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Chapter 18: Discord

"By union the smallest states thrive. By discord the greatest are destroyed."

By the time Harry returned to Hogwarts the birds were chirping as the shade of night turned from darkness to that grey color that happens just before dawn. Harry had left Luna safely tucked into her bed at the Rookery, the young girl had moaned and tried to cling to Harry as he divested himself of her and carefully tucked her under her sheets. A little part in the back of his mind made him want to stay, but Harry knew that he had to leave if he wanted to get back to Hogwarts in time to pretend that he had slept the night through in his dorm, so had left Luna to her dreams.

Harry and Luna had worked on her mind through the night, and it had been surprisingly painful to the young girl as they not only brought a form of order to the chaos of her mind but also relived the death of Luna's mother and watched the memories of Xenophilius slowly drifting out of his daughter's life in his sorrow induced eccentricity. The experience had left Luna exhausted, and she passed out soon after completion.

Harry had gathered the slumped unconscious form of Luna into his arms to keep her warm, only carrying her to bed after the sound of her breathing and heart beat slipped into a more natural sleeping rhythm.

Now it was back to Hogwarts, as apparently the Ravenclaws were scheduled to have a potions class today before being let out of class for the weekend, and Harry wanted to begin dealing with the greasy apothecary with delusions of grandeur, aka Professor Snape. Nobody challenged a predator and got away without a response. If Snape wanted to play that game with Harry, he was going to be in for a rude awakening.

Breakfast went well. Several of the Ravenclaw students took the time to stop by Harry's seat in the Great Hall to say hello or ask him some transfiguration related questions. Harry was magnanimous in his replies and pasted a smile on his face as the students smiled and tried to cozy up to him. Harry relied heavily on the memories of Scorpio and the training Sirius had forced upon him on how to act respectfully and confidently towards the students; never letting the mask slip, yet not over playing the role too much so that he came across as being boorish or appearing to be a braggart. Sirius had told Harry the trick to winning the ladies and influencing men is to have a certain level of swagger, a kind of cocky air that says, 'I'm good and I know it, you want me or you want to be like me,' yet to never go into the realm of the annoying braggart.

Draco Malfoy had the braggart role all locked up, and there were several partially hidden looks from the Slytherin table that showed that people were noticing the differences between Harry's actions and manners versus Draco's. Harry glanced over at Draco, his examination of the blonde was spotted and Harry's analytical look received a cocky sneer in return.

'Dear Draco will have to learn a lesson soon, perhaps he'll get the point after tonight.' Harry thought to himself as he looked away from the smirking inbred albino.

Harry turned his attention back to his classmates and chuckled at the appropriate time when a student made a joke that Harry didn't really take the time to think about.

Collecting his bag, Harry got up and started to head for the Great Hall doors, the students around him quickly grabbed their things and proceeded to follow Harry's lead.

At the head table, Albus Dumbledore's eyes twinkled as he too left the Great Hall and proceeded to his office.

Dumbledore had ten years to make plans for the molding of the Boy-Who-Lived, and he had tailored and tweaked those plans down to the finest details. With Harry Potter rejoining the wizarding world, it was now time to sit back and watch those plans play out before him; at least that is what he hoped would happen.

Albus Dumbledore was having problems keeping tabs on Harry. The headmaster assumed that the castle's charms were on the fritz as every time he tried to check up on where Harry was and watch the boy's interactions through the magic of the castle, all Albus received was a view of the toilet in the staff water closet; Dumbledore was still shaken from his view of Professor Trelawney going number 2 in the loo.

However the charms that allowed Dumbledore to monitor classrooms were still working and the headmaster knew that he could watch the proceedings in the potions class. It was time for one of his carefully tailored plans to come to fruition, as Dumbledore knew that the Potter boy must be made to be humbled and kept that way in order for Dumbledore to manipulate, aka 'guide', Harry to his proper destiny. That is where Severus Snape and his loathing of all things 'Potter' came into play.

Reclining in the high backed chair in the headmaster's office, Albus Dumbledore plucked a lemon sherbet out of his candy dish and popped it in his mouth before tapping his wand on his desk and watching as a view of the potions classroom came into view; as if a camera had been mounted in a corner of the room. The view was a general view of the classroom, not the most detailed and not capturing every aspect of the room, but it still gave Albus a view of the seated children and would show the back of Severus's head when he arrived in the room and proceeded to teach. Albus saw that he was right on time, as the view of the room showed Professor Snape snap the door open before billowing into the classroom.

'Showtime!' Albus though with a puckered smile, the sweet and sour tang of the candy making his face screw up in a weird sort of look.

'Showtime,' Harry thought to himself with a slightly evil smile as he watched Severus Snape stomp into the room, black robes billowing behind.

Snape proceeded to the front of the room where the teacher's work table was covered in bubbling and hissing potions, small steaming silver cauldrons, and jar upon jar of rare or shocking potions ingredients. Then, Snape turned with a dramatic flip of his billowing robe and quickly began to address the classroom of Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs in a deep but quiet voice.

"You are here to learn the subtle science and exact art of potion-making," Snape began in a quiet voice that traveled throughout the room. "As there is little foolish wand-waving here, many of you will hardly believe this is magic. I don't expect you will really understand the beauty of the softly simmering cauldron with its shimmering fumes, the delicate power of liquids that creep through human veins, bewitching the mind, ensnaring the senses - I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death - if you aren't as big a bunch of dunderheads as I usually have to teach."1.

Snape's somewhat quiet melodramatic monologue was mostly ignored by Harry, but Harry noted out of the corner of his eye that many of the students were both captivated and intimidated by the dark clothes wearing professor.

About then, Snape finished his speech and swung to face Harry, "Mr. Potter!" Snape snapped while raising his voice, obviously hoping to catch Harry off guard as the students around Harry all jumped at the sudden change in tone.

Harry merely let a small smile grow on his face and raised an eyebrow as he locked eyes with the professor.

The slight smile on Harry's face aggravated Severus, so he spat out a second statement, "Mr. Potter, Why haven't you answered my addressing you? What, cat got your tongue?" The professor snarled, locking eyes with Harry but not daring to test Harry's mental barriers at that moment.

Harry continued to just stare at the professor for a moment, raising the level of tension in the room for a second before calmly answering Snape, "I'm sorry Sir, was there a question that I was supposed to answer when you said my name?" He politely replied. The smile on Harry's face looked so innocent that butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. Yet to Snape, he saw the smile and could only see the image of his hated nemesis James Potter.

A vein in Snape's forehead started to throb as the potions professor's pallid complexion began to redden.

"Fine Potter," Snape snidely replied. "What would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?"

"Why Draught of Living Death of course." Harry answered back politely, not letting his mask of civility slip as all the eyes on the class seemed to ping-pong back and forth between Harry and the professor.

Snape started to get a bit more angry, "Where would you find a bezoar Potter?" The professor snarled, the students quickly looked from the questioning teacher to the student for the answer.

"A stomach of a goat sir. I believe the closest batch would be behind Aberforth Dumbledore's bar in Hogsmeade." Harry quickly answered, still smiling back at the professor. Only Snape could see that Harry's eyes didn't match the smile and were challenging him.

Snape accepted the challenge and started to rapid fire questions at Harry.

"Fast! What's the difference between monkshood and wolfsbane?" Snape lashed out.

Harry rapidly replied, his smile growing even larger, "Nothing sir, same thing as aconite actually."

"How long must the lacewing flies be stewed before adding them to a polyjuice potion?" Snape bit out, his face growing more and more red in color as he yelled questions faster and faster.

Harry was replying just as quickly as the questions were coming at him, Harry's smile growing larger as Snape's sneering scowl grew deeper, "Twenty-one days sir."

"Final ingredient to the laxative potion!" Snape yelled.

By now the Dumbledore's view of the room showed the student's heads seeming to pivot back and forth like watching a bouncing ball; first looking at Snape, then whipping to look at Harry, then back again and repeat. The combined class of Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs were staring open mouthed at the scene going on before them.

"Agrimony sir." Harry replied, continuing the façade of being at peace while Snape fell apart.

Severus, who was about to lose any remaining composure that he had yelled out one more question at Harry, spittle flying from his mouth in his rage, "What's the final color and composure of the Felix Felicis potion upon completion?" Snape roared.

Harry waited for two seconds, merely smiling as the professor began to pant in pent up anger before calmly and quietly answered, "Why it's a gold color sir, with droplets that seem to leap about the surface of the potion like little goldfish. Is that what we are going to be learning today sir, as I thought that was an above NEWT level potion?" Harry politely replied.

The students eyes all went big as they turned and stared at Snape.

It was at that moment that Mount Snivellus blew its top.

"BAAAAAAHHH! Fifty points from Ravenclaw for being an insufferable know it all and report to the Headmaster for detention!" Snape yelled at the top of his lungs. Sweat stained the professor's collar and Severus had spittle flying from his mouth in great gobs that splattered across the front rows of the classroom.

Heaving and panting in front of the class, the class was all stunned to silence as the normally stayed sneering professor totally lost his composure.

Harry's smile turned to a quick frown, and he dropped his hands to the desk as if he was going to push himself up from his desk, a malevolent sparkle came to his eyes.

As Harry's palms hit the top of the table, so did an elemental wave of air crush and splatter every single caldron, simmering potion and supposedly unbreakable ingredient bottle on Snape's desk; flinging a mist of pureed magical ingredients, animal flesh, potions and highly toxic chemicals over the professor and into the air around the man.

It happened in an instant, and that wasn't even the full extent of the damage, for as the particle mist hit the still burning fire that had been heating the small silver caldron, the particle spray turned into an immolating blast of fire and concussive force similar to an aerial fuel bomb igniting.

The entire castle shook as the students throughout the classroom, the chairs, the contents on the desks and even the desks themselves were blown over by the pure concussive BOOM that rocked the room; the immediate wave of heat seemed to flash dry the skin on the student's faces and the scent of burnt hair filled the room as the students' eyebrows and bangs were scorched and sizzled by the heat.

All of the students were dazed and it took at least a minute before the ringing in their ears got to the point where they could hear the mix of moaning and groaning from the other students around them. Harry was also similarly affected by scorched clothing and hair and had been pushed off his feet and tumbled backwards with the rest of the class by the force of the explosion; though his skin had quickly armored over at the instance of the explosion, saving him from any real bruising or broken bones.

Pushing the desk that had fallen on top of him off till it was no longer pinning his legs, Harry got up and stepped his way towards the front of the room where Snape had been standing when the explosion went off.

The front of the room was charred black, and the supposedly charmed stone walls were pitted and scorched from the force of the explosion and the release of the magic that had been contained in the potions and ingredients that had been on the teacher's desk.

Harry walked around behind the now cracked potions desk that had lined the front of the room, and looked down at the charred barely wheezing remains of Severus Snape.

Harry cackled evilly inside his head, 'Wa ha ha ha ha! So funny! That went a hell of a lot better than I hoped it would.' He chortled to himself internally.

The body of Severus Snape was a bloody blistered charred remains that could be likened more to a corpse than a living human being. The potion master's greasy hair had melted and stuck in clumps to the man's scalp in bubbling masses while the formerly hooked nose had been melted off the man's face along with his ears, lips, and his once dark eyes. A small gasping breath seemed to wheeze in and out of the man whose flesh seemed to bubble and flake off even as Harry stood grinning down at the former tormentor. Harry remembered catching a peak at the TV through the cracks in his cupboard at the Dursleys, and remembered seeing Dudley and Vernon watch the first Star Wars movie. Right now, Severus Snape's charbroiled body reminded Harry of the remains of Luke Skywalker's aunt and uncle after the stormtroopers had gotten done roasting them.

A whooshing sound and a flash of orange light caught out of the corner of his eye was Harry's only warning that he was no longer by himself standing next to Snape.

Quickly dropping a mask of fear and sorrow onto his face, Harry quickly turned around and saw that the Headmaster had just appeared via phoenix fire.

"Headmaster! Headmaster! You've got to help him! I don't know what happened. He was shouting questions, then he sent me out of the room and I felt a flash of magic when I was disappointed that he didn't like my answers. And now Professor Snape is hurt! You've got to help him sir." Harry said, thinking to himself about every time he had been hurt or insulted as a child so that he could make his eyes tear up. Harry's hands grabbed a hold of the headmaster's robes and tugged on them in turn with his pleas for help; in reality his actions where causing Dumbledore more distraction than good as the old man was trying to fend Harry off so that he could start helping Severus. Presious moments were passing in which Dumbledore needed to save Snapes life, and Harry was secretly having a blast waylaying the Headmaster.

"Now now Mr. Potter, it will be alright. Let go Harry. Let go of my robes dear boy so that I can help the man." Dumbledore stated, at first torn between being grandfatherly towards Harry but eventually just pushing Harry away so that he could start firing healing spells at Snape.

Both Dumbledore and his phoenix worked tirelessly for the next few minutes trying to stabilize the horribly wounded professor. Neither of them noticed Harry who was smirking down at them with his back to the rest of the classroom.

Another couple of minutes progressed before Madame Pomfrey ran into the room wheezing and panting from sprinting through the castle.

Looking over the children and seeing that none of them were in immediate danger, the school healer picked her way through the debris until she stood next to the Headmaster and Harry at the front of the room.

Poppy gasped when she saw the body of Severus, and she immediately joined the Headmaster in casting spells to try and save the life of the potions professor.

After another minute, Poppy stated that Snape was stable enough to be taken to St. Mungos. Then with a flash of fire, Poppy, Dumbledore, and the toasted Snape disappeared from the room.

Behind them they left a moaning group of students with scrapes, burns, cuts and the occasional broken bone.

Harry allowed himself another couple seconds to savor the moment and capture the memory to share with Sirius later before turning to face the class with a mask of determination.

Pulling his wand from his sleeve, Harry quickly set about righting the desks and freeing the students trapped underneath the classroom's furniture before he started to use healing spells to mend the students.

Harry organized the least injured students to spread the word to the heads of houses of what happened while teaching a couple of the quicker Ravenclaw students simple healing spells that would mend any cuts or scrapes.

'Mustn't lead the lambs to slaughter before they are nice and plump and ready.' Harry internally smirked as he played the part of hero and leader to the injured first years. 'After all, even the shepherd will save the lost and injured lamb that will eventually adorn his plate.' Harry continued to think to himself as he organized the Hufflepuffs into teams of litter-bearers who helped to move the two students with broken legs.

Harry maneuvered the situation perfectly. By the time the Headmaster would return to deal with Harry, the entire school would be talking about The-Boy-Who-Lived teaching spells equal to a Ravenclaw far above his years, as well as the fact that he was as loyal as any Hufflepuff in that he cared and tended to his classmates even when he was also 'injured.' The Gryffindors in turn were mollified about Harry not getting sorted into their house; half of them liking Harry because of his courage to charge to the front of the room to help Snape, the other half because he was responsible for frying Snape.

Yes, by the time the evening meal rolled around and the Headmaster returned to the school to deal with Harry, the story about the Harry's 'accidental magic' and 'savior skills' would have spread throughout the school and even throughout wizarding Britain.

In other news, throughout the United Kingdom there were many toasts raised to The-Boy-Who-Lived for frying Severus Snape to a crisp; the Boy-Who-Lived had also become the boy who had fulfilled the dreams of the majority of witches and wizards who had gone to Hogwarts.

Harry had sacrificed his day to playing the hero for the Hogwarts students, though he had thought his day turned out rather well and had been unable to keep himself from laughing his head off at dinner when Pomona Sprout had come running into the Great Hall screaming for reinforcements.

'Who knew that Devil's Snare got frisky when given large quantities of fertilizer?' Harry joked to himself as he heard the tale of what the seventh year Ravenclaw boys had seen when they followed Professor Sprout back to the greenhouses and found one overflowing with amorous Devil's Snare tentacles. Apparently the two sixth year Hufflepuff girls who helped their head of house water plants had been too busy gossiping to each other to realize the danger before they walked into the greenhouse where the first year Ravenclaws had held their class.

According to the 7th year Ravenclaw perfect who had been there, speaking in almost an academic tone, the age old interplay between tentacle plant and hot school girls had taken place at Hogwarts, and both female teachers assistants were well worn out by the action and tentacle interplay by the time that Sprout had returned with enough students to drive back the writhing vines.

Harry was laughing his head off internally and made a mental note to Legilimens one of the 7th year boys so that he could capture the memory. Harry was especially enthused in hearing about the long term results of his prank when his superior hearing picked up Professor Sprout's mumbled comments about the girls being 'lucky' and that Professor Sprout now 'knew what her night would be filled with since the loss of her private stash in the reserve greenhouse.'

All in all Harry called the day a wonderful success, he just had to deal with the headmaster and any ramifications of the potions class. Fortunately for Harry, Hogwarts had been kind enough to show him exactly what the Headmaster had seen of the interaction between Harry and Snape, and Harry was relieved to note that all hints of Harry's possible wrong doing were totally invisible given the angle of the shot. The show merely made it appear that Harry may have released a rather large bout of accidental magic; which wasn't unheard of for first year students in the first week of Hogwarts.

It came as no surprise when the summons had been passed to him at supper that he was to report to the Headmaster's office after they ate. The note had stated that the password to the Headmaster's office was 'cockroach clusters,' a password and candy that Harry took personal insult from; though the Headmaster didn't have a clue that Harry considered cockroaches to be his siblings.

Growling internally at another wasted opportunity to kill the Headmaster once and for all, Harry finished his rather raw steak that the Hogwarts elves had made especially for him, and proceeded towards the Headmaster's office.

Noticing that the Headmaster hadn't been at dinner, Harry soon learned why as when he opened the door to the Headmaster's office he saw a rather rotund man eating at a table across from Dumbledore. The man had a bowler hat sitting on a seat next to him and his entire clothing and robe was made out of a sort of tweed the color of brown mud. The overly jovial look that spread across the man's face at the sight of Harry, that and Harry's brief silent Legilimens of the man, quickly told Harry that he was standing in the presence of the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge.

"Harry my boy! How good to see you son." Fudge stated, hopping out of his seat and marching the short distance to Harry before taking Harry's hand and pumping it up and down in an enthusiastic handshake.

Harry thought fast, and immediately posted a 'thrilled' smile across his face and enthusiastically returned the handshake of the plump politician. "Why Minister Fudge! I didn't know that you would be here. Wow! It's a real pleasure to meet you in person sir, a real pleasure. I'm a big fan of you and your work at the ministry." Harry replied, his statements causing a noticeable reaction in the Minister as Fudge seemed to puff his chest up and the man's smile grew larger. Harry noticed Dumbledore's usually twinkling eyes stopped twinkling for a moment at Harry's statement, but the lapse in grandfatherly airs was quickly covered up.

The reality of Harry's thoughts were completely the opposite of his words. Sirius and Harry had spoken about Fudge and his corrupt ministry. In fact, one of Sirius's jokes about Fudge was that 'Lucius Malfoy had spent so much time kissing Cornelius's ass and bribing the Minister into Malfoy's back pocket, that when Fudge spoke, the Minister's breath smelled like hair care products, and when Lucius shat, it looked like Fudge.'

Then again, Sirius also made jokes about always being 'serious,' but Harry could usually reign in his godfather's humor by making comments about a hex that replicated the 'dangers' of dropped soap in prison showers; that usually shut Sirius up right away.

"Why my dear boy, I am so sorry that you had to witness what happened today in your potions class. Dreadful, simply a dreadful accident and example of powerful accidental magic of course." Fudge stated, interrupting Harry's thoughts.

Harry smiled up at Fudge with an adoring smile, especially since he noticed that Dumbledore didn't especially like Fudge's statement.

"Now Cornellius, a man has been dreadfully injured and could die as a result of Mr. Potter's actions. Surely you don't think he should go unpunished for his actions?" Dumbledore stated, trying to give Harry a look that would cow Harry's enthusiasm and hopefully drill home how serious the situation was.

However Fudge would have none of Dumbledore's thinking on punishing Harry, here was a potentially incredible political tool to be used after all, the Minister was thinking.

"Pish Posh, Dumbledore." Cornelius stated, scowling at Dumbledore before turning back to Harry and smiling down at the boy and placing a hand on Harry's shoulder, "It was purely an accident of course, and we don't punish children when they turn their parents blue or incinerate the vegetables with accidental magic after all. The boy's wand was away after all, and we all know wandless magic is impossible. It was an accident, wasn't it my boy?" Cornelius finished, patting Harry reassuringly on his shoulder.

Harry ducked his head to hide the smirk that threatened to spill out of him, and bit the side of his cheek hard to inspire the proper pained teary look required for the situation.

Harry sniffed, and then sniffled again while pretending to wipe his nose with the back of his sleeve before looking up at the Minister of Magic, "Gee sir, I really don't know what happened. I never wanted to hurt anybody, and it totally happened by accident. I was just trying to answer the professor's questions. Sniff Sniff. I just wanted him to like me and I really don't know what happened." Harry finished, looking up at Fudge with crocodile tears in his eyes.

Fudge beamed down at Harry and retrieved a gold monogrammed handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to Harry. Harry used it to dry his eyes, and then blew a big wad of snot in it before handing it back to the Minister of Magic, internally smirking at Fudge trying to hide his disgust at taking back the soaking and snot filled handkerchief.

"There there my boy. See Dumbledore, it was a simple case of accidental magic and the boy is sorry. Nothing more we can ask. Now run along Mr. Potter, it's no doubt time for you to return to your dorms." Cornelius stated in a fatherly smiling tone while ushering Harry towards the door.

Harry didn't fight the dismissal, and hurried along outside the door as he heard Dumbledore's stammered dispute with the Minister's decision.

The door of the headmaster's office closed behind him, and Harry's tears were fully dried and a smirk painted his face by the time he had gotten down the steps and past the gargoyle that guarded the Headmaster's offices.

Harry looked around the hallway outside the gargoyle before calling up his chameleon skills. It was time to set up Draco's payment for his insults, and then Harry could go do a Friday night visit with Luna before spending the weekend spreading discord throughout the world.

Harry ignored the moans coming from the greenhouse that had been taken over by frisky Devil's Snare and instead he concentrated on what he was outside the castle for. Harry snuck into another one of the greenhouses and stole a couple of the magical spiked/thorny bushes that the first years were supposed to repot.

After that it was a simple matter of asking Hogwarts to help Harry sneak quietly through the secret passages of the castle into the first year Slytherin boys rooms where he could plant the pots under the bed of Draco Malfoy; along with a copious amount of magical glowing fertilizer and a bit of a watering charm.

For good measure, Harry set a ward up on Draco's pillow with a silencing charm and petrification charm to trigger when the ward line was broken by Draco's head.

The chameleon shifted Harry then proceeded to leave the castle and apparated outside Luna's house.

Using claws that extended from his fingers, Harry quickly and quietly scaled the wall of the Rookery before slipping into Luna's room.

The room was dark, but Harry could clearly make out Luna's pale golden hair across the room, her blond hair was laid out on the pillow of her bed, reflecting what little starlight trickled in through the open window behind Harry.

Harry slowly stalked across the room, and then gazed down at the sleeping Luna before carefully sitting down on the bed next to her.

Harry didn't understand what it was about the girl that drew him to her, but there was something there that seemed to call to him. Not being able to help himself, he brushed the back of his knuckle lightly across Luna's cheek before tucking a strand of loose hair behind the girl's ear.

"mmmmh, Harry…" Luna murmured before curling deeper into her pillow and clutching it in a hug.

Harry couldn't help it but smile a bit that the girl was obviously dreaming about him. Not wanting to wake her as she was clearly sound asleep, Harry started to stand to leave, when out of nowhere he felt the instinctual urge to bend forward and he ended up planting a small kiss on Luna's forehead.

It was only a quick peck, but Luna seemed to let out a sighing purring sound as Harry backed away. This brought an even bigger smile to his face as he slowly backed away from Luna.

Not wanting to have Luna think that he had forgotten about her, Harry silently padded across the room to where Luna kept a desk and paper; smatterings of Quibbler articles and details on crumpled horns covered the desk, but Harry was able to find a slip of paper that was clear of scribbles or drawings of bottle caps and little fairy creatures.

Borrowing Luna's quill and ink well, Harry quickly penned a note saying that 'she looked cute when sleeping' and that 'he would see her on Sunday.' Harry then slid across the room and laid his note on the pillow that Luna was hugging, before digging out a sprig of catnip that was in his pocket and casting a sticking charm on both so that they would remain attached to Luna's pillow; for her to find in the morning.

With that, Harry slipped out the window into the early night, the darkness of the moonless night covering his exit as he went about his night's work of sowing discord in human civilization.

Harry and Sirius's idea had been simple. Civilization works because people follow the rules laid out for them. Don't speed, drive on the proper side of the road, don't steal, don't murder, these were some of the simple rules that the 'civilized' humans followed. For those humans who did not follow those rules there was the judicial and prison system. You steal, you go to jail. You kill, you go to jail. Those criminals who broke society's rules were seen as incapable of bowing to the rules, so had to be locked up. However, while the criminals were seen as those who couldn't be trusted, they still were trusted to follow a certain set of rules while in jail, for the truth of the matter is that the prisoners far outnumbered the guard staff. This is where Harry's idea really came to be, with one simple question.

What would happen if the criminals didn't follow the rules of the prison system, of the judiciary, of the police?

What if the criminals knew that prison was a death sentence? What happened if Harry made it clear that going to jail didn't mean you got three meals a day, plenty of time to just be lazy and all of your medical costs taken care of while you watched the telly? What type of discord would take place throughout the world if the criminals always fought to the death with the police because they refused to go to jail?

That is why Harry was currently in Nundu form running cross country towards Durham county and Her Majesty's Frankland Prison, a prison that housed the worst of the worst in the UK.

By the time Harry had reached Frankland Prison, he was just starting to get warmed up, and the thrill of the night's hunt was starting to build in him; his Nundu instincts were calling for flesh to eat and blood to drink.

Harry dampened back his instincts as this wasn't going to be a hunt, it was going to be a silent slaughter.

Crawling on his paws towards the fence line and walls surrounding Frankland Prison, Harry reached the walls and quickly covered the no-man's land to the wall in a blink of the eye before digging in his claws and using them to spring over the tall wall. Inside the walls Harry slunk and zipped from small shadow to shadow before making his way up to the four main prison wings and jumping to the top of the roof.

Harry landed his massive Nundu form with a delicate grace, barely causing a crunch in the gravel covered roof by cushioning his landing with his coiled muscles. Then it was a simple matter of walking over to the heating and air conditioning intake on the top of the roof. A quick intake of air, and then an exhale of Nundu breath, and Harry was sprinting and springing to the next prison wing's roof before repeating his action.

Four wings, and then the administrative buildings, and then Harry was out of Frankland Prison and leaving behind more than eight hundred dead prisoners and guards. About a mile from Frankland Harry changed back to his human form before apparating back to London in search of one of London's ancient cemeteries.

The Bastille had been France's largest jail until the muggle French Revolution saw it overrun. However the muggles hadn't overrun the entire jail, a fact that clearly showed in the warded dungeons and secret grounds of the French Ministry of Magic's magical jail Bastille that was still fully staffed and used to hold magical prisoners. Staffed by humans rather than dementors 'like those barbarous Brits,' the French prison was none the less a dark dank pit of despair, overrun with vermin and filled with the moans and cries of the inhabitants. France did not believe in the death penalty, but that didn't mean that the prisoners who came to inhabit the Bastille left it alive, for the rule was that all prisoners who entered stayed forever; a fact shown by the hidden catacombs beneath the Bastille dungeons, filled with the dead and the skeletons of the famous muggle and infamous magical prisoners who never left the Bastille.

It was into these dark hidden catacombs of the dead that Harry Potter walked, entering the catacombs through a seemingly dead end corridor as mist swirled and London fog trickled into the Paris underground as Harry traveled the pathways of the dead.

Casting a "Lumos," Harry's wand panned an eerie light on the grinning fleshless skulls that lined the walls; Harry's evil smile grinning back at the eyeless sockets of the dead that surrounded him.

Extinguishing his wand, Harry took his wand to his lips, as if he were going to play it like a flute, and then slowly whistled a tune over it before lightly blowing on his wand. And with those actions, Harry cast an ancient spell dug up from the depths of the Black family history.

The story goes that long ago a young member of the Black family had been traveling through Europe making his way by hook and by crook through the muggle world as he journeyed in search of lost magical knowledge. The young traveling Black had stumbled upon a German town overrun by rats and mice. Being that he wore black dirty robes of the type seen on the rat catchers of the large cities, who in the large cities were actually wizards casting anti-vermin wards, the city asked the man to lead the rats out of the city with the promise that they would pay the man. Being a Black, the young man had scowled at muggles, but accepted on the promise of gold. Being a Black and an accomplished spell maker, the young wizard had created the spell that attracted vermin to him with a tune that seemed to be equivalent to musical Imperius on the rats and mice. Casting his tune and his will, the young Black had freed the town of the rats and mice, only for the muggle citizens to refuse the promised payment. Scowling, the young wizard had left, only to return in the night and again cast his spell; this time leading the muggle children out of the town and to their deaths in the Black Forest where they were eaten by Hags, werewolves and the other dark creatures that made up mainland Europe's most dark forest. The story and spell had been written down in the Black family history as another reason to hate muggles and their thieving ways. It was this spell that Harry now used to attack the Bastille and its inhabitants.

Rats are nasty creatures, willing to attack in mass and capable of stripping the flesh off of large animals when they swarm enough. This wouldn't have been a problem in most magical households or buildings, except who cares if rats and vermin were to bother the prisoners of the Bastille; they were prisoners and meant to suffer after all. Therefore no anti-vermin wards had been cast over the ancient French magical jail.

Harry played, and he played and played. For fifteen minutes he played his music, making sure the magic of the spell had the time to filter through the entire length, width and depth of Paris and the miles of sewers and cellars beneath the sprawling city. At the end of that fifteen minutes, when Harry was sure that he had connected with the minds of all of the rats in the city, he cast his will out with one order.

"Come and Eat here; there is food for you're here." Harry commanded through his magic and will as he felt the magical music snap the command into place, the will and intent sealing the command into the minds of every filthy ever hungry rat in Paris; and there were a lot of rats in Paris.

With that command ordered, Harry smirked and stopped playing before closing his eyes and turning to walk back towards the dead end behind him. Just as he was about to walk into the dead end wall of the skeleton filled corridor, a misty fog rose up and rot iron gates appeared before Harry; gates which Harry pushed his way through to move to the next cemetery.

Behind Harry the sounds of tiny squeaking voices was just beginning to be heard, in front of him the night's path across the Earth beckoned as Harry proceeded on to his next target in Eastern Russia.

The magical Russian gulag on the eastern boarder was warded six ways from Sunday, and there was absolutely no way that Harry was going to be able to breach its external defenses through physical or magical force. As Harry stared down at the medieval castle that bristled with guards and magical gargoyles who watched the ramparts through the flickering torchlight that spanned ever foot of the walls, Harry knew that any attack on the facility would have to be an 'inside job.'

With that in mind, Harry closed his eyes and allowed the nighttime breeze that wafted through the trees to connect him to the elements in his surroundings.

Stretching his senses through the elements of wind and air towards the giant stone gulag, Harry called out to the traitor that would help him to destroy the castle from the inside. As usual, it's the simple solutions that the wizards miss, and the traitor in their midst wasn't a person or living thing, it was their very source of light; Harry connected to the fire present in the torches, candles and fire places that filled the castle.

Now it's kind of hard to have anti-fire wards on a place when you rely on fire for heat in your fireplaces and fire on your torches and candles to light everything. That said, who would need such a thing as an anti-fire ward when the entire castle was made out of stone?

The Russian Aurors who guarded the boarder prison were about to learn that even stone will burn if the fire is hot enough, and the easiest way to get a fire hotter is to add oxygen; and that is exactly what Harry did.

It started off as a slight increase in the wind around Harry, a breeze that blew and twisted the Ravenclaw school robes that Harry still wore. But then the wind began to grow until his hair swirled and blew, the breeze becoming a strong wind, the strong wind becoming a gale, and then the gale becoming a swirling maelstrom with Harry at the center of it. All through the gathering wind Harry kept his eyes closed until the trees around him were threatening to uproot from the ground and the dirt was ripped from the ground to swirl around him in a twister of debris.

Hidden from sight by the wind around him and the darkness of the night, Harry opened his eyes, and they glowed with power.

With a shove of his arms towards the sky, Harry directed the wind straight up into the night sky and the twister disappeared into the night sky to make the grove of trees around Harry turn suddenly quiet as the air was absolutely still.

Harry watched down below, waiting to time his blow for when it would be most effective. One second, and then two seconds passed. A tenth and even a twelfth second passed as the wind was busy climbing up into the atmosphere and gaining force. And right before the count got to fifteen, a gleaming smile came across Harry's face, and his eyes seemed to burn with an inner red fire as he commanded the elements.

"Burn." Harry whispered.

Down below in the gulag the Russian Aurors were doomed. Every torch, every fireplace, every candle and every cigarette flared to life in an instant, the very instant when that torrential gale of wind came flooding out of the night sky above the ancient Russian castle and pumped the castle full of pure air; air fed the flames and burned hot, flash-frying the entire castle.

A flame storm shot out of the castle reaches, hitting the inside of the gulag's wards and disintegrating them in a flash of light at the same time that all of the oxygen in the gulag was extinguished in pyric fury.

Harry smiled as orange, reds, blues and white colored flames lit the night and cast shadows on his face through the trees; he could feel the heat even while standing hundreds of meters away.

Harry's smile took on an even eviler grin as he thought he heard screams coming from the fire, though he knew that was just his imagination playing tricks on him. It's impossible to scream when you have no oxygen to breath, and there was no way that the solid firestorm in front of him had left any oxygen unused inside the confines of the prison.

His job done, Harry transformed back into his Nundu form. He was going to head south and fill a Turkish prison full of his poison breath before heading towards the middle east and then on to China.

The night was young and so was Harry, and since he was keeping up with the passage of the night across the Earth, Harry would continue to keep one step ahead of any possible warning that could precede him.

China saw Harry using the imperius on a "re-education" camp's guards as they slept in their barracks. Said guards then picked up their guns, attached bayonets, and proceeded into the camps where they first slaughtered the officer in charge of the camp, the other guards on duty, and then went through the camp slaying the inhabitants one building at a time before turning their weapons on each other.

In the Philippines Harry flooded the prison with poisonous insects, Australia he sent snakes and insects in to kill the inhabitants of the prison, and Mexico he only used rattle snakes whom he had instructed in parseltongue not to rattle before biting the prisoners and to leave the guards alive; just to mess with the humans' heads.

With the United States Harry wanted to hit two locations. First at San Quentin State Prison in California Harry tapped into some of his resources that he had purchased around the world and smuggled enough exploding Erumpent fluid into San Francisco to blowup an entire wing of the prison and create a gap in the prison wall large enough for the remaining prisoners to easily flee through. This had been accomplished by doing a purposefully shoddy transfiguration of the large container of the fluid into the form of a seagull; something that was common in the Bay area but which didn't commonly fly at night. Said seagull was then imperio'd to dive-bomb the wall of the main building. The impact was enough to unravel Harry's purposefully shoddy transfiguration work and the seagull exploded with force matching a van filled with an ammonium nitrate fuel bomb.

Harry made a mental note to be more careful when working in the United States, for no sooner had his seagull breached the wards on the prison and exploded then the area was swarming with heavily armed Auror squads that portkeyed into the area and began to search for targets of opportunity. It was only Harry's innate chameleon abilities and the fact that the Aurors were searching for an adult or group of adults rather than a child or teen that kept Harry from being attacked immediately.

A similar situation happened when Harry attempted to attack Alchatraz Island, where the Magical portion of the jail was still alive and well. No sooner had Harry finished his 'kitty paddle' across the waters of the San Francisco bay in his Nundu form than the alarms on the island started to blare that there was an intruder. This ended Harry's nightly killing spree around the world as not only do cat's not like to get wet, but now it seemed like the United States knew that they were under attack and were actively searching for invaders.

It was this crappy ending to Harry's rampage that caused him to call it a night and to head to Grimmauld Place to see what Sirius was up to.

'Perhaps Sirius can give me an idea for something else fun to do to fill this weekend, now that my Saturday plans are shot,' Harry thought as he apparated away from Alcatraz and towards a cemetery he had noted on the outskirts of San Francisco.

Harry stomped up the stairs into Grimmauld place, opened the door and then slammed it behind him in his foul mood. Several of the paintings told him to keep the noise down as it was now early in the morning and they were sleeping, but Harry's rather savage growl and flashing eyes shut them up quickly.

"Sirius!" Harry yelled up the stairs to where he assumed his uncle was sleeping. Getting no answer, Harry growled irritably and was about to head up the stairs to give his dogfather a rude awakening when he heard a muffled whine and some maniacal laughter coming from down the hall in the kitchen.

Quirking his head to the side, Harry heard more shifting and movement from the kitchen and thought he would check out what was going on, as he was sure that it wasn't Dobby making the noise; house elves barely ever made a sound that would draw attention, and certainly not at this ungodly early hour in the morning.

Tromping through the hall noisily, just because he was pissed off and Harry wanted to petulantly share his grumpy mood with the inhabitants of the paintings in the Black Manor, Harry slammed the door to the kitchen open.

"What the hell is going on here…" Harry started off in a bellow, but his words died off and his eyes got large at what he saw in the room.

There, wrapped up like a suckling pig with an apple in his mouth, his feet and hands tied tightly under him and sitting on a silver platter was what looked like a giant pig, but which Harry quickly recognized as his sweating naked cousin Dudly Dursley.

"GAAWWW!" Harry yelled, covering his eyes and turning away from the sight of his fat naked cousin trust up like a pig and wrapped in red ribbons. Out of the corner of his eye Harry saw his godfather Sirius smirking at him from the kitchen's sink.

Sirius laughed at Harry's reaction, "Surprise!" Sirius shouted and waved towards Dudly.

"Why thank you Sirius, but did you really have to permanently scar me with the image of my fat naked cousin pissing himself in fear on the kitchen table? You're cleaning that you know? Not even I'm cruel enough to force Dobby to clean up that mess." Harry complained before casting a charm at Dudly that shrouded Dudly in tight constricting ropes; ropes which thankfully covered Dudly's nakedness so that Harry and his perfect occlumency gifted memory didn't have to be further scarred.

Sirius just shrugged and laughed again before replying jovially, "Eh, we'll burn the table and get Dobby to buy us a new one." Sirius answered with a shrug and a smile pasted across his face, "Besides, I wanted to give you a gift after you were so kind as to give me Pettigrew, so here you go!" Sirius stated with a wave at the whale that was Harry's cousin.

Harry's earlier scowl turned upside down and became a beaming smile as he walked over to his godfather and gave Sirius a big hug.

"Thanks Sirius, this is probably one of the best gifts anybody has ever given me. Where did you find him?" Harry finished with a question after pounding Sirius on the back in a manly sort of hug.

"Well remember that juvenile facility that I was scheduled to kill off earlier this week? Well I was going through the junior criminals section after killing off the guards when I came across this gent. Naturally I recognized him from the memories you shared with me and thought, hey, what better gift to give to Harry than his formerly abusive cousin Dudly?" Sirius answered, still smiling but with that kind of crazy manner to him that informed the bystander that the person was certifiably crazy but believed that they were in fact a rational being.

Harry smiled a large smile back at Sirius, before turning towards the muffled Dudly with a now feral grin.

"Oh dear cousin, don't worry about getting up. It's time we play a game that you so used to enjoy when we were young. I think you used to call it 'Harry Hunting.' Well now it's only fair that it's my turn to be 'it' and chase you, after all you did catch me and 'tag' me so well the last time we played; you and your little gang of friends that is." Harry stated with a growl and a now evil smile.

Finishing his statement, Harry tapped his still drawn wand on the silver platter that Dudly was resting/peeing on and said, "Portus."

Before looking back at Sirius. "Thanks again Sirius, this really is a great gift. I'll be back in a few hours, I can't imagine the hunt taking any longer than that." With that said, Harry activated the portkey.

"Africa," Harry stated while grabbing a hold of the ropes that bound the groaning Dudley; and with a flash Harry and Dudley were gone.

Harry and Dudley appeared in a flash several feet above the ground of the sunny African veldt; Harry did nothing to cushion Dudly's impact with the ground and Harry smiled while cushioning his own landing with the inhuman strength in his legs.

"mrrphowwww," Duddly groaned around the apple that was still charmed into his mouth like a gag.

"Now now, You shouldn't talk with your mouth full Dudley. Not that I ever had the chance to even have my mouth full of food when I lived with you all, but here, let's get you all unbound so we can have a proper conversation." Harry stated with a gleam in his eye. A couple flicks of his wand a few "Finites" on the ropes and ribbons and a "Deletrius" to disappear the apple had Dudly unbound and groaning in the dirt before realizing where he was.

Looking up at Harry like a rabbit trapped by a lion, Dudley's eyes got big and he quickly started crab walking away from Harry as quickly as possible.

Harry tried to avert his eyes from the view of his cousin's privies, though there was little to see; Harry didn't want any additional psychological scars than what he already had after all.

"Tut tut Dudly, we can't have this." Harry stated, walking forwards to keep up with Dudly's backwards flight from Harry. Harry slid his wand back into his sleeve. "See, I'm not going to hurt you with my wand. I promise." Harry stated before stopping and spreading his arms wide to show he was 'unarmed.'

Dudley slowed down and looked up at Harry to see what was going to happen next.

Harry just stood there, watching Dudley. Dudley looked around, then looked back at Harry, and Harry could plainly see on Dudley's face that Dudley had just come up with some sort of plan before the pudgy boy attempted to play coy and sneaky. Of course Dudley Dursley couldn't act innocent to save his life, and that was planning something was about as obvious to Harry as if Hagrid had decided to ride naked on a Thestral through the Great Hall during dinner.

"Heh heh, you're being funny Harry." Dudley said, trying to chum up to Harry as he slowly got up and started to move closer. "Thanks for getting me away from that freak of a godfather of yours." Dudley continued, not seeing the tick in Harry's eye when Dudley said the 'F' word. Apparently Dudley was as stupid as ever, for rather than fleeing from Harry he started to smile at Harry, that type of smile Dudley always got before he hurt Harry.

"Now now Dudley, let's not being using any F words. But you know what, for old times sake I'll let you be 'it' first. And then it will be my turn." Harry replied with a pasted smile on his face. "Agreed?" Harry finished.

Dudley was about five feet in front of Harry and moving closer when he answered. "Agreed!" Dudley stated, and charged forwards with his fist, using all of his gross obese weight to power a blow right at Harry's face.

Two seconds before the blow landed, a large feral smile split Harry's face, and one second before the blow landed, ridged masses of exoskeletal armor shot up out of Harry's flesh creating a suit of spiked hard armor that covered Harry from head to toe; right in time for Dudley's fist to impact with said spiky hardened armor.

A loud "CRACK!" sound echoed across the landscape as Dudley's fist hit Harry's face full force; only it wasn't Harry's face that broke, it was Dudley's hand.

Dudley's eyes got big as the pain traveled up his arm to his brain, his brain then sent a signal to Dudley's lungs, and his lungs contracted, forcing all of the air in Dudley's lungs out over Dudley's vocal cords.

"AAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!" Dudley screamed as he pulled back his bloody broken hand; a sharp ridge that ran down the front of Harry's nose armor having split Dudley's hand almost in half as it neatly bisected Dudly's punching fist between the second and third knuckles while at the same time breaking Dudley's knuckles due to the force of the blow.

Harry smirked and raised a finger to his face where he whiped a bit of blood off and stuck it in his mouth. The armor on Harry's face seemed to scrape and chitter as Harry's smile grew Cheshire like, splitting impossibly from ear to ear as chitin plates scrapped against each other as Harry's facial muscles moved.

"It's my turn now Dudley, and I'll even give you a head start of ten seconds." Harry stated.

Dudley stopped screaming at Harry's words and looked up at his previously 'weak' cousin.

Harry seemed to be covered in chitinous armor of spikes and overlapping plates. The plates and spikes that had formed on Harry's body split the seams of Harry's clothing and robes, jagged edges neatly slicing through the fabric and making Harry appear to be some weird alien that would be more fitting in a science fiction horror movie as opposed to the veldts of Africa where they now stood.

"One" Harry began counting, his voice rasping out of his armor.

Dudley's eyes got large and he quickly swung around to face away from Harry and began to try to run.

"Two" Harry slowly continued to count as he watched Dudley try and get his naked bulk up to speed to escape Harry.

"Three" Harry continued slowly, at which time Dudley was already wheezing and out of breath, but had made some good distance and was about to disappear behind a swath of thorn trees.

"Four" Harry counted, raising his voice so that Dudley could hear it over the distance. Harry smirked to himself as he heard his cousin Dudley scream again, no doubt the naked fat boy had stepped on a sharp rock, fallen thorn or perhaps caught himself on one of the scrub brushes thorns.

"Mind the sharp rocks Duddy-kins" Harry shouted with a smile and a laugh before yelling out, "Five!"

At six, Harry got tired of counting and shrugged, "Eh, that's far enough, now it's my turn to hunt" Harry stated.

Raising his head to the sky, Harry screamed out a sound, an inhuman sound that was more a cross of the scream of a predator mixed with the hiss of a giant cockroach rather than a human yell.

Then Harry smiled and focused on the direction that Dudley had run, and still Harry waited.

They came in ones and twos, and then threes and fours. Out of holes in the ground, burrows in the trees. Out of the rocks and from swarms in the air Harry's brothers and sisters, the creepy crawlies of the African veldts answered his hunting call and gathered around him, and still Harry waited.

The sky began to darken in patches as swarms of locus rose up from the fields that they were eating and took to the air to fly to Harry's position, and Harry merely counted out, "Seven."

Spiders, ant-lions, entire termite mounds worth of insects scurried to Harry's location and still he waited, "Eight."

Flies, the type that cause river blindness, the biting, the stinging, the pestilence baring flies flew out of every dung heap and corpse for miles around and buzzed to Harry's location, and still he counted, "Nine."

The mosquitoes, those small bearers of malaria and plagues flew towards Harry, even the fleas and ticks rushed to answer Harry's call. "Ten. Ready Or Not, Here We Come!" Harry yelled out in English towards where his fleeing cousin had disappeared. Then, turning from right to left Harry addressed his brethren.

"/Come brothers and sisters, today we hunt. Today you dine well./" Harry finished in the language of the creepy crawlies.

With that Harry concentrated for a second, and a cracking and shifting sound came from Harry's back, before the clothing along his spine split and his shirt and robes were shredded in a burst of fabric. When the fabric settled down, Harry's wings were resplendent for all to see, flapping incandescent and sparkling in the sun stretched Harry's insectoid wings.

Flapping his multiple wings experimentally and remembering how he used them inside his mind with Mutwa, Harry took to the sky; and along with him came the hordes of Harry's flying brethren while the masses of ground crawling insects charged forward devouring everything in their path.

They had prey to catch, and Harry's brethren would dine well that day.

1: Quote from book by JKR

AN: Well there you go, better late than never. I'll sleep on it and see about what I want to do in the next chapter. I have most of it worked out; I just have to decide what bits and bobs I want to add in this next chapter versus a future chapter. A little creepy of an ending I know, but I didn't want to have Harry have all of these animal hybrid forms and not use them. Cheers!