London, England, 1965

Light peeked through the curtains, giving the room a faded glow. A guitar strummed gently somewhere in the background. A certain blonde fluttered her eyes open but shielded them quickly as that much light was too much to handle. The guitar didn't stop playing. Sam rolled over so she was on her side and saw that the space on the bed next to her was empty.

"So you're up then." George got up from a nearby arm chair and put his guitar down. He went over and sat next to Sam on the bed.

She grinned bashfully at him. "Morning."

"Good morning, Ms. Stratford." George bent down to peck her on the lips.

Sam shoved him a little. "Hey, it's Mrs. Harrison now." She couldn't stop staring at the enormous rock on her finger. She sighed and leaned her head on George's shoulder while admiring the ring.

"No, no, don't be Mrs. Harrison! That's my mum! That'll be weird!"

Sam closed her eyes again. She took one of his hands and rubbed it absentmindedly with her thumb. They were rough and calloused from guitar playing for so long. "So what were you doing up so early?" She asked softly.

"Just finished writing my song." George answered. He played with one of Sam's curls. "If I Needed Someone. I told John I'd have it finished by today so we can mull it over. I'm dropping by the studio later. Paul's giving me a ride."

"Today?" Sam dropped his hand and looked at him. "George, we're leaving tomorrow. You're going to be at the studio all day and then you'll come back late in the night. We'll be too tired to wake up, 'cause you know you're the one to wake me up when I sleep in late, and then we'll miss our flight! Also we haven't done much together since we got married. And that was on Saturday! Today is Monday!"

"Look at us, fighting like an old married couple already." George laughed. "Now I know how mum and dad feel."

Sam glared at him. "I'm serious."

George took her into his arms. No matter how mad or grumpy she was, he knew she liked the feeling of being in his arms. He smiled when he felt her lean in closer so his chin rested on top of her head. He planted a kiss in her hair. "Don't worry, I won't stay out that long. John said we won't be recording until we come back next week. We're just seeing how the songs will go right now. It saves time when putting the album together. I'll be back before midnight. Besides, we're almost completely packed already. We'll both get a good night's sleep and be up in the morning on time because of it. Is that okay?"

"All right, fine." She answered. "But is a new song really more important than your wife?" Sam joked.

He raked his fingers through her hair. "Who did you think inspired the song?"

She looked up and deep into his eyes. She loved those rare quiet moments between them where they would just stare into each others' eyes. It was as if the rest of the world melted away and it was only the two of them. No words needed to be said, eye contact was a whole language in itself. Sam once read an article about the Beatles in a teen magazine. It said that when George Harrison looked at you, it was like he was staring into your soul and he could read you easily like a book. She now knew what they meant.

Have you ever met that person who just won't leave you alone? They're like that mosquito that keeps buzzing around you, no matter how much you swat the air. Or that overplayed song on the radio that plays on every station. It's like "Enough! Can you just get away from me?" And the thing that's the most annoying about that person is that no matter how hard you try, they can never take the hint that you don't want to hang out with them!

Yeah, George Harrison was glad he did.

He craned his neck and kissed her again but for a good long time. When their lips parted for air, George couldn't help but giggle at Sam's flustered expression. He tucked a piece of hair behind her ear and bent down so his mouth was next to it.

"Because baby, it's you."


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