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Rain. Something said to cleanse the world as it fell; it washed away the dirt of the day and left everything clean and new. It served as a symbolic symbol for many things. It was also said to help clean peoples souls. Of course, it was also an omen of misfortune. Rain. Storms, and the calm before and after this particular wrath of nature. And as they said, after every storm a strong rainbow was sure to follow.

Jounouchi Katsuya was not one to really believe this. He'd lived through many storms, and on special occasions, a rainbow just might shine, but it wasn't often it's wonderful hues and spectrum of colors would shine through his day. He felt this was another one of those times as he sat on one of the old park benches in Domino. The grey, overcast cloudy sky above him raged as lightning thrashed though the sky, lighting up the dark surroundings. The roar of thunder sounded mere seconds later, causing Jounouchi to jump at the sudden bellow. He calmed his thumping heart as another flash lit up the shady park. People bustled along on the crowded sidewalks across from Jounouchi. Many business men and women without umbrellas scurried around, rushing past each other, today's morning paper forced upon there heads in effort to keep dry. Jounouchi flipped his head to the side as his hair began to get in his way of sight. Longer and more untamed bangs came at a big disadvantage when it rained.

Another clash of lightning and roaring thunder alerted Jounouchi to his senses once more. Cars seemed to speed up as did people as the storm appeared to be getting worse. A young couple passed by, holding and umbrella high above there heads, the girl snuggled in close to the boy's chest as the slightest bit of blush was caressed across his cheeks, only visible when the lightning would light up the sky again. Jounouchi watched in awe as the girl gripped tighter to the boy's uniform as the thunder sounded again. Before Jounouchi could witness the boy's reaction, the couple disappeared with the rest of the passing crowd, his vision being blocked by park holly bushes. Jounouchi leaned back in his seat, not wanting to see that painful scene again. The scene of love. He cursed under his breath for even thinking of such a word. Love. Did it even really exist out there? He wasn't sure himself. He sure didn't get it at home, if it was. His dad was one of the reasons he was out here right now, in the pouring rain. His dad was a cause for this storm. His mother didn't show affection either. If she did, she wouldn't have torn away Shizuka from him and left him with the old drunk.

"Shizuka…" Jounouchi thought, his heart tugging at his chest.

If anybody had ever shown him love, it was her. Despite them being apart for years, he still cared deeply for his little sister. He knew the feeling was mutual between them. That in itself made him happy. He couldn't help but smile a bit. He knew…he could count on her, no matter what. He wasn't sure about anyone else in this God forsaken world, but he knew Shizuka would always have his back. Jounouchi thought quietly…a thought he'd forbidden himself to think a long time ago…that he would like to…just once…experience something more…then sibling and friendship love. He wanted something intimate. He mentally slapped himself for thinking the idea. It was a stupid thought. He knew. …He also…just didn't want to get his hopes up.

The rain continued to fall, harder now, as Jounouchi leaned back on the bench, his back bending so his head was hanging off the edge of the old wooden bench. It creaked as he shifted his weight to a more comfortable position. It was his luck, of course. Getting kicked out again for no apparent reason and it had to rain. He sighed, not believing his luck. Shielding his eyes from the falling rain drops he continued to look up at the swirling madness above him. The dark clouds seemed almost angry; it made Jounouchi feel that nature was just reflecting the acts of humans. Most people these days were angry about something. It didn't matter what. Just an excuse to argue or complain seemed to fill their life with whatever it is they received from this immaturity. Just the thought of it made him grimace. He tried his hardest to not give into emotions like that so easily. Anger for him was hard to resist at times, but hey, at least he tried. What if this storm really was reflecting on his emtions…? Just the idea made him laugh. Yeah right. He knew he had a lot of emotions swirling inside him, but he'd at least thought none of them were exactly…angry or evil. Besides, a storm was just a storm…right?

The cold night wind blew through, chilling Jounouchi to the bone. He leaned up and hugged himself tightly, trying his best to stay warm. And he had damn school tomorrow to. He sighed angrily under his breath. He loved his old man to death…despite everything they'd been through…but…Jounouchi sighed, afraid to even continue that thought. He knew where it would lead to, and it was a thought he never really liked to think about. Besides, Pops would forget about it in about a day. Until then, he could just crash here. He considered going over to Yugi's or Honda's momentarily, but that idea soon faded. He didn't want to be a burden on his friend's; especially since they were all to kind hearted to turn him down, no matter the circumstance. Jou shook his head, sending excess water droplets in all different directions.

"What time is it…?" He questioned silently, pulling back his jacket and revealing his bare wrist.

"Time to get a damn watch I guess…" He pulled his jacket sleeve over the bare skin angrily, and began hugging himself again. He leaned back once more, gripping his jacket tighter around himself. He heard the sound of footsteps approach him and slowly distance himself from him. He looked up momentarily, just in time to get a glimpse of the snare plastered on a passing business man's face. Jou returned the look with gratitude.

"Damn rich bastards…" He cursed under his breath before leaning back and closing his eyes. "If they only knew…"

The rain raged on harder, not making any intention of residing anytime soon. Jou's face began to sting after being pelted again and again and again. He ignored it and turned his head sideways to the left, attempting to give most of his face a rest from the assault. He should be getting some sleep. Who cared what the people passing by thought. Let them think whatever pleased those sick pleasures they had. Jou was at his limits and needed sleep. Of course, the pelting rain, intense lightning, and snarling thunder wasn't exactly a bedtime lullaby. He'd have rather listened to one of those singing battery operated toys that sounded evil and demented as there battery life was being sucked away with every use. He laughed quietly, remembering the time he was in the store and a motion activated on came on, singing in a low, prolonged voice. It scared the crap out of him, and he never once returned to that aisle.

As another flash of lightning took over the sky, the thunder took several seconds to answer. Even the rain seemed to be residing. It was a now or never chance to fall asleep. Jou shifted his weight once more before he was finally comfortable enough he'd be able to sleep. You could tell a lot about a person if you just knew there sleeping habits. For example, some people try to clear there mind to go to sleep. Some people counted sheep…although Jou had no idea why. Why sheep? To him, it made no sense. Others made to do lists in their head. Jou knew only rich, or work-a-holic type people did this. Or those who were just overly responsible and lived to please. Jou had his own way of falling asleep. Although he kind of liked his accent he had, others didn't. He was constantly facing upturned noses everywhere he went; his accent was just not accepted like he wanted it to. After finally getting fed up with it all, Jou decided he's work on changing it. So every night before falling asleep, he'd work on "proper" speech and prounciations. He still wasn't perfect, but it was definitely improving. besides, what could be more boring then trying to say your words correctly? Just the thought made Jou sleepy. But, just by his habits of falling asleep like that, it showed that he was a hard worker, and though he didn't like to admit it, he wanted to be accepted…praised…loved… and he was willing to give it his all to change so that would happen.

"Maybe Pops' right…Maybe if I was a bit more…useful, things wouldn't be like dis." In Jounouchi's mind, it was the only thing that seemed to make sense. Sure, his dad didn't exactly help earn money or anything, but…his dad sure seemed to act like he knew what he was talking about, whenever he'd called Jou useless. Jou's grip tightned on his shirt, his knuckles turning white. He'd been doing all he could for that man! He's been slaving his ass off for as long as he could remember, trying to please the drunkard, but it was never enough…never enough. The urge to cry found its way into Jou's mind, but he shoved it away. No way he'd cry over something like this. He refused to cry. It was a sign of weakness. His dad was right…he was a sad excuse for a man. Even if that was the case, he failed to see how Shizuka and his mom leaving was his fault. Whenever his dad told him this, rage seeped through Jou's body. In fact, that's why he left tonight in the first place. Come to think of it…his dad hadn't really kicked him out, he'd just left. Of course, his dad wasn't complaining. He was to busy complaining about other things, like how the floors were filthy, the food sucked, the place smelled, and countless other issues Jounouchi'd worked hard to fix. It was never enough. Never enough.

The rain's intensity had softened a bit and moved now onto more of a drizzle. Jou was soaked to the bone, the cold night breeze making him even more miserable. …He could go back to that forsaken apartment…but he wasn't that desperate, not yet. He found himself shutting his eyes tighter, trying to concentrate on working on his speech.

"Da dog ran widly around da 'ree…" Jou knew that was totally wrong. He sighed and tried again. "D-…T-The dog ran wildly around d-the t-tree." He managed to stumble through, pleased that he'd gotten it on the second try. He quickly racked his mind for another sentence with a lot of "the's" and any other "t" word. He seemed to be struggling with those the most. Another sentence hit him. He was getting ready to try it when a cold voice interrupted his thoughts.

"Well, look what the cat drug in. Little mutt gone stray again?" a familiar voice filled with malice sneered.

"Great. Just what I needed. I hate my luck."

"Buzz of Kaiba, I don't wanna here or see yer ugly face around here right now." Jou snapped, opening an eye momentarily, just to confirm it was Seto Kaiba standing in front of him. And it sure as hell was. He was wearing that same, cold grimace he gave everyone. His eyes pierced through Jou, making him feel the slightly nervous. His mouth was in its usual place, a thin line in the place normal mouths were, his hair and body were perfectly dry.

"Lucky bastard…Probably 'cause of that thing." Jou thought with acid as he eyed Kaiba's umbrella. His white coat was completely clean; his tight dark pants were as well, not a stain to be found. Jou found himself feeling a bit intimated by this since he was sitting here soaked, and wearing his dirty school uniform.

"Did someone rub the mutts fur the wrong way today or something?" Kaiba taunted with a satisfied smirk.

"Oh God, not only are you makin' me sit here and listen to ya talk, but yer makin' stupid puns and animals jokes to? Wow…Dis is torture." Jou retorted, feeling a bit satisfied with my comeback.

"I'm not forcing you to sit here, mutt."

"O, really? Funny, 'cause I strangely remember bein' here first AND snoozin' on top of that." Jou knew that last part was a lie, but hey, if it made the guy leave him alone, that was all he was asking for.

"Can't the stray just go back to his cardboard box? Or is he forced to sleep in the rain?"

"Ya know, yer reallllly startin' tah piss me off." Jou snapped, standing up abruptly to face Kaiba; his fists were clenched and hung loosely next to his body. They were ready though in case he needed them. A sudden clap of thunder made both Jou and the young CEO jump as rain came down in a wave, forcing Jou to hold his bangs up with his hand.

"Is you standing up supposed to frighten me?" Kaiba asked simply. Jounouchi gave no answer and instead just sneered. He wasn't in the mood to put up with Kaiba's crap. After a moments silence, Jou's stomach began making noices, complaining loudly. Kaiba looked half amused as Jou tried to hide it with a cough.

"Gah, screw you Kaiba. I got better things to do with my time then stand here talkin' to you." With that said, Jou made a turn back to his bench. Kaiba's voice stopped him in his tracks.

"You're obviously not busy. And I doubt your actually going to feed yourself." He let out an prolonged sigh before continuing. "I'm usually not one to make these kinds of offers, but seeing as you're obviously going to kill yourself living like this I don't think I have a choice. I don't want to get called out for murder."
Jou scoffed dryly. Kaibe continued regardless.

"There's a coffee shop just down this street. I was heading there anyway. I'll treat you to something."

Jou had to admit it came to a shock to him... that this guy was actually being half way nice in his own…mean little way. Without making an effort to even face the dry CEO, Jou answered,

"Not interested."

"You're stomach says otherwise."

"Yeah? Well my stomach doesn't have a mouth does it?"

"…What kind of stupid comeback was that? It didn't even make sense mutt."

"Y-you know what Kaiba? Just-" Jou turned around abruptly and faced the brunette, and noticed something odd. The brunette actually had a smile on his face. It was of course filled with malice, but it was, indeed a smile. Jou grimaced. He was enjoying tormenting him? Finally, after a moments silence, Jou's stomach made another angry complaint as it grumbled loudly. It started to contort in pain, doubling Jounouchi over. Kaiba watched with raised eyebrows. Jounouchi glared at him from below.

"I don't need yer charity."

"Just take up the damn offer before you end up killing yourself." Kaiba snapped automatically after, as if he predicted what Jou was going to say. Jou opened his mouth to argue but all that came out was a groan of hunger. He glared up once more at a statisfied Kaiba before saying;

"Alright, fine, you win. Dammit."

"Good choice mutt. You better be happy. I don't share scraps with every stray I find on the street." Kaiba said with his usual little smirk.

"Again with the animal jokes and puns." Jou sighed. He noticed that the rain had once again lightened; the lightning and thunder were now all but a memory as the rain slacked off even more into a small drizzle.

"Alright mutt, let's go then. Your only getting wetter." He scoffed. "Maybe we shouldn't go in. You'll probably stink the place up with wet dog smell."

"Kaiba, if anyone was going to stink a place up, it'd be you."

"Oh really, how so mutt?"

"Dat stench of money and "I'm better than you, bow to me mere peasant" is enough to clear out a whole room." Jou replied with a simper. "I dink it's called... da stench of arrogance." Kaiba recoiled with a glare.

"You want the damn food or not? If you do, then I suggest you tread lightly. Now come on." Kaiba began walking away, towards the park entrance. Jounouchi thrust his hands into his pockets before following mumbling complaints the whole way. Jounouchi made his way onto the cracked sidewalk that ran along side the city streets. Kaiba walked a few strides in front of him, his umbrella resting on his shoulder, while his briefcase was in his other hand. Jou sighed with a smirk. Was that briefcase glued to his hand or something? Or maybe he had it surgically attached. Hell, for all Jounouchi knew, Seto Kaiba was an alien from the planet "Briefcase Bitches"…After a minute, Jounouchi decided that 1.) He sucked at not only comebacks, but naming things for jokes as well, and 2.) …Briefcase Bitches sounded more like a strip joint for trust fund geeks than a planet.

"You coming mutt?"

"Yeah yeah I'm comin' ya prick."

"Good mutt, 'cause we're here." Jou looked up, and used one of his hands to shield his face from the little coffee shops bright lights. It took a minute for his eyes to adjust. Jou relized it wasn't anything fancy, just a small little shop that probably sold pastries and…well…coffee. Jou could see the glass counter inside that held the sweet sweets, while behind the counter were people scurrying around, fixing all the different kinds of coffee that was offered. Small tables set for two lined the walls, while tables for groups sat in the middle. Lighting dangled down on chains, hovering above the small tables. The walls were plastered with faded flower wall paper, a setting sun in the background, and many trees surrounding the scenery.

"Are we going to go in or are you just going to ogle at it all night like an idiot?" Kaiba snapped Jounouchi back into reality. He gave Kaiba a cheesy grin before walking into the café, almost being blown over by the assorted smells and such. His stomach let out a moan of pleasure as it was assured Jou would get him something here and that it wasn't just wordless torture. Kaiba followed in after him and stood quietly beside Jounouchi. Jounouchi shook his head rapidly, water droplets flying off in different directions, some hitting Kaiba. Jounouchi shook his head some more and wrung out his soaked clothes before finally pleased with himself. Kaiba glared down at him as he wiped off droplets of water that had landed on his face. Jou gave him the most innocent smile he could, trying to hide the malice best he could. The people behind the counter gave disapproving glances at Jou as they noticed the puddle underneath his feet. They somehow knew as soon as this boy sat down, they'd be placing a "Caution: Floor May Be Slippery" sign when he was out of the way. The janitor sure wasn't going to need water to mop tonight. Kaiba pointed up to the back chalk board hanging above the counter and cash register. It was a menu holding, what seemed to Jou, over a billion different combinations. They had a range of everything bitter, to sweet, to spicy, to salty. Jou began to drool at just the thought of it. Kaiba sighed heavily.

"Pick something out already, I don't care the price, just get something."

Jou glared up at him out of the corner of his eye.

"Course ya don't care. When yer rich why should ya? Geez…I wish I could live that kinda life…" It was after that Jou deicded to pick the most expensive things on the menu, just to give Kaiba grief. Jou didn't even look at what he was getting. He just saw the prices.

"'Kay Kaiba, I want that 'nd that." Jou pointed up to things on the menu. Kaiba seemed to have caught on to his little plan as he smirked.

"Really now? Are you sure?"

"'Course I'm sure, why wouldn't I be?"

"Suit yourself." Kaiba walked up to the counter and placed there orders.

"A number 5 and 13 for him, and for me, I just want my usual."

"'Course Seto Kaiba has a usual. Geez, this guys too rich for his britches, bein' able to eat here all the time." Jou reflected as he glanced up at the menu once more. He could never afford even one of there Bottled Sparklingly Fiji Water with what he made now (which was all they had in the water department mind you). Kaiba finished quickly and paid the people upfront. While he waited, Jounouchi walked over to one of the paintings in the café. It wasn't a very big painting, but that wasn't what mattered. It was actually quite pretty. The details the author put into the ocean…the sky…the plants and mountains…it was astounding to Jounouchi. The way the waves looked as though they could just roll off the painting, the mountains looked as frigid and barren as they did in real photos. This was definitely a painting Jou thought deserved to be framed. …Which it was.

"R.W.R? 1/25/01" Jou squinted to read the signature in the bottom right hand corner of the painting. Whoever this R.W.R was, he was good. Jou secretly was interested in arts…he wished at that moment he could meet this man…or woman. It could have been either for all Jou knew.

"Come on and sit down. Our orders will be ready in a minute." The cool voice of Seto Kaiba said over his shoulder. Jou jumped a bit as he was shaken back into reality. He turned to face the brunette, who had already walked off and sat a table opposite the giant window that looked out onto the street. Not only was Seto Kaiba a grumpy person, he was quite unsociable. Jou shrugged and sat down across from him nevertheless. Kaiba didn't make eye contact for quite sometime…only after he became freaked out by Jounouchi's staring.

"What." He said, rather than asked.


"Well then stop staring at me mutt, your getting food, so leave me alone."

Jou didn't reply and instead stared down at his hands instead. He didn't mean to stare at Kaiba, it was just, a habit he seemed to have. A habit of zoning out when he was tired, and his eyes had just so happened to rest on Seto Kaiba. Jounouchi praised the Lord as he saw there food coming. As his order was placed in front of him he turned his nose up at it.

"What the hell's this?"

"What you ordered, idiot." Kaiba said with a smirk as he sipped his black coffee.

"I-…Your not joking are you." Kaiba shook his head no. Jou gluped.

"So…what exactly…is…this?" He asked, poking it with a fork.

"I'm pretty sure that," he motioned towards my dessert. "Is bean filled pie. I've heard it's not bad once you try it out."

Jou found it…unappetizing.

"And my drink…?" Jounouchi asked as he took a sip.

"I believe it's Kopi Luwak."

Jou nearly spit out his drink.

"W-wait wait wait wait! isn't that like, the most expensive coffee crap out there? And what's with that name?"

Kaiba shrugged.

"L-Like they'd have that here!" Jou yelled slamming down his drink, receiving weird glances from around the room. Again, Kaiba merely shrugged.

"Why else do you think the bill was so expensive, idiot?"

Jou squirmed uncomfortably in his seat. Was he actually feeling guilty about?…Nahhhh…

Jou silently finished his cup o' joe. The taste was…alright. He wasn't addicted to the stuff like Kaiba so obviously was. Kaiba had already finished off his cup and was looking off into the distance. Jou had just now began to pick at his food. After taking his first bite, Kaiba turned towards him.

"So why were you out in the rain in the first place?"

Jou swallowed and held his sigh in best he could. He'd been expecting this question all night long.

"No reason." He replied, taking in another bite. Kaiba looked suspicious.

"I don't believe it. What would possess you to sit out in the rain anyway?"

Jou swallowed and shrugged.

"No reason."

Kaiba's fists clenched slightly as he struggled to keep his anger under control. Why was he being so…stubborn? Kaiba struggled to keep his cool as his fingers traced the ides of his empty coffee mug.

"Fine, I wasn't really interested anyway." Kaiba snapped and looked away.

"Idiot." He cursed at himself. "Now he never will tell you if anything's wrong." Kaiba found himself glancing over at the eating teen. He looked unphased, as if the rude remark he'd received from Kaiba didn't really bother him. Kaiba didn't say another word the rest of the meal. When Jou had finally finished he let out a quiet burp and rubbed his belly. It wasn't exactly full, but it would have to do.

"Thanks fer ta food Kaiba."

"Yeah." Was his only reply.

After another one of there awkward, silent moments, Jou stood up for a nice stretch.

"Ahh…that feels good." He stretched some more before finally standing in a straight posture. "I guess I'll be off then, seeya Kaiba. School tomorrow right?" With that said, Jou made his way towards the door, just now noticing for the first time that the pattering of rain had stopped.

"What are you talking about mutt? Tomorrow's Saturday." Kaiba's voice called after him. Jounouchi stopped in his tracks. If that was true then…he'd have to go back home. He found Kaiba standing beside him now.

"I'll drop you off by your home if you want."

Jou looked up at the brunette with suspicion.

"Why're you bein' so nice ta me all'a sudden?" the blonde asked, his eyes narrowed. Kaiba merely shrugged. "Great answer, nimrod."

"Nah, it's fine." Jou shrugged him off and started towards the door. "I'm not going home yet anyway."

"Off to spend more time with the pigeons in the park I'm guessing?"

"Shaddup. Besides, it's night. How many pigeons come out at night?

"How many mutts don't know how to shut up and be thankful after they've been fed?"

It was a good thing no one else was really in the café at the time. The only people other than Seto and Katsuya themselves was a loner man over in the corner of the room, and a younger woman who was typing away at her laptop. Both seemed distant from the world.

Seto's eyes narrowed, as did Jounouchi's.

"Whatever mutt. Good bye." Without another word, Kaiba left storming out the building.

"Geez…rich boys time a month ain't it?" Jou chuckled at his own joke and went back to their table to see two things.

1. His jacket was on the floor. Lovely.

2. Seto Kaiba's notorious briefcase was left behind. ...Even lovelier.


Jou, by instinct, grabbed the briefcase and made a mad dash after Kaiba. Even though the rain had stopped, the traffic hadn't and the streets and sidewalks were as crowded as ever. Jou jumped up once or twice to see the young CEO a good ways in front of him, talking away on his cell phone. Jou pushed himself through the crowd, briefcase in hand, and quickly made his way towards Kaiba. He ran as fast as he could, water getting splashed onto his back as he ran through puddles. He felt his feet slip around every once in awhile but now was not the time to fall. He chased after Kaiba finally catching up with him at a crosswalk.

"KAIBA!" Jou yelled in between breaths as he sprinted towards the brunette. Kaiba looked over, his eyes widened.

"JOUNOUCHI LOOK OUT!" and that was all Jou could hear. He felt his feet fly out from underneath him and his face hit cold wet concrete. The briefcase fell out of his hand, but his head hurt to bad to look up to see where it had landed. The dramatic screech in car breaks had gave him a pretty good idea. Then…the sound of crushed plastic and metal.

Jounouchi looked up in horror, a crowd of people blocked his view of Kaiba. Was he alright? Or was he…

Curiosity won over pain as Jou forced himself up. He staggered over to the crowd, his ankle screaming the whole way. He leaned over an eldery man and gasped in horror. Kaiba was standing at the front of the crowd. The crosswalk signs flashed green for go, but no one dared move. In the middle of the cross walk lay the broken reminants of a briefcase…a pricelss laptop inside. Seto Kaiba's laptop. Jounouchi gulped. He knew this was going to end up bad. Horrible was a better word. No one dared make a move and pretty soon, the little block was mobbed with terrified people. Jou pushed his way through the crowd and lightly put his hand on Kaiba's shoulder.

"K-Kaiba, I'm really-" Jou stopped as he was flashed one of Kaiba's evil glares. Jou gulped, and could swear he felt his heart stop beating. Kaibe was going to have a conniption. Jou was surprised to see there was no wreck. Apparently whoever hit it drove on as they usually would. It was probably better that way though... it definitely caused less a commotion. What was even more surprising is that Kaiba's familiar looking limo had drove up quickly and parked illegally, half on the sidewalk, half on the cross walk. Many people waiting to cross backed away.

"Get in." Kaiba spat.


"I said get in." He stated again, shoving Jou forward. Before he could do anything, he found himself inside the cushioned limo of Seto Kaiba's. The thing even smelled like him for God's sake! Kaiba got in shortly after and sat beside Jou. As soon as the door was slammed the gas petal was slammed to the floor and they were out of there in no seconds flat. Kaiba held the reminants of his brief case in his hand and glowered at Jou.

"K-Kaiba i-"

"Save it mutt. You'll get your punishment soon enough."

Jou shut up quickly after and gulped as he turned towards his window. He watched as they speeded away, all the cities lights and colors mixing into one colorful blur. Deep down, Jounouchi could feel another storm arising...and he sure as hell didn't see a rainbow.

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