The Lost Child  By SW

I wanted to do something looking at Naruto for Iruka-sensei's point of view.

The nine tails lives on in the memories of all, except him. Its always there lurking beneath the surface, hiding behind his demonic eyes. But they aren't the same, he is not the nine tails, nor is the fox demon him.

  Always walking alone, he's eternally suffering for the crimes of his former self. It doesn't matter what he does, they never see him. So stubborn and bitter they refuse to see past the image of the nine tails. It shadows and envelops him in their minds, they only see the symbol of their loss. The death and destruction of so many lives, sprouting hatred and anger toward one boy. The children of the village don't know this, but the know their parents hate. The mindless ducklings follow, and they to refuse to see him. Yet he's innocent of everything he is hated for.

  So he plays tricks and pranks, anything to be seen ; you have to notice him to yell and scold after all. Lost to all, never feeling the simple love every child should. But he still dreams and longs for what he's never had. I see him, and I see my self-reflected. My past being mirrored, which is one of the reasons I try not to be like them.  To acknowledge his existence, to see him as the lost child waiting to be found.

  I'll watch him chase his dream, to become the Hokage, because then they will have to acknowledge him. Which was all he ever wanted, for their eyes to see him, for them to finally notice his presence.

     All I can do is try and help him find his path, and remind him someone sees him. To see the real Naruto, not the image the nine tails left.



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