Becoming Isabella Cullen

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Edward's P.O.V:

I felt the tugging at my arm before I became aware of my surroundings, as I slowly prised open my tired eyes I saw the source of the tugging, Jasper. My baby brother. He sat on the side of my bed looking wide awake with tear tracks streaking his face, his messy blonde hair was half covering his hazel eyes which were filled with fresh tears.

"Come here." I whispered opening my arms for him to cuddle into, ever night Jasper would come into my room crying. Ever since our parent's were murdered, for their money. I can remember that night like it was yesterday.

"Mum?" I called to let her know Jasper and I were back from the park. There was no reply.

"Mummy?" Jasper called, clinging to my trouser leg.

"What's wrong J?" I asked picking him up. Before either of us could say anything more, a blood curdling scream came from the living room. Jasper wrapped his arms around my neck, and started sobbing into my neck, as I slowly tiptoed towards the living room door.

The sight that met me still haunts me now.

My father, Carlisle, lay in a pool of blood in the middle of the living room floor with his head in my mother's lap. My mother, Esme, was sobbing over my father's lifeless body. A woman stood beside her, with bright red hair and was laughing. A man stood at the foot of my father's body, he was tall, even taller then me, he had short blonde hair and was just staring at the gun in his hand. I held back the scream that was threatening to break out. Before I could move the man's head shot up and his eye's met mine, he smirked as he pulled the trigger.

I can still remember the awful sound my mother made as the bullet made contact with her. Their killer's had then fled the scene, leaving Jasper and I behind.

Jasper rested his head in the crook of my neck, dragging me back to reality. I wiped away the tears that were running down his cheeks, he'd had the nightmare again. It was the same nightmare every night. Every night he would dream of that day, of how our parent's had been murdered. I loved Jasper with all my heart but I didn't know how much longer I could go on like this. When my father died he left me to take over the family business. Leaving me at 20 years old running a multi million pound company and looking after a five year old. I needed to be able to grieve on my own, it had only been 6 months since my parent's death and yet here I was running a company I had no idea about and looking after a child.

I sat in my office, staring blankly at the wall. After Jasper had woken me up last night I hadn't been able to go back to sleep. Whenever I closed my eye's I saw my mother, sobbing over my father's body. This was all becoming too much for me.

"Mr Cullen, here are the report's you asked for." My receptionist, Jessica, said holding out a stack of papers. I groaned as I saw how many there were, I would never get through these in time to pick Jasper up from school.

"Jessica could you do me a huge favour?" I asked, pinching the bridge of my nose, it was a habit of mine for when I was stressed or annoyed.

"Uhm yes Mr Cullen?" Jessica asked.

"Could you pick Jasper up from school for me, please?" I asked, I knew it was a lot to ask for. "I won't be able to read through all these reports and make it to his school in time."

Jessica sighed, I could tell she didn't like it but she knew how desperate I was.

"I'll give you a raise." I blurted out quickly, I would do anything right now.

"Fine but you should really get a nanny."

"Thanks Jessica." I called as she walked out of my office.

A nanny. Now that wasn't a bad idea.

Bella's P.O.V:


Didn't anyone want to send me a letter?

I slumped down onto my sofa and looked around at my dingy flat. It was smaller then a shoe box and had mould growing in the corners and yet I still couldn't afford to keep up the monthly payments. I need a job, it's that or call my parent's and admit I can't live on my own. It wasn't so bad at university, at least my parent's were still supporting me, but when I dropped out neither of them would help me out. My mother, Renee, was too busy with her new boyfriend and Charlie, my father, couldn't afford to help me out. So I took off for London, I left Forks behind; finally. If it weren't for Jacob I'd be homeless. I had met Jacob in a London bar and I'd tried to seduce him, until I found out he was gay. I can still remember that day now.

I walked up to the guy who was propped up against the bar with a bottle of beer in one hand, the other stuffed in his jean's pocket. His short black hair was sticking out in all directions and his brown eyes were dancing with excitement as he watched the people on the dance floor. I slowly walked over to him, making sure my cleavage was on show.

"Hi" I greeted him huskily, over the loud music. Jacob just turned to look at me and smiled.

"Hi, I'm Jacob." He replied, offering me his hand to shake. That was new.

"Bella," I said smiling seductively up at him. "wanna dance?"

"Uhmm sure." he replied, putting down his bottle of beer.

I took his hand and dragged him over to the busy dance floor, the song was blaring out.

I need you, I need you

I need you, I need you

I need you, I want you,

won't stop until I've got you,

there's nothing that I won't do,

I need you tonight,

I moved my body closer to Jacob's so that we were pressed up against each other.

I think that's when he realised what I was trying to do.

Jacob had dragged me into a quiet corner and told me his was gay, I of course blushed. Jacob had just laughed at it and offered me a place to stay, after I'd explained my situation to him. Jacob had also helped me find a job at a sports store, he even told my boss, Mike, to back off after he'd made a pass at me.

Eventually the sport's shop became a victim of the recession, along with my ability to pay bills.

And so here I am sitting in my mouldy flat, broke. I picked up the newspaper that lay on the table in front of me and flicked straight to the jobs section.

Dog walker? No

Gardener? No

Window cleaner? No, I'd break my neck.

Nanny? Hmm maybe. I'm only nineteen but I've babysat many times back in Forks.

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