Chapter 1: Awaking Eywa

There was a whisper around her, something was going to happen. She was not sure what, but she was running through the forest now, her mate following close behind. The others were trying to find somewhere to live, after home tree had been destroyed by the sky people. It had gotten quiet after they were forced to live, but Pandora had not been the same. The trees seemed to be dying. A vital link had been destroyed when home tree was destroyed, but now, Eywa was speaking to her.

They came to their most sacred ground, and the tree was glowing more brighter than usual. She could see her mother standing there. "Mo'at, what is going on?" Her mate asked.

"Eywa is more awake now then ever, Jakesully," she replied. They approached the glowing tree to see a woman lying there in a fetal position, no clothes covering her form. She resembled the sky people, which had put them on edge, but Eywa was whispering to her, telling her to trust this woman.

"It's a woman," Jake said as he looked at her petite form and pale skin. Her black hair was around her, and seemed to entwine with their most sacred tree. "But how did she get here, and why can she breath the air here?"

"That is not something we know," Mo'at said as she looked down at her. She seemed to move and they jumped back. "She's waking." They watched as her fingers and toes seemed to twitch. She stretched and sat up, trying to take in what was around her, before she noticed them. She was scared briefly before she stood, long hair covering her most vital areas from view.

She turned and placed her hand on the bark of the tree, feeling its gentle energy caressing her own aura and she smiled. This was better than the world she had left behind. This place seemed so wild at just a feel.

"Great pain," she whispered.

"What are you talking about?" Jake asked, the only one brave enough to approach.

"This world is in great pain, just as earth was in great pain." She looked up at the tree.

"What do you mean was?" Mo'at asked.

"Earth is dead. It has no life to bare. It cannot care for its children anymore. It is not too late to save this world."

"How did you get here?" She finally asked.

"I was sitting beneath a large tree in Japan known as the Goshinboku, or tree of ages. It was the only tree left alive. These men came to tear down the tree on my family's shrine. They had killed my mother, grandfather, and brother. I stood my ground in front of the Goshinboku. It spoke to me then. It told me that the earth was dead, and soon he would be too. In his last efforts, with the power and energy it had saved up, it pulled me into its bark. It glowed and whispered that I can save another planet from facing such a fate. That tree and this one, were connected through the universe. The tree of ages sent me here to save this planet."

"But how did you get here? How can you breath the toxic air?" Jake asked.

"I am not sure how I got here, but the Goshinboku only lived for so long because of me." She turned, hand still on the tree. "It fed off of my holy energy, energy that helps me purify the toxins from the air as it enters my body. Eventually I will become immune to the toxins in the air and I will not have to use my holy energy."

"A holy person?" Mo'at said. "I did not know the sky people had holy people."

"I am the last of the holy people," she said. "I am Kagome, by the way. Who might you three be?"

"I am Jakesully, and I am the clan leader. She is my mate Neytiri."

"I am Mo'at, the Spiritual leader of our clan. We are called Na'vi."

"Na'vi?" She thought on the word. "You have no home, do you?"

"No." They shook their heads.

"A vital link on this planet was destroyed. I can restore it, however I will be greatly weakened afterwards." She sat, her back against the tree. She sighed and closed her eyes, going into a meditative state. The pure spirits came pouring from the tree and completely covered her form.

They looked at the figure covered in the pure spirits. She was glowing a blue color instead of white, like the tree, only the energy was sinking into the ground and was spreading around. The Na'vi could feel the energy and see it rushing about. They followed it to their home tree to see the energy get released into the sky. Before their eyes a tree grew, first starting out small, but soon it grew bigger and bigger. It resembled their home tree and they could see that this tree was bigger, and healthier. They gave a cry and filed into the tree. They were home and they would have to find their leader.

A banshee flew out of the home tree, a male on its back and it flew quickly, going to their sacred tree. It landed and ran forward.

"Jakesully, the home tree, it grew back right in front of our very eyes. The whole clan is there." They turned as the light faded and the pure spirits dispersed to see the woman had passed out from exhaustion. "It's a sky person." He armed himself.

"Stand down. She is the one that helped home tree." He picked up the tiny woman. Compared to their people, she was small, even by human standards. "She is here to help us save Eywa." They called their banshees and mounted. He secured the tiny woman. "I will meet you two back at home tree." They nodded and he took off, the other male behind him. He had to be careful with his burden.


"Jakesully is coming back with our savior," he said as he ran in. "Mo'at and Neytiri will be back after him." The people looked around. It was exactly as they remembered, only bigger, as if to make room for more of their clan. It was a dwindling clan after all. So many of their people had died when the sky people attacked. It was then that Jakesully entered, a small woman in his arms.

"A sky person," they whispered. Yes, there were a few sky people still on the planet, but it was the ones that had tried to help the Na'vi. This woman was a stranger.

"She is a holy person," Mo'at added as she entered. She and Neytiri had run all the way back. "She used her holy energy to bring home tree back to life. She is here to keep our planet alive."

"We do not need a sky person to keep our planet alive," someone called.

"Eywa is the one that says this," Neytiri said. "She has a connection to Eywa. She can breath our air. No sky person can breath our air."

"My head hurts," she said in their language. Jakesully dropped her because he was surprised. "Ow." She rubbed her sore bottom. "I don't know why the Goshinboku couldn't transport me here with clothes on."

"Come, we shall clothes you," Neytiri said as she helped her to her feet. She pulled her along and away from the eyes of the Na'vi. "You are smaller than our people, but we shall see what we can do." She tied a loin cloth around Kagome's waist, covering her genitalia from view. She secured something similar to a bra on her chest. "You are dressed now."

She still felt embarrassed. She had never walked around with such little clothes on before. She would have to get used to it. After all, most of the women of this tribe walked around with even less on.

"We shall teach you our ways, but I do not expect you to be able to do everything we do." She walked out and Kagome followed after her. "You have given us back our home."

"I am not yet done with everything I need to do," she said, trying to keep up with the long strides of the blue female.

"That will have to wait."

"There is another place I have to bring back to life," she reasoned.

"Your energy hasn't come back completely. When it is all returned you can save that place." She walked along the tree branches a little quickly and Kagome followed, not looking down. She would lose her balance if she did.

"You have much to learn." She jumped from the tree and used the large leafs to break her fall.

"I hope she realizes humans aren't as sturdy." Something whispered for her to jump, and jump she did. The leaves broke her fall and went so far as to place her gently on her feet. "That hurt a little."

"You are better than Jakesully at this. Every time he falls he lands on his butt." She laughed. "Eywa must be looking after you." She continued forward as they came to the animals that resembled horses. "I do not think You will be able to ride her without forming a bond."

Kagome approached the animal and stroked the side of its face. It butted her gently with its nose. She smiled and climbed onto the horse like animals back before it trotted off.

"Without a bond she can ride," she murmured. She watched as it jumped over fallen logs without throwing the sky person off. It stopped in front of her again. "Not bad for a first try." She watched Kagome slide off.

"Everything here is connected," she said. "And somehow I am connected to Eywa. I do not need to make a bond with an animal, only peer into its soul." She rubbed the animal again and it pawed the ground before settling again. "Though, there is a chance I will be alone while I am here." She looked to Neytiri.


Neytiri sat in her bed thinking over the words of the holy person of the sky people. It was true that there were barely any sky people here, and the Na'vi didn't exactly couple with sky people, but why would she be alone? It was more than likely, either her, Jakesully, or Mo'at would be with her at any given time, but she thought the holy person meant something more, something deeper. She sighed and rolled onto her side, seeing the sleeping face of her mate. She was lucky that she had not lost him during the war with the sky person.


Kagome could not sleep, so she was now sitting on a higher branch of a tree looking up at the view, multiple planets being seen. It was a beautiful sight to her, but she truly did feel lonely. Perhaps she would go and revive the other vital point that had been destroyed before the war. She would have to find a quick way there so she looked around. There was a banshee sitting there, looking at her. She approached and caressed the banshee's face before mounting and it flew off, towards the most sacred tree on the planet.

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