Author's notes:

I really can't believe this is over. I really can't. I loved writing in Antonio's point of view and this story really has a special place in my heart. But, to tell the truth, this fic would be nothing, without you, my fellow readers! I really want to thank you all of you for your fantastic comments, even the angry ones. I appreciated all of them. Moreover, I want to thank Ceri Siracha for the beta she did on the first chapter. Don't think I forgot you!

I'll probably write a companion fic to this story. It will be GerIta. If I'll write it, I hope to see you all there too!

I have another thing to ask of you. I have a poll going on on my profile about who of the characters in this story you found the most IC (in character). I really want to see who I managed to write best and who I need to study a little more, so you'll really help me out if you answer the poll.

I hope this story didn't offend anyone and I'm really sorry for the grammar mistakes. I know it can be hard to read sometimes when there are all this mistakes running about.

I really love you all! :D

Thank you!


EDIT (28.6.2012)

So I decided to close the poll and here are the results:

32% Romano

23% Spain (it's funny how they were 32 and 23, you know... same numbers, but reversed. XD *shot*)

10% Prussia (I never imagined Prussia would get to the top three! I'm so happy!)

7% Poland

6% England and France


Greece, Hungary and North Italy got 2%

Germany and Lichtenstein 1%


I remind you that this fic had been translated in German too! If you want to read it in German, go on my profile page and click on the link I give you! For now the translator wants to remain anonymous, but I want to thank her again from the bottom of my heart for it!