Just and AN:

Okay… DemonLover16 pointed this out to me, and I would just like to clarify some things about this fic…if you catch random name changes throughout and see names like Emilynn, Harper, Alex (not referring to Miss Clarke), and so on…just names that you don't think should be there, this is because this story was actually a short story I wrote for myself. I changed the names and most of the situations, but I did keep some of the parts the exact same. But, those parts, I guess I didn't read through thoroughly enough and didn't get all the names changed….so I would just like to apologize for that.

Also, if you haven't or don't intend to read my other fic, Breathless Anticipation, I am making a requested sequel to this story. So, get ready for more pointless drama because that is what (Beverly Hills,) 90210 is all about…and after all that's what this is based off of… But yes, if you want to see something particular in this sequel let me know via PM or Review…I would love to try and put it in there.

Again, my apologies for the random name switches!