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I've given Jasper and Alice their own story :D

I love them!

Alice and Jasper's own little happy ever after, I use the term 'happy' very loosely.

www(.)fan fiction(.)net/s/6275801/1/Becoming_Alice_Cullen


Alice's P.O.V:

It was him I was dreading seeing, Jasper. Every time I went home for the holiday's he would be there, constantly reminding me of how much I still loved him. We had dated since the age of six, which to some would sound weird but for us it was normal, we were everything to each other. Our relationship had been perfect, he had been my first everything but two years ago, when jasper was 16 he got in with the 'intelligent' group, note I don't call them 'geeks' I could never be that nasty to my Jasper; not that he was mine anymore, whereas I stuck with all my 'normal' friends.

Jasper's head grew bigger and bigger until he eventually thought he was better then me and that he could do better. I was a member of the 'lower class' to him and he wasn't afraid to tell me so. We had split up and tried to remain friends, which didn't go too well. I've barely spoken to him since I moved to fashion college six months ago. Jasper went off to university, I'm not sure what he's studying. I groaned as my mobile started going off, I picked it up and glanced at the caller display, 'mummykins'. Yes I actually had her saved on my phone as 'mummykins' something Jasper was very quick to bring up in an argument. "Hello?" I answered, hoping my mother was ringing to tell me I didn't have to go home for Christmas. Please, please, please! However luck wasn't on my side. It hasn't been since my lucky charm broke up with me and shattered my heart. "Have you left yet?" My harassed mother asked, she must be cooking."No mum I've just got back from class.""Why are you still in class? Jasper got out of university a week ago.""Good for him but the world of fashion doesn't shut down for Christmas!" I put the phone down on my mother and glared at my blackberry. Why did she have to mention his name?

I had managed to get along and pick myself back up by locking all memories of him away. I knew that if it came open then I could never pick myself up again, I was scared that seeing him would cause it to all come crashing down. The last thing I needed was to be dragged off to the funny farm hugging myself in a pretty white jacket. That would not help my argument.

I sighed and dragged my sorry ass over to my bedroom to grab my bags, all ten of them. It was going to take me a while to get them out to the car.

This was going to be the worst Christmas ever.

Jasper's P.O.V:

Alice was well over me now I knew that but I just couldn't put her behind me. She had been through so much with me she would always be a large part of my past. She was my soul mate, the only true love I would ever have. That was gone now and it was for the best, I had to concentrate on my future. When Alice had eventually dumped me I would have been left with nothing. This way I've only brought forward the inevitable break up so that I can pursue my future.

I felt something hard hit my head and a small giggle sounded from next to me. I shook my head and glanced up to see Alexa doubled up in uncontrollable laughter and an Xbox controller lay next to me.

Had she thrown that at my head? I lunged at the two of them and started tickling them both. I would make sure neither of them hurt each other like how Alice and I were hurt. I was dreading seeing her over the holiday's, part of me wished I had picked up a girl on a street corner on my way over and dressed her nicely then paid her to pretend to be my girlfriend. But I was not that kind of person therefore I didn't agree with prostitution.

God what if Alice had brought along a boyfriend? That would kill me.

This was going to be the worst Christmas ever.

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