A.N. For every native German speaker out there, you can now read this in German! Go to my profile page to search for the link, as it they don't allow me to put it here!

My name is Antonio Fernandez Carriedo.

My appearance? It's nothing special. Twenty-five years old, male, with messy, chestnut hair, green eyes and a smile that can sweep anyone off their feet. I can be dense sometimes, but it seems that ladies (and gentlemen too, if I have to be honest) find that adorable.

Why do they love me? I don't really know. But I noticed that my Spanish accent helps a lot when I'm flirting. Ladies love it; even though I've been speaking English since forever I sometimes pretend not to know a word of it just to impress them. It's one of my favorite techniques, actually.

Anything strange about me? I'm very fond of children—but not in that way! The ladies seem to love that, too—when I tell them how much I like to have little kids around, they think they've found the perfect man to marry. I've managed to dodge that particular bullet several times, though.

I have two best friends. We've known each other since kindergarten and we've been friends that whole time. We've always been quite the troublemakers; teachers didn't like us all that much, particularly Gilbert—he's always known how to take real revenge. I won't say exactly how—use your imagination. It won't be far from the truth, anyway.

Thanks to our reputation, everyone started calling us the 'Bad Touch Trio', and they still do. Of course, now it has an entirely different meaning…

My friends? Well, one of them is named Francis Bonnefoy, and he is older one of our group. He's French, tall, with shoulder-length blond hair, blue eyes, and has a faint shadow of stubble which he thinks makes him look like a "big brother". He goes both ways and has a strange fascination with roses. He says that whenever he sleeps with someone, he leaves a red rose on the pillow the morning after to remind the other just what had occurred the previous night. Francis has always been the romantic one of us, which Gilbert likes to tease him for. He is also the one who pays attention to his appearance and style more, and people like his classy manners.

Those manners? They last a night. Francis actually loves to touch (read: grope) everyone in any way he can, wherever he can. Gilbert says that Francis does that with me, too, but I don't really notice.

My other friend is Gilbert Beilschmidt. He arrived here from Germany with his little brother the year after I met Francis. I could say he is the "straightest" one of us, but Francis has told me that Gilbert's had his own crushes and loves among our own gender. Gilbert is very cocky, deeply in love with himself (to the point that he would marry himself if he could, those are his words) and in his opinion people are either 'awesome' and 'unawesome'. There are only three people on the "awesome" list, including Gilbert himself, and the other two come and go from that list. I think you know who they are. Nevertheless, Gilbert has his own way of flirting. Strangely enough, it works.

That's us. Three friends who want nothing more than to have fun. We are very different, with very different interests, and we probably would have each gone our separate ways if it wasn't for that incident long ago.

That incident? When we were around fifteen or sixteen, each of us had our first heartbreak. We made a pact then, in order to avoid that fate again, to never, ever fall in love. To be singles, till death tears us apart.

We did great. None of us had ever been in a stable relationship. We had our own little adventures with no strings attached. It worked perfectly, up until till now.

Key phrase: Up until now.