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Chapter 51:

Ten days found Ranaya, Landrian, and Tyrandall Brightstar king of the Tarachi's in Lakishea's throne room.

Ranaya was extremely nervous about seeing her parents after all this time.

What would they say to her? Especially her brother Dari. He knew they loved each other surely he'd understand of her running away.

There would be scandalous talk of her leaving her betrothed but she didn't really care about everyone else just her family.

"Ranaya!" Darius rose up immediately in surprise. Helen who was shocked couldn't rise out of her chair. She was several shades lighter than she should be.

Ranaya stepped slowly toward her father, not sure what to expect. Would he be furious with her or happy to know she was alive and well?

"Yes, it's me Father," she turned to look at Landrian beside her, "And this is my husband Landrian Brightstar."

King Darius stared at the elf with a very odd expression. Ranaya didn't know what to make of it.

Landrian unlike how he was when he was in Lakishea the last time wore his hair pulled back in a string, his elf ears unmistakable now with no hair covering them as before.

"You look familiar and not just in name. I've seen you before, haven't I?" Darius proclaimed.

Landrian lowered his head before answering, "Yes, Your Majesty you have—only under a different name. I'm afraid I pretended to be someone I wasn't."

"Pray tell," Darius looked to his daughter and back to the elf.

"I was a stable boy under the name Lando at one time."

Darius' face went from confusion to reckonization and at last an almost uncontrolled outrage. "You tricked me, made me believe you were a peasant and a human when all along you were an infamous Tarachian General. Do you know that is punishable by death?"

Ranaya gripped Landrian's arm tightly. She could feel his muscles tighten underneath the sleeve of his tunic.

"I am aware," Landrian retorted, looking up to look the King dead in the eyes.

King Tyrandall stepped up, "He did it to protect his people, Good King. Surely you must understand. The Zachavians are plotting to abolish us. The elvish race may be no more than a tale and legend by the next human generation. Our deaths may be very near. We all took hiding places in the surrounding countries excluding Zachavi, only few stayed in our homeland until recently. King Karik is planning war now as we speak. It will be the final war that will end all.

We will either win or lose."

"Your blessing or not Father, I'll be fighting with them." Ranaya included, fighting to not cover her mouth from her words. She spoke without thinking.

Darius blanched, "You daughter?" his voice pitched in an almost amused and surprised way. "Why you don't know how to even swordfight."

"Yes she does!" Dari shouted in an unmannerly fashion as he walked into the throne room. He came up to his sister and hugged her tightly.

Dari!" Ranaya exclaimed in surprise.

Darius pressed his fingers to his temples as if all this new news was giving him a headache.

Helen rose up then to embrace her daughter, over the initial shock at last.

"I should be upset my daughter the princess of Lakishea can fight a war but I'm not. In fact I'm proud of you, Ranaya. Very proud." Helen hugged her then again.

"I presume you're not just here for a social call, daughter since you brought with you General Brightstar and the King of the Tarachians." Darius asked. He still did not make a move to hug his daughter.

"We are need of your assistance, dear sir," Landrian said.

Darius nodded. "When has King Karik proclaimed the war to be?"

"By the next full moon they will strike." Landrian looked down at his wife. His grieved emotions evident in his face.

Darius paced the throne room, pondering on the news.

Ranaya hoped he would help them.

Dari looked anxious as he watched their father.

After a few minutes Darius came back and summoned Dari over. He was silent for a moment,

"Tell General Lowell to organize his troops and prepare for battle. I am to write a letter to the King of Toraya to ask for help."

Ranaya felt like jumping up and down like a little girl but refrained herself. Landrian gave her a knowing look as if he knew what she was thinking of doing.

Tyrandall exhaled gratefully, "Thank you, Your Majesty."

Darius finally hugged Ranaya and could barely let her go afterward, "I am doing this mostly for you daughter. You are after all part of the Tarachians now, seeing that you married their greatest General." A small smile graced his thin lips but then dissolved. "Will you ever forgive me for trying to marry you to that horrible man? I was blind to see his true intentions."

Ranaya took his hands in his, "I already have."

"But, I can't forgive you for not inviting me to your wedding."

Ranaya and Landrian shared a secret smile. No one was.

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