Sixty-two was heading strait for me like an out of control freight train and I only had seconds to get the ball off. Drawing my arm back I launched that fucker as hard as I could. Sixty-two took me down hard again and do you think I could move the fucker off me so that I could get a visual on Jasper and see if he caught the fucking ball?

No fucking luck

James was all up in my grill and spitting in my face as he yelled. "Fucking panty waste cowboy wanna be lady man…getting used to tasting the grass yet?"

I wanted to punch the fucker in the gut not giving a shit if I got tossed out of the game or not. I was sick of his sorry ass and stank breath. If I would have had some Mentos I would have shoved it in his pie hole. I rolled out from under him just as the crowd started to roar and the ref lifted his hands.

"Touchdown!" The MC yelled over the speaker system.

Emmett and Jasper where still doing their fucking retarded dance in the end zone when the team tackled them. Sixty-two decided to get viscous with me.

Bad fucking idea

I was not a hot head, but my brother was. I could easily take care of my own shit, being six-two and two hundred pounds of muscle, but Emmett still had his protective nature in him from when we were kids so he'd jump in. I would never get in his way either because I may be big, but Emm was fucking enormous at six-three and three hundred pounds of pure solid muscle.

I wanted to keep all my digits thank you very fucking much.

So I knew the minute Emmett saw what was going on with stank breath in my face he would go ape shit. I just got to my feet and turned toward James, who got nose to nose with me, when Emmett saw him up in my grill. James took a cheap shot and knocked me on my ass again

"Stay down Bitch." he said and I saw Emmett start running full force. I just started smiling.

"What you smiling at fag?" James yelled in my face as he stood over me.

"You ever been hit by a Mac truck?" I said back at him still smiling.

"What the fuck does that have to do with the price of rice in chin-…UHH?" Emmett slammed into him full force knocking the fucker down flat. I got to my feet and walked over to the stupid fuck and bent over him. I swear I could see the birdies flying around his head

"Stank breath mother fucker." I spat at him.

We left James laying there and went into the locker room. Dallas was in the playoffs, for the first time in ten years, and we were going to take this shit all the way to the Super Bowl.

"Cullen, what the fuck was that?" Coach yelled as Emmett and I made our way into the locker room.

"That" I said as I clapped him on the arm with a huge grin on my face "coach was a win."

"Hit the fucking showers and I'll deal with your ass later." he said as I kept walking. He would give some bullshit speech about how he was the coach and just because I was the best quarterback in the NFL I needed to do shit his way blah blah blah.

I hit the showers with my team and shaved before the horseplay started.

"OUCH FUCKER!" Mike yelled at Emmett who snapped him with a towel

"What's the matter Mikey.. did you lose your balls out on the field?" Emmett said as he wound the towel back up.

"Fuck you!" Mike said rubbing his ass as he left the shower.

Emmett started toward me with a shit eating grin on his face.

"Don't even fucking think about it Emm or I swear to god I'll rip your nuts off." I said as I dried my hair with a towel.

"At least I have some…yours are shriveled up like prunes cuz you never use em." He chuckled at me.

"I'm surprised with as much as you use yours they haven't fucking fell off yet." I said dropping the towel around my waist and putting on my boxer briefs. Emmett blew me a kiss as he reached down and groped his package.

"Nice Emm real nice…I can't believe you kiss mom with that mouth." I said shaking my head and putting on my pants.

"I kiss all kinds of things with this mouth." he said with a grin.

"Yeah I know." I laughed as I buttoned up my shirt. "how many things you kissing tonight with it?" I asked as I threw my shit into my bag and shut my locker.

"just one." he said pulling on his pants.

I raised my eyebrow at him "Just one for you would be like a fat man being denied access to the buffet." I said slinging my bag over my shoulder.

"Not when the meal is the new blond cheerleader." he said tying his shoe

"We got a new cheerleader?" I asked confused.

"OH .KAY… yeah, never mind you don't have balls you have a pussy…yes we got a new fucking cheerleader and she has tig ol bitties." he gripped the air like he was holding melons. I just shook my head and headed for the door hoping to avoid the media frenzy that was bound to be outside.

After twenty minutes of being mauled by the fucking camera mongers outside the locker room, I was finally able to escape with some hair on my head. That was the only part I hated about this gig, having cameras in my face every time I turned around. It got fucking old. I started toward the exit when coach yelled at me

"Not so fast Cullen!"

"Shit!" I mumbled as I turned around "Hey Coach I was just coming to find you."

"Sure you were. Look, you know how I feel about you doing whatever the hell you want on the field kid, but…good job."

I looked at him in shock "Um…thanks?"

"Look, I know the next week your suppose to be off to get rested, but can you meet me here at nine AM tomorrow…Since you went against my orders and we're going to be in the playoffs I've hired extra security…and I want you to meet the guy…he'll be here with Jake in the morning."

Oh fucking fabulous! Jake my least favorite fuck nut in the world and coaches son.

"Yeah…sure coach…no problem." I said hoping the grimace was not showing on my face.

He clapped me on the back and I turned and left.

Happy happy joy joy

Hanging with Jake was one of my least favorite things to do. I'd rather have my toenails ripped out with tweezers. Jake was a little shit and coach was completely fucking oblivious. Every time he got into trouble he was able to talk his way out of it and coach believed every word.

Jake got on my fucking nerves with all his spoiled kid bullshit and his "my dad is going to draft me to the team when I finish college" speech every fucking time he came down to visit. The kid drove me fucking crazy following me around like a lost puppy. He may have been twenty and a legal adult, but I was twenty-four and would rather hang out with a toddler. They were less whiney.

I dragged my ass to my 3500 Dodge Dooley and climbed up in hoping to get out of the parking lot without some skank jumping up on it and trying to get me to go home with her. I fired my bad boy up and cranked the stereo. I loved the speaker system, even though they were stock, it sounded like I was sporting two twelve's and a subwoofer. I left the parking lot with the radio blaring "If you're going through hell" by Rodney Atkins and drove my happy ass home to sleep.

I rolled my ass out of bed at seven thirty and jumped in the shower. I had been slapping the alarm off for the last half hour dreading that I had to go baby-sit.

Fucking Jacob Black and his Coach for a dad.

Why couldn't coach have a daughter? Maybe then I would get something other than a headache out of the deal.

Like maybe a blow job

I was definitely hard up for pussy, giving the wood I was sporting, and Emmett was right my balls were about to shrivel off from neglect. I just wasn't like the rest of my team.


I didn't like "Skippy girls" that were like peanut butter and would spread easy. I liked the shy simple ones. The lucky ones, who got my cock, had to be worth my time and football sluts were definitely not the type who deserved any. I would just have to use my hand like always because I highly doubt miss shy and simple was just going to walk into my life and do it for me.

I jerked my chain because it was getting painful, shut off the shower, quickly dried, dressed, and grabbed a bite before leaving the house. I drove slowly and made sure to hit the one freeway that had traffic hoping to be late because some idiot crashed or some shit.

No such luck.

I got to the stadium ten minutes before nine and decided to mentally prepare myself for coaches numb nuts kid with my music. I found Rob Zombie and popped it into the CD player. I was blaring Superbeast when I spotted dip shits limo already leaving the lot. I sighed heavily and turned off my truck and climbed out wishing a lightning bolt would hit me.

I knew exactly what would happen when Jacob saw me, the six foot hundred and twenty pound little fuck would square off and come at me. Of course I'd let him win and coach would praise his little fucktard, and then I'd have to hear how he beat me over and over again throughout the day.

I nodded to John the guard as I walked through the gate and he just waved. I headed for the field and as I came to the entry way I saw coach and some guy, with their backs to me, and sure as shit Jacob was right next to them. I braced myself when he looked up and saw me. He took off running and I locked my feet waiting for the impact. He shocked the holy living shit out of me when he stopped two feet from me and extended his hand.


"Hey Edward, how's it going?"

"Uh…hey Jake." I shook his hand "Good to see you again kid."

"Sure…sure…nice throw last night." he said releasing my hand.

"Thanks." I said still completely dumb-founded.

"Edward…come and meet the new head of security." coach yelled.

Jake took off back to where his dad was standing and I walked over. When I reached the group I finally understood why Jake was acting so "normal". The little shit was obviously acting like a "grown up" because he wanted to impress the guy that stood with his back to me or some shit.

"Hey coach." I said as I got to the group.

"Edward, this here is your new head of security…Charlie Swan."

Charlie turned around and extended his hand and he was nothing like I expected. The guy could actually give Emmett a run for his money and he stood nearly a hair taller than me.

"Mr. Cullen."

"Please, call me Edward." I said shaking the guys hand and understanding why coach would want the guy as head of security. I got the impression he wouldn't be fucking around on his job.

"Charlie is retired special ops and was the police chief in forks until he retired a month ago. When he heard I needed someone to watch my loose cannon of a quarterback, he volunteered. He is also one of my oldest and dearest friends." coach said slapping the guy on the back.

"Oh," I said not giving a shit as to why the guy was here and hoping we could get this over with.

"You are so full of it Black, you begged me to come because I'm the b-" Charlie started to say but he was cut off by a distant yell.


"Bells!" Jacob yelled as he took off running. I turned to where he was going.

I nearly fell over dead when I saw the fuck hot brunette coming from the stands. She was carrying an armload of books. She was wearing a tight-ass black Aerosmith t-shirt and a black mini skirt that was just barely legal. Jacob grabbed the books from her arms and they walked over to where we were standing. I swear to god my eyeballs were bugging out of my head when she got to us. I had never seen any woman so damn hot in my entire life and I swear my cock stood at attention immediately. I slid behind her dad and adjusted myself.

Get a fucking grip Cullen

"Hey Billy." She said reaching up and wrapping her arms around coach causing her skirt to ride up her thighs. I saw Jacob lower his head to try and get a closer look.

Fucking pervert

"Bella…look at you all grown up." Coach said hugging her back.

"I'm not that old." she said with a giggle.

"Yeah dad, she's only two years older than me." Jacob said rolling his eyes.

"Jacob here keeps bugging me…asking me if it's okay to date older women."

Bella turned and looked at Jacob blushing.

"Thanks dad." he huffed.

"Just keeping it real son." coach smiled.

"So did you get all registered Bells?" Charlie asked.

"Yeah dad…thanks." She said as she pulled him in for a hug looking over his shoulder and noticing me for the first time.

"Oh?…Hey." She said releasing her dad as she blushed five shades of red.

"Bells, this is Edward Cullen, quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys."

"Hi," she said extending her hand to me.

My cock twitched in my pants as I realized I was wrong. Miss shy and simple had just walked right up to me. I turned on the charm knowing women couldn't resist me when I was dazzling them full force, but I went completely blank for the first fucking time in my life. I had no idea what to do.

I saw the scowl now on Jacobs face as he realized what I was trying to do and it brought me great pleasure and back to reality.

He was trying to get up Bella's skirt and I just cock blocked the douche. I couldn't resist torturing that little wing nut for all the fucking times I had to take his shit, so I reached out, grabbed Bella's hand and flipped it palm down. I brought it to my mouth and laid one extra long kiss on the back of her hand before releasing it.

"Ma'am" I said politely.

Charlie cleared his throat and coach snickered as she blushed even darker and tucked her hand behind her back.

"Let's get you to your apartment Bells, shall we?" Jacob said moving over to her side still scowling at me knowing there was no way in hell he could win this one. I so had to give myself an internal pat on the back for being such a smooth mother fucker.

"Okay…sure." she said still blushing as she stared at me. Jake took her by the arm and started leading her off the field. I was definitely not done with either of them yet. I wanted him to squirm and her under me.

"Hey coach, Jake's ride pulled off as I pulled in." I said as Jake turned around with a NO FUCKING WAY look on his face.

"Damn, I forgot I told them to leave." coach said scratching his head.

"I don't have any plans for today…I wouldn't mind…giving them a ride." I said with a smile knowing I would definitely give her a ride all night if she'd let me. I swear I saw Bella blush again I would swear she knew what I was thinking and Jake was shaking his head in protest when his dad looked up.

"Yeah...Cullen if you don't mind…that would be great."

"No problem coach." I said as I walked over to Jake who was definitely pissed and grabbed some of the books from his arm.

"Shall we?" I said offering my arm to Bella and not surprised she took it.

I swear I heard Jake whine behind us as we walked. I bet if I would have turned around he was stomping his feet like a little bitch throwing a tantrum. I knew I shouldn't be gloating but I was. I hadn't had sex in…fuck nine months and was due to get a little and Bella was definitely my type. Besides, the little fuck Jake deserved everything he was getting, or not getting by the looks of it, for me having to put up with his shit. Who knows maybe we can ditch his ass quickly and Bella will give me a little hide and suck. This was going to be a very fun fucking day after all.

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