Title: Hands

Universe: Lost in Blue

Theme/Topic/s: hand-holding

Rating: G

Character/Pairing/s: Skye and Keith

Word Count: 470

Warnings: crappy transition, IMO

Skye had to be led around the island by the hand, due to the fact that she had lost her glasses when she had washed up on the shore in a damaged lifeboat. Of course, Keith, being the nice person that he was, had no problems with being her guide until they could get rescued.

At first, she thought nothing of it when Keith would hold her hand every time she had the desire to go somewhere. However, as time went by, she started to like having him by her side whenever she would go out to get some water, or whenever she wanted to leap across the stones in the river to the other side of the island.

When she did decide to cross over to the other side, Keith would make his way across first: he would leap from the riverbank to the first stone, hold out his hand, waiting for her to jump, and when she jumped, landing on the edge of the stone, struggling to keep her balance, he would immediately grab her hand and pull her closer to him, his body only slightly brushing against hers. That sort of gesture made her feel safe every time she made her way to the other side.

The other side of the island, according to Skye, was chock-full of food: there were various things growing in the ground and in the trees. Usually, Keith was the one who gathered what they needed but every now and then, she would tag along with him, her hand laced with his.

After they picked up what they needed, they would often head to the beach and rest, enjoying the salty sea breeze and the feeling of sand between their toes. Occasionally, while they were sitting down, Skye would glance at Keith and smile to herself, thinking about the kindness he showed her and of course, the way he would always hold her hand and insist that she stay close to him.

Once the sky started to darken, the two would get up and go back to the cave, start a fire and prepare for a meal. The first few times Skye had cooked for Keith, the meals were only so-so, but as the days went by she became a much better cook , earning many compliments from Keith, which made her blush and smile brightly at him, something Keith liked to see.

When they had finished all of their food and the fire had died down, they would each walk over to their "beds" and lay down, almost immediately falling asleep.

The two would probably go through the same routine of replenishing their supplies the next morning, but Skye wouldn't have it any other way. As long as she could hold hands with Keith, she'd be happy, regardless of what happens.