For a while now, I've been reading various fics to do with the Pepperony 100 challenge on LiveJournal. Not having LJ myself, I've put off doing them, but yesterday I had the urge to, so here we go. I'm going to do them all in order and hopefully complete them all. So here we go.

P.S. I'm nearly done with chapter four of Razor's Edge, I promise.


Anthony Edward Stark is, without a doubt, rolling in it.

He has more money than he knows what to do with most days. He has a kick ass house, with an equally kick ass AI system that he invented himself. He has nearly every high performance sports car made in the last two years, and a garage or seven filled with classics, including a slightly dented AC Cobra.

He has every single games console known to man, from an original Pong game to a yet untested XBOX handheld device, including the classic arcade machines like Space Invaders and Pac Man. His cell phone is so advanced it hasn't even been invented yet, his main computer in his workshop is actually technically five top of the range computers that he's combined into one super computer, and the security surrounding his house is custom made from the leading security company in the world.

When he dines out, it's always at the best restaurants with three Michelin Stars (he refuses to even acknowledge the two stars and is horrified that Pepper would even eat in a place that has never even been near the award system) and he not only owns several villas throughout France and Italy, but also his own private, perfectly maintained cellar filled with hundred year old wines and whiskeys.

The bed that he and Pepper sleep in has a memory foam, orthopaedic mattress, including pillows and sheets with such a high thread count they feel like air. Their en suite bathroom has the highest of high tech hygiene equipment (i.e. a shower) with so many settings and dials on it, Pepper is sure that there's one for time travel on it somewhere, and of course each have their own walk in wardrobe (though in the same room) filled with ridiculously expensive clothing and footwear.

Simply put, Tony is able to buy pretty much anything he wants to on a whim.

And yet, as he and Pepper sit curled up together on the sofa in the living room one Christmas, watching their two year old son playing with the wrapping paper from his presents (completely ignoring the actual gifts), he finds himself realising that his money has little to do with his actual wealth.