AN: Okay, so this is the high school one I talked about in my last fic. I feel like I should do some esplainin' because well, I guess I'm Lucy and you guys are Ricky.

This was also a bit of a dream…sort of. But, I had a 90210 marathon one night a long time ago before I went to bed, and as I was falling asleep this idea came to me. So if you want to picture a setting, picture the West Bev high school, and frankly, I'd picture that part of California for reasons that will become rather clear in the story. THIS ISN'T A CROSSOVER! I'll explain it all in the story…just flow with the go if you can.

Remy Hadley was sitting outside the Guidance Counselor's office. She leaned forward, holding herself up on her arms as she kicked her legs back and forth, and looked at the floor.

Why the fuck did I decide to come back to high school? I left the life I was living for a reason… She thought as she leaned back and stared at the light that flickered every couple of minutes. She looked over at her cousin and her cousin's husband cousin-in-law? They were sitting there, talking quietly to each other, and she watched as her cousin's hubby, Steve, kissed her temple as he put his arm around her. Oh yeah…that's why.


The young and talented Remy Hadley had dreams of becoming famous—fucking famous like her cousin Joanna Montgomery. She had been emancipated from her father for a good year and a half. When her mom died, her father turned to the bottle for comfort. At first he would just yell, but that eventually wasn't enough and he quickly progressed and began slapping her around.

She could handle all of that, but it was one of the few nights when she had the courage to fight back that a couple bottles fell off the counter and didn't so much shatter as they did break into larger pieces. This night he threw her into the pool of glass, and before she got up he grabbed her arm and looked at the shard that had wedged itself into her palm. He whispered in her ear that she should just finish the job herself, and drag the shard down her arm.

The next day, she went searching for someone to get her an emancipation, and a few months later she was officially free from everything that her life was. She had quickly joined a band and became lead singer. They got plenty of gigs too; she had enough money coming in to pay for an apartment and get all the toys she wanted…her toys consisted of more than a couple of each type of guitar, a ukulele, a banjo, and a PC that she could mix, write, and perfect her music…and variations of her favorites.

But, soon her band mates started getting "real jobs." They started playing less, and she found herself living out of her VW hippie van. She didn't necessarily mind it considering the alternative. The last thing she was going to do was go back home.

She and what was left of her band, were playing at a bar that was pretty popular, and they were covering bands from Barenaked Ladies to Train to Paramore.

She looked out at the crowd and she could have sworn that she recognized one of the people she actually had the attention of. She tried to ignore it though and keep on keepin' on with what she was doing. After their set, the same woman came up to her.

"Remy?" She asked.

"Uh…yeah." She looked at her cautiously, but with complete recognition. "Joanna?"

She smiled, "Little Remy, what are you doing singing at a bar on a school night, huh?" She asked as she hugged her baby cousin.

"Yeah, I don't do school, so it's not a school night." She said as she pulled away.

"What?" Joanna asked, thinking she heard her wrong.

"I don't do school. I haven't since I moved out." She shrugged and leaned against the platform they were standing at.

"You moved out? When?" Joanna asked, "You're only what, fifteen?"

"Seventeen." Remy said flatly. "My Dad…after my Mom…he got drunk and got stupid. I got out and have been doing what I want."

"So you've been providing for yourself? Where do you live? Maybe I could come visit?" She gave her little cousin a hopeful look, and when she didn't get a response right away, she took Remy's face in her hands, "God I haven't seen you since you were eight. You're gorgeous."

"Thanks." Remy replied with her cousin still squishing her cheeks together. "About the coming to visit me thing…you won't like my style of living, so if you want to hang or reunite or whatever, maybe you should just give me your address and I'll come to you."

"How do you know I wouldn't like 'your style.'" She mimicked.

Remy let out a hesitant, but strong laugh, "No one likes it. I don't even like it; it's just what I do…what I have to do."

"Where are you living?" Joann was getting this overwhelmingly nervous feeling and she didn't know why.

"My van." She scrunched and guarded herself from her cousin.

"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! Remy! No! I won't let you do that!" Joanna yelled then began talking with a clear determination in her voice.

"Well, it doesn't matter what you will or won't let me do. I'm my own boss, fuck you very much." Remy spoke heatedly.

Joanna opened her mouth to reply, but she didn't know how to react to that, so she became a fish out of water before saying her carefully chosen words. "You're right. But you're only seventeen. Sweetie, you should be in high school. Your biggest worry should be what you're going to wear to school or who's going to take you to the dance…not…living out of a van, performing at bars whenever you can get a gig."

"Yes, but this is my life. That is all in my past…what are you going to do, take me in?" At this statement a look crossed her cousins face.


Two weeks later she was settled into her fucking rich and famous cousins guest house. Remy, Joanna and Steve sat down, had a long drawn out conversation about their rules, and what they expected from her.

They really didn't ask for a lot. They wanted to be apart of her life, but they wanted her to have as much privacy as she wanted. They would let her drink—if she so wanted, but drugs were out of the question. Steve was an addict, but he had been sober since six months before her met Joanna, and had been clean ever since. They're one of those couples that are just good for each other.

If she needed groceries, or wanted something, they just needed a list or a picture and they'd try to get it for her.

She went from a van, to an entire small house in the span of a day. And from that point on, she knew that she had two guardian angels, two people that actually cared for her, she wanted to make them happy.

The only other settlement she had to make was going back to school. Where she was living now, to where she was living before was quite a bit different…she was about to start going to rich kids r us, and she dreaded every minute that got closer to the day she had to go.

Steve came over to neck of the woods one evening…literally after they had just had dinner—that's right, she had family dinners with them…it was like she part of a real live family, and she liked that a lot.

"You're van is a piece of shit." He said as he walked past her without so much as a greeting. When he turned to her he saw her defensive face for a reaction. "No offense."

She took a breath to speak, but sighed instead, "So, did you just come to tell me that my previous home is shit, or do you have something else to say?" She had a bit of a grin forming on her lips.

He looked at her with regret as she said the words 'previous home.' He took a breath, "Listen Remy…I went to that school okay? The kids there…they do nothing but judge and ridicule. Their survival of the fittest is survival of the richest…So, tomorrow we're going to find you a car that is just busting with badassery and..well basically it'll be sex in car form. That cool?"

"Uhh…are you fucking kidding me? How expensive are we going?" She asked, eyes wide with shock.

"As expensive as it takes. Jo and I…we're very, very well off financially, right up there with everybody's favorite Friend."

"Lisa Kudrow?" Remy asked, playing dumb.

"I was thinking more…Jen Aniston, but sure, they were paid the same amount." He shrugged.

"So, I'm getting a badass car, just for going to your alma mater?"

"Yeah." He nodded crossing his arms, then turned and left muttering about how kids these days are so fucking spoiled. Then he turned at the last second to look at her, "But, I'm glad Jo and I got one to spoil now." And with that he left her tiny two-story home. It really was tiny, for it used to be a gardening shed, but with some clever remodeling they made it into a home good enough for one…two at the max.


So, here she was, sitting outside the Guidance Counselor's office, waiting to sign up for the classes she needed to take to complete her junior year requirements. Her brand spanking new Chevy Stingray Concept was parked right outside, and she was dressed in what she was most comfortable in while making first impressions: black slack shorts, red converse, red button up with the sleeves rolled to her elbow, black vest, white suspenders, and a white tie. She carried a black five-subject journal with her to find out what she was going to need.

"Remy Hadley?" A voice called.

She and her cousins stood and walked toward her. Jesus Christ. Even the teachers compete for fashion titles. She thought as she took in the woman's appearance. There was no denying that this woman was utterly gorgeous, but she probably shouldn't be thinking that about her counselor.

"Hi, I'm Miss Tyler. Some of the kids around here call me Jennie. So, if you hear someone say 'Go to Jennie's office' that's me." She smiled warmly as she introduced herself to Remy as they got to her and walked inside her office. "You know, I have to tell you that I really didn't think that I heard correctly when I was told that Joanna and Steve Montgomery were bringing their daughter in to enroll here." She sat behind her desk, still with that inviting smile as the three quasi-semi-family members took seats across from her desk.

"Actually—" All three of them said at the same time.

"She's not our daughter." Joanna said quietly.

Miss Tyler's face contorted to confusion, "Are you her legal guardians?"

"No." The both shook their heads.

"I'm sorry, we can't let her into this school." She said as she folded the folder and scooted it to the side to give them her attention.

"Oh well, we tried." Remy shrugged as she stood, "Do I get to keep the car?" She was already halfway to the door.

"Hold on." Joanna put her hand up to stop her baby cousin. "Why can't she go here?"

"Well…" She looked at Remy who had turned around, "She obviously doesn't live in the district, and it's illegal if we let her in. She has to go to the district in which her guardian lives…I'm sorry…"

"Well, she would be…" Steve said leaning forward.

"Damn it." She mumbled under her breath before turning back around, and plopped back into the chair.

"Excuse me?" Jennie knit her brows together as she reached for Remy's file.

"You need me to go to the district in which my guardian lives…?" Remy looked at Miss Tyler as she turned her attention to her, "Well, I would be going to that district; I live with them." She tried to emphasize that she was her own guardian.

Jennie looked at her curiously, "Are you an emancipated minor?"

"Yes ma'am." Remy nodded.

Jennie stared at her for a moment. You could tell that just by that information alone, her heart went out to this teenager. "Why—?" She started, but was interrupted by Joanna's phone ringing.

"Oh, sorry." She said and stood a couple feet away to take her call. She turned back around a moment later. "I really, really wanted to see this through and watch her go to her first class like a kindergarten mom, but—"

"Go on." Remy waved them off. "I'll be fine, do whatever big rich and famous thing you need to do." She flashed them one of her already mastered charming smiles.

"You sure?" Steve asked and Remy rolled her eyes. "Okay, bye. We'll see you after school."

"My baby cousin" Joanna smiled and pulled Remy's head back and kissed her forehead.

"By Jo…Steve." They walked out and she turned back to Miss Tyler. "Sorry…they're everywhere and nowhere at the same time…but they're really, really excited that they've convinced me to come back to this hell hole that is high school, so…" she trailed off as she crossed her legs and settled into her chair. "Where were we?"

"You were going to tell me why you're emancipated from your family." She said quietly.

"Bad childhood." Was her simple answer as she crossed her arms and legs at the same time.

"Mhmm," She looked over Remy's paper work and prior schooling. "We have paper work for every year except for your junior year…can you tell me why?"

"Uh, yeah. That would be because I didn't go." She uncrossed her legs and put her feet flat on the ground.

"You dropped out and now you want back in?" She was just trying to get a feel on what kind of person she was dealing with.

"I wouldn't really say that I wanted back in so much as it is a way of saying thank you to the only people that care anything for me, possibly even love me…that will be the only time you ever hear me say that." She paused, "I understand what you're doing. I'm letting you know right now that I'm not going to skip and I'll easily pass my classes. I'm not someone that you'll have to worry about." She rubbed her nose and sat back once more.

Miss Tyler smiled then smirked, "Okay. It looks like you've taken most of your basic requirements for graduating; what would you like to take? What interests do you have?"

"Music. I suppose I should do drama…after all everyone just saw me come in here with the television, movie sensations Steve and Joanna Montgomery…" She grinned at the counselor.

"Do what you want." She said.

She smiled and looked back up at Miss Tyler, "I like art and making movies too, but I need classes in which I pretty much have total freedom and that I don't have to talk in because I don't want people to get to know me. I just want to graduate so I can be done."

"Okay, well what do you mean by music? Vocal? Band? Orchestra?"

"I sing all the time, but I don't do school functions and that kind of crap. I play anything with strings, drums, piano—but I don't want to be in a class for that. I can play a little trumpet, trombone and tuba, but I swore I'd never play those again…I mix my own music on my computer…"

Miss Tyler was nodding and writing notes for what classes she thought would be necessary. "Okay, I have you signed up for drama." She looked for any discomfort, but didn't find any on the girl's face. "And vocal 5, which is basically the vocal class for the kids that just want to sing to improve their voice, not go to competitions with every vocal class…it's still a new class to this school, so the class is pretty small."

"That sounds good." Remy nodded.

"Good, now about 5/6 of the students that take vocal 5 have drama right after, so you'll pretty much be spending the end of your day with a few of the same people." She paused, making sure Remy knew what she was meaning.

"There will be more kids in the drama class though right?"

"Oh, of course, but there are the students that have been in drama for a while that want extra time to practice on the musicals built into their schedules." She finished explaining then moved on. "I have you in the guitar class too. Now, that class is only going to have about twelve kids too okay?" Remy nodded.

"I have you in Intro to Art, but I'm going to give you a slip to give the teacher that basically says you're a student that has taken art classes prior and just wants creative freedom…which is what she will give you. Our Intro teacher is very lenient and understanding. We don't have a movie making class, so I put you in the school paper, which also videos a news segment in the mornings, to do tech. That'll give you easy access to the equipment so you can make as many movies as you can throughout your last year or two here at this school." She took a breath and sighed it out. "Now, you have to take an English and a Math. Looking at your previous math courses, I put you in Trig. You should do fine in that class. However, all of the regular English III classes were full, so I put you in the Pre AP class…is that okay?"

She shrugged, "I guess, I mean I slept through English my first couple years, I might actually learn something…"

Miss Tyler smiled; she had a feeling that she might be seeing a lot more of this girl, but not necessarily for good reasons. "Do you have any other interests before I finish your schedule?"

"Well…is there an anatomy class? I've always been fascinated with the human body and what it can and cannot do…how it fights diseases and all that…"

"Yes we do…We have an AP Anatomy and Physiology or the regular high school version, which all students tend to say is a blow off class…"

"I'll go for AP…if that's okay."

Miss Tyler smiled, very impressed, and totally curios, with this girl before her "Alrighty then, here's your schedule. And here's your pass to English. You were lucky enough to miss math today."

"Great!" She said feigning enthusiasm.

She took her schedule and her late slip and put them on top of her notebook, then made sure her wallet was in her pocket and her attached keys were still clipped to her belt loop. "Thank you." She said with an intense sincerity before walking out of the office and toward the classroom she was trying to find.

She looked at the room numbers as they passed by; even those looked expensive. This was a nice ass school she got herself into. She came up to the correct number and walked through the open door.

The entire class turned and looked at her. Fuckin' A! Draw some more attention! She thought as she looked back at her schedule, "Mr. Taub?" She looked at the teacher leaning against his desk.

"Yes, you are?" He asked as he pushed off the desk to stand.

"Remy Hadley." She said as she walked forward, "I'm new." She handed him her late pass.

"Alright well take a seat." He looked down at the paper as he put it on his desk. "Tell us about yourself." He turned back to the class and looked at Remy.

"No thanks." She said with that charming, slightly smug smile as she sat down.

After her statement she heard a small flock of girls—that she had already checked out—behind her.

"Oh my God!" The dark, curly haired, blue eyed, bodacious one started them off.

"Look at those clothes!" The short, dark haired, brown-hazelish eyed, apparently bitchy one added.

Now, it was what appeared to be the queen bee's turn. "I know! Nice suspenders. What statement is she trying to make." This girl seamed almost flawless…even though she was a bitch on wheels, she seemed perfect. She had long blonde hair, and these amazingly bright grey eyes that had Remy's attention right as she walked through the door.

Alright, if this is how this school plays, I'll go right along with it… The girls had obviously been talking loud enough for her to hear. "Thanks!" She said enthusiastically as she looked at those eyes that were Bitch McGee's. She plastered a fake smiled on her face, "Nice nose job! Exactly what statement were you wanting to make when you got that done?"

The class went quiet. There were gasps of disbelief, and a few chuckles of 'Oh my God, that girl just said that.'

The blonde opened her mouth to retort, but nothing came out.

Remy knit her brows as she waited for a response, but continued when she got nothing, "Oooh. Nice comeback: exhaling. I got to remember that and try it next time."

"Fuck You!" The short-haired brunette shot heatedly.

"Go to hell!" The other brunette said at the same time.

"Miss Warner, Miss Cuddy, watch your mouths." Mr. Taub said with haste.

Remy grinned with arrogance as she started to turn back around.

"Hey!" The blonde one said quietly, "You don't want to get on my bad side. Shit will get real; you got that?" She was finally defending herself.

"I'm shaking in my sneakers." Remy rolled her eyes as she turned around.

As soon as this happened, the bell rang and all of the kids filed out of the classroom, Remy picked up her journal and schedule and looked at it as she was walking out.

"Miss Hadley?" Taub came from the board he was erasing and grabbed two books on his desk as he did so. "Here's you text, and a copy of 1984. We're going to test over part one on Monday. So, if you could catch up this weekend, it would be beneficial." He said as he gave her the books.

"Thanks" She said as she took the books and began to walk out.

"Miss Hadley." He stopped her again, and she turned around once more, sighing as she did so. "Miss Cameron is right. She's not the queen of the school yet, but she does have a lot of power that she can and will use to destroy you if need be."

Remy nodded, understandingly, "I'll take my chances. I'm not here for a rep anyways, just a diploma." She walked to the door again, "Are we done here? Cause I got a classroom to find…"

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