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Chapter 5: Edward Cullen is an asshole!


"BELLA HE BET ME HE COULD FUCK YOU!" I heard Jacob yell on the other side of the door, through the banging. It pulled me right out of my state of euphoria into reality.

I reached my arms up between Edward and I, because he wasn't stopping with his assault on my nipples, and shoved him backwards.

"WHAT IS HE TALKING ABOUT?" I yelled angrily as I picked the shirt up off the floor.

"I have no fucking clue what the little douche is talking about, but I sure as hell am going to find out," Edward growled as he walked to his door. He opened the door with such force I thought it was going to break off the hinges.

"What the fuck are you doing here Black?" he growled at Jake.

"Stopping you," he said as he pushed past Edward. Jake didn't get very far before Edward grabbed him by the arm and through him up against the wall.

"Get the fuck out of my house!" Edward yelled.

"Not without her," Jake said pointing to me. I was completely shocked not knowing what the fuck was going on.

"She's not going anywhere with you Black." Edward shoved Jake toward the door.

"Bella…listen to me…you are just a bet to him," Jake said over his shoulder as Edward shoved him again.

"STOP!" I yelled angrily as I walked over to them. "What are you talking about Jacob?" I asked poking him in the chest.

"Bella he's just fucking jealous," Edward spat as he pushed him again.

"You need to quit this shit Edward it's not funny anymore," Jacob said as he shook his head.

"What…what isn't funny Jake?" I questioned looking between the two of them.

"Edward here, bet me he could get you into bed Bells…it was stupid of me to agree…I never thought he would do it," Jacob stated matter-of-factly.

"Is that true Edward…am I a FUCKING BET!" I yelled.

"Yes, but-"

I didn't let him even finish explaining before my hand punched the side of his face. "FUCK YOU!...lets go Jake" I growled and started walking toward the door.

"Bella wait!" He shouted rubbing his jaw.

"Not for you," I spat as I opened the door.

"He's the one who drugged you," Edward growled and I spun around.

"What the fuck are you talking about Cullen?" Jacob asked.

"Bella was drugged with GHB last night Black, and I'm pretty fucking sure you did it."

"C'mon Bells you know I would never do that," Jacob said holding on to me tightly.

"Fuck you Black…you know you did it," Edward yelled with clench fists. I knew shit was going to escalate.

"Maybe you did it Cullen," he countered.

"And why the fuck would I drug her?" He growled getting nose to nose with him.

"He probably drugged you so he could win the damn bet," Jacob said pushing Edward off of him. I took a couple steps away from them as my stomach lurched.

"Isabella," Edward pleaded

I was pissed off royally. Jacob was my best friend and there was no way he would do such a thing. Edward on the other hand, was a man whore. I walked over to Edward calmly, put my hands on his arms gently so he wouldn't have any clue of what I was going to do. I smiled and did what any pissed off woman would do. I kneed him in the nuts.

"FUUUUCK!" Edward gasped as he hit the ground hard.

"GO FUCK YOURSELF!" I spat at him before getting in the car with Jacob. We left Edward holding his junk on his lawn. You would think it would be a good feeling, but it took all I had not to cry on the drive home.

Almost two weeks later…


And yet I can't get him out of my head.

I kept thinking about that morning when I realized I was in Edward's house, I couldn't control the perma grin. I had fantasized about that moment for years. I had been so nervous in the club being around him that I drank myself senseless. I tried to settle my nerves to be around Edward and ended up getting plowed instead. I didn't have a clue how I got to his bedroom or why I was naked, but I knew I needed to flee fast. I was just about to sneak out of the bed when I heard Edward.

"Yes baby that's it scream my name," he said and I knew he was having one hell of a dream. I felt like I was invading his privacy so, I yelled for him to wake up, but he didn't.

I nearly passed out when he rolled over and was yanking his chain in his sleep. I know I should have quickly turned my head, but the size of his dick was enormous. It had to be at least nine inches long and three inches in girth. I think my eyes popped out of my head and when he moaned my name I had to stifle a gasp.

"You like that don't you…you naughty girl," Yep he was having an erotic dream…about me. I instantly blushed twelve shades of red.

The explicit coming from Edward's mouth at that moment was making me almost orgasm. I screamed for him to wake up one more time and his eyes flew open. I don't know who was more embarrassed when he realized what he was doing me or him.

Of course just like a testosterone filled male Edward tried to hide the fact he had just woken up next to me, while dreaming about me, and getting himself off in his sleep.

I thought for sure I was going to get what I wanted from him that day, and almost did, until Jake interrupted us.

It has been almost two weeks since the day at Edwards house. Jacob assured me that he really didn't think anything would come of the bet he made with Edward. He also believes Edward was the one who drugged me. Jake said he couldn't allow me to be in a situation where I was tossed aside after Edward won, because he cared about me too much. I kicked myself over and over knowing Edward Cullen played me. He was not attracted to me. He just wanted to see how worked up he could get me before I broke. He hadn't taken me home the night before just to be kind. He was just going to try and use me to win the fucking bet.


I would take Jake's annoying ass first, because Jake was at least kind and would never use me like Edward.

I had been friends with Jacob for years and knew he had an evil side. Hell, my dad was the one who covered up most of his, "misunderstandings", and Billy wasn't stupid he just chose to ignore it. I sure as hell knew the kind of things Jake had done as a teenager. Jacob was not capable of violence toward women though, which I was pretty sure that was what the drug was used for. I also had to wonder how it was Edward knew right away about the drug. That just didn't seem right.


Jacob of course thought he was going to come up to my dorm room, but he was terribly mistaken. I couldn't get rid of the aching pain in my chest that somehow was a result of Edward. I told Jake I had a headache and I'd call him later. Jacob was left moping, but I didn't care he would get over it. I wasn't about to talk to him either. Jake needed to stew on it for a while for playing his part in the whole damn mess.

I walked into my room kicked off my shoes and plopped down on the bed. I nearly jumped out of my skin when my phone started ringing. I looked at the caller ID which said Edward and sighed. I sent it to voicemail and put the phone on my dresser. I started getting ready to shower, because I was still only in the tee-shirt Edward had given me. Jacob had covered me with a blanket in his car, thank god, because I had left without my clothes. Before I was even completely undressed my phone started ringing again. I walked over to the dresser and picked it up. It was Jacob so I silenced it and went back to what I was doing. I finally ended up shutting the damn thing off because they were being persistent ass's and calling every five minutes.

I had been avoiding all of their phone calls ever since. They were coming at regular intervals and I thought about changing my number. I decided against it because it wouldn't have helped anyway, because if when my phone wasn't ringing my doorbell was.

I was getting bouquets and bouquets of flowers with cards of apology on them from Edward. The fucker even sent me a singing telegram. I finally broke and listened to a couple of my voicemails from him:

"Bella I'm so sorry, if you will just let me explain…I did make a bet with Jacob, but that was before I knew you. Please let me explain." Then the other I heard started out apologetic, but became more demanding

"Bella please call me. I want to know if you received the flowers…I just want to apologize…I really fucked up and I really am sorry…Stay away from Jacob I swear to you I didn't drug you it was him…"

Finally last night's message

"Isabella pick up the damn phone, I'm sorry and I want to see you. Call me back."

I hadn't heard a word since that message and the flowers had stopped. I wasn't sure if it was because he finally gave up or because he was playing a football game later tonight. I really wish I didn't give a shit, but I was completely in turmoil over everything. I was aching to be with him again and I couldn't flipping concentrate or function. Edward Cullen had gotten to me and I was going to cave...eventually.

Fuck I was screwed!


The last two weeks have been fucking hell. Bella would not return any of my calls and has completely disappeared from the football circuit. I've tried everything I can fucking think of to get her to at least let me explain. I sent her flowers and even a fucking singing telegram for god sake, but nothing. I had been practicing like shit and nearly lost us a game Saturday. My head was on Bella instead of where it should have been. I called a button hook right in the huddle and completely fucked up and threw an oopty oop. Thank fuck Jasper is good at reading me. He was able to adjust and caught the ball just in time to make a touchdown. I have gone completely mad and my dominant side had all but taken over.

I pulled up to the Iron Mask knowing if I didn't get release soon I would explode. I also hoped it would get my fucking mind off Isabella Swan. I had been coming here off and on since Jessica. It was the only place within a hundred miles that allowed people with my fetish to act out. I got out of my car and headed to the brick building with its heavily tinted glass door. I walked to the doors and couldn't help but to be overwhelmed by how large the place was. It used to be a warehouse used for raves, but when Demitri found it he knew it was the right place for his business.

I walked into the club and was greeted immediately by Heidi. I waved her off not wanting to deal with her at the moment. I needed to let off some steam first. I walked right past the tables with fucking drunken pot bellied assholes who were watching the dominatrix strip on stage, to the double doors in the back.

I opened the door and walked inside stepping into the main room. It was a beautiful deep red with a chandelier and a chase lounge. I didn't take a seat and I didn't check in because I had been a member since it opened. I didn't have to pass go or collect two hundred dollars like these other fuckers sitting down. I did however; feel bad for the fools because the shitload of papers they would have to sign was ridiculous, but necessary. The confidentiality agreement alone was six pages. The safe sex forms, rules and yearly fee paperwork took forever.

I waved to Marcus who was in his three piece suit behind the desk. He waved back just as Jane looked up from fixing her tight as fuck cocktail dress. If you didn't get passed Marcus and Jane you had no fucking clue what was here. They looked innocent to the naked eye, but if you didn't belong here or follow the rules those two would fuck your shit up fast.

I opened the next set of doors where all the action took place. The long hallway was black and red, the walls were lined with autographed photos of famous porn stars. I walked right past the oriental room with its semi private area and two couches, but couldn't help but notice the orgy going on.

I walked past the plantation room with its king sized bed, which was getting used by a group of people who were fucking their selves senseless. I walked past the Hollywood room with its black iron bed and shag rug with the two women tied to it with their boyfriends going down on them.

That shit was always happening in these rooms. Either couples were getting their freak on or couples who wanted a threesome would bring others from the club back here and do their business. That wasn't my scene. I need the hard core shit so I bypassed all that and went straight into the dungeon.

The dungeon was a series of closed rooms for VIP's like me. It's where the hardcore dominating took place. It was also the only private area in the fucking place. The other rooms were open circuit and anyone could watch, but people like me needed to keep a lid on their shit so, Demitri put this one in here special.

It was decorated just like a dungeon with its cement walls and floors. The doors to the rooms looked like cells because of the bars on them. Shackles and chains were scattered all around the walls for decoration. It really would give you a haunting feeling at first sight.

I took a look around and most of the rooms had red lights outside the doors indicating they were fucking occupied, but I got lucky. The last room on the right was still green; I took off toward it and opened the door.

I was instantly engulfed in exactly what I needed. The room had everything from floggers to chains on the wall. The cross was on the far wall and in front of it was the whipping bench. Nipple, and genital clamps where scattered around on shelves between different vibrators and ball gags, the king sized bed was in the middle of the room, which was under the moving trusses hanging from the ceiling. Those were fucking fun as shit when you knew what you were doing. You could move your sub from a standing position to a laying position instantly.

I removed my shirt, shoes and socks and sat them on the bench by the door. I walked over to the floggers and ran my finger across them hoping one would jump out at me. Nothing happened so I just picked up the last fucking one hanging. I flipped the switch on the wall indicating I needed a sub and almost instantly one emerged out of the sliding panel which dubbed as a two way mirror in the room.

Demitiri had installed them five years ago when one of his girls were severely beaten even after she used the safe words. He monitors them regularly to make sure none of that fucking shit happens again.

"Get in your waiting position," I ordered without taking a second glance at her, she dropped to her knees. I turned around and saw the long dark hair hanging to her shoulders, just as she placed her hands on the floor by her sides and hung her head. "What's your name?" I asked through a lump in my throat, because she was reminding me of the one person I was here to forget.

"Master, my name is Charlotte," she replied back

"Well Charlotte, what shall we do with you this evening," I said as I ran the flogger across her naked back.

Demitiri always had his women trained properly thank fuck. Each one had no hard limits and if they did you were told before hand. They also came to you naked as a jaybird and obedient.

"Whatever master wishes."

"Stand," I ordered and she complied, but she didn't look me in the eye.

"We will be using the standard safe words of red, green and yellow tonight," I said running the flogger across her chest. I stopped on her right breast, and ran it across her nipple, making it perk in anticipation. I leaned down and flicked her nipple with my tongue before proceeding to the left.

"Yes Master," she moaned from the contact.

"I think we'll start off with a little spanking," I said. She quickly walked to the bench and laid face down across it. Her dark hair cascaded across her back and agin it made me think of the one person I didn't want to fucking be thinking about. I would get Bella out of my mind with this, I just had too.

I ran the flogger down Charlotte's spine across her ass and between her legs. I pushed her legs open farther with the end before rubbing her backside with my hand. I lifted the flogger and brought it down making her moan with pleasure. I felt my dick start to come alive as I smacked her ass the second time and by the fourth time I was about to break my pants open.

I could see the wetness between Charlottes legs and I just had to touch it. I moved the flogger to my left hand and cupped Charlotees sex with my right. God it felt good. I could feel the heat coming off of her.

"You are enjoying yourself aren't you?" I asked as I ran my finger across her slit. Of course, she didn't speak because I never gave her permission.

"You may speak freely," I told her as I rubbed my finger across her clit.

"Yes master," She replied.

"Do you want to come for me Charlotte?" I asked and dipped my finger inside her.

"Yes if master would let me" she moaned.

God I loved this shit. It was the best feeling in the whole fucking world to be in control of someones sexual pleasure. I forgot how erotic and sensual it was. I needed this. This was my way to get rid of Bella once and for all.

I needed to see more of the pleasure spot I wanted to please, so I grabbed hold of Charlottes hips and bent her knees slightly, opening her up for me. I strapped her right ankle down and then her left, before walking to her head and doing the same with her wrists.

"I want you to scream for me," I told her, as I grabbed the vibrating ring off the shelf for my finger. I loved using this fucking thing. Not only could I fuck them with my fingers, but the vibrations would make the orgasm that more intense. I took my place between her legs as I placed the ring on my finger. I smacked her ass once for good measure, before I turned the ring on, and slid my fingers into the place they needed to be. I instantly heard a moan come from her lips and my dick twitched with joy. This is what I loved. This was what I was supposed to do. This was my world I had been neglecting.

I started a rhythm between my fingers inside of her and smacking her ass with the flogger, I still had in my left hand. I could tell she was getting close by the moans and her breathing, so I kicked it up a notch. I rotated my hand, so I could use my thumb on her clit, in rhythm with what I was already doing. I was fucking enjoying myself. I could feel the wetness at the tip of my dick through my pants. I knew it wouldn't take me long to get off when I was ready. I felt Charlottes inside walls start to constrict.

"I want to hear you…scream for me" I ordered and picked up my pace with my fingers. I smacked her with the flogger hard and sent her into orgasm. She screamed so loud I couldn't help but smile. I rode her orgasm out before withdrawing my hands. I placed the flogger on the bench, before quickly untying her ankles and wrists, massaging them as I went.

I reached over on the shelf and grabbed a foil packet.

"Stand," I commanded and she did. "Get on your knees," I ordered as I undid my zipper and pulled my erection out. "You are not allowed to touch me, or talk, and you will take everything I give you" I said as I tore the foil packet open and rolled the condom on. Charlotte stayed quiet knowing better than to speak. I had taken away her right to do so.

I gripped the back of her head and she opened her mouth. I started moving forward, but before I could enter her mouth, she looked at me with dark brown eyes. I couldn't do it.


All I could see was Bella and my dick started to get soft.

"FUCK!" I groaned as I let go of Charlotte's head. I took the condom off, threw it in the garbage and zipped my pants back up. I thanked her and dismissed her before getting fully dressed and walking my ass back out into the club. I sat down, and thank fuck Heidi was right there with a bottle of Jose, waiting for me. I took the bottle, got up, and sat in front of the stage and started chugging that shit like water.

"Hey little brother, I thought I'd find you here," Emmett said taking a seat.

"I needed some release," I said staring at the stage in front of me. There was a dominatrix leading her sub around by a dog collar on his hands and knees.

"Did you get what you needed?" he asked as Heidi brought over a beer.

"Fuck…no," I groaned and took another drink. "I couldn't fucking do it," I said as I sat back down the bottle.

"Hmm I see…and why's that little brother?" he said with a hint of a smile.

"Fuck you Emmett you know why," I growled at him.

I was in love with Isabella fucking Swan!

"So, what are you going to do about it?" he asked me all knowing.

"What else can I do…she won't fucking take my calls…I've sent so many fucking flowers to her, her dorm probably looks like a florist shop….what the fuck else do I do big brother?" I took another drink.

"Why doesn't Edward fucking Cullen get off his ass and put a little effort into this shit?" he chuckled

"Edward fucking Cullen has been putting effort into it," I shot back.

"BULLSHIT!" he yelled. "You haven't done shit to make amends…you haven't drove over there and apologized-"

"She wouldn't fucking listen Emm even if I did," I sighed.

"The Edward Cullen I know would make her listen...he wouldn't give up so damn easily," he said as he stood up and placed a twenty on the table. "But what the fuck do I know," he said and walked away.

I didn't sit there long after Emmett left. My head was spinning. I stood up and i swear i was like one of those cartoon characters, who get a lightbulb above their head, when they finally get it. I nearly ran to my car when the fucking idea smacked me head on. I had the proof I needed to show Bella who the real fucking Jacob Black was. I could win her back.

I jumped in my car and drove like a crazy motherfucker all the way to my house. I ran inside, opened the safe, and pulled out the one set of documents I had been holding onto.

Why the fuck didn't I think of this before?

I quickly shut the safe and almost slammed my ass in the door I was hurrying so fast. I jumped in my car and took off for the university. I arrived at the campus and didn't even bother to give a shit that I parked in a handicapped spot. I needed to get to Bella and fast. I ran up the stairs, pushing slow ass people out of my way, and skidded to a stop in front of her door.

I prayed like hell she was in her room. I lifted my hand to pound on the door, but before I could connect, the fucking thing opened and Jacob was staring me in the face.

This was going to be sweeter than I thought.

"What the fuck are you doing here Cullen?" he asked trying to shut the door behind him so Bella couldn't see me.

I pushed the door open and saw her sitting on the bed "Bella…just give me two minutes." Bella's head snapped toward me not realizing I was there. Her face was streaked with tears and she looked confused.

Please God don't let me be to late.

"Get the fuck out Cullen, she doesn't want to see you." Jake tried shoving me out the door.

"I'll fucking leave after she sees this," I said tossing the police report, and doctors report, from Tanya's incident at Bella. I just hoped I wasn't too late. By the way Bella was looking Jacob may have already won this motherfucker.

Is Edward too late?

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