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{Primal Beast Language}


Chapter 19: Growth and Evolution

"My theory of evolution is that Darwin was adopted."
~Steven Wright

The time was 9:30 AM on a Saturday morning, the location was Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the majority of students were having a bit of a lay in. Harry Potter was no different than the other students in that he was also asleep up in his door room. However, that Harry had just gone to sleep an hour and a half earlier after dining a-la'-Dudley, well that probably made him a one and only in the Hogwarts a History.

The sunlight was pouring in from the open window in Harry's private little room in the Ravenclaw tower, and like some sleeping cat Harry Potter was laying naked and curled up in a ball on the top of his bed linens sleeping in the warmth of the morning rays of sunshine.

Now whereas most first year students to Hogwarts may have been dreaming about homework, new friends, greasy black haired scary teachers, or the boy-who-lived, Harry was dreaming about sheep.

What is so weird or different about counting sheep in your dreams you may ask? The answer is nothing, unless said dream created sheep are wearing the faces of your classmates and you are a giant Nundu who is not counting how many sheep jump over a fence, but rather counting how many sheep you have eaten.

'Fifteen, num num num num, chomp chew.' The dreaming Harry thought as his Nundu self finished eating the first year Slytherin's and remaining Ravenclaw sheep and moved on the flock of sheep in Gryffindor colors.

Just as he was about to start munching on the sheep that were wearing the faces of his teachers, an old long bearded goat that was Dumbledore started bleating at him, "Mmmmmister Potter. Mmmmister Potter, wake up mmmmmister Potter."

A dull knocking sound threw Harry out of his sleep, and he sat bolt upright in his bed to look around and smack his lips and scratch his bare chest. Blinking his eyes, Harry looked down and then around his room trying to figure out what had awoken him. The only thing that he noticed out of place in the room was that it looked like his body had gone through another growth spurt. No longer did Harry look like a muscular early teen, but now he was decidedly sporting the musculature and physical development of a sixteen year old.

Harry looked down, and sure enough the puberty fairy had visited last night and gifted Harry with the development of hair in places where it hadn't been before.

Harry smirked a sharp-toothed smile to himself in a bit of immature bravado as he checked out his own increased girth and size due to the evening's growth spurt.

Harry's examination of his body and tackle was interrupted by another knocking on the door.

The repeated Knock Knock Knock, was again prefaced by an adult voice stating, "Mister Potter, I would like to talk to you please."

Harry yawned and stretched, mouth gaping wide open and showing a set of impressive fangs before he smacked his lips and focused on making his features more human rather than their current decidedly feline state. Rubbing his eyes, Harry hopped out of bed butt naked and moved toward the closed door to his Ravenclaw dorm room.

Two more hard knocks on the door were followed by Harry grousing in reply, "I'm coming I'm coming, don't get your wand in a twist."

Harry padded across the door and threw it open with a growl, "What do you want?" Only to see Headmaster Dumbledore standing in the doorway, eyes twinkling.

Harry mentally bit back the several dozen curses that threatened to spill out of his mouth; instead he pasted a fake smile on his face and stepped back into the room.

"Sorry, I didn't know it was you headmaster, let me grab some clothes." Harry stated and quickly turned to grab some clothing; there was something about Dumbledore's gaze raking over him in his naked state that made Harry's skin crawl.

"Certainly my boy. But I'm afraid we've had some terrible news and I need to talk to you about your possible involvement." Dumbledore replied as he looked over the young boy.

'No, definitely a young man… hmmm, interesting, I don't remember him being this developed last time I saw him. Then again at my age and given how long I've been here at Hogwarts, all of the children start to look the same.' Dumbledore thought to himself as he looked Harry over with a bit more than an academic eye.

Harry quickly threw on a pair of pants without bothering with underwear before snagging a shirt and tossing it on also, noticing that the shirt was tight for a moment but then quickly resized to his new body. 'Thank GoGo for self changing growth charms on clothes.' Harry thought before he turned back to address Dumbledore.

The somewhat eerie smile on Dumbledore's face had the predatory instincts in Harry's body wanting to permanently solve his problems with the headmaster, but Harry was able to reign in his more bloody instincts for the moment with the mental promise to himself that the headmaster would be dealt with in the future.

Harry forced an innocent approximation of a smile to his face and questioned "Yes headmaster, what can I help you with?"

Dumbledore blinked, coming out of the admiring day dreams that he had been perusing in his mind before putting on a serious look and standing tall, hoping to intimidate Harry, "Is there something you want to tell me about your activities last night Mr. Potter?" Dumbledore questioned, calling upon his Headmaster persona in order to try and guilt or pressure the school boy into spilling any nefarious deeds.

Harry smiled politely, his own eyes innocently looking back at Dumbledore while answering, "Why I was here all night sir, studying and reading ahead in my books so that I'm prepared to help out my fellow classmates. Was there something specific about my pursuits that you wanted to know?" Harry questioned, but in his mind he was thinking, 'Like how I killed probably hundreds of thousands of prisoners, an unknown number of guards, and don't forget set up a gift for that pompous arse Malfoy.'

"Now now Mr. Potter, I know you were out of your dorm last night and in the area of the Slytherin dorms." Dumbledore lied, for the greater good of course, because he knew nothing of the sort. Still, at Dumbledore's statement, something briefly flashed behind Harry's eyes.

Harry's mind was in turmoil and no not because that little inbred bastard had gotten hurt, no, Harry would have preferred if the boy had died in horrible pain. Nobody spurned Harry's offers and walked away from it unscathed. No, what had his mind in turmoil was whether or not Dumbledore actually knew that Harry had been involved in the attack on Draco, and more importantly how. Harry realized that he must have let something slip, as the headmaster's grandfatherly smile quirked ever so much larger.

Harry blinked and faked a confused frown on his face, "But headmaster, I can assure you that I was here in my dorm room before curfew, and I don't even know where the Slytherin dorms are." Harry played dumb, following the First Marauder Rule of detention avoidance: when blame is pointed at you, deny, deflect, and lie your arse off.

Dumbledore's eyes stopped sparkling as the old man's mask slipped, and Harry saw for a brief instant the powerful wizard that scared Voldemort. However the moment was quickly passed and back on Dumbledore's face was the persona of the wise grandfather. The game of cat and mouse continued.

"Now now my boy, I'm sure you will agree that the happenstance between your disagreement with young Mr. Malfoy comes at a distinctly suspicious time right before said student was found horribly mangled by sharp rooted plants quickly growing up through his body from beneath his bed. This is the type of action that could get you expelled if you weren't truthful. Now I know you didn't mean to hurt Draco so badly, but if you will admit to pulling the prank then I can give you a lighter punishment." Dumbledore continued to stare down at Harry Potter, the boy whom upon all of his plans hinged. However the boy remained blinking up at Dumbledore in confusion.

'Ok, deflect the blame to somebody else,' Harry thought to himself before replying, "But that's impossible Sir, I couldn't get into the Slytherin dorms even if I knew where they were. Though if it helps, I did see Theodore Nott glaring at Draco in class, and the two share a room. Maybe if you asked Theodore?" Harry posited.

Dumbledore's eyes stopped sparkling as his frustration grew. The conversation was absolutely not going the way he expected, and the boy was turning out to be slipperier than the giant squid in the Black Lake.

"Listen here Mr. Potter, I know you were the one to plant the quick growing spine plants under Draco's Malfoy's bed, why the boy was quiet dreadfully wounded as he was unable to move as the plant forced itself to grow up through the bed and through the chest cavity of the young man." Dumbledore chastised Harry, leaning forward to tower over the young man in the hopes to scare him into confessing.

The truth was that the recent accidents in the school all had one common denominator, that of Harry Potter. This was all for the greater good after all, and if Dumbledore could get Harry to crack and admit, then the headmaster could seize control of the boy and potentially enforce a strict guardianship on the lad. Harry had to be under his control, or all would be lost… or so Dumbledore thought.

Dumbledore leaned down until he was intimidatingly close to Harry, Dumbledore's beard and big nose getting down to just in front of Harry and almost forcing Harry to take a step back due to the invasion of Harry's personal space. There was just one problem with that.

The problem that the Dumbledore was about to experience was that unlike most school boys, and most humans in general. Harry Potter did not get intimidated. The animalistic and highly predatory nature of Harry Potter did not back down. Harry Potter did not react to supposed authority figures like a human being does. No, Harry Potter reacted to intimidation and invasion of his personal space like a Cat would, and a large feral cat at that.

As anybody who owns a cat will tell you, they are fiercely independent animals who do not like to be forced to do things and will even bite the hand that feeds them if they feel like it.

Albus Dumbledore's only warning that he may have made a mistake by leaning into Harry's face was the strange ability of Harry to seemingly lay his ears back. At that same moment, a slight "Hiss" escaped Harry's lips and Albus swore he saw Harry's iridescent green eyes turn slitted like cat's eyes.

And that's when Harry's fist met Albus Dumbledore's nose with enough impact to pick the Headmaster off his feet, leaning precariously over and into Harry's personal space as Albus was, and cause the Hogwart's Headmaster to fly off the ground to impact the ceiling of Harry's room; smashing flat Dumbledore's pointed hat and leaving both hat and headmaster to fall crumbled to the ground.

The hair on the back of Harry's neck stood on end and he hissed and spat at the fallen headmaster who lay unconscious at his feet. Every animal instinct in Harry's body was telling him to kill the unconscious Headmaster right then and there.

'How Dare He Threaten me in my Den!? MY Territory!' Harry thought furiously to himself as he moved forward and flipped the unconscious Dumbledore over with his bare foot, and none too gently as the kick to the ribs shoved Albus across the floor to impact against Harry's trunk.

The Headmaster's shallow breathing, as the man landed face up, showed that Dumbledore was still alive after Harry's kick and initial punch; probably thanks the prodigious level of magic that Albus had and magic's ability to make wizards bounce or survive that which would kill a normal muggle. Still, Albus's stay within the living would have been very short if it wasn't for a strange happenstance.

As Albus slid across the floor and impacted the trunk, the sleeve of Albus's robe on his right arm hooked on the claws that had subconsciously grown from Harry's toes when Harry lashed out at Dumbledore. With the kick, the viciously sharp claw had cut through Dumbledore's sleeve, and in fact cut loose the wand holster attached to Dumbledore's right forearm, causing Dumbledore's holster and wand to clatter onto the floor.

It wasn't the destruction of Albus's garb that caught Harry's attention, nor was it Harry suddenly coming to his senses and realizing that killing the Headmaster in his own room probably wasn't the greatest idea. No, what saved Dumbledore's life at that moment was the wand that slid out of Dumbledore's holster and rolled across the floor as if called to Harry.

In turn, Harry felt called to the ash colored knobby wand that rolled across the uneven stone of his room and stopped resting against his foot.

At the merest touch with Harry's foot he heard the song of the wand.

It sang of the grave, of the dark paths that Harry tread when he walked the paths of the dead.

It sang of the cycle of life, but more particularly of the strong devouring the weak, feasting on the flesh of the defeated so that the predator may continue to rule.

Harry's eyes were fully focused on the wand as they gleamed in interest, and his Cheshire smile grew across his face literally from ear to ear as he reached down and picked up the wand.


It was like liquid ice was pumped through his veins and Harry's flesh rippled in a wave of power that originated with the hand touching the wand and rolled across his body like waves on a still pond that is disturbed by a rock dropped into it. Just so, the waves of power caused a physical reaction as Harry's flesh rippled from human toned skin, to fur, to scales and finally sharp chitinous plates in an expanding ripple before turning back to human skin tone as the power flowed in a wave from his hand, down his arm and then over the rest of his body; causing Harry to shiver in glee as a wind suddenly ripped the latch off the window of Harry's room and filled the room with the cold blustery Scottish air that swirled and caressed Harry's body.

GoGo was happy. Harry had finally found his wand, the tool by which he would remake the world.

Harry happily sprinted through the forests of the woods that surrounded the Rookery, headed to check up on Luna to see how her mind had settled out after the forceful and very painful restructuring and protective measures enacted. Sun filtered through the trees and Harry slid between the few shadows made by the branches that still retained their leaves. Still, Harry didn't dodge the prodigious sunny spots as he wasn't in any need of stealth and was instead just happy to be stretching his legs and enjoying his feeling of completion now that he had found his proper wand.

Harry chuckled to himself as he leaped over a log and then danced around a thorn bush as he kept to his quick pace and drew steadily closer to his destination, laughing as he remembered the fun of the morning while twirling his new wand negligently in his fingers.

A few memory charms here and there, a forceful tipping of a bottle of Ogden's Finest Firewhiskey down the old goat's throat, and finally planting the unconscious Albus Dumbledore in the teacher's lounge and Harry was off to spend the rest of his day. Still, it helped that Harry had transfigured Dumbledore's robes to look like McGonagall's normal tartan and heather dress, then he had flipped up said dress (disgusting as that might have been) before using a few sticking charms that led credence to the fact that Scots didn't wear underwear… well, that and that Albus now had his hands firmly stuck to his privates. Thus Harry had his perfect distraction and deniability for how Albus lost his wand, and if Harry was lucky then it would be a while before Albus tried to address the whole measly problem of Draco being skewered and shish-kobobed.

Harry jumped over a stump and pounced off a tree trunk in his way before landing in the clearing that sloped up to the base of the back of Luna's house.

Harry smirked a happy smile as he jogged across the remaining space and began to scale the wall up to Luna's room, his ears now picking up the sound of Luna's voice echoing in song out of the window to his friend's room:

"Hear now the words of the Witches, The secrets we hid in the night, When dark was our destiny's pathway, That now we bring forth into the light. This world has no right then to know it, And world of beyond will tell naught, The oldest of Gods is invoked there, The Great Work of Magic is wrought…"

"You have a beautiful voice." Harry interrupted Luna's tune by sticking his head up over the windowsill of her room and smiling to see his friend up and about.

Luna whirled towards the window with a huge smile on her face, her long blonde hair spinning behind her as the sun trickled through the window and illuminated her features to Harry.

Harry in turn smirked and finished pulling himself up to hop through the window, only to be hit in the chest by a short blonde missile as Luna plowed into him and hugged him tightly, all the while murmuring into his chest, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Harry was a bit taken aback and wasn't really used to being hugged, but the familiar smell of Luna's hair and the herbs she normally picked made him relax into the embrace and pat her back gently as her blonde hairs wisped in the breeze coming in the window and tickled his nose.

"You're welcome Luna, though I don't know what you're thanking me for." Harry prefaced his comments by carefully prying himself out of her embrace and looking down at her with a smirk on his face.

"For helping me remember!" Luna spouted excitedly before throwing her arms wide and spinning in a circle, her hair whipping out to smack Harry in the face as she spun, causing both to laugh at her infectious happiness.

Harry couldn't help but smile at how happy his one and only friend was. Instead he satisfied himself by plopping down on Luna's bed with a bounce while he watched her dance around the room and sing.

"It's a pretty song, but what did I help you remember?" Harry asked, picking at a frayed corner of the colorful patchwork quilt that decorated Luna's bed.

"Everything!" Luna raised her voice in glee as she finished spinning her circle and then launched herself backwards to bounce on the bed, her eyes shining with happiness as she looked up at Harry.

"My mother, the songs that she sang, even the connection she was trying to forge. I can hear the voices on the wind so much clearer now, and it doesn't drown out what's going on around me!" She stated with glee and wiggled down into the blanket as if she was a puppy or kitten trying to scratch her back on the floor.

Harry just smiled and nodded, it took a second before he caught her words and fully understood them, or at least thought he understood them. "Wait. Voices on the wind? Your mother?" Harry quirked an eyebrow and scooted back until his back was against the headboard and he could look down at Luna who was still sprawled on her back on the bed.

"Yep!" Luna smiled largely, her eyes going dreamy for a second before refocusing on Harry as she moved to lay on her side. "My mother died when I was very young, trying to do some sort of spell to connect her to the magic of the earth rather than just her core." At this point Luna's smile slipped for a moment, but quickly came back. "I was there and got caught up in a lot of the back lash, but now I can hear her again. My mother, she's part of something bigger, something both friendly and maternal yet willing to correct, like a grandmother perhaps. I've never known a grandmother before."

A breeze blew in through the window and ruffled the fringe on the quilt and danced through Luna's wispy hair and across Harry's face.

Luna's smile grew larger and she kicked her legs in joy and flopped on her back, "She's Happy! And she says she loves us both very much." Luna stated.

Harry quirked his head to the side, he had felt something come through the air, some sort of message from GoGo, the spirit of the earth. Still, he hadn't gotten any words, just little bits of sensations.

"You can hear her? The spirit of the Earth?" Harry questioned, his forehead wrinkled as this was clearly unexpected.

Luna pushed herself up to her knees and started bouncing up and down on the bed while staying on her knees. Her hair flying everywhere as she nodded vigorously and spoke even more quickly as only young girls can do. "Yes, and she tells me that you are her champion, and that she's happy with me, and that my mother is now a part of her, that I am her child, and that you and I are meant for each other, and how you're going to kill the nasty society so that GoGo can heal, and how I'm supposed to be a kitty cat also!" Luna's statement ended in a gasp as she stated her thoughts and what she had been told all in one breath.

Harry quirked his head to the side, as if he was some sort of animal, like a cat who hears the sound of a can of tuna opened and quirks its head to look up at the person opening it.

Luna smiled back at Harry and then reached out and grabbed his hand, pulling his arm towards her and pushing up the sleeve so that the sign of the cat's paw could be seen as a birthmark on the inside of his arm. The mark added to his skin when he was gifted the form of the Nundu.

"I'm supposed to be pack, mother says so, grandmother too, and they are so happy about your new wand, but that's not what I want to talk about. When can I be a kitty too Harry? Can we do it now? Huh? Huh? Huh?" Luna's quick statement took Harry aback.

Harry had never seen Luna as hyper as she was right now, but still, it was endearing to him. She was so much smaller than him at the moment, that the feline part of him thought of her as a kitten that needed to be protected, coddled and played with. The friendship that they had formed was only growing stronger, especially now that he realized that he had somebody to share his burden with; well, somebody besides his crazy Godfather who liked to wink and flirt with the wall covered in post-it-notes.

"Ok Luna, ok, we'll make you a cat also." Harry replied with a smile, only to finish his statement with an "Ouff!" as Luna launched herself across the bed and into his ribs as she hugged him.

"Thank you Harry, thank you! You're the best friend I've ever had." Luna's voice was muffled by her face being pressed into his chest, while Harry's chuckles made her bounce up and down.

Luna pulled away from Harry with a slight frown, and then quirked her head as she poked Harry in the rock hard abs.

"No fair. You've grown up again. Let's get hopping, I don't like feeling so much younger than you." She stated before biting her lip cutely.

"Ha! Fine, Come on you." Harry just chuckled, and for the first time initiated contact by wrapping his arms around Luna's waist and then throwing her over his shoulder while she giggled.

Luna giggled and kicked her legs as Harry stood up with her still over his shoulder and then jumped out the window with her still tightly in his grasp.

The fall was cushioned with his legs, legs that were beyond muscled and reinforced due to his rather unordinary body composition and evolution. Luna 'Oomphed' a little as the impact jarred Harry's shoulder into her stomach, but she was giggling again as Harry sprinted with her over his shoulder.

"Yay! I always wanted to be carried off by the prince." Luna giggled in glee from her place on Harry's shoulder.

And both friends smiled as they disappeared into the foliage.

A half hour later, if any wizard or muggle had visited deep into the woods, they would have seen one giant leapord like cat pawing and playing with a smaller pony sized leapord kitten.

All in all, it had been a wonderful day, and a day that developed in interesting ways.

Suddenly a stiff breeze blew through the trees, and both giant cats paused in their play as they quirked their heads; as if somebody had yelled for them in the distance and they were listening to the message.

Both cats looked at each other, and then in a sprint, both disappeared into the woods, heading for who knows where.

While Harry and Luna were having fun playing with Luna's new form, Headmaster Albus Dumbledore woke up with a groan when he slumped off his chair in the break room and hit the floor.

Startled awake, yet still in a drunken stupor, he struggled to regain his balance and stand up as the blurry room spun around him.

"Wha-where am I?" Albus choked out, the strong taste of fire whiskey on his breath told him that he had been drinking heavily, but everything else was a fog.

Ablus tried to use his hands to help himself up, but found that they were firmly secured to his wrinkly old todger, both hands interlocked and glued around his privies and his, what he thought was a robe, hiked up over his hands.

"What the, where am." Albus rolled over, a strong ache in his ribs and in his nose, though it was decidedly deadened by the amount of alcohol still in his system. It was at this point that through his blurry vision that he recognized the staff room of his school.

It was also at this moment that he heard the voices of McGonagall and Professor Sprout chatting and quickly approaching the closed door to the lounge.

It might have been the fright he felt at getting caught drunk in the break room, or worse yet exposing himself to his staff.

It might have been the large quantity of alcohol in his system.

Or it might have been the fact that his hands were glued to his penis and he wasn't used to wearing a long dress.

But whatever it was, just as Albus attempted to enter the staff lounge floo to travel back to the safety of his office, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore tripped, knocked over the container of floo powder into the fire, and said the first utterance that came to his mind upon tripping.


And that's how the Supreme Mugwump of the ICW, Headmaster of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot found himself in a dress with his hands glued to his privates, face first and head-to-ankles deep in a pile of fresh dragon shit; courtesy of "Abe's Magical Manure and Fertilizers."

Meanwhile, all across the world government's both muggle and magical were up in arms. The night before was being dubbed the "Passing of the Shadow of Death" in reference to the biblical plague against first born that had struck Egypt, but in this case had instead passed over the world and wiped out the populations of some of the most protected prisons known to mankind.

Word traveled fast, for just because people were in prison doesn't mean that they were without communication with the outside world. No, in fact in several parts of the world the leadership of large criminal organizations had been destroyed without a trace of the true attacker or their purpose. Gang wars and organized crime battles broke out across the world as criminals believed that the deaths of their leaders and members in prison was but the first shot in a larger effort to claim their territory. Government organizations struggled with the sudden loss of manpower and the unknown of who, what, where and why; some not even knowing if every prisoner was accounted for or possibly even on the loose.

Lawless areas and large cities around the world immediately saw increases in violence as the lieutenants of criminal organizations fought to assume the positions of power that were left with the vacuum formed by the deaths of so many criminals. Unfortunately for the governments of the world, the criminal violence was not limited to just killing other criminals, instead their activities often spilled out into the civilized communities and necessitated an increase in police activity to try and quell the violence. National guard and military forces were called up to try and stop the rapidly spreading bloodshed. Adding to the difficulties of the police and government was the fact that the criminals on the street learned of the deaths in the prisons and fought the police tooth and nail so as not to end up arrested or locked in what was beginning to be called a death trap; namely any jail. It might have been superstitious, but nobody knew who or what had been responsible for the massacres. All they knew was that if you were in jail, then there was a good case that you might get killed. Thus it didn't matter what the criminal did, they didn't want to be arrested and end up in a situation where they may be the next to be killed while locked in a cell.

Inside the halls of government arguments spread as elected and appointed figures alike pointed fingers and struggled to get anything done. In one night huge assets to their countries had been destroyed, often times with the guards dying as well. The guard forces at the remaining prisons demanded protection from the outside attackers, not wanting to risk dying with the criminals if the unknown attackers returned. This only made the situation more difficult as the remaining criminals in the world's prisons got word of the deaths and began to riot in the remaining prisons, not wanting to be rats trapped in a cage and waiting for who knows what to kill them who knows when. The sheer violence of the death and destruction, and the varied ways that it had been carried out, sent ripples of unrest through the prisons, both muggle and magical.

In short, the system started to break down.

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