Two years since Battle City, Egyptian Past, the return of Atem, and the disappearance of Joey Wheeler. The gang had finally gotten used to life without Joey. No one really knows what happen to him. It's like he never even exist. Pictures were pace everywhere, but after a year of searching, the gang and families finally given up.

It's finally senior years for the gang. They were quite excited about being in the same class with everyone including Seto Kaiba. Once the bell rung, they took their seats close to each others. The teacher, Ms. Stanley, a petit woman dress in a bright blue suit with hair tied into a tight bum came into the room. She gave a big smile and claps her hand together. "Welcome class to senior years. Before I call attendance, I would like to first introduce a very important person from China that will be studying with us." she explained jumpily. The whole class started whispering to each others. Kaiba snorted. How can anyone be more important than him? The gang was excited to find out who this person is. Ms. Stanley claps her hands again for full attention, and once she got their attention she turn to the door, "Come in."

The whole class held their breaths when the door slide opens. Once the student from China walks in, everyone gasps in disbelief or completely in love. The gang gasps the loudest in disbelief. "J-Joey?" Yugi stammer whispery. Joey was in fact Joey, but he wasn't the Joey they knew. His hair was trim and gotten so much longer, his eyes though, were still the same. This Joey however, had a long earring in the shape of the Red Eye Black Dragon. Yugi stood up causing his chair to fell down. "Joey!" he shouted in shock and at the same time disbelief. Joey tilted his head and look at him like he was crazy.

"I'm afraid you are mistaken, Mr. Yugi Muto if I am correct. This is Mr. Xiao Feng, son of the billionaires, Li Yang of China." Ms. Stanley explained. Xiao Feng smirks in amusement. "It's alright Ms. Stanley, it was just a mistake," Xiao Feng said. He turns to Yugi and smile innocently, "So your name's Yugi Muto eh? Nice to meet you, Yugi."

In shocked, Yugi didn't know what else to do but nod. Xiao Feng beam brighter making the girls squeak. He turns to them and bows his head in respect. The girls let out a sigh. Kaiba snorted. Xiao Feng turns to him and walk up to him, "You must be the billionaires Seto Kaiba of Kaiba Corp am I right?"

Kaiba smirk, "Guess I don't have to introduce myself." He mocked Xiao Feng, but he doesn't really care. He just smile, "My father talked about you quite often. He was rather impressed that a teenager can handle such a large company by himself. Just looking at you, I can see how capable you are." Kaiba was about to say something when the class phone suddenly rang. They turn to look. Ms. Stanley answered, "Room 205 speaking? Yes? Yeah, I'll tell him right away. Good-bye." She hung up and turned to Xiao Feng, "Someone's here to see you." Xiao Feng sighed and nodded. He turns to Kaiba, "Nice to meet you then," he turn around and walk out of the room.

Everyone stared in shock at what just happen. This new Joey is totally awesome and new. He isn't a bit like the old Joey. Yugi look down on the desk and mutter, "That's not Joey."

Xiao Feng sighed heavily as he sat down on the roof top floor. He flips his cell phone open and dials a number. He pressed the speaker when the phone started ranging. "Hello?" someone answered through the other end.

He smiled cheerfully, "Hi Mom!"

"Xiao Feng? Is that you?" his mother asked in disbelief.

"Yup! It's me. I miss you mom." He said softly.

"I miss you too," she said, "How is Japan so far? Have you made any friends?"

He chuckled, "Not yet. We just started school today mom. But I met some interesting people who called me Joey. Anyway, how is father?"

"He stills the same, but he missed you a lot. He even said your name when he's asleep, "she chuckle along with him.

"Tell dad I miss him too. I love you mom."

"I love you too Xiao Feng."

"I'll call you later, bye." He waited for his mother to said bye before he hung up.

"Oh, we didn't know you were here." He looks up at Yugi and the gang. He gave them a smile, "Don't worry, I'm about to leave anyway." He got up and were about to leave when someone grab his shirt sleeve. He turns around and looked at Yugi. "Can you please let go?" he asked.

"Are you… really not Joey?" he asked teary. Xiao Feng looked at him then to the gang, and back to him, "Sorry, but I don't who this Joey is or am I him. Now, please let go of me." Yugi hesitated, but slowly let go of him. "Thank you," Xiao Feng said and turns around towards to the door.

"If you're not Joey, then what happened to our Joey?" Tristan asked. Xiao Feng stopped and turned around, "I don't know who this Joey person or do I have any involvement with him. I'm just an ordinary guy here in Japan to study. I don't know him or any one of you," he glares at them in annoyance, "So stop confusing me with this Joey person." He turns around and head inside. The gang stood in shock at this sudden personality. Yugi was about to burst into tears when Yami, who had been keeping his mouth shut to observe, put an arm around him. "Don't cry aibou. We'll find out the truth."

Xiao Feng sat down on his desk while girls stood by the door completely in love. He smiles at them and turn back to the desk in annoyance. / Why can't they leave me alone? / He sighed and laid his head on the desk. / I wish father hadn't sent me to Japan. This is the only place I don't ever want to return to. I should've protest more. / He let out another sigh and got up. The girls eyes glint with lust when he walked pass them with a gentle smile. As much as he hates to be bother, he was taught to never make a girl cry. It was something he promised to his mother.

He walked a few feet in front of the whispering girls, wishing he could just dissipate right there. He approach the music room and turn to them, "I would like to be undisturbed if you please?" The girls looked at each other and nod. They started to leave before he walked inside. The music room consists of only one piano. He locked the door and walk over to the piano. He sat down and pressed a key note. He presses a few more to test the sound, and then begin to play. He took a deep breath after the last note.

"Impressing talent." He turns around and looks for the source of the voice. He came to a stop when he spotted none other than Seto Kaiba sitting on a desk, with his laptop in front of him. He was smirking at him. Xiao Feng turns back to the piano keys. "I want to ask you something," he said. Kaiba raise an eyebrow. He continued, "Who is this Joey person? Why is it that some people kept calling me Joey? Do we really look that much alike?"

Kaiba turn back to his laptop and started typing. "Joey was a stubborn, loud-mouth loser, nice and caring, and most of all… the joy to all his friends," he replied, still typing away on his laptop.

Xiao Feng turn around, "What happen to him?"

Kaiba stopped and look at him, "Two years ago, he disappeared without a trace. Everyone search for him for a whole year, but they learn to accept the truth. But some still can't accept it."

"Who?" he asked with a curious expression.

"Joey's father," Kaiba replied, "He still is searching for his beloved son. No matter how many times everyone tried to convince him that Joey's gone, he won't accept it. He still had hopes that Joey's alive. I believed everyone does. That's why everyone was so surprised when you came through the door. Honestly, I was quite surprised myself. You really do just like him."

Xiao Feng turns back to the piano, and mutter quietly, "I'm not Joey. I'm just…me."